Menphis, Tennessee. 8/3/1951. – New York. 20/7/2004.

Ha iniziato a suonare il pianoforte nel 1964, in chiesa ed in piccoli gruppi di R&B. A diciannove anni ha iniziato ad interessarsi ed a studiare jazz nella Università di Menphis; diplomatosi ha insegnato alla Berklee College of Music dal 1974 al 1977. Durante questo periodo ha collaborato con i gruppi di Alan Dawson, con Charles Mingus, Joe Henderson, Woody Shaw, Milt Jackson, Clark Terry, Eddie Gomez, Red Norvo. Nel 1977 si è trasferito a New York dove ha suonato con Bob Mover in diversi club. In uno di questi lo ha ascoltato Art Blakey che lo ha invitato ad entrare nei suoi Jazz Messengers. E’ rimasto con Blakey sino al 1981. Ha inoltre registrato con Curtis Fuller, con Emily Remler, con Tal Farlow nel 1982, con Frank Lowe, con Sonny Stitt, con Louis Hayes, con i World Trombone di Slide Hampton, con Frank Gordon nel 1985, con Billy Pierce, con Frank Strozier, con Bobby Hutcherson e con altri ancora. Ha diretto anche diversi suoi gruppi, il “Magical Trio 1” insieme a Ray Brown ed Art Blakey ed il “Magical Trio 2” con Brown ed con Elvin Jones. Il suo stile si richiama al pianismo jazz vigoroso pieno di swing e ricco di armonia, per questo è stato il partner ideale di Art Blakey.


Flying Colors.Flying Colors.

Slide Hampton (tb) Bill Pierce (ss-st) Bill Easley (cl-fl) James Baker (dr) James Williams (p) Sylvester Sample (b/el) James Baker (dr)

Stretching / Souful Bill / By Myself / The Song Is You / Flying Colors / ‘Round Midnight / 1977 A.D.

(Zim 2005)

New York, 6-7-77.


Everything I Love.james williams Everything I Love.

Billy Pierce (st) James Williams (p) Dennis Irwin (b) Billy Hart (dr)

That’s all / My one and only love / Everything I love / For my newphews / It could happen to you / Thoughts / Please send me someone to love / Dedicated to you.

(Concord Jazz CJ104)

Warren, R.I., Aprile 1979.


Images (Of Things To Come).james williams Images (Of Things To Come).

Billy Pierce (st) James Williams (p) Charles Fambrough (b) Carl Burnett (dr)

I hear a rhapsody / You go to my head / You’re my everything / Wishful thinking / Beautiful love / Images (of things to come) / My ideal / Focus.

(Concord Jazz CJ140)

San Francisco, Giugno 1980.


Together.Together Emil Vicklicky

James Williams (p) Emil Vicklicky (p)

For My Nephews / One Fro J.W./ Blue In Dark Green / You’de Be So Nice To Come Home To / Double Play / Softly, Has In A Morning Sunrise / 1977 A.D. / Rhythm-a-ning.

(Supraphon 1115)

Praga, 21 Aprile 1981.


The Arioso Touch.The Arioso Touch.

James Williams (p) Buster Williams (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

You’de Be So Nice To Come Home To / Arioso / Day Dream / Remember / Phineas: The Living Legend / I Didn’t Know About You / Don’t Explain / Judge For Yourself.

(Concord Jazz CJ 192)

New York, Febbraio 1982.


Alter Ego.Alter Ego.

Billy Pierce (st-ss) Bill Easly (sa-st-fl-cl) Kevin Eubanks (g) James Williams (p) Ray Drummond (b) Tony Reedus (dr)

Black Scholars / Alter Ego / Havana Days / Fourplay / A Touching Affair / Waltz For Monk / Beauty Withing.

(Sunnyside SSC 1007)

New York, 19-20 Luglio 1984.


Progress Report.Progress Report.

Billy Pierce (st-ss) Bill Easley (sa-fl-cl) Kevin Eubanks (g) James Williams (p) Rufus Reid (b) Tony Reedus (dr) Jerry Gonzales (perc)

Episode From A Village Dance / Progress Report / Affaire D’Amour / Mr.Day’s Dream / Unconscious Behavior / Renaissance Lovers.

(Sunnyside SSC 1012)

New York, 22-24 Maggio 1985.

Magical Trio Vol.1.Magical Trio Vol.1.

James Williams (p) Ray Brown (b) Art Blakey (dr)

Hammerin / Buhaina Buhaina / The Night We Called It A Day / Old Times’Sake / The Soulful Mr.Timmons / Love Letters / Mean What You Say / You’re Lucky To me / J’S Jam Song.

(Emarcy 832 859)

New York, 26 Giugno 1987.


Magical Trio, 2.james williams Magical Trio, 2.

James Williams (p) Ray Brown (b) Elvin Jones (dr)

Bohemia after dark / Too late now / A portrait of Elvin / Roadlife / In the open court / You are too beautiful / Lullaby of the leaves / Bohemia after dark (alt take).

(EmArcy 20PJ-10120)

New York, 23-24 Novembre 1987.


Meet The Magical Trio.Meet The Magical Trio.

James Williams (p) Charnett Moffett (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Reedus’Rendezvous / Do Nothi’Till You Hear From Me / Fingers / Lazybird / Be Real Special / Arioso / Shenanigens / Single Petal Of A Rose / A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing.

(Emarcy 838 653)

New York, 2 Settembre 1988.


For Piano, For Phineas.For Piano, For Phineas.

James Williams (p) Geoff Keezer, Harold Mabern, Mulgrew Miller (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Found Time With Junior / Pass Me Not / While My Lady Sleeps / Back Home / Sweet And Lovely / Moonlight In Vermont / Newborn Spirit / Salt Peanuts / It Don’t Mean A Thing.

(Somethin’Else 5528)

New York, 30-6-89.


I Remember Clifford.I Remember Clifford.

James Williams (p) Richard Davis (b) Ronnie Burrage (dr)

As I Live And Breathe / I Remember Clifford / Take The Coltrane / Simone / Focus / Shelly / Sweet And Lovely.

(DIW 601)

Tokyo, 3 Marzo 1990.


Meets The Saxophone Masters.Meets The Saxophone Masters.

George Coleman (st) Joe Henderson (st) Billy Pierce (st) James Williams (p) James Genus (b) Tony Reedus (dr)

Fourplay / Lo Joe / Centerpiece / Calgary The Song Is You / Old Folks.

(DIW 868)

New York, 23 Settembre 1991.


Memphis Convention.james williams Memphis Convention.

Bill Mobley (tr,flic) Bill Easley (sa,st,cl,fl) Lewis Keel (sa) George Coleman, Herman Green (st) Donald Brown, Harold Mabern, Mulgrew Miller, Charles Thomas (p) James Williams (p,org) Calvin Newborn (g) Jamil Nasser (b) Tony Reedus (dr)

Squindo’s passion / Ray-El / There but for the grace of / The sequel / Tickle toe / Night mist blues / Our delight / Cotton tail / No moon at all / Locomotion.

(DIW 874)

New York, 26-28 Giugno – 6 Agosto 1992.

Talkin’ Trash.Talkin’ Trash.

Clark Terry (tp-flic-vc) Billy Pierce (st-ss) Steve Nelson (vib) James Williams (p-org) Christian McBride (b) Tony Reedus (dr)

Serenade To A Bus Seat / The Orator (T.T’s Sermon) / Chuckles / Moonglow / Talkin’Trash / Lotus Blossom / Embraceable You / Boomerang / SKJ.

(DIW 887)

New York, 4 Marzo 1993.

Up To The Minute Blues.Up To The Minute Blues.

George Coleman (st) Joe Henderson (st) Billy Pierce (st) James Williams (p) James Genus, Ray Drummond (b) Billy Higgins, Tony Reedus (dr)

Common Knowledvge / Afro Centric / Girl Talk / Three Card Molly / The Masquerade Is Over / Up To The Minute Blues.

(DIW 882)

New York, 16-5-94.

Truth, Justice & The Blues.Truth Justice & The Blues.

Bill Pierce (ss-st) Steve Wilson (sa-ss) James Williams (p) John Lockwood, Christian McBride (b) Tony Reedus, Yoron Israel (dr) Miles Griffith, Roger Holland (vc)

Truth Justice & The Blues / Self-Esteem / For Old Times Sake / Yes Yes Oh Yes / For All Sensitive Purposes / On His World / Take Time For Love / You’re My Alter Ego / J’s Rhythm Song / Just A Feelin’ / Be Real Special.

(Evidence 22142)

New York, 8-9 Dicembre 1994.

At Maybeck Recital Hall – Vol.42.At Maybeck Recital Hall

James Williams (p)

Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Footprints / Dreamville / I Fall I (n Love Too Easikly / New York / ‘Round About Midnight / Inner Urge / Stree Of Dreams / Blues Etude / Spiritual Medley : Holy Holy Holy – Sometimes I Fell Like A…. – Blessed Assurance – Why We Sing.

(Concord CCD 4694)

Berkley, California, Aprile 1996.

We’ve Got What You Need.We’ve Got What You Need.

Bill Pierce (ss-sa) Steve Wilson (sa-ss) Javon Jackson (st) James Williams (p) John Lookwood (b) Tony Reedus, Yoron Israel (dr) Vanessa Rubin, Etta Jonjes, Dianne Reevers, Roger Holland (vc)

A Beautiful Friendship / Dat Dere / Playin’The Field/ Dialogue : A Few Miles To Holland / You’ll Never Walk Alone / Vignette n.1 / Day By Day / Deliverence / Lester Left Town / Vignette n.2 / Calvary / Praise Song For The People.

(Evidence ECD 22207)

New York, 17 Dicembre 1996.

All Stars Classic Encounters.All Stars Classic Encounters.

Nicolas Payton (tp) James Williams (p) Mark Whitfield (g) Ron Carter (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Strike Up The Band / Come Rain Or Come Shine / I Got Rhythm / This Time The Dream’s On Me / Love Walked In / My Shining Hour / Golden Earrings / Somebody Loves Me / Come Sunday.

(DIW 937)

New York, 17 Gennaio 1998.



James Williams (p) Ray Brown (b) Elvin Jones (dr)

It’s All Right With Me / Quietude / Time After Time / Lonely Moments / Somebody Loves Me / Give Me The Simple Life / Sophisticated Lady / Go Tell It On The Mountain / Sweet And Lovely / Sonnymoon For Two.

(DIW 623)

New York, 22-2-2000.


Jazz Dialogues, Vol.1 : Willpower.Jazz Dialogues, Vol.1 Willpower.

Billie Pierce, Joe Lovano (st) James Williams (p) Steve Nelson (vib) Russell Malone (g) John Patitucci (b) Christian McBride (b) Freddie Cole, Etta Jones (vc) ed altri.

Rainy Day & Mondays / Skylark / Frank’s Tune / Le Wizard de Basso / Whisper Not / Wilpower / Be Real Special / Close To You / Inner Urge / I Surrender All.

(Finas Music 101)

Dicembre 2000 e Gennaio 2001.

Jazz Dialogues, Vol.2: Focus.Jazz Dialogues, Vol.2 Focus.

Jon Faddis (tp) Houston Person, Loren Schoenberg (st) James Williams (p) Russell Malone, Dave Stricker (g) Peter Washington, John Clayton,Ray Drummond (b) Miles Griffith, Roger Holland, Mary Stalling (vc)

Focus / Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You / Out On A Happy Face / I Know It’s You / They Didn’t Believe Me / Easy Living / Fourplay / For My Nephews / I’ve Got The Wolrd On A String / Groovin’High / These Foolish Things / Daydream.

(Finas Music 102)

Dicembre 2000 e Gennaio 2001.

Jazz Dialogues, Vol.3: Out Of Nowhere.Jazz Dialogues, Vol.3 Out Of Nowhere.

Jon Faddis (tp) Billie Pierce (ss) James Williams (p) Dteve Nelson (vib) John Patitucci, Rufus Reid, Peter Washington (b) Freddy Cole, Roger Holland, Etta Jones, Kim Nalley (vc)

I Mean You / That’s My Desire / Dolphin Dance / Out Of Nowhere / Whyen You’re Smiling / A Child Is Born / Teach My Tonight / Bassically Simple / For All We Know / The Old Country / Little B’s Poem.

(Finas Music 103)

Dicembre 2000 e Gennaio 2001.

Jazz Dialogues, Vol.4: Music For A While.Jazz Dialogues, Vol.4 Music For A While.

Joe Lovano (ss) Houston Person (st) James Williams (p) Dave Stricker (g) Christian McBride, Rufus Reid (b) Kim Nalley, Mary Stalloing, Roger Holland (vc)

Thermo / Take Time For Love / Undecided / Walk With Me / Old Yimes Sake / If I Loved You / The More I See You / Pieces Of A Dream / East Of The Sun / Music For A While.

(Finas Music 104) Dicembre 2000 e Gennaio 2001.


Soulful Serendipity.james williams Soulful Serendipity.

Bobby Watson (sa) James Williams (p) Pamela Baskin-Watson (vc)

Speak low / Moanin’ / Alter ego / Skylark / Jamespeak, Modesty / Wheel within a wheel / Spirit(ually) James / Relaxin’ at Camarillo.

(We Always Swing CD)

Columbia, MO, 14 Giugno 2003.


Partecipazioni come Sideman:
Jamey Aebersold – Woody Shaw: Volume 9 (JA Records) 1976.
Dennis Irwin – Focus (Red Records) 1977.
Art Blakey – In My Prime, Vol.1 (Timeless) 1977.
Art Blakey – In My Prime, Vol.2 (Timeless) 1977.
Art Blakey – In This Korner (Concord Jazz) 1978.
Bobby Watson – All Because Of You (Roulette) 1978.
Curtis Fuller – Four On The Outside (Timeless) 1978.
Art Blakey – Reflections In Blue (Timeless) 1978.
Art Blakey – Night In Tunisia (Philips) 1979.
Art Blakey – Jazzbuhne Berlin ’80, Vol.9 (Repertoire) 1980.
Art Blakey – Live At Montreux And Northsea (Timeless) 1980.
Art Blakey – Recorded Live At Bubba’s (Who’s Who In Jazz) 1980.
Wynton Marsalis – Wynton (Who’s Who In Jazz) 1980.
Wynton Marsalis – The All American Hero (Who’s Who In Jazz) 1980.
Art Blakey – Art Blakey In Sweden (Evidence) 1981.
Art Blakey – Album Of The Year (Timeless) 1981.
Art Blakey – Straight Ahead (Concord Jazz) 1981.
Emily Remler – Take Two (Concord Jazz) 1982.
Tal Farlow – Cookin’ On All Burners (Concord Jazz) 1982.
Richard Hollyday – Moment’s Notice (Shiah) 1983.
Billy Pierce – William The Conqueror (Sunnyside) 1985.
Frank Gordon – Clarion Echoes (Soul Note) 1985.
Sadao Watanabe – Parker’s Mood (Warner) 1985.
Sadao Watanabe – Tokyo Dating (Warner) 1985.
Jack Walrath – Master Of Suspense (Blue Note) 1986.
Art Farmer – Something To Love For (Contemporary) 1987.
Jack Walrath – Master Of Suspense (Blue Note) 1986.
Jamey Aebersold – Blues In All Keys: Volume 42 (JA Records) 1988.
Art Farmer – Blame It On My Youth (Contemporary) 1988.
Rich Thompson – Eventually (Mark) 1988.
Jack Walrath – Neohippus (Blue Note) 1988.
Bill Lee – Do The Right Thing (Columbia) 1988.
Peter Leitch – Portraits And Dedications (Criss Cross) 1989.
Marvin Smitty Smith – The Road Less Traveled (Concord Jazz) 1989.
Tom Harrell – Sail Away (Contemporary) 1989.
Art Farmer – PH.D (Contemporary) 1989.
Milt Hinton – The Basement Tapes (Chiaroscuro) 1990.
The Contemporary Piano Ensemble – Four Pianos For Phineas (Evidence) 1989.
Michele Hendricks – Me And My Shadow (Muse) 1990.
Clifford Jordan – Four Play (DIW) 1990.
Ernie Wilkins – Kaleido Duke (Birdology) 1990.
Bill Easley – First Call (Milestone) 1990.
Greg Abate – Bop City (Candid) 1991.
Joe Wilder – Alone With Just My Dreams (Evening Star) 1991.
Javon Jackson – Me And Mr.Jones (Criss Cross) 1991.
Richard Reid – Family Portrait (Roughhouser) 1992.
Rickey Woodard – The Tokyo Express (Candid) 1992.
Bobby Watson – Tailor Made (Columbia) 1992.
Alan Dawson – Waltzin’ With Flo (Space Time) 1992.
Eddie Gomez – Next Future (GRP) 1993.
The Contemporary Piano Ensemble – The Key Piano Players (DIW) 1993.
Kenny Burrell – Then Along Came Kenny (Evidence) 1993.
Kenny Burrell – Midnight At The Village Vanguard (Paddle Wheel) 1993.
Carrie Smith – Every Now And Then (Silver Shadow) 1993.
Jon Hazilla – The Bitten Moon (Cadence) 1994.
Kevin Eubanks – Live At Bradley’s (Blue Note) 1994.
Miles Griffith – Spiritual Freedom (No Label) 1994.
Ronald Muldrow – Facing Wes (Kokopelli) 1994.
Charles Moffett – Moffett & Son’s (Sweet Basil) 1995.
Kevin Mahogany – You Got What It Takes (Enja) 1995.
Freddy Cole – It’s Crazy, But I’m In Love (After 9) 1996.
Greg Osby – Art Forum (Blue Note) 1996.
Howard Johnson – Gravity !!! (Verve) 1996.
Andy Goodrich – Motherless Child (Delmark) 1996.
Scott Reeves – Congressional Roll Call (Creative Jazz) 1996.
Yoron Israel – A Gift For You (Freelance) 1997.
Kenny Burrell – Love Is The Answer (Concord Jazz) 1997.
Ron Jones – A Vision of Beauty (Ron Jones Music) 1997.
Miles Griffith – Spiritual Freedom (No Label) 1994.
Frank Tiberi – Tiberian Mode (NY Jam) 1999.
Lemuel West – In Good Company, The New York Sessions (Cat Productions) 1999.
Jamey Aebersold – Hot House: Volume 94 (JA Records) 2000.
Nnenna Freelon – Soulcall (Concord Jazz) 2000.
Karrin Allyson – Ballads, Remembering John Coltrane (Concord Jazz) 2000.
Dave Stryker – Blue To The Bone III (Steeplechase) 2001.
Bill Mobley – New Light (Space Time) 2001.
Greg Abate – Evolution (1201 Music) 2002.
Angela Hagenbach – Poetry Of Love (Amazon) 2003.
Frank Jackson – New York After Dark (Kasis) 2003.chiusura


Mount Vernon, Ohio. 6/7/1950.

E’ cresciuto a Oberlin nell’Ohio in una famiglia di amanti del jazz e con la madre che ha fatto la cantante a New York negli anni ’60. Ha imparato da solo a suonare la batteria all’età di sette anni. Ha frequentato la Berklee School of Music dove ha studiato arrangiamento e composizione ed ha preso lezioni private di batteria da Alan Dawson. Ha suonato per breve tempo a New York con Dave Liebman, Richard Beirach, Frank Tusa. Nel 1971 ha fatto parte del gruppo di Marc Cohen e dal 1972 ha iniziato una lunga collaborazione con Lee Konitz che è durata, con molti intervalli, sino al 2000. Ha collaborato anche con Stan Getz, con David Eyges, con Richard Sussman, ha fatto parte del trio cooperativo “Interplay” con Peter Madsen e Anthony Cox dal 1984 al 1986, ha fatto un tour con Stan Getz ed ha preso parte al programma della PBS: Jazz Club con il quintetto di Art Farmer e Clifford Jordan nel 1989. Ha lavorato anche con Joe Lovano, con Tim Hagans, con Tom Harrell, del sestetto “Universal Language” con Peggy Stern, in un quintetto con Neal Kirkwood, Lindsey Horner e Erwin Vann nel 1993. Ha lavorato anche freelance con Ron Getz, Frank Kimbrough, Rudy Linka, Paul Bley, Kevin Hays, Mike Richmond, Ron McClure ed ha guidato un suo gruppo il “Coalescence”. Nel 1997 ha formato il trio “Circadian Rhythms” insieme a Tony Malaby e Michael Formanek ed il “Left-Handed Compliment”. Alla fine del ’90 ha suonato con la pianista Roberta Piket ed il trombettista Dave Ballou.


Coalescence.jeff williams Coalescence.

Tim Ries (st) Pat Zimkmerli (st) Doug Weiss (b) Jeff Williams (dr)

Eyes Of Recognition / Missing Link / Skulduggery / Dialogue – Coalescence / Wondering / Debrosses Street / Autunomy / The Mesenger.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31308)

New York, 20-21 Maggio 1991.


Jazz Blues.jeff williams Jazz Blues.

Tim Ries (ss,st,sa) Patrick Zimmerli (st) Kevin Hays (p) Doug Weiss (b) Jeff Williams (dr)

Funhouse living / Borderline / Meeting a stranger / The hunt / Lament / Wildlife / Twins / Oddity.

(Willful Music WF7695)

New York, 29 Agosto 1995.chiusura


Baltimore, Maryland. 17/3/1948.

Pianista che ha raggiunto il culmine della sua carriera negli anni’90, anni nei quali ha registrato una serie di album per l’etichetta canadese “Jazz Focus”, che l’hanno posta all’attenzione del pubblico. Ha avuto le prime lezioni di pianoforte a quattro anni ed a 14 ha suonato già da professionista. Ha completato la sua istruzione al Peabody Conservatorio, dove è stata introdotta al jazz. Dal 1970 ha vissuto a Philadelphia dove ha esordito con Lex Humphries, ha suonato poi con Philly Joe Jones e con Joe Morello. Ha suonato l’organo in piccoli gruppi rock e nel 1977 si è trasferita a San Francisco, dove ha suonato in diversi club, ha accompagnato diversi solisti essendo la pianista fissa al Keystone Korner, e ha diretto il trio “Liberation Army”. Ha suonato e registrato con Stan Getz, Bobby Hutcherson, Charlie Haden e Tony Williams. Nel 1980 si è dedicata ai sintetizzatori, suonando spesso anche il basso e la batteria. Nell’ottobre del 1985 ha vissuto per breve tempo a Monaco in Germania, poi, tornata negli USA, ha lavorato nell’area di San Francisco, dove ha registrato nel 1988 con Charlie Rouse, Eddie Harris e Eddie Henderson ed ha guidato un suo trio anche in tour europei. E’ stata definita come una dei pochi pianisti validi nella scena odierna del jazz ma purtroppo sottovalutata e quasi sconosciuta alla grande massa del pubblico ed anche purtroppo trascurata dai giornalisti del settore. Pianista dal tocco fresco negli standards e compositrice di brani molto stimolanti.


The Portal Of Antrim.Portal

Jessica Williams (p)

The Portal Of Antrim / Essence / Little Loraine / Honest Abe / Plath’s Return / Moving Day / Untitled / Transition / Squeaky / The Cathedral Of Antemis.

(Adelphi Records)

Baltimora, 1976.


Rivers Of Memory.Rivers of Memory

Jessica Williams (p)

Memory Of Tomorrow / Starcloud / The Eternal Now / Rain Forest / Return To The Portal Of Antrim / Second Chance / Search For Shakti / Meditation For David.

(Clean Cuts CC 701)

Baltimora, 1977.


Portraits.jessica williams Portraits.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

Inez / Scott / Little cool one / My mother / David / Cheryl / Antrim / My romance.

(Adelphi AD5005)

Baltimora, 16 Maggio 1977.


Orgonomic Music.jessica williams Orgonomic Music.

Eddie Henderson (tr,flic) Jim Giantham (st) Jessica Williams (p) Henry Robinett (g/el) Kim Stone (b/el) Richard Saunders (b) Dave Tucker (dr)

The weapon of truth / Krieselwelle / Up the entropy slope / Experiment XX / Longing / Dear Lord / The demise of armored man / To the children of the future.

(Clean Cuts CC703)

San Francisco, Giugno 1979.

Update.jessica williams Update.

Eddie Harris (st) Jessica Williams (p) John Wiitala (b) Dave Tucker (dr,perc)

Resurrection / Road runner / On Sonny’s side / Ruby my dear / Cutie / Kaf’s waltz / Sweet potato pie / Clear Blue Lou / Ready for Eddie.

(Clean Cuts CC706)

San Francisco, Maggio 1982.


Nothin but the Truth.Nothin but the Truth

Jessica Williams (p) Bud Spangler (dr) John Wiitala (b)

Nothin but the Truth / Kristen / Monk’s Hat / Round Midnight / Dog Days / Ugly Beauty / Stars Fell on Alabama.

(Black Hawk Records)

Hayward, California, 26 Febbraio 1986.


The Golden Light.jessica williams The Golden Light

Jessica Williams (p,synt,dr,cga) Joyce Diamond (vc)

The golden light (I) / The golden light (II) / You and I and Buddha / Winnie’s time / Night flower / Blue Tuesday / Mood infrared / White tie and tail.

(Quanta Q-1001)

Sacramento, California, 17-21 Luglio 1987.


Flowers For Charlie.

Jessica Williams (p) John Wiitala (b) Kenny Wollesen (d)

Nutty / Teo / Swanee / The house that Rouse built / Raise four / Ugly beauty / Green chimneys.

(Quanta Q-1004) Sacramento, Marzo 1989.

Known Space.

Jessica Williams (p,synt)

Passion of youth / Ceremony of the sisters / The seventh star / The ship who sang / Eden / Ecosfear / Lights in the sky / Planetfall / The inheritors / Flight of the horse.

(Quanta Q-1006) Sacramento, Mprile-Maggio 1989.

Tutu’s Dream.

Jessica Williams (p,synt,d,perc)

Tutu’s dream / The shroud / Transition / The awakening / The promise / The dream / Interface / African lullaby.

(Quanta Q-1002) Sacramento, Maggio-Giugno 1989.

Heartland.jessica williams Heartland.

Jessica Williams (synt)

Heartland / The cosmic wheel / Animal logic / The integral trees / Ishtar / Skyscape / Crystal bay / Monkey business / Prayer for the mother.

(Ear Art EA-1035CD)

Sacramento, Novembre-Dicembre 1989.


And Then There’s This.And Then There’s This.

Jessica Williams (p) John Witala (b) Kenny Wollesen (dr)

Bemsha Swing / ….And Then There’s This / All Alone / Nichol’s Bag / The Child Within / Elaine / The House That Rouse Built / Newk’s Fluke / Swanee / I mean You.

(Timeless 345)

Sacramento, 1 Febbraio 1990.


Freedom’s Rainbow.

Jessica Williams (synt)

Freedom’s rainbow / Freed up / Stonewall blues / Mandela / The power of love / Meditation on segregation / Emergency / A gentle pride.

(Ear-Art EA-1037) Sacramento, Aprile 1990.

Live At Recital Hall Maibeck, Vol.21.At Maybeck

Jessica Williams (p)

(Intro) / Why Do I Love You / The Nearmess Of You / Kristen / I’m Confessin’ / I’m Getting Sentimental Over You / Summer Song / It’s Easy To Remember / Nice Work If You Can Get It / Blue Tuesday / I Remember Bill.

(Concord Jazz CCD 4325)

Berkley, 16-2-1992.


The Next Step.The Next Step.

Jessica Williams (p)

Taking A Chance On Love / Stonewall Blues / Easter Parade / Bongo’s Waltz / I Didn’t Know Untiol You Told me / The Quilt / Clear Blue Lou / I Should Care / Theme For Lester Young / Like Someone In Love / I’ll Always Be In Love With You / I Got It Bad / Little Waltz.

(Hep 2054)

New York, 6-4-93.

In The Pocket.In The Pocket.

Jessica Williams (p) Jeff Johnson (b) Dick Berk (dr)

Weirdo / A Gal In Calico / I Really Love You / Driftin’ / For You Again / Cheek To Cheek / I Remember Bill / I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Change With You / Pfrancing.

(Hep 2055)

Portland, 6-4 e 28-7-93.



Jessica Williams (p)

Birk’s Works / I’ve Never Been In Love Before / Japanese Folk Song / Misterioso / Lulu’s Back In Town / Ruby My Dear / Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams / Blues For Strayhorn / For You Again / The Creators Has A Master Plan / The Child Whitin / Mood Indigo.

(Jazz Focus 001)

Calgary, Canada, 29-10-93.


Jessica Williams (p) Jeff Johnson (b) Dick Berk (dr)

Stonewall Blues / Nommo / We Kiss In A Shadow / Shuffle Boil / It’s Easy To Remember / Little Dog Blues / You Do Somemthing To Me / Thembi’s Tune / Sherlock’s Lament / Autumn Leaves.

(Jazz Focus 3)

Portland, 7-2-94.


A Song That I Heard.A Song That I Heard.

Jessica Williams (p) Jeff Johnson (b) Dick Berk (dr)

Make It So / Burning Castle / I Wish I Knew / (Beautiful Gril Of MY Dreams)I Love You, I Love You, I Love You / Geronimo Blues / Kristen / Alone Together / Blues Not / Say It / A Song That I Heard Somewhere / Blues For Mandela / I’ll Remember April.

(Hep 2061)

Portland, 2-5-94.


Jessica Williams (p) Leroy Vinegar (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Introduction-Equinox / Berkshire Blues / If I Were A Bell / The Sheikh / Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams / Say It / We See.

(Jazz Focus 5)

Portland, 10-9-94.



Jessica Williams (p) Jeff Johnson (b) Dick Berk (dr)

Nightwatch / Clear Blue Lou / Last Trane / Espana / Sputnik / Little Bird Song / Tochiko / Blues R Us / T 4 2 (Tea For Two)

(Jazz Focus 8)

Portland, 10-11 Gennaio 1995.



Jessica Williams (p)

Holocaust Blues / Heather / Black And Crazy Blues / Green Chimneys / The Power Within / Bill’s Beauty / Medicine Woman / Monk’s Dream / Flamenco Sketches / Without A Song.

(Jazz Focus 10)

Portland, 20-6-95.



Jessica Williams (p)

The Sheikh / I Cover The Waterfront / Mr.Syms / Serenata / Justice / ‘Round Midnight / Like Sonny / Nice Work If You Can Get It / Last Trane.

(Candid 79721)

Portland, Oregon, 20-21 Giugno 1995.


Intuition – Explorations In Music.jessica williams Intuition - Explorations In Music.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

Holocaust blues / Heather / Black and crazy blues / Green chimneys / The power within / Bill’s beauty / Medicine woman / Monk’s dream / Flamenco sketches / Without a song.

(Jazz Focus JFCD010)

Portland, 20-21 Giugno 1995.


Dedicated To You.jessica williams Dedicated To You

Jessica Williams (p)

Dedicated to you / That old feeling / Sue’s blues / El Salvador / Dirty dog blues / If and when / I’m getting sentimental over you / My one and only love / Newk’s fluke / Sometimes silence / Where or when.

(Nightwatch NWCD100)

Capitola, California, Settembre-Ottobre 1995.


Victoria Concert.Victoria Concert.

Jessica Williams (p)

Intro / I Want To Be Happy / My One And Only Love / Willow Weep For Me / Blue Tuesday / Mr.Sims / Sometimes Silence / Straight No Chaser / Dear Gaylord / Dedicated To You.

(Jazz Focus 15)

Victoria B.C., Canada, 15-9-95.


Jessica Williams Joy.Joy.

Jay Thomas (fl-tp-st) Hadley Caliman (st) Jessica Williams (p-perc) Jeff Johnson (b) Dick Berg, Mel Brown (dr-bells) D.Brown (bells)

Joy / Infinite Circle / Compassion / The Quilt / Dharma Dance / Freedom Bells / The Mystery Unfolds / Chant For World Peace.

(Jazz Focus 14)

Portland, 27-11-95 e 30-1-96.


Ain’t Misbehavin’.Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Jessica Williams (p)

El Salvador / Alone Together / The Eulipians / Paul’s Pal / Too Young TO Go Steady / Back Diamond / Don’t Blame Me / Joyful Sorrow / Ain’t Misbehavin’ / After The Rain.

(Candid 79763)


Hollywell Music Room, Oxford, 10-3-96.

Yoyful Sorrow : A Tribute To Bill Evans.A Tribute To Bill Evans.

Jessica Williams (p)

I Remember Bill / Alone Together / My One And Only Love / Flamenco Sketches / Joyful Sorrow / I Fall In Love Too Easily / My Man’s Gone Now / Blues For Bill.

(Black Hawk)

Carmel, California, 15-9-96.


Jessica’s Blues.Jessica’s Blues.

Jay Thomas (tp-st) Jessica Williams (p) Jeff Johnson (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Smoking Section / Chief Seattle Blues / Sneak Preview / See See Rider / Dat’s For Nat / Blues For Bill / Baby Won’t You Please Come Home / Temporary Sanity / St.Louis Blues / RaiseFour / Blue Jay.

(Jazz Focus 18)

Portland, 23-24 Ottobre 1996.


Encounter. Vol.2.Encounter. Vol.2.

Jessica Williams (p) Leroy Vinegar (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Introduction / It Could Happen To You / Mmack The Knife / Jaunted Mmelody / What Is This Thing Called Love / Delilah / Talk Of The Town / Empathy / The ‘M’Squad / It Don’t Mean A Thing.

(Jazz Focus 21)

Portland, 25-10-96.


The Boss Of The Walking Bass. A Tribute To Leroy Vinnegar.The Boss Of The Walking Bass

Leroy Vinnegar (b) Mel Brown (dr) Jessica Williams (p)

Cold Duck Time / Sunny Side Of The Street / Caravan / Western Civilization Blues / I’m In The Mood For Love / Makin’ Whoopee / Canadian Sunset / Birk’s Works / You Don’t Know What Love Is.

(Jazz Focus JFOCD34)

Live at Atwater’s Restaurant, Portland, Oregon, 26 Ottobre 1996.


Higher Standards.Higher Standards.

Jessica Williams (p) Dave Captein (b)  Mel Brown (dr)

Get Out The Town / When Your Lover Has Gone / Mack The knife / A Night In Tunisia / Don’t Take Your Love From Me / East Of The Sun / Solitude / Midnight Sun / My Heart Belongs To Daddy.

(Candid 79736)

Portland, Oregon, 19-20 Novembre 1996.


In The Key Of Monk.In The Key Of Monk.

Jessica Williams (p)

Bemsha Swing / Just A Cigolo / Reflections / I Love You Sweetheart Of All My Dreams / Monk’s Mood – Crepuscule With Nellie / Monk’s Hat / San Francisco Holiday / I Remember Monk / The House That Rouse Built / Pannonica / Ask Me Now / Blues Five Spot.

(Jazz Focus 29)

Alberta, Canada, 31-5-97.

Jazz In The Afternoon.jessica williams Jazz In The Afternoon.

Jessica Williams (p) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Green chimneys / I remember Dexter / Light blue / Straight no chaser / Swanee / I’m confessin’ / Basic blue / Evidence / Dirty dog blues.

(Candid CCD79750)

Live Chemekata College, Portland, 8 Febbraio 1998.


The Gift.jessica williams The Gift.

Jessica Williams (p)

When your lover has gone / Paul’s pal / Don’t take your love from me / Dear Gaylord / Garlands for Red / I’ll be seeing you / Newk’s fluke / Empathy / All blues.

(Red & Blue)



Jazz Impressions Of Spain.Jazz Impression Of Spain.

Jessica Williams (p)

Medley: Barcelona, Black smile / Madrid / El Salvador / Santander / Oceania / Spanish sky / Concerto and meditation.

(Red & Blue)

Capitola, California, 1999.


Blue Fire.Blue Fire.

Scott Hall (st) Jessica Williams (p) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Blue Fire / The Vision / Soul Sisters / Somebody’s Waltz / Blues 2K / Kenny Kirkland / Elbow Room / Everything Happens To Me.

(Jazz Focus 35)

Portland, 12-13 Aprile 1999.


Some Ballads Some Blues.Some Ballads Some Blues.

Jessica Williams (p) Dave Kaptein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

You Don’t Know What Love Is / Blue Miles / My Foolish Heart / For You Again / When I Fall In Love / Mr.Johnson / Dark One / Simple Things.

(Red & Blue)

Portland, 12-13 Aprile 1999.


Live In The UK.Live In The UK.

Jessica Williams (p)

Body and Soul / Don’t Explain / Bill’s Beauty / Shuffle Boil / You’re Drivin’ me Crazy / I Loves you, Porgy / Little Bird Song / I Remember Dexter.

(Red And Blue)

Wigan Jazz Festival, Inghilterra, 16 Luglio 2000.


Jessica Plays For Lovers.jessica williams Jessica Plays For Lovers.

Jessica Williams (p)

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered / Don’t explain / That’s all / I loves you Porgy / My foolish heart / I wish I knew / Flamenco sketches / When I fall in love / Love is real / Blue moon / Naima.

(Red & Blue)

Capitola, California, Setembre 2000.


I Let A Song Go Out Of MY Heart.I Let A Song Go Out Of MY Heart.

Jessica Williams (p)

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be / I Let A Song GO Out My Heart / Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me / Interlude n.1 / Prelude To A Kiss / Satin Doll / In A Sentimental Mood / It Don’t Mean A Thing / Interlude n.2 / Angelica / Caravan / Don’t Get Around Much Anymore / Interlude n.3 / C Jam Blues / Duke’s Place.

(Hep 2082)

Capitola, California, Settembre-Ottobre 2000.

The Real Deal.The Real Deal.

Jessica Williams (p)

Misty / Morning Of The Carnival / Friday The 13 th / Petit Fleur / If I Should Lose You / ‘Round Midnight / Teo / Sweet And Lovely / The Thelonious With Monk / Out And Out Blues / My Romance / Don’t Blame Me.

(Hep Jazz 2086)

Capitola, California, Settembre-Ottobre 2000.


This Side Up.This Side Up.

Jessica Williams (p) Ray Drummond (b) Victor Lewis (dr)

The Judge / Blue Tuesday / Balck Diamonds / Little Bird Song / Serenata / Miles To Go / Thyeme For The Eulipians / I Remember Dexter / Innocence / Off Blue.


Brooklyn, 16-17 Agosto 2001.


Millennial Meditations.jessica williams Millennial Meditations.

Jessica Williams (p)

The judge / The day the world changed / Infinite circle / Nightwatch / Empathy / Tutu’s promise / You know it’s true / Compassion.

(Red & Blue)

Capitola, California, Ottobre 2001.


Song For Yusef.jessica williams Song For Yusef.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

The ancient / Ceremony of fire / Infinite circle / Like like someone / Bones / Blues for Yusef / The mystery unfolds / Return of the seeker / Celebration.

(Red & Blue)

Capitola, California, 2002.


All Alone.All Alone.

Jessica Williams (p)

As Time Goes By / In A Sentimental Mood / Warm Valley / All Alone / They Say It’s Wonderful / Don’t Explain / Toshiko / The Sheikh / Bill’s Beauty / The Quilt / Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress The Blue Silk / Toio Young To Go Steady.


Brooklyn, 16-18 Agosto 2002.

More For Monk.jessica williams More For Monk.

Jessica Williams (p)

Functional / Memories of you / Monk funk / Everything happens to me / Out and out blues / Panonica / Blues Five Spot / Jackieing / Don’t take your love from me / Blue TM / Ghost of a chance.

(Red & Blue)

Capitola, California, 2002.


Without Walls.jessica williams Without Walls.

Jessica Williams (p)

Poem in G minor / Slant / Haunted melody / Sacred ground / Kid stuff / Heather / Mood / Jackieing.

(Red & Blue)

Capitola, California, 2003.


As Time Goes By.jessica williams As Time Goes By.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

Don’t blame me / Bye bye blackbird / Embraceable you / Summertime / Misty / As time goes by  / Falling in love is wonderful / Fly me to the moon / The way you look tonight / Easy living.

(Red & Blue)

Monterey Bay, California, 2003.



Live At Yoshi, Vol.1.Live At Yoshi, Vol.1.

Jessica Williams (p) Ray Drummond (b) Victor Lewis (dr)

I’m Confessin’That I Love You / Say It Over And Over Again / You Say You Care / Tutu’s Promise / Heather / Alone Together / Poem In G Minor / I Want To Talk About You / Mysterioso.


Oakland, Californi, 9-10 Luglio 2003.


Live At Yoshi, Vol.2.Live At Yoshi, Vol.2.

Jessica Williams (p) Ray Drummond (b) Victor Lewis (dr)

Flamenco Sketches / Why Do I Love You / Spoken Softly / Elbow Room / Soldaji / Paul’s Pal / Dear Gaylor / Lulu’s Back In Town / Summertime.


Oakland, Californi, 9-10 Luglio 2003.


Steps.jessica williams Steps.

Jessica Williams (p) Jeff Johnson (b) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr,perc)

Joyful sorrow / Elegy / The heart path / The nine billion names of God / Little song for Elaine / Namesake  / My friend Bill / Steps / Prayer and incantation.

(Red & Blue)



Blue Tuesday.jessica williams Blue Tuesday.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

Toshiko / I remember Bill / Clear blue Lou / Blue Tuesday / The sheikh / Simple things / Spoken softly / Still life / Blues 2K / What’s next.

(Red & Blue)

Monterey Bay, California, 2004.


Offering.jessica williams Offering.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

It’s easy to remember / Ernie’s theme / Nancy with the laughing face / Offering / Serenata / I want to talk about you / A well of souls / Lonnie’s lament.

(Red & Blue)

Monterey Bay, 22 Maggio 2004.


Time To Burn.jessica williams Time To Burn.

Jessica Williams (p) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Laura / Don’t take your love from me / Band introduction / A night in Tunisia / Mack the knife / The house that Rouse built / El Salvador / You’re drivin’ me crazy.

(Red & Blue)

Live Jezz Aley, Seattle, 2004.


For John Coltrane.jessica williams For John Coltrane.

Jessica Williams (p) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Prayer and meditation / Just words / Naima / Lonnie’s lament / On Freedom Street / Still life / The vision / Welcome.

(Red & Blue)

Monterey Bay, 2004.


Now!!!.jessica williams now!!!

Jessica Williams (p) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Tadd’s delight / Bill’s beauty / Slow burn / Angelica / Nobody’s blues / In a sentimental mood / Out and out blues / Cheesecake / Bessie’s blues.

(Red & Blue)

Monterey Bay, 2005.


Unity.jessica williams unity

Jessica Williams (p) solo

Wise one / The black and crazy blues / Every time we say goodbye / Love and hate / Medley: Green chimneys, Blue Monk / You won’t go when I go / Just the way you look tonight.

(Red & Blue)

The Triple Door, Seattle, 6 Gennaio 2006.


Equinox.jessica williams Equinox.

Jessica Williams (p) solo

Equinox / Why did I choose you / Gone with the wind / Elaine / Blues for yooz / Blues for Sherlock / On Sonny’s side / Dear Lord / The heart path / Bemsha swing.

(Red & Blue)

Monterey Bay, Gennaio-Febbraio 2006.


Billy’s Theme: A Tribute To Dr.Billy Taylor.Billy’s Theme.

Jessica Williams (p)

Finally Free / Billy’s Theme n.1 / The Soul Doctor / Blues For BT / Taylor’s Triunph / Spontaneous Composition And Improvisation n.1 / Spontaneous Composition And Improvisation n.2 / Billy’s Theme n.2.

(Origin Rec.82461)

Febbraio 2006.


Freedom Trane.Freedom Trane.

Jessica Willaims (p) Dave Captein (b) Mel Brown (dr)

The Seeker / Lonnie’s Lament / Freedom Trane / Paul’s Pal / Prayer And Meditation / Just Words / Naima / Welcome.

(Origin Rec. OJ 82589)

Dicembre 2007.


Song For A New Century.Song For A New Century.

Jessica Williams (p)

Empathy / Toshiko / Fantasia / Song For A Baby / Belssing In Disguise / Lament / Dear Oscar / Spoken Sofltly / If Only.

(Origin Rec.82507)

Gennaio 2008.


The Art Of The Piano.The Art Of The Piano.

Jessica Williams (p)

Blues Triple Door / Esperanza / Love And Hate / Elaine / First Gymnopedie / Prophets / Diane / Lonnie’s Lament.

(Origin Rec. 82542)




Jessica Williams (p)

I Love You, Porgy / Soldaji / Rosa Parks / Wise One / Gall’s Song / I Cover The Woterfront / Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Simple Things.

(Origin Rec. 82566)



Coahoma, Mississippi. 1920.

A dodici anni si è accostato al blues frequentando le feste campestri. Si trasferisce a Menphis ed ha iniziato a lavorare nei locali di Beale Street all’inizio degli anni’40. Nel 1950 è andato a lavorare a Chicago con Lazy Lucas, poi ha accompagnato la cantante Miss Hi Fi. Nel 1956 ha fatto parte del gruppo di Mojo Buford e nel 1959 è entrato come bassista nel gruppo di Muddy Waters. Nel 1962 è tornato con Buford e vi è rimasto sino al 1971, epoca nella quale ha lasciato la musica per fare il camionista.


Jo Jo Wiulliams (vc-g) Sonny Boy Williamson (arm) Ramson Knowling (b) Judge Riley (dr)

Wild Cow Moam.

Chicago, 22-7-47.chiusura


Mobile, Alabama. 3/2/1935.

A Chicago dove è giunto con la famiglia ha imparato a suonare l’armonica e la chitarra. Ha debuttato con Bo Diddley, futura stella del R&R e ha accompagnato nei concerti Charles Brown. Nel 1954 ha lavorato con J.B.Hutto, poi con Howlin’Wolf. Nel 1956 è entrato nel gruppo di Billy Boy Arnold e quindi in quello di Menphis Slim. Nel 1957 è con Otis Rush in tournée negli Stati del Sud, che concluderà al ”Apollo Theatre” di Harlem a New York. Ha inciso diversi dischi, inoltre si è esibito insieme a Earl Hooker, Ahmad Jamal e Buddy Morrow. Ha iniziato a studiare elettronica ed è entrato alla Rank Xerox ed ha lasciato la musica.chiusura


Cordale, Georgia. 12/12/1918. – Las Vegas, Nevada. 30/3/1999.

Riferendosi al luogo di nascita, egli ha detto :”era decisamente meglio nascere bianchi” ed è perciò che nel 1921 con la famiglia si è trasferito a Chicago. Il giovane Joseph strimpella un vecchio pianoforte verticale imparando il giro armonico del blues. A 19 anni ha preso la decisione di voler fare il cantante. Le prime esperienze le ha fatte in piccoli gruppi blues, allietando matrimoni e feste, ma soprattutto nei cori religiosi. Nel 1925 mette su un gruppo vocale gli ”Jubilee Boys”. Ha iniziato ufficialmente la carriera nell’orchestra da ballo di Johnny Long. Nel 1937 ha lavorato nell’orchestra di Les Hite e nel 1938 con quella di Jimmie Noone. Nei locali di Chicago si è esibito con Coleman Hawkins. Ne 1941 la prima grande occasione con l’orchestra di Lionel Hampton, che però gli impone un repertorio più leggero, che lo limita dal punto di vista espressivo. Lasciato Hampton e passato al lavoro freelance. Nel 1943 lavora con Andy Kirk con il quale ha inciso il suo primo disco. Ha lavorato con Red Saunders, con il duo Albert Ammons-Pete Johnson dal 1951 al 1954. Per diverso tempo è l’attrazione principale del “Club DeLisa” nel South Side di Chicago. Nel 1950 la prima esperienza con il piccolo gruppo di Count Basie e nel 1954 nella grande orchestra ed ha inizio la sua prestigiosa scalata al successo a livello nazionale ed interazionale, diventa il vero erede di Jimmy Rushing. Il grande successo della nuova versione di “Every Day”, lo incorona il nuovo re del blues. Registra anche con Jimmy Mundy, con Jimmy Jones, Harry Edison, Oliver Nelson. Musicista straordinario, cantante dalla voce soda, robusta e ricca di blues, in grado di infondere nelle sue interpretazioni una verve contagiosa. Forse voce un po legata alle big band, anche perché non ha avuto l’opportunità di lavorare spesso con la sola sezione ritmica, anche se nel 1971 si è fatto apprezzare nell’album registrato con George Shearing, dal quale si evince che questo contesto metteva in evidenza anche le sue doti umoristiche e di cordialità che infondeva nelle canzoni e nei blues. E’ senz’altro un caposcuola dei crooner di jazz-blues.


Count Basie Swings Joe Williams Sings.joe williams Count Basie Swings Joe Williams Sings.

Wendel Culley, Reunald Jones, Thad Jones, Joe Newman/tp) Henry Coker, Bill Hughes, Benny Powell (tb) Marshall Royal (sa-cl) Bill Graham (sa) Frank Wess (sa-fò) Frank Foster (st) Charlie Fowlkes (sb) Count Basie (p) Freddie Green (g) Eddie Jones (b) Sonny Payne (dr) Joe Williams (vc)

Everyday I Have The Blues / The Comeback / All Right OK You Win / In The Evening / Roll’em Pete / Teach Me Tonight / My Baby / Upsets Me / Please Send Me Someone To.

(Verve V6-8488)

17 e 26 Luglio 1955.

The Gratest! Joe Williams Sings Standards.joe williams The Gratest! Joe Williams Sings Standards.

Wendell Culley,Reunald Jones, Joe Newman, Thad Jones (tp) Henry Coker, Benny Powell, Bill Hughes, Matthew Gee (tb) Marshall Royal (sa-cl) Bill Graham (sa) Frank Foster (st) Frank Wess (st-fl) Charlie Fowlkes (sx) Count Basie (p) Freddie Grren (g) Ed Jones (b) Sonny Payne (dr) Joe Williams (vc)

Thou Swell / There Will Never Be Another You / Our Love Is Here To Stay / ‘S Wonderful / My Baby Just Cares For Me / Nevertheless / Singin’In The Rain / I’m Beginning To See The Light / Fine Romance / Come Rain Or Come Shine / I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love / I This Can’t Be Love.

(Verve 833774) 28-4 e 1-5-56.

A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry.joe williams A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry.

Joe Williams (vc) orchestra diretta da Jimmy Mundy (arr)

What’s New / It’s The Talk Of The Town / I’ll Never Smile Again / I’m Through With Love / Where Are You / I’ve Only Myself To Blame / Say It Isn’t So / What Will I Tell My Heart / Ypu’ve Got Me Crying Again / Can’t We Talk It Over / I Laugh To Keep From Cryin’/ A Man Ain’t Supposed Tp Cry.

(Roulette R 52005)

New York, 11-21 Ottobre 1957.

Everyday I Have The Blues.joe williams Everyday I Have The Blues.

Joe Williams (vc) Wendell Culley,John Henderson, Joe Newman, Thad Jones (tp) Henry Coker, Benny Powell, Bill Hughes (tb) Marshall Royal (sa-cl) Bill Graham (sa) Frank Foster (st) Frank Wess (st-fl) Charlie Fowlkes (sx) Count Basie (p) Freddie Grren (g) Ed Jones (b) Sonny Payne (dr)

Everyday / Baby Won’t You Please Come Home / Going To Chicago / Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You / Joe Sing The Blues / Dhake Rattle & Roll / Just A Dream / Cherry / Good Mornin’Blues / What Did You Win / Ain’t No Use.

(Roulette 52033) Los Angeles, 24-9-59.

Sentimental & Melancholy.joe williams Sentimental & Melancholy.

Joe Williams (vc) Jimmy Jones (arr) con orchestra.

Love Is The Sweetest / Darn That Dream / You Leave Me Breathless / For All We Know / Just As Though You Were / Day By Day / Did I Remember / Everytime We Say Goodbye / Just Plain Lonesome / How Deep Is The Ocean / Contented.

(Roulette R 52066)

New York, 14 e 23 Dicembre 1960.

Together.joe williams Together.

Joe Williams (vc) Harry Edison (tp) Jimmy Forrest (st) Frank Strazzieri o Sir Charles Thompson (p) Tommy Potter (b) Clarence Johnston (dr)

Winter Weather / I Don’t Know Why / There’s A Small Hotel / Out Of Nowhere / Aren’t You Glad You’re You / Remember / Together / Deep Purple / Always / Lover Come Back / By The River St.Marie / Alone Together.

(Fresh Sound FSR 603)

The Cloister, Los Angeles, Febbraio 1961.

Have A Good Time.joe williams Have A Good Time.

Joe Williams (vc) Harry Edison’s Orchestra : Harry Edison (tp) Jimmy Jones (p) Joe Benjamin (b) Charlie Persip (dr) Ernie Wilkins (arr) ed altri.

Have A Good Time / Sometimes I’m Happy / Old Folks / Until I met You / I Won’t Cry Anymore / ‘S posin’ / A Blue Serenade / September In The Rain / Summertime / Moonlight In Vermont / Falling In Love With Love.

(Roulette SR 52071)

New York, Luglio 1961.

A Swinging Night At Birland.joe williams A Swinging Night At Birland.

Joe Williams (vc) Harry Edison (tp) Sir Charles Thompson (p) Jimmy Forrest (st) Joe Benjamin (b) Charlie Persip (dr) Pee Wee Marquette (presentatore)

September In The Rain / Come Back Baby / Five O’Clock In The Morning / By The River St-Marie / This Can’t Be Love / Teach Me Tonight / Alright Okay you win / I Was Telling Her About You / Have You Met Miss Jones / Well Oh Well.

Joe Williams (vc) Harry Edison (tp) Huge Lawson (p) Jimmy Forrest (st) Ike Issacs (b) Charlie Johnson (dr) Pee Wee Marquette (presentatore)

You’re Everything But Mine / Falling In Love With Love / Goin’To Chicago / The Very Thought Of You.

(Roulette R 52085) Birdland, New York, giugno, 1962.

Joe Williams (vc) con l’orchestra di Ray Bloch, Jimmy Jones, Oliver Nesìlson, Jack Pleis, Frank Hunter (arr)

September In The Rain / Falling In Love With Love / When She Makes Music / Ain’t No Use / Just A Dream.

New York, fine, 1962.

Joe Williams (vc) con l’Orchestra di Oliver Nelson : Joe Newman (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Phil Woods (sa) Bob Ashton (st) Danny Bank (sb) Junior Mance (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Granville W.Hogan (dr)

She’s Warm, She’s Willing, She’s Wonderful / Some ‘a Dis ‘n Dome ‘a Dat / Come On Blues.

(Victor 47-8117) New York, 25-10-62.

One Is A Lonesome Number.joe williams One Is A Lonesome Number.

Joe Williams (vc) con orchestra diretta da Jack Pleis.

One Is Lonesome Number / Somebody / Cherry / Poor You / A New Kind Of Love / The Real Thing / I Was T%elling Her About You / All My Life / Cryin’est Shoulder In Town / When She Makes Music / Autumn Leaves / Warmer Than A Whisper / I’m Just Taking My Time.

(Roulette R 52102) New York, 1962.

Joe Williams (vc) Orchestra di Jimmy Jones (arr) : Clark Terry (tp) Urbie Green (tb) Phil Woods (sa) Phil Bodner, Jerome Richardson (st-fl) Kenny Burrell (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr)

The Great City / Workin’ / Just a-sittin’ and rockin’/ I Went Out Of My Way.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 1-2-63.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’Orchestra di Jimmy Jones (arr) : Clark Terry, Bernie Glow, Thad Jones, Snooky Young (tp) Urbie Green, Quentin Jackson (tb) Walt Levinsky, George Dorsey (sa) Phil Bodner, Romeo Penque (st-fl) Danny Bank (sb) Hank Jones (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr) Willie Rodriguez (perc)

You Perfect Stranger / Wrap Your Troubles In Dream / A Good Thing / My Last Affair /

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 4-2-63.

Joe Williams (vc) Clark Terry, Bernie Glow, Thad Jones, Snooky Young (tp) Urbie Green, Quentin Jackson (tb) Walt Levinsky, George Dorsey (sa) Phil Bodner, Romeo Penque (st-fl) Danny Bank (sb) Hank Jones (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr) Willie Rodriguez (perc) Oliver Nelson (arr-dir)

More Than Likely / She Doesn’t Know / Soothe Me / Jump For Joy.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 6-2-63.

Joe Williams (vc) Clark Terry, Bernie Glow, Thad Jones, Snooky Young (tp) Urbie Green, Quentin Jackson (tb) Walt Levinsky, George Dorsey (sa) Phil Bodner, Romeo Penque (st-fl) Danny Bank (sb) Hank Jones (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr) Willie Rodriguez (perc) Oliver Nelson (arr-dir)

Sounds Of The Night /It’s A Wonderful World.

(Bluebird) New York, 13-3-63.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’Orchestra di Jimmy Jones (arr): Clark Terry (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Phil Woods (sa) Phil Bodner, Jerome Richardson (st-fl) Junior Mance (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Osie Johnson (dr)

A Woman / Come On Blues / Hobo Flats / April In Paris.

(RCA) New York, 10-4-63.

Joe Williams At Newport ’63.Joe Williams At Newport ’63.

Joe Williams (vc) Clark Terry (tp-flic) Howard McGhee (tp) Coleman Hawkins, Zoot Sims (st) Junior Mance (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mickey Roker (dr)

Without A Song / Gravy Waltz / She’s Warm, She’s Willing, She’s Wonderful / Come Back Baby / Medley : All God’s Chillum Got Rhythm – Do You Wanna Jump Children / Wayfaring Stranger / Every Day / Anytime Anyway Anywhere / April In Paris / In The Evening / Bye Bye Baby / Some Of This’n’Some Of That / Roll’em Pete /

(RCA) Newport Jazz Festival, 5-7-63.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’Orchestra di Jimmy Jones (arr): Clark Terry (tp) Urbie Green (tb) Phil Woods (sa) Seldon Powell (st) Danny Bank (sb) Hank Jones (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr)

Hobo Flats / Everynight / Good Morning Heartache.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 18-11-63.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’Orchestra di Jimmy Jones (arr): Thad Jones (tp) Urbie Green (tb) Ben Webster (st) Hank Jones (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr)

Rocks In My Bed / Nice Work If You Can Get It / After All I’ve Been To You.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 20-11-63.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’Orchestra di Jimmy Jones (arr): Thad Jones (tp) Urbie Green (tb) Jerome Richardson (sa) Seldon Powell (st) Danny Bank (sb) Hank Jones (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr)

Early In The Morning / I’m Sticking With You Baby / Me And The Blues / Kansas City.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 5-12-63.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Ray Bloch.

Ballad Medley: Jass 6 Jass 6 / Can’t We Talk It Over / Talk Of The Town / When Are You / It’s A Wonderful World / You Stepped Out Of A Dream.

New York, estate, 1964.

The Song Is You.joe williams The Song Is You.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Frank Hunter: Urbie Green (tb) Hank Jones (p) Mundell Lowe (g) Sandy Block (b) Mel Lewis (dr) con sezioni di archi e coro.

Prelude To A Kiss / Yours’ Is My heart Alone / I’ll Follow You / The Song Is You / People / I’m A Fool To Want You / My Darling / My Romance / I Really Don’t Want To Know.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 11-11-64.

Joe Williams (vc) Ernie Royal, Bernie Glow, Joe Ferrante, Clyde Reasinger (tp) Leon Cohen, Sid Cooper, Phil Bodner, Jerome Richardson, Romeo Penque (reeds) Dick Hyman (p) George Devens (vib) ed altri.

You Stepped Out Of A Dream / Sleepy Time Gal / Then I’ll Be Happy / That Face.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 12-11-64.

The Exciting Joe Williams.joe williams The Exciting Joe Williams.

Joe Williams (vc) Bernie Glow, Jimmy Nottingham, Ernie Royal, Joe Ferrante (tp) Urbie Green, Mickey Gravine, Buddy Morrow. Jay Jay Johnson (tb) Alan Ralph (tb/b) Leon Cohen, George Dorsey, Jerome Richardson, Bob Tricarico, Danny Bank (reeds) Hank Jomes (p) Mundell Lowe (g) Sandy Bock (b) Sol Gubin (dr) Gordon Powell (perc) Specs Powell (bongo)

Gypsy In My Soul / Ol’Man River / The Right Kind Of Woman / I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now.

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 31-5-65.

Joe Willoiams (vc) Ray Alonge (flic) Jerome Richardson (sa) Hank Jones (p) Al Caiola (g) Sandy Block (b) Sonny Igoe (dr) sezione di archi.

I Should Have Kissed Her More / Los Angeles / As I Love You / One The Sunny Side Of The Street

(RCA) Webster Hall, New York, 18-6-65.

Joe Williams (vc) Bernie Glow, Jimmy Nottingham, Marky Markowitz, Clyde Reasinger (tp) Urbie Green, Mickey Gravine, Buddy Morrow, Jay Jay Johnson (tb) Alan Ralph (tb/b) Leon Cohen, Sid Cooper, Jerome Richardson, Phil Bodner, Andy Fitzgerland (ance) Hank Jones (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Sandy Block (b) Sonny Igoe (dr) Frank Hunter (arr-dir)

This Is The Life / Come In Out Of The Rain / You Can’t Get Away From The Blues / Last Love Last Kiss goodbye.

New York, 21-6-65.

Then And Now.joe williams Then And Now.

Joe Williams (vc) Mike Melvoin (p) Jim Huggart (b) Bill Goodwin (dr)

Falling In Love With You / I’ll Follow You / All Right Okay You Win / I Wanna Go Where You Go / People / That Face / Singin’In The Rain.

(Sea Breeze) 

Penthouse, Seattle, 29-4-65.


Chains Of Loves.joe williams chains of loves

Joe Williams (vc) accompaganto dall’orchestra di Dale Sherman.

Early In The Morning / Jump For Joy / The Perfect Stanger.

New York, estate, 1965.

Joe Williams (vc) Joel Herron (tp) altri sconosciuti.

Ask Anyboy / Feelin’Good / The Bible Tells Me So.

New York, fine 1965.

Joe Williams (vc) Harold Mabern (p) Herbert Brown (b) Robert Rhompson (dr)

What A Different A Day Made / Chains Of Love / If I Were A Bell.

(Natasha 4019) New York, estate, 1966.

Presenting Joe Williams And That Jones/Mel Lewis The Jazz Orchestra.joe williams Presenting Joe Williams And That Jones

Joe Williams (vc) Snooky Young, Jimmy Nottingham, Bill Berry, Richard Williams (tp) Bob Brookmayer, Gernet Brown, Tom McIntoch, Clif Hezer (tb) Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dogion, Eddie Daniels, Joe Ferrel, Pepper Adams (ance) Roland Hanna (p) Richard Davis (b) Sam Hermang) Mel Lewis (dr) Thad Jones (dir)

Get Out Of My Life / Woman’s Got Soul / Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning / Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You / How Your Hand On Your Heart / Evil Man Blues / Come Sunday / Smake Dab In The Middle / It Don’t Mean A Thing / Night Time Is The Right Time.

(Solid State SS 18008) New York, 30-9-66.

Something Ols New And Blue.joe williams Something Ols New And Blue.

Joe Williams (vc) con orchestra diretta da Thad Jones: Joe Newman (tp) Phil Woods, Jerome Richardson (sa) Frank Wess (st) Mike Mainieri (vib) Richard Davis (b) Mel Lewis (dr) Thad Jones (arr-dir) ed altri.

Young man On The Way Up/ Hurry On Down/ Everybody Loves My Baby/ Whe I Take My Sugar To Sea/ Did I Ever Really Live/ Honeysuckle Rose/ Imagination/ If I Were A Bell/ Everybody Wants To Be Loved/ Loneliness Sorrow And Grief/ One For My baby.

(Solid State SM 17015)

Los Angeles, 22-27 Aprile 1968.

Worth Waiting For.joe williams Worth Waiting For.

Joe Williams (vc) Horace Hott (arr-dir) con orchestra.

Something / Bridges / I’d Bed A Fool Right Now / Baby / Here’s That Rainy Day / Didn’t We / I Hold No Grudge / Lush Life / Little Girl / Can’t Take My Eyes Off On You / You Send Me / Oh Darling.

(Blue Note 4355)

Los Angeles, 5-8 Maggio 1970.


Having The Blues Under European Skies.joe williams Having The Blues Under European Skies.

Joe Williams (vc) Clark Terry (flic) Zoot Sims (st) Ellis Larkins (p) Major Holley (b) J.C.Heard (dr)

Don’t Get Aroung Much Anymore / Satin Doll / Experiment.

  Europa, inizio 1970.

Joe Williams (vc) Ellis Larkins (p) George Duvivier (b) Mickey Roker (dr)

Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You / Early In The Morning / Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning / What A Different A Day Made

New York, 1970.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Count Basie: Sonny Cohn, Bobby Mitchell, Lyn Biviano, Waymon Reed, Clark Terry (tp) Mel Wanzo, Bill Hughes, Al Grey, Dennis Wilson (tb) Bobby Plater, Danny Turner (sa) Jimmy Forrest, Eric Dixon (st) Charles Fowlkes (sb) Count Basie (p) Freddie Green (g) John Duke (b) Butch Miles (dr)

Goin’To Chicago / Everyday I Have The Blues / Allright Okay You Win / Evenin’ / Roll’em Pete / One O’Clock Jump.

(Laser Night 17 099) 1970.

The Heart And Soul.joe williams The Heart And Soul.

Joe Williams (vc) George Shearing (p) Andy Simpkins (b) Stix Hooper (dr)

Heart And Soul / Nobody’s Heart / Body And Soul / Humpty Dumpty Heart / My Heart Stoo Still / Blues In My Heart / Sleep My Heart / My Foolish Heart / My Heart Tells Me / Young And Heart / I Let A Song Go Out In My heart.

(Sheha ST 102)

Hollywood, 1-2 Marzo 1971.

Live In Vegas.joe williams Live In Vegas.

Joe Williams (vc) Paul Cohen, Sonny Cohn, Pete Minger, Waymon Reed (tr,flic) Al Grey, Grover Mitchell, Mel Wanzo, Johnny Watson (tb) Bill Hughes (tb/b) Bobby Plater (fl,sa) Eric Dixon (fl,st) Curtis Peagler (sa) Eddie Lockjaw Davis (st) John Williams (sb) Cecil Payne (sb,fl) Count Basie (p) Freddie Green (g) Norman Keenan (b) Harold Jones (dr)

Everyday / Don’t Get Around Much Anymore / Please Sens Me Someone To Love / Watch What Happens / Smack Dab In The Middle / Monologue / A Time For Love / Nobody Loves You When You’re Down & Out / Midnight Medleyn / Lush Life / Everything Must Change / 100 Years / From Today / Tomorrow Night / Thou Swell / Goin’To Chicago / When You Gotta Go / Roll’em Pete.

(Monad MOA 805 CD) Tropicana, Las Vegas, 1971,

With Love.joe williams With Love.

Joe Williams (vc) Al Aaron, Cat Anderson, Johnny Audino, Buddy Childers, Gene Goe, Harry Edison, Chuck Findley, Ray Triscari (tp) George Bohanon, Nick DiMaio, Gel Falco, Dick Nash, Benny Powell, George Roberts, Frank Rosolino, Tommy Shepard, Bill Tole Jr. (tb) Buddy Vollette, Bob Cooper, Bill Green, Bill Hood, Plas Johnson, Jerome Richardson, Herman Riley, Marshall Royal, Bud Shank (ance) Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Rowles (p) Roay Brown (b) Louie Bellson, Shelly Manne, Earl Palmer Sr. (dr) Vince De Rosa, Gale H.Robinson, Henry Sigismonti, Robert Watt (fh) Jack Arnold, Viv Feldman (vib-perc) Barney Kessel, Ulysses Livingston, Alfred Viola (g) Rollice Dale, Joseph DiFiore, Myra S.Kestenbaum, Milton Thomas (viola) Ron Cooper, Justin Di Tullio, Marie Fera, Edgar Lustgarten (cello) Samuel Albert, Joachim Chassman, Janice A.Gower, Bill Henderson, George Kast, Alex Koltun, Bob Konrad, William Kurasch, Marvin Limonick, Lou Raderman, Nathan Ross, Marshall Sosson (viol) B.J.Baker, Billie Barnun, Vangie Carmichael, Pat Henderso9n, Gwen Johnson, Shirley Matthews, Marti McCall, Loulie Jean Norman, Julie Tinker, Terry Stillwell, Jackie Ward, Bill Cale, Alan Davies, Ira Hawkins, Tom Kenny, Bill Lee, John Ledman, Gene Merlino, Bob Tebow, Jerry Whitman, Don Wyatt (coro) Benny Carter (arr)

Love Is A Feeling / When You’re Young / Satin Latin / Got That Feeling / Always On Sunday / Care / I’m A Luckey Guy / Once Upon A Happy Time / Right Here In My Heart / God Bless You

(Temponic TB 29561) Hollywood, 1972.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Count Basie: Sonny Cohn, Bobby Mitchell, Lyn Biviano, Waymon Reed, Clark Terry (tp) Mel Wanzo, Bill Hughes, Al Grey, Dennis Wilson (tb) Bobby Plater, Danny Turner (sa) Jimmy Forrest, Eric Dixon (st) Charles Fowlkes (sb) Count Basie (p) Freddie Green (g) John Duke (b) Butch Miles (dr)

Alright Okay You Win.

(LOB LSP 2061) Lincon Center, New York, 23-10-72.

Live.joe williams Live.

Nat Adderley (corn) Cannonball Adderley (sa) George Duke (p) Walter Booker (b) Carol Kaye (b/el) Roy McCurdy (dr) King Errisson (perc) Joe Williams (vc)

Who She Do / Green Dolphin Street / Heritage / Goin’To Chicago Blues / A Beautiful Friendship / Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow / Tell Me Where To Scratch (I Want To Love You Baby) / Medley: All Blues-Going To Chicago Blues-C.C.Rider.

(Fantasy 9441) Berkeley, 7-8-73.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Count Basie: Sonny Cohn, Bobby Mitchell, Lyn Biviano, Waymon Reed, Clark Terry (tp) Mel Wanzo, Bill Hughes, Al Grey, Dennis Wilson (tb) Bobby Plater, Danny Turner (sa) Jimmy Forrest, Eric Dixon (st) Charles Fowlkes (sb) Count Basie (p) Freddie Green (g) John Duke (b) Butch Miles (dr) Quincy Jones (arr)

Goin’to Chicago.

(Malpaso 9 46703) Monterey Jazz Festival, 18-9-77.

Joe Williams (vc) con The Capp/Pierce Juggernaut, Nat Pierce (p) Frankie Capp (dr) ed altri.

Joe’s Blues / What The World Needs Now Is Love.

(Concord CCD 4072) Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, 1978.

Riviera Summit.joe williams Riviera Summit.

Joe Williams (vc) Thad Jones e Claude Bolling’s Orchestra : Maurice Thomas, Germand Verstraete, Luis Vezant, Patrick Artero, Cat Anderson (tp) Michel Camicas, Benny Vasseur, Bill Tamper (tb) Emile Vilain (tb/b) Andre Villeger, Marcel Canillar, Jean Aldegon, Claude Tissindier, Pierre Gossez (ance) Barthelemy Raffo (g) Guy Pedersen (b) Maurice Bouchon (dr) Claude Bolling (p-dir)

Blues In My Heart / Just The Way You Are / It Don’t Mean A Thing / Work Song.

(RVJ 6047)

Teatro del Casino, Cannes, Francia, 22-1-79.

Joe Williams (vc) Carmen McRae (vc) Claude Bolling Trio.

Them There Eyes.

(RVJ 6047) Cannes, Francia, 1979.

Prez & Joe.joe williams Prez & Joe.

Joe Williams (vc) with Dave Pell’s Prez Conference: Dave Pell, Bob Cooper, Bob Hardaway (st) Bob Efford (sb) Nat Pierce (p) Monte Budwig (b) Al Hendrickson (g) Frank Capp (dr)

You Can’t Depend On Me / Foolin’Myself / When You’re Smiling / Easy Living / If Dreams Come True / Lady Be Good / Getting Some Fun Out Of Life / Boogie Woogie / If I Could Be With You / How High The Moon.

(Crescendo GNPS 2124)

Hollywood, 13-15 Marzo 1979.

Jazz At The Smithsonian.joe williams Jazz At The Smithsonian.

Joe Williams (vc) Kirk Stuart (p) Keter Betts (b) Steve Wiulliams (dr)

Everyday I Have The Blues / The Comback / Once In A While / If It’s The Last Thing I Do / Same Old Story / Everything Must Change / Who She Do / Alright Okay You Win / Stella By Starlight / I Had Someone Else Before I Had You / Save That Time For Me / Joe’s Blues.

(Kultur 1277 – Video)

Washington, 1982.

Nothin’ But The Blues.joe williams Nothin’ But The Blues.

Joe Williams (vc) Eddie Cleanhead Vinson (sa) Red Holloway (st) Jack McDuff (org) Phil Upchurch (g) Ray Brown (b) Gerryck King (dr)

Mean On The World – Wee Baby Blues / The Comback / Tell Me Where To Scratch / Sent For You Yesterday / Why She Do / Just A Dream / Please Send Me Someone To Love / Alright Okay You Win / Hold It Right There / In The Eveneing-Rocks In My Bed / Goin’To Chicago / Ray Brown’s In Town.

(Delos 4001)

Hollywood, 16-17 Novembre 1983.

Then And Now.joe williams Then And Now.

Joe Williams (vc) Pete Christlieb (st) Mike Melvoin (p) Jim Huggart (b) Nick Ceroli (dr)

You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To / Close Enough For Love / I Had Someone Else Before I Had You / I’d Give A Dollar For A Dime / Changes / You And The Night And The Music.

(Sea Breeze)

Holywood, 23-11-83.


I Just Want To Sing.joe williams I Just Want To Sing.

Joe Williams (vc) Thad Jones (tp) Eddie Davis (st) Benny Golson (st) Jerry Peters (keyb) Norman Simmons (p) John Collins (g) John Heard (b) Gerryck King (dr)

Until I Met You / After You’ve Gone / Fat And Forty / War No More / It’s Not Easy Being White / Dimples / Young And Foolish / I Was A Fool / I Got It Bad / What A Different A Day Makes / Sawmill Blues / Later Than You Think / All The Things You Are.

(Delos D CD 4004)

Los Angeles, 29-30 Giugno 1985.

Every Night – Live At Vine Street.joe williams Every Night - Live At Vine Street

Joe Williams (vc) Norman Sdimmons (p-arr) Henry Johson (g) Bob Badgley (b) Gerryck King (dr)

Shake Rattle And Roll / Every Night / A Dollar For A Dime / Too Marvellous For Words / Sometimes I’m Happy / Medley: Everyday I Have The Blues, All Blues / Same Old Story / Jimmy’s Blues / I Want A Little Girl / Don’t You Know I Care / Roll’em Pete


Hollywood, 7-8 Maggio 1987.

Ballad And Blue Master.joe williams Ballad And Blue Master.

Joe Williams (vc) Norman Sdimmons (p-arr) Henry Johson (g) Bob Badgley (b) Gerryck King (dr)

You Showed Me The Way / Everyday I Fall In Love / You Can’t Depend On Me / A Hundred Years From Today-Tommorow / Ain’t No Use / I’ve Only Myself To Blame / When Sunny Gets Blues / Who She Do / I Ain’t Got Nothin’But The Blues / Dinner For O=ne Please James / You’ve Got Me Crying Again / Blues edley / Cherry Red / Tell Me Where To Sratch Person To Person.

(Verve 833 236)

Vine St.Bar & Grill, Hollywood, 7-8 Maggio 1987.

In Good Company.joe williams In Good Company.

Joe Williams (vc) Shirley Horn (p-vc) Charles Ables (b) Steve Williams (dr)

Love Without Money / Too Good To be True.

New York, 16-11-88.

Joe Williams (vc) Norman Simmons (p) Henry Johnson (g) Bob Badgley (b) Gerryck King (dr) The Super Sax: Med Flory, Lnny Morgan, Ray Reed, Joe Migliori, Jack Nimitz (sx)

Just Friends / Embraceable You.

Joe Williams, Marlena Shaw (vc) Norman Simmons (p) Henry Johnson (g) Bob Badgley (b) Gerryck King (dr) Effrain Toro (perc)

Baby You Got What It Takes / Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby / How Deep Is The Ocean / Ain’t Got Nothing But The Blues / Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea / Please Don’r Talk About Me When I’m Gone.

(Verve 837932) Hollywood, 19-1-89.

That Holiday Feelin’.joe williams That Holiday Feelin’.

Joe Williams (vc) Joe Wilder, Clark Terry (tp) Bobby Watson (sa) Frank Wess (st) Seldon Powell (sb) Al Grey (tb) Kenny Burrell, Ted Dumbar (g) Norman Simmons, Ellis Larkins (p) Bob Cranshaw, Paul West (b) Dennis Mackrel (dr)

Christmas Raimbows / Winter Wonderland / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve / Kissing By The Misletoe / Silent Night / Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow / Silver Bells / Christmas Waltz / The Christmas Song / A Child Is Born.

Joe Williams (vc) Norman Simmons (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Dennis Mackrel (dr) Clark Terry, Joe Wilder (tp) Al Grey (tb) Bobby Watson (sa) Frank Wess (st) Seldon Powell (sb)

Winter Wonderland / Let It Snow Let Is Snow / Christmas Raimbow / The Christmas Song / A Child Is Born / What Are You Doing New Years Eve / Silent Night / Silver Bells

(Verve 843 956) New York, 25-6-90.

Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz With Guest Joe Williams.joe williams marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz

Marian McPartland (p) Joe Williams (vc)

Who She Do / Embraceable You / I’m Confessin’That I Love You / Nobody’s Heart / Just Friends / I’m Beginning To See The Light.

(Jazz Alliance TJA 12027)

National Public Radio, 13-11-91.


A Song Is Born.joe williams a song is born

Joe Williams (vc) George Shearing (p) Neil Swainson (b) Paul Humphrey (dr)

Just Friends / I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart / Nobody’s Heart Belongs To Me / Blues In My Heart / Shake Rattle And Roll / A Child Is Born / Muddy Water / Little Girl Blue / Who She Do / Sometimes I’m Happy / Roll’em Pete / Tenderly / The Comeback.

(View 1333 Video)

Paul Masson Winery, 1991.

Live At Orchestra Hall, Detroit.joe williams Live At Orchestra Hall, Detroit.

Joe Williams (vc) Count Basie Orchestra: Derrick Gardner, Melton Mustafa, Bob Ojeda, Mike Williams (tp) Frank Foster (dir-st-ss) Kenny Hing, Doug Miller (st-fl) Manny Boyd (sa) Danny Turner (sa-fl) John Williams (sb-cl) Clarence Banks, Robert Trowers, Mel Wanzo (tb) Bill Hughes (tb/b) Charlton Johnson (g) George Caldwell (p) Cloeveland Eaton (b) David Gibson/dr)

Sametimes I’m Happy / Hurry On Down / Sugar / Summertime / Lover Come Back To Me / A Little At A Time / There Will BìNever Be Another You / Jimmy’s Blues / Honeysuckle Rose / My Baby Upsets Me / The Comeback / Georgia Rose / Roll’em Pete / I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water / One O’Clock Jump / Christmas Blues.

(Telarc 83329) Orchestra Hall, Detroit, 20-11-92.

Jump For Joy.joe williams Jump For Joy.

Joe Williams (vc) Clark Terry, Bernie Glow, That Jones, Snoky Young (tp) Urbie Green, Quentin Jackson (tb) Jerome Richardson, Phil Woods, Danny Bank (sx) Hank Jones, Herbie Hancock (p) Kenny Burrell, Jim Hall (g) Mily Hinton, Wendell Marchall (b) Osi Johnson (dr)

Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams / I Went Out Of My Way Today / The Great City / You Perfect Stranger / A Goof Thing / It’s A Wonderful World / The Sounds Of The Night / Just A-Sittin’And A-Rockin’ / My last Affair / More Than Likely / She Doean’t Know / Jump For Joy.

(Bluebird) New York, Febbraio-Marzo 1993.

Here’s To Life.joe williams Here’s To Life.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato da la Robert Farnon Orchestra: Raymond Cohen, Gillian Cohen, Liz Edwards, Homie Kanga, Raymond Keenlyside, Belinda Bunt, Rachel Cohen, Diana Cummings, Trevor Williams, Jonathan Strange, Roy Wilson, Roger Garland, Celia Sheen, Mike Berrow, John Ronayne, Medeleine Whitelaw (viol) John Underwood, Kenneth Essex, Michael Ponder (viola) Anthony Pleth, Keith Herver, Denis Vigac (cello) Chriss Laurence, Lennie Bush (b) Tommy Whittle, Peter Hughes, Dennis Walton (ance) Sian Davies (oboe-eng/h) Paul Pritchard, John Pigneguy, John Rooke (fh) Don Lusher, Chris Dean, Bill Geldard (tb) Jack Parnell (dr) Hugh Webb (arpa) Lauire Holloway (p-p/el) Robert Farnon (dir-arr)

Here’s To Life / What A Wonderful World / When I Fall In Love / I Found A Million Dollar Baby / If I Had You / Maybe September / Save That Time / Young And Foolish / I Didn’t Know About You / Little Sir Echo / Someone You’ve Loved / A Time For Love / Here’s To Life.

(Telarc CD 83357 CD) Londra, 16 e 18-8-93.

Joe Williams (vc) accompagnato dalla Jim Cullum Jazz Band: Jim Cullum (corn) Mike Pittsley (tb) Evan Christopher (cl) John Sheridan (p) Howard Elkins (bj-g) Don Mopsick (b) Eddie Torres (dr)

Singin’In The Rain.

(Riverwalk RW CD 7) The Landing, San Antonio, 28-2-94.

Joe Williams & Friends.joe williams & Friends.

Joe Williams, Carmen McRae (vc) Cat Anderson (tp) Thad Joes Band.

Work Song / Blues In My Heart / Just The Way You Are / It Don’t Mean A THIng / Them There Eyes / Body And Soul / ‘Tis Autumn / Byr Bye Blakbird / The End Of A Beautiful Friendship / Jungle Trap / Far Jammers.

(Spotlite 15102)



Feel The Spirit.joe williams Feel The Spirit.

Joe Williams, Marlena Shaw (vc) Patrice Rushen (sint-p) Jerry Peters (p) Phil Upchurch (g) Abe Laboriel (b) Harvey Mason (dr) Bunny Hull, Fred White, Carmen Twillie, Valerie Pinkston-Mayo, Will Wheaton (coro)

Medlely: In The Beginning, My Lord / Feel The Spirit / Medley: Go Down Moses, Wade In The Water / Great Camp Meeting / Were You There / Walk With Me / I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray / In My Heart / Little David / His Eye Is On The Sparrow / Pass It On / The Lord’s Prayer / Doxology.

(Telarc CD 83362)

Hollywood, 20-23 Settembre 1994.

The Prophet Speaks.

Milt Jackson (vib) Joshua Redman (st) Cedar Walton (p) John Clayton (b) Billy Higgins (dr) Joe Williams (vc)

Five O’Clock In The Morning / You Are So Beautiful / Blue Monk.

(Qwest 9 45591) Hollywood, 1994.

Song Book.

Benny Carter (sa) Warren Vache (corn) Chris Neville (p) Steve Laspina (b) Sherman Ferguson (dr) Joe Williams (vc) Dianne Reeves (vc)

My Mind Is Still On You / We Were In Love.

(Music Masters) Hollywood, 26-28 Settembre 1995.

The Grand Encounter.

Clark Terry, Harry Sweet Edison (tp) Al Grey (tb) Phil Woods (sa) James Moody (st) Kenny Barron (p) Rodney Whittaker (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Dianne Reeves, Joe Williams (vc)

Let Me Love You / Tenderly.

(Blue Note) New York, 8-9 Aprile 1997.

Joe Williams (vc) Brad Mehldau (p) Christian McBride (b) Gregory Hutchinson (dr)

Too Marvellous For Words.

(Malpaso 9468292) soundtrack ”Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil”, 1997.

Live At Manchester Craftmen’s Guild.joe williams Live At Manchester

Nicole Yarling, Joe Williams (vc) David Siegel (p) Henry Johnson (g) Jeff Grubbs (b) John Yarling (dr)

The Best Things In Life Are Free / The Way You Love Me / Dig / We’ll All Be Free / My One And Only Love / That Old Black Magic / I Know Why A Caged Bird Sings / Freedom Jazz Dance / Conception / Love For Sale / Blame It On My Youth / Who She Do / Imagination / After You’ve Gone.

(Jazz MC G 1006 CD)

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Pittsburg, 21 e 22-2-98.

One For My Baby.joe williams One For My Baby.

Joe Williams (vc) Gene Williams, Snooky Young, Danny Moore, Jimmy Notthingam ,Bill Berry (tp) Garbett Brown, Jimmy Cleveland, Cliff Heather, Jimmy Knepper (tb) Jerome Richardson (ss-sa) Joe Farrell, Eddie Daniels, Seldon Powell (st) Pepper Adams (sb) Roland Hanna (p) Sam Herman (g) Richard Davis (b) Mel Lewis (dr) Thad Jones (arr-dir)

Hellelujah, I Love Her So / Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning / How Sweet It Is / Evil Man Blues / Young Man On The Way Up / Hurry On Down / When Take My Sugar To Sea / Honeysuckle Rose / Did I Really Live / Loneliness, Sorrow And Grief / Imagination / One More For MyBaby / Everyone Wants To Be Loved / Everybody Loves My Baby / If I Were A Bell.

(Delta Distr.17135) 21-7-98.chiusura


Londra, Inghilterra, 8/2/1941.

Il suo primo lavoro da professionista è stato dirigere l’orchestra titolare del Marquee Club di Londra dal 1961 al 1963. In seguito ha diretto orchestre con le quali ha accompagnato artisti pop o ha lavorato nei teatri, ma ha anche nel 1969 diretto un ottetto di jazz e nel 1973 una big band e dal 1976 al 1978 il quartetto “Changing Face”. Ha fatto parte del gruppo “Centipede” diretto da Keith Tippett, con il quale ha registrato. Ha suonato con Alan Cohen, Joe Gallivan, Don Rendell. Ha avuto il trio “Spectrum” nel 1985, la “Baritone Band”e nel 1993 “New Perspectives”. Ha anche collaborato con John Warren, Herman Wilson, Tony Faulkner, Brian Cooper, Barry Guy e Mike Westbrook. Il periodo più importante della sua carriera resta quando la “Wets London Sinfonic” ha eseguito la sua composizione”For Pieces For Jazz Solist And Orchestra”.


Baritone Band.

John Williams, Jay Craig (sb) John Surman (sb-ss) Alan Barnes (sb-cl/b) John Horler (p) Tim Wells (b) Trevor Tompkins (dr)

Eschoes Of Harlem / Round Trip / Waltz For CP / Rockin In Rgythm / Four Brothers.

Stesso gruppo con anche Steve Waterman (flic)

Prime Vera.

(Spotlite SPJCD 564 CD) Greenford, Middlesex, Inghilterra, 3-7-97.chiusura


New York. 27/2/1941.

Ha iniziato a suonare la batteria e mentre faceva il militare ha suonato il contrabasso che poi ha studiato per due anni con Ron Carter. Ha debuttato in un tour con Horace Silver, con il quale ha anche registrato dal 1967 al 1969. Ha lavorato con Kenny Burrell, Kai Winding, nel 1970 con Dizzy Gillespie e Hugh Masekela, con Clarke Terry, con Zoot Sims. Ha registrato anche con Mose Allison, nel 1970 con Count Basie, con Leon Thomas, con Roy Ayers, nel 1971 con il gruppo Bobby Hutcherson-Harold Land e nel 1972 ha fatto parte dei musicisti della NBC e ha suonato nel “The Tonight Shaw”. Ha anche registrato con Bill Cobham ed è andato in tournée con il quintetto di Benny Carter dal 1975 al 1976. Dal 1978 al 1983 è stato nel Michael Wolf trio, ha registrato con Louie Bellson, con Carl Burnett, con Gerald Wilson, con Paul Humphrey, John Hendricks, il Art Farmer-Benny Golson Quintet nel 1982. ha accompagnato Nancy Wilson nel video “Newpoet Jazz ‘87”. Dal 1989 al 1993 ha lavorato in TV con l’orchestra Wolf nell’Arsenieo Hall Show ed ha continuato a lavorare con piccoli gruppi di pianisti. chiusura


Menphis, Tennessee. 13/4/1905. – Columbus, Ohio. 24/11/1996.

Autodidatta ha iniziato a suonare il pianoforte a otto anni e a 13 anni si è trasferito a Kansas City dove a 13 anni e nel 1922 ha iniziato a suonare il sax alto. Ha iniziato a suonare in orchestre locali da ballo. Nel 1922 ha suonato con Paul Banks, nel 1925 ha seguito una compagnia di vaudeville nell’orchestra diretta da Shirley Clay, poi del gruppo della famosa pianista ed arrangiatrice Mary Lou Burleigh Williams che poi nel 1926 ha sposato e dal 1923 al 1928 ha diretto una sua orchestra i “Synco Jazzers”a Menphis e ha registrato a Chicago nel 1927. Nel 1928 ha suonato con Terence Holder a Oklahoma City ed è rimasto con la stessa sotto la direzione di Andy Kirk e con lui ha fatto anche il direttore artistico. Nel 1940 ha divorziato dalla Williams e nel 1942 ha suonato con Cootie Williams, il sax alto ed il sax baritono. Sino al 1947 ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Earl Hines. In seguito ha lasciato l’attività per lavorare negli alberghi ed in una fattoria nell’area di Chicago. Nel 1971 si è ritirato a Columbus. Ha inciso anche con Cecil e Lloyd Scott.


Jeanette’s Synco Jazzers.

Henry McCord (tp) Bradley Butlett (tb) John Williams (sa-sba) Mary Lou Williams (p) Joe Williams (bj) Robert Price (dr)

Midnigth Stomp / The Bumps.

Chicago, gennaio, 1927.

Jeanette’s Synco Jazzers.

Henry McCord (tp) Bradley Butlett (tb) John Williams (sa-sb) Mary Lou Williams (p) Joe Williams (bj) Robert Price (dr)

Down In Gallion / Goose Grease.

Chicago, Febbraio 1927.

Jeanette’s Synco Jazzers.

Henry McCord (tp) Bradley Butlett (tb) John Williams (sa-sb) Mary Lou Williams (p) Joe Williams (bj) Robert Price (dr)

Pee Wee Blues / Now Cut Loose.

Chicago, 7-3-27.

And His Menphis Stompers.

Gene Prince, Harry Lawson (tp) John Harrington (sa-cl) John Williams (sa-sb) Lawrence Freeman (st) Claude Williams (viol) Mary Lou Williams (p-arr) Bill Dirvin (bj-g) Andy Kirk (s/b-tuba-dir) Edward McNeil (dr)

Sometin’Slow And Low / Lotta Sax Appeal.

Kansas City, 9-11-29.chiusura


Windsor, Vermount. 28/1/1929.

Ha iniziato a suonare il pianoforte a otto anni e a 12 già lavora in gruppi locali. In seguito ha lavorato come organista nelle chiese e ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Mal Mallett a Boston sino al 1945. Ha continuato a studiare e nel 1948 ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Johnny Bothwell, poi con Teddy Kotick e nel 1949 è andato a New York dove nel 1950 con i “New Year’s Eve” ha suonato con Charlie Parker al “Revere Beach”di Boston. Dopo aver fatto il servizio militare nel 1953 ha lavorato con Charlie Barnet. Nel 1954 ha suonato con Stan Getz ed ha partecipato ad un concerto rimasto famoso all’Auditorio ”Shrine”, con un presentatore d’eccezione : Duke Ellington. Ha frequentato la Manhattan School of Music e ha registrato con Sal Salvador. Nel 1954 ha collaborato con Don Elliott, Bob Brookmeyer, Nick Travis e Bill DeArango. E’ tornato con Getz, ha guidato un suo trio e freelance ha suonato con Charlie Mariano, Cannonball Adderley, Jimmy Cleveland, Phil Woods, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Jimmy Raney ed il trombonista Lon Norman nel 1957. Nel 1958 deluso dalle difficoltà della vita di musicista di jazz a New York, si è trasferito in Florida dove all’inizio si è esibito nei club di Miami Beach, poi è entrato nel gruppo degli “Swinging Shepherds” diretti da Buddy Collette e ha fatto parte anche dell’orchestra di Pete Rugolo. In seguito ha lasciato l’attività di musicista per fare il funzionario comunale e il bancario, continuando a suonare per diletto nei venerdi sera e partecipare al Festival a Hollywood, dove dalla metà degli anni ’80 sino agli anni ’90 è apparso in compagnia di Bob Brookmeyer, Buddy De Franco, Terry Gibbs e Scott Hamilton. Ha anche accompagnato nel 1987 a Clearwater in Florida Spike Robinson. Pianista influenzato da Bud Powell e Horace Silver, accompagnatore ideale per i musicisti, per la sua capacità di fornire al solista un sostegno melodico continuo, ma mai invadente.


John Williams.

John Williams (p) Bill Anthony (b) Frank Isola (dr)

I’ll Take The To Road / Out Of This World / Railroad Jack / For Heaven Sake.

New York, Luglio 1954.

For Heaven’s Sake / Williams Tell / Be Careful It’s My Heart / Blue Mirror / Somewhere In The Night.

(Mercury MG 26047) New York, Agosto 1954.

The John Williams Trio.the-john-williams-trio

John Williams (p) Bill Anthony (b) Jack Edie (dr)

Flamingo / A Sleeping bee / The Girl Nex Door / So There (Shiloh) / Good Morning Blues / Okeefenokee Holiday / Like Someone In Love.

Chicago, 15-6-55.

John Williams (p) Chuck Andrus (b) Frank Isola (dr)

How Strange.

New York, 24-6-55.

John Williams (p) Ernie Farrow (b) Frank Isola (dr)

Baubles Bangles And Beads / Good Morning Heartache / Someday My Prince Will Come / Manteca.

(Mercury MG 36061) New York, 11-10-55.

Swing Swing Swing.the-john-williams-swing-swing-swing

John Williams (dir) Boston Pops Orchestra.

Opus One / Begin The Beguine / Sunrise Serenade / Tuxedo Junction / Satin Doll / In The Mood / Sing Sing Sing / Stompin’At The Savoy / Moonlight Serenade / String Of Pearls / Sleepy Lagoon / Song Of India / Snowfall / Swing Swing Swing.

(Philips 412 626 2)

Simphony Hall, Boston, Maggio 1984.


John Williams (dir) Nancy Wilson (vc) Boston Pops orchestra.

Don’t Be That Way / Cherokee / I Can’t get Started / One O’ Clock Jump / Marie / Sing Sing Sing / Frenesi / Imagination / Little Brown Jug / Back Bay Shuffle / Trumpet Blues And Cantabile / Green Eyes / Chattanooga Choo Choo / Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy / It Don’t Mean A Thing.

(Sony SK 66 294)

Symphony Hall, Boston, 10-14 Giugno 1994.

Welcome Back.the-john-williams-welcome-back

Spike Robinson (st) John Willams (p) Jeff Grubbs (b) Frank Isola (dr)

Have Blue Zoot Will Travel / Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You / Plum Pudding / While My Lady Sleeps.

Stesso gruppo senza Robinson.

Thou Swell / Waltz For Mary / Estate / The Hight Has Thousand Eyes / Peace / Crazy She Call Me.

(Marhsmallow M&I MYCJ 30061) Miami, 20-21 Ottobre 1994.chiusura


Flushing, New York. 8/2/1932.

Figlio d’arte, ha svolto la gran parte della sua attività nella West Coast, dove ha accompagnato preferibilmente dei cantanti. Ha lavorato anche per il cinema e per la TV.


World On A String.

Milt Bernhart (tb) Herb Geller, Francis Howard (sa) Gene Cipriano (st) John Towner Williams (p-arr) con grande orchestra.

Let’s Fall In Love / Over The Raimbow / My Shining Hour / Here’s What I’m Here For / Come Rain Or Come Shine / That Old Black Magic / Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea / Hit The Road To Dreamland / Stormy Weather / I’ve Got The World On A String / A Sleepin’Bee / Get Happy.

(Bethlehem BCP 6025) Los Angeles, 1957-1958.chiusura


Alexandria, Louisiana. 15/5/1906.

E’ arrivato a Chicago nel 1924 ed ha iniziato a lavorare nei parties e nello stesso tempo gira per le campagne dove ha modo di ascoltare e seguire celebri bluesmen rurali. Dal 1938 stabilitosi a Chicago, ha iniziato a lavorare in vari locali e sui marciapiedi insieme a Snooky Pryor, a Floyd Jones, ad Arvella Gray, a Johnny Young. Ha collaborato con Little Walter, Moody James, Hound Dog Taylor, Bill Johnson nei locali ed alla radio. Ha ottenuto un buon successo, anche se limitato alla città di Chicago, sino al 1959 epoca nella quale ha lasciato l’attività per dedicarsi completamente alla religione battista. Egli è il miglior rappresentante della singolare chitarra a nove corde e cantante dalla voce da baritono, bizzoso e tonante, che esplode dalle viscere e dalla dizione rurale profonda.


Blues On Highway 49.

Big Joh Williams (vc-g) Ransom Knowling (b)

Higway 49 / Poor Beggar / Blues Left Texas / 13 Highway / Down In The Bottoms / Overhaul Your Machine / That Thing’s Ib Town / Walk On Little Girl / Tiajuana Blues / 45 Blues / Arkansas Woman / Four Corners Of The World.

(Delmark DL 604) Chicago, 13 e 20 Luglio 1961.chiusura


Menphis, Tennessee. 13/3/1908. – New York. 23/10/1998.

Ha studiato per molti anni il violino ed il basso tuba. Ha esordito nella fanfara locale ed ha suonato anche nei teatri. Si è trasferito ad Atlanta per continuare gli studi, ma un ingaggio con Graham Jones nel 1930 lo convince ad intraprendere subito l’attività di musicista. Ha preso delle lezioni di contrabasso ed ha lavorato con Jean Calloway, poi con la “Belton Society Syncopators”ed a New York con Baron Guy. Stabilitosi a Filadelfia, suona con Billy Kyle e poi con Tiny Bradshaw. Nel 1936 è ritornato a New York ed è entrato nell’orchestra di Lucky Millinder, poi in quella di Claude Hopkins e nel 1939 in quella di Benny Carter. Ha suonato anche con Frank Newton e nel 1940 con Coleman Hawkins. Alla fine del 1940 ha suonato con Louis Armstrong, dal 1942 con Teddy Wilson, dal 1944 con Edmond Hall, con Tab Smith e nel 1954 con Johnny Hodges. Dal 1956 ha intrapreso l’attività di freelance ed ha suonato spesso con Buddy Tate con il quale ha fatto anche una tournée in Europa nel 1968.chiusura


Orangeburg, South Carolina. 31/10/1936.

Ha diversi parenti musicisti, però nessun professionista. Egli ha iniziato a studiare il pianoforte a quattro anni, poi diversi tipi di sassofoni e in seguito ha studiato il sax baritono alla South Carolina State College, dove si è diplomato in musica, e alla Indiana University si è laureato nel 1958. Si è trasferito a Los Angeles dove ha continuato a studiare musica con Bill Green. Durante il servizio militare ha frequentato la Navy School of Music e ha fatto parte della banda militare in California ed in Germania. Tornato alla vita civile ha iniziato a lavorare al sax alto in gruppi di soul, blues e rhythm-and-blues accompagnando Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, i Temptation, Marvin Gaye e i “Four Tops”. Dal 1970 al 1975 ha sostituito Cecil Payne e nel 1980 Charles Fowlkes nell’orchestra di Count Basie, anche sotto la direzione di Clarke Terry, Frank Foster e Grover Mitchell. chiusura


New Orleans, Louisiana. maggio 1935.

Sin dall’inizio della carriera ha fatto parte del gruppo di artisti della casa editrice “Speciality”. Ha inciso “Just Because” nel 1956 che ha ottenuto un buon successo. Nel 1957 con l’incisione di “Short Fat Fannie” e di “Bony Maronie” il successo è diventato strepitoso a livello nazionale. Purtroppo è stato un successo effimero di breve durata, poiché le successive incisioni del 1958 si sono rivelate un fiasco. Cantante che si esprime in un cocktail di jump blues, di R&B e di rock and roll miscelati in modo accorto.chiusura


Millican, Texas. 12/3/1924. – Houston, Texas. 18/10/1960.

Cantante che ha avuto il suo momento di gloria alla fine degli anni ’40 inizio anni’50. Ha registrato il suo primo disco a Huston nel 1947 in un gruppo del quale faceva parte anche Lightin’Hopkins, nel 1947 ha fatto parte del “Connie’s Combo” di Conrad Johnson. Cantante dalla voce nitida, navigava tra il R&B ed il jump blues. chiusura


Lexington, Mississippi. 21/5/1938.

Cantante di Chicago dell’ultima generazione. Voce soul blues che sposa il blues urbano del ghetto a quello rurale, ma anche rhythm-and-blues. Ha fondato la “Bobby Blue Band” e nel 1969 ha registrato il suo primo disco. In seguito è andato sotto contratto della Ecko Records di Menphis, nel Tennessee. chiusura


Vienna, Missouri. 7/1/1943.

Cantante attiva nei primi anni’20. Ha fatto parte da bambina del gruppo di famiglia che si esibiva in un programma radiofonico della KWOS a Jefferson City, nel Missouri. A 15 anni ha lavorato con Loretta Lynn; nel 1968 ha firmato il contratto con l’etichetta Hickory e nel 1976 è andata con la RCA Records. Ha fatto parte anche del gruppo di Merle Haggard. Ha inciso anche per la Columbia diversi dischi che hanno rappresentato una notevole pagina del canto jazz dell’epoca. Nelle incisioni era accompagnata da un complesso nel quale figuravano: Phil Napoleon, Miff Mole, Johnny Costello, Frank Signorelli, Joack Roth.


Leona Williams And Her Dixie Band.

Leona Williams (vc) Phil Napoleon (tp) Miff Mole (tb) Johnny Costello (cl) Frank Signorelli (p) Jack Roth (dr)

Cruel daddy blues / Decatur Street blues

(Columbia A3565) New York, 24 Gennaio 1922.

Achin’ hearted blues / Struttin’ blues

New York, 14 Marzo 1922.

Achin’ hearted blues / Struttin’ blues

New York, 24 Marzo 1922.

Leona Williams (vc) Phil Napoleon (cnt) Miff Mole (tb) Jimmy Lytell (cl) Frank Signorelli (p) Jack Roth (dr)

It makes no difference now / Got to cool my doggies now

New York, 23 Marzo 1922.

Sugar blues / The meanest man in the world

New York, 11 Agosto 1922.

I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate / If you don’t believe I love you, look what a fool I’ve been

New York, 19 Settembre 1922.

Uncle Bud blues / Mexican blues

New York, 4 Ottobre 1922.

I’m going away / Bring it with you when you come

New York, 11 Gennaio 1923.

That teasin’, squeezin’ man o’ mine / If your man is like my man

New York, 5 Febbraio 1923.chiusura


Chicago, Illinois. 3/2/1937.

Autodidatta, ha iniziato a suonare la batteria a 15 anni. Dal 1959 al 1964 ha debuttato nel trio del pianista Judy Roberts. Nel 1967 è andato a New York dove ha fatto parte del gruppo di Booker Erwin ed ha avuto una lunga collaborazione con Barry Harris. Nel 1968 ha suonato con Sonny Rollins, al Jazz Festival di Newport con Archie Shepp, con Clifford Jordan. Ha registrato molti album con Harris, poi con Big John Patton. Ha collaborato con Wilbur Ware, Hank Mobley, Yusef Lateef, Ray Bryant, Charles McPherson, James Moody, Stan Getz. Ha registrato con Andrew Hill, Sonny Stitt, Al Cohn, Rein de Graaff, Earl Coleman, Jimmy Rowles, Buddy Tate, Bob Wilber, Slide Hampton, Junior Cook, Bill Hardman, Lewis Keel, Karl Berger, nel 1991 con Bertha Hope e lo stesso anno di nuovo con Harris e al Birdland con Lee Konitz. Nel 1979 ha partecipato al Festival Jazz di Kansas City con Pepper Adams, insieme ad Art Davis ha accompagnato Tommy Flanagan. Ha registrato nel 1992 con Richard Wyands, nel 1993 con Frank lalama. Batterista molto versatile lo denunciano le tante collaborazioni con musicisti di diverse tendenze.chiusura


Groveton, Texas. 24/6/1920.

Cresciuto musicalmente in chiesa, dove ha imparato a suonare la chitarra. Dal 1937 ha iniziato a lavorare nell’ambito locale. Dopo la guerra ha frequentato il Conservatorio di Boston ed ha inciso il suo primo successo il “Winter Time Blues” nel 1949. Ha acquistato popolarità ed è stato richiesto dalle case editrici e dai locali texani. Ha preso parte ad una serata alla Carnegie Hall insieme a Lionel Hampton, Nat King Cole e Lena Horne. Il suo successo però ha avuto una breve durata ed in seguito ha lavorato solo in locali di second’ordine.chiusura


Chicago, Illinois. 18/4/1955.

Bluesmen del nuovo corso dalla voce nebulosa, monocorde, ma chitarrista dinamico, rapido, ottimo esempio di slide chicagoano. Insieme al fratellastro James ”Pookie” Williams è stato cresciuto dallo zio che li ha incoraggiati e nel 1975 hanno formato un loro gruppo gli “Imperial Blues”. Nel 1985 hanno avuto la possibilità di registrare per la Alligator Records. Nel giugno 2008 hanno partecipato con successo al Chicago Blues Festival. chiusura


Miami, Florida. 20/8/1927. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2/7/1994.

Cantante gospel dalla voce luminosa, capace di creare delle atmosfere irreali. Scoperta nel 1947 dalle sorelle Ward è stata per dieci anni la loro voce solista nelle “Ward Singers”. Nel 1957 insieme ad altre tre voci del gruppo: Frances Steadman, Kitty Parham ed Henrietta Waddy, ha lasciato le sorelle Ward per formare il gruppo delle “Stars Of Faith”. Il 1961 è stato l’anno della loro consacrazione con l’interpretazione del gospel-musical del poeta Langston Hughes ”Black Nativity” che, con l’appoggio del Dipartimento di Stato, è stato esportato in tutto il mondo, ricevendo dappertutto accoglienze trionfali. La Williams con la sua voce di soprano purissimo, che alterna al naturale contralto nero, ha dato più ritmo, più swing alla musica religiosa. Un ritmo insieme sensuale e incantato, pieno di delicatezza nell’interpretazione e dal fraseggio arioso.


Negro Spirituals: Marion Williams & Stars Of Faith.marion-williams-negro-spirituals

Marion Williams (vc) Stars Of Faith: Kitty Parham, Mattie Dozier, Frances Steademan (soliste)

When Was Jesus Born/ Amazing Grace/ I’m Looking To Jesus/ Packing Up/ The Whole World In His Hand/ O Come All Ye Faithful/ Joy To The World/ Peace In The Alley/ Somebody Bigger Than You Or I/ He’ll Understand/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ Michael Row The Boat Ashore.

(CBS 52054) 1964-1965.

Marion Williams (vc) Marion Franklin (p) Milt Hinton (b) Jo Jones (dr)

Didn’t it rain / How I got over

(CBS 672029) Carnegie Hall, New York, 15 Gennaio 1967.

The New Message.marion-williams-the-new-message

Marion Williams (vc,p,arr) Junior Mance (p) Eric Gale (g) Gary Illingworth (org) Chuck Rainey (b/el) Ray Lucas (dr) William Fischer (cond,dir) The Sweet Inspirations (vc)

Around God’s throne / I shall be released / People got to be free / I pity the poor immigrant / A place in the sun / This ole house / Danger zone / I have a friend above all others / How I got over / Through your sins

(Atlantic SD8228) New York, 7-9 Aprile 1969.

Marion Williams (vc,p) Junior Mance (p) Eric Gale (g) Jerry Jemmott (b/el) Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (dr) William Fischer (arr,cond) The Sweet Inspirations (vcl)

I’m going to live the life I sing about in my Song / 500 miles / Will the circle be broken / Mikly white way / The great speckled bird / If it’s not one thing it’s another

(Atlantic SD8228) New York, 14-15 Maggio 1969.

Standing There, Wondering Which Way To Go.

Marion Williams (vc) Ray Bryant (p) Eric Gale (g) Andrew White, III (b) Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (dr)

Hare Krishna / Wicked messenger / Danger zone / When I pass on / Selfishness in man

(Atlantic SD8289) New York, 2-3 Novembre 1970.

Marion Williams (vc) Lawrence S. Alford, Milton Larkin (tp) Candy Ross (tb) James T. Tyler (sax) Sticks Evans (vib,timp) Ed Swanston (org) Robert Banks (p,arr,cond) Lawrence “Larry” Lucie, Kenny Ballard (g) Jimmy Tyrell (b) Earl Williams (dr) Dave Blocker (cga,bgo)

Heavenly Father / Am I a soldier / God’s spirit

(Cotillion SD053) New York, 7-8 Novembre 1970.

Crown Him Lord of all / Gabriel medley: Blow, Gabriel, blow, Oh Gabriel, Hand me down the silver trumpet Gabriel / Through your sins be as scarlet / Come on people / Bad news bad time / Goin’ home

New York, 19 Novembre 1970.

Standing Here, Wondering Which Way To Go.marion-williams-standing-there-wondering-which-way-to-go

Marion Williams (vc) Paul Griffin, Joe Zawinul (p) Jerry Jemmott (b) Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (dr) John Murtaugh (dir)

Standing here wondering which way to go

Marion Williams (vc) Keith Jarrett (p) Paul Griffin (org) Jerry Jemmott (b) Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (d) John Murtaugh (dir)

Heaven help us all / Turn ! Turn ! Turn ! To everything there is a season / Make peace with yourself / My sweet Lord / This generation shall not pass

(Atlantic 2788, SD8289) New York, 25 Gennaio 1971.chiusura


Richmond, Virginia. 9/8/1924. – Alexandria, Virginia. 12/4/1992.

Ha collaborato per anni al “Record Changer”, al “Saturday Recoview”, all’”American Record Guide” ed al “Down Beat”. Tra i suoi scritti “Where’s The Melody” e “The Jazz Tradittion” del 1970. Insieme a Nat Hentoff ha fondato e diretto dal 1958 “The Jazz Review”. Ha collaborato anche con l’inglese “Jazz Montly” ed al newyorkese “Jazz”. chiusura

luigi maulucci


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