SHIPP Matthew


Wilmington, Delaware. 7/12/1960.

Ha studiato da solo, prendendo qualche lezione dall’organista della chiesa e suonando il clarinetto alle scuole superiori. Dopo una breve frequenza alla Delaware University, ha studiato al New England Conservatory Of Music dal 1983 al 1984 e preso lezioni privatamente da Ran Blake. Nel 1984 si è trasferito a New York ed ha costituito il gruppo “Convention” assieme a William Parker, Abdul Wadud, Akua Dixon Turre, Dennis Charles e Steve McCall. Ha continuato una lunga collaborazione con Parker, registrando ed esibendosi al Monterey Jazz Festival. Ha avuto anche una prolifica collaborazione con Rob Brown, con Roscoe Mitchell e con David S.Ware, nonché diretto un suo trio con Parker e Whit Dickey. Altre formazioni in quartetto con Mat Maneri, Parker, Ibarra e lo “String Trio” con Parker e Maneri. Ha registrato con Marc Edwards, con Joe Morris e Ivo Perelman. Pianista della generazione dipendente da Cecil Taylor, per la quale Taylor è un punto di riferimento imprescindibile. Questo musicista nero americano di una certa età, anche se ha fatto parte di diversi gruppi, predilige le esibizioni solitarie. La lezione di Taylor l’ha assimilata attraverso il filtraggio bianco operato da Borah Bergman. Nel suo pianismo in certe dissonanze ricorda le opere di Cage più che nelle geometrie affascinanti del più recente minimalismo.


Sonic Explorations.matthew shipp Sonic Explorations.

Rob Brown (sa) Matthew Shipp (p)

Sonic exploration section 1 / Sonic exploration section 2 / Sonic exploration section 3 / Sonic exploration section 4 / Sonic exploration section 5 / Sonic exploration section 6.

(Cadence Jazz CJR1037) New York, 19 Novembre 1987.

Oleo / Blue in green.

(Cadence Jazz CJR1037) New York, 14 Febbraio 1988.


Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) With Dickey (dr-perc) Rob Brown (perc-sa)

Point Number Two / Afro Sonic / Piano Pyramid / Points Number One.

(Silkheart 129)

New York, 14 Gennaio e 18 Marzo 1990.


Circular Temple.Circular Temple.

Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) With Dickey (dr)

Circular Temple n.1 / Circular Temple n.2 / Circular Temple n.3 / Circular Temple n.4.

(Infinite Zero 14506)

New York, 16 Ottobre 1990.



Mattew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) With Dickey (dr)

Prism I / Prism II.

(Hatology 549)

Live Roulette, Brooklyn, 26 Marzo 1993.


Critical Mass.criticalmass

Mattew Shipp (p) Mat Maneri (viol) William Parker (b) Whit Dickey (dr)

Critical Mass / Virgin Complex / Density And Eucharist.

(Records 213CD003)

New York, 23 Settembre 1994.



Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b)

Zo n.1 / Summertime / Zo n.2 / Zo n.3.

(Thirsty Ear 21315)

New York, 1994.


Flow Of X.flowofx

Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) With Dickey (dr (dr) Mat Manieri (viol)

Flow Of X / Flow Of Silence / Flow Of Y / Flow Of M / Flow Of U / Istinctive Codes.

(Thirsty Ear 21326)

New York, 14 Maggio 1995.


Before The World.Before The World.

Matthew Shipp (piano solo)

Before n.1 [32:44] / Before n.2 [5:42] / Before n.3 [3:42] / Before n.4 [4:09] / Before n.5 [22:07].

(FMP CD 81)

Berlino, 14-15 Giugno 1995.


Symbol Systems.symbolsystem

Matthew Shipp (p)

Clocks [7:04] / Harmonic Oscillator [3:51] / Temperate Zone [1:56] / Symbol Systems [4:50] / The Highway [6:09] / Self-Regulated Motion [3:20] / Frame [5:12] / Flow of Meaning [7:14] / Dance of the Blue Atoms [3:25] / Bop Abyss [4:37] / Never Signals [3:33] / Algebraic Boogie [2:16] / The Inventor Pt.1 [4:17] / The Inventor Pt.1 [3:07].

(No More Records 01)

New York, 22 Novembre 1995.

By The Law Od Music.By The Law Od Music.

Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) Mat Maneri (viol)

Signal / By The Law Of Music / Implicit / Fair Play / Grid / Whole Movement / Game Of Control / Point To Point / P X / Coo / S Z U / Solitude.

(hat Art 6200)

New York, 5 Agosto 1996.


2 Z.2z

Roscoe Mitchell (sa-ss) Matthew shipp (p)

2-Z / 2 Z 2 / 2 Z 3 / 2 Z 4 / 2 Z 5 / 2 Z 6 / 2 Z 7 / 2 Z 8 / 2 Z 9 / 2 Z 10 / 2 Z 11.

(CS 2.13.61 21312)

New York, 8 Ottobre 1996.



Matthew Shipp (p) Joe Morris (g)

Thesis [4:08] / Fables [5:39] / Simple Relations [3:41] / Particle 1 [3:43] / The Wand [3:49] / Action And Reaction [5:22] / Center Of [5:33] / The Turnpike [5:35] / Form Of ”Y” [4:22] / Broader Orders [8:01] / Particle 2 [4:41] / The Middle Region [4:18] / Our Journey [4:35].

(Hatology 506)

New York, 23 Gennaio 1997.

The Multiplication Table.Multiplication Table.

Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) Susie Ibara (dr)

Autumn Leaves / The New Fact / C Jam Blues / ZT 1 / Yake The A Train / ZT 2 / The Multiplication Table / ZT 3.

(Hatology 516)

New York, 17 Luglio 1997.


Time Is Of The Essence.Time Is Of The Essence

Daniel Carter (sa, st, fl, tr) Roy Campbell Jr (tr, flic) Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) Rashid Bakr (dr)

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5./ 6./ 7.

(AUM Fidelity AUM013)

Knitting Factory, New York, 2-12-1997



Roy Campbell (tr) Daniel Carter (fl-tp-sa-st) Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b)

Strata 1 / Strata 2 / Strata 3 / Strata 4 / Strata 5 / Strata 6 / Strata 7 / Strata 8 / Strata 9 / Strata 10 / Strata 11 / Strata 12 / Strata 13 / Strata 14.

(Hatology 522)

New York, 14-12-97.

Gravitational System.Gravitational System.

Matthew Shipp (p) Mat Maneri (viol)

Elasticity / Greensleeves / Series Of Planes / Knots / Notes / Two Elements / Landscape Harmony / Forcefield / Gravitational Systems / Naima.

(Hatology 530)

New York, 10-5-98.



Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b)

Magnetism I / Magnetism II / Magnetism III / Magnetism IV / Magnetism V / Magnetism VI / Magnetism VII / Magnetism VIII / Magnetism IX / Magnetism X / Magnetism XI / Magnetism XII / Magnetism XIII / Magnetism XIV / Magnetism XV / Magnetism XVI / Magnetism XVII / Magnetism XVIII / Magnetism XIX / Magnetism XX.

(CD Blue Regard)



Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b)

When Johnny Comes Marching Home / Cell Sequence / genetic Alphabet / DNA / Orbit / Mr.Chromosome / Amazing Grace.

(Thirsty Ear 57067)



Expansion Power Release.Expansion Power Release.

Matthew Shipp (p) Mat Maneri (viol) William Parker (b)

Organs / Expansion / Waltz / Combinational Entity / Speech Of Form / Environment / Weave Now A Web Rooted / Connection / Pulse Form / Power / Functional Form / Reflex / Release / One More.

(Hatology 558)

New York, 18 Novembre 1999.

Pastoral Composure.pastoralcomposure

Rou Campbell (tr) Matthews Shipp (p) William Parker (b) Gerald Cleaver (dr)

Gesture / Visions / Prelude To A Kiss / Progression / Frere Jacques / Merge / Inner Order / XTU.

(Thirsty Ear 57084)



Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit.New Orbit

Matthew Shipp (p) Wadada Leo Smith (tr) William Parker (b) Gerald Cleaver (dr)

New Orbit / Paradox X / Orbit 2 / Chi / Orbit 3 / U Feature / Syntax / Maze Hint / Paradox Y / Orbit 4.

(Thirsty Ear THI 57095)

Seltzer Sound, New York, 14-09-2000.


The Nommonsemble: Life Cycle.Life Cycle

Matthew Shipp (p) Rob Brown (sa-fl) Mat Maneri (viol) With Dickey (dr)

Wonder / War / Games / Love / Acceptance / Transformation.

(AUM Fidelity AUM 020D)

Englewoo Clifs, NJ, 15-9-2000.


Nu Bop.nubop

Matthew Shipp (p) Daniel Carter (sax, fl) William Parker (b) Guillermo E. Brown (dr)

Space Shipp [3:21] / Nu-Bop [6:07] / ZX-1 [4:16] / D’s Choice [4:50] / X-Ray [3:27] / Rocket Shipp [7:35] / Select Mode 1 [1:23] / Nu Abstract [3:47] / Select Mode 2 [5:09].

(Thirsty Ear THI 57114)

Sorcerer Sound, New York, 9-8-2001.



Matthew Shipp (p)

We Free Kings [4:16] / There Will Never Be Another You [5:42] / Almighty Fortress Is Our God [5:01] / Con alma [8:16] / Angel Eyes [5:35] / On Green Dolphyn Street [3:53] / Bag’s Groove [3:25] / Yesterdays [5:32] / East Broadway Run Down [5:17].

(Splasc(h) 8040)

New York, 18 Novembre 2001.


Antipop Consortium.Antipop Consortium

Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) Khan Jamal (vib) Daniel Carter (tr) Guillermo E. Brown (dr)

Places I’ve Never Been / Staph / Slow Horn / A Knot in Your Bop / SVP / Coda / Stream Light / Monstro City / Free Hop / Real is Surreal.

(Thirsty Ear THI 57120)

Sorcerer Sound, New York 12-02-2002.



Matthew Shipp (p) William Parker (b) Khan Jamal (vib) Gerald Cleaver (dr)

Equilibrium [3:44] / Vamp to Vibe [5:28] / Nebula Theory [5:25] / Cohesion [6:35] / World of Blue Glass [5:26] / Portal [1:13] / The Root [5:03] / The Key [4:12] / Nu Matrix [4:01].

(Thirsty Ear THI 57127)

Sorcerer Sound, New York, 26-06-2002.


The Sorcerer Sessions.matthew shipp The Sorcerer Sessions.

Matthew Shipp (p, synt) Evan Ziporyn (cl, cl.b) Daniel Bernard Roumain (viol) William Parker (b) Gerald Cleaver (dr)

Pulsar / Keystroke / Lightforms / Urban Shadows / x6 / Fixed Point / Invisible Steps / Particle / Reformation / Modulate / Last Chamber / Mist.

(Thirsty Ear THI 57141)

Sorcerer Sound, New York, 9-1-2003

The Trio Plays Ware.playsware

Matthew Shipp (p-synt) William Parker (b) Guillermo E.Brown (dr)

Manu’s Ideal / Goodspelized / Dinosauria / Lexicon / Reign Of peace / Wisdom / Through Time / Dao Forms / Mystic March.

(Splasc(h) 862)

New York, 19-4-2003.

High Water.matthew shipp High Water.

Daniel Carter (fl) Roy Campbell (tr) Matthew Shipp (p) Steve Swell (tb) William Parker (b) Guillermo E. Brown (dr)

Please Stay (Yesterday) / Sunrise Over Brooklyn / Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig / Get Modal / Intrigue in the House of India / Something is Wrong / When the Moon Was Blue / Please Leave.

(Thirsty Ear THI 57143)


Goodand Evil Sessions.matthew shipp Goodand Evil Sessions.

Roy Campbell (tr) Alex Lodico (tb) John Roseman (tb) Matthew Shipp (synt) William Parker (b)

Brainwash / Then Again / The Stakeout / Close Call / The Hideout/ On the Run / Roll it Back / Change of Plans / Sweet bitter.

(Thirsty Ear THI 57134)

Brooklyn, 2003.


Harmony And Abyss.harmony

Matthew Shipp (p-synt) William Parker (b) Gerald Cleaver (dr)

Ion / New ID / 3 In 1 / Virgin Complex / galaxy 105) String Theory / Blood 2 The Brain / Invisible Light / Amino Acid / Abyss.

(Thirsty EAR THI 57152)

New York, 20-21 Febbraio 2004.



Matthew Shipp (p)

Arc / Patmos / Gamma Ray / Milky Way / Blue In Orion / Electro Magnetism / The Encounter / The Rose Is A rose / Ieou / Abyss Code / Zero / Module.

(Thrity Ear THI 67166)

New York, 18 Agosto 2005.


Right HemisphereRight Hemisphere

Matthew Shipp (p) Rob Brown (sa) Joe Morris (b) Whit Dickey (dr)

Right Hemisphere / You Rang / Bubbles / Ice / Hyperspace / Dice / Incremental / Falling In / The Sweet Science / Lava / Red In Gray.

(Rogueart ROG-0013)

Leon Lee Dorsey Studio, New York, 5-1-2006.


Piano Vortexpianovortex

Matthew Shipp (p) Joe Morris (b) Whit Dickey (dr)

Piano Vortex / Key Swing / The New Circumstance / Nooks And Corners / Sliding Through Space / Quivering With Speed / Slips Through The Fingers / To Vitalize.

(Thirsty Ear 57180)

MPI Studios, New York, Primavera 2007.


Harmonic Disorder.Harmonic Disorder.

Matthew Shipp (p) Joe Morris (b) With Dickey (dr)

Gng / There Will Never Be Another You / Harmonic Disorder / Someday My Prince Will Come / Mel Chi 2 / Mr.Jim / Mel Chi 1 / Roe / Orb / Compost / Zo Number 2 / Quantum Waves / Light / When The Curtain Falls On The Jazz Theatre.

(Thirsty Ear THI 57187)

Brooklyn, New York. 2007.

Un Piano.matthew shipp un piano

Matthew Shipp (p)

Enter In [3:05] / Geometry [4:11] / Sparks [2:40] / Spike [3:31] / Linear Shocks [5:42] / Two Things Together [4:46] / Whole Zone [1:58] / Simple Fact [3:18] / Riddle [3:35] / Cloud Chamber 6 [6:10] / Harmony Of Apollo [4:56] / Exit Out [3:26]

(Rogueart ‎ROG-0014)

New York, 21-22 Luglio 2007.

Creation Out Of Nothing (Live In Moscow).matthew shipp Creation Out Of Nothing

Matthew Shipp (p)

Angel Eyes [11:49] / Gamma Ray [8:21] / Symbol Systems [10:24] / Blue In Orion [3:47] / Summertime [7:57] / Patmos [4:46] / Someday My Prince Will Come [8:23] / Wholestone [11:05] / Yesterdays [8:01] / Fair Play [6:17] / Module [4:38] / On Green Dolphin Street [4:40]

(SoLyd Records SLR 0401-2)

Mosca, 11 Febbraio 2009.

Broken Partials.matthew shipp Broken Partials.

Joe Morris (b) Matthew Shipp (p)

Broken Partials – One [8:57] / Broken Partials – Two [9:35] / Broken Partials – Three [9:47] / Broken Partials – Four [7:40] / Broken Partials – Five [4:41] / Broken Partials – Six [6:07] / Broken Partials – Seven [5:33] / Broken Partials – Eight [9:31].

(Not Two Records MW 851)

Brooklyn, 17 Febbraio 2010.

Art Of The Improviser.matthew shipp Art Of The Improviser.

Matthew Shipp (p) Michael Bisio (b) Whit Dickey (dr)

The New Fact [12:27] / 3 In 1 [9:15] / Circular Temple #1 [16:01] / Take The A Train [7:44] / Virgin Complex [6:49] / 4D [5:39] / Fly Me To The Moon [5:12] / Wholetone [8:03] / Module [7:52] / Gamma Ray [7:24] / Patmos [4:50]

(Thirsty Ear THI 57197)

New York, 12 Giugno 2010.

Piano Sutras.matthew shipp Piano Sutras.

Matthew Shipp (p)

Piano Sutras [4:46] / Cosmic Shuffle [5:55] / Surface To Curve [3:48] / Blue To A Point [4:50] / Cosmic Dust [2:57] / Giant Steps [1:11] / Uncreated Light [3:48] / Fragment Of A Whole [4:34] / Space Bubble [4:32] / Nefertiti [2:18] / Angelic Brain Cell [5:49] / Silent Cube [3:45] / The Indivisible [3:58]

(Thirsty Ear THI57207)

Park West Studios, New York, 20 Febbraio 2013.

I’ve Been To Many Places.matthew shipp I've Been To Many Places.

Matthew Shipp (p)

I’ve Been To Many Places [5:26] / Summertime [4:39] / Brain Stem Grammar [4:04] / Pre Formal [2:03] / Web Play [3:36] / Tenderly [4:28] / Life Cycle [4:28] / Brain Shatter [3:53] / Symbolic Access [3:57] / Waltz [2:06] / Reflex [3:21] / Naima [4:24] / Where Is The Love? [1:31] / Light Years [3:19] / Where Is The Love? (Reprise) [2:34] / Blue Astral Bodies [3:43] / Cosmic Wave [4:06]

(Thirsty Ear TH57209)

Park West Studios, New York, 11 Marzo 2014.chiusura


Vancouver, Canada.1931.

Si è trasferita con la famiglia in Giappone prima della seconda guerra mondiale. Nel 1948 è seguace della moderna poesia del poeta Katsue Kitazono e nel 1951 ha pubblicato la sua prima raccolta di poesie. Nel 1960 ha iniziato a esporre le sue poesie in concerti di jazz. Le sue poesie sono state tradotte in molte lingue e pubblicate in molti paesi. Ha girato tutto il mondo esibendosi nei festival della poesia. Ha collaborato tra gli altri con Peter Brotzmann, Sam Rivers, Aki Takase e con molti musicisti, artisti e ballerini. Ha ricevuto molti importanti premi letterari.


Dedicated To The Late John Coltrane.Kazuko Shiraishi Dedicated To The Late John Coltrane.

Sam Rivers (st-ss-fl-p) Buster Williams (b) Abdul Wadud (cello) Andrei Strobert (dr-perc) Kazuko Shiraisji (vc)

My Tokyo / Dedicated To The Late John Coltrane / Once Again The Season On The Scared Lecher.

(Musicworks 3001) New York, Marzo 1978.chiusura


Kingston, Giamaica. 29/1/1927. – New York, 6/4/2013.

Proviene da una famiglia di studiosi e musicisti, egli stesso dotato di grande cultura, laureato in psicologia, filosofia, oltre che in pianoforte, parla correntemente otto lingue ed è considerato anche un buon pittore. Ha dimostrato già giovanissimo di essere portato allo studio del pianoforte incoraggiato in questo anche dalla madre maestra di pianoforte. A nove anni è andato a Leningrado in Russia per studiare con il Prof. Mittolovski nel locale Conservatorio. Ha iniziato la carriera di pianista classico, ma su consiglio di George Shearing e di Duke Ellington è passato al Jazz. Il suo è un Jazz tutto permeato di cultura. Strawinsky a detto di lui ”il suo virtuosismo è un dono divino”. Anche buon arrangiatore e compositore, il suo lavoro non può avere una classificazione, non può essere catalogato in una particolare scuola. In seguito si è ritirato dalle scene del Jazz.


Tonal Expressions.don-shirley-tonal-expressions

Don Shirley (p) Richard Davis (b)

I cover the waterfront / No two people / Dancing on the ceiling / Medley from New faces / My funny valentine / The man I love / Love is here to stay / They can’t take that away from me / Answer my love / Secret love.

(Cadence LP1001)

New York, 1954-1955.

Piano Perspectives.don-shirley-piano-perspectives

Don Shirley (p) Richard Davis (b)

Love for sale / Blue moon / I let a song go out of my heart / Makin’ whoopee / How high the moon / I can’t give you anything but love / Lullaby of Birdland.

(Cadence LP1004) New York, 29 Marzo, 5 Aprile 1955.

I can’t get started / Someone to watch over me.

(Cadence LP1004) New York, 20 Dicembre 1955.


Don Shirley (p) Richard Davis (b)

Sometimes I’m happy / Autumn leaves / When I fall in love / Over the rainbow / Let’s fall in love / Walking by the river / But not for me / Tenderly / What is there to say ? / Atonal ostinata blues in B flat.

(Cadence LP1015)

New York, 14 Giugno, 19 Luglio 1956.


With Two Basses.don-shirley-with-two-basses

Don Shirley (p) Jimmy Bond (b) Kenneth Fricker (cello)

Polka dots and moonbeams / Walkin’ my baby back home / Honeysuckle rose / Body and soul / September song / Porgy and Bess suite / These foolish things / I’ll be seeing you.

(Cadence CLP3008)

New York, 1957.



Don Shirley (p) Jimmy Bond (b) Kenneth Fricker (cello)

One for my baby / Satin doll / Somebody loves me / The nearness of you / Easy living / The way you look tonight / Blues for basses / Happy talk / This was nearly mine / Dites moi / I remember April / Black is the color of my true love’s hair.

(Audio Fidelity AF1897)

New York, 1958.

Pianist Extraordinary.don-shirley-pianist-extraordinary

Don Shirley (p) solo

How deep is the ocean ? / I understand / My ship / Time after time / Love walked in / It’s the talk of the town / Oh, lady be good / I cried for you / Russian folk song / Mack the knife / Trust in me / In other words.

(Cadence CLP3048)

New York, 18 Luglio 1960.

Don Shirley Plays Famous Spirituals.don-shirley-plays-famous-spirituals

Don Shirley (p)

Heaven / Sometimes I feel like a motherless child / Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen / Were you there ? / Swing low, sweet chariot / Take my hand precious Lord / In-a my soul / Go down Moses / Even me / Joshua fit the battle of Jericho / When the saints go marching in / God be with you / Everytime I feel the spirit / It’s me standing in the need of prayer / Let us break bread together / One child born / Bound for Canaan / Come along home / Let my people go / Jericho / Where still waters flow / The word of the Lord.

(Cadence CLP3049) New York, 1960.

Don Shirley Presents Martha Flowers.don-shirley-presents-martha-flowers

Martha Flowers (vc) Don Shirley (p)

Anytime, anyday, anywhere / Dancing on the ceiling / I had myself a true love / Fools rush in / Love walked in / Porgy and Bess suite.

(Cadence CLP25055)

New York, 19 Ottobre 1960.


Drown In My Own Tears.don-shirley-drown-in-my-own-tears

Don Shirley (p) Donald Anderson (cello) Juri Taht (cello) Kenneth Fricker (b) Ted Sommer (perc)

Drown in my own tears / The lonesome road / Stand by me / Amen / Margie / Willow, weep for me / Georgia on my mind / At last / Happiness is a thing called Joe / One for my baby / Just for a thrill / I got rhythm.

(Cadence CLP3057)

New York, 12-14 Dicembre 1961.

The Gospel According To Don Shirley.don-shirley-the-gospel-according-to-don-shirley

Don Shirley (p) Gilberto Munguia (cello) Henry Gonzalez (b)

I’ll drown in my tears / Climb ev’ry mountain / Trilogy / Jesus keep me / Glory burdens down / When the saints go marching in / I’ve been ‘buked / He’s got the whole world in his hands / I wish I knew / Blowin’ in the wind / Dream of time.

(Columbia CS9723) 1965.


Trio In Concert.don-shirley-trio-in-concert

Don Shirley (p) Gilberto Munguia (cello) Henry Gonzalez (b)

I can’t get started / I feel pretty / My funny valentine / Yesterday / I cover the waterfront / Georgia on my mind / Lullaby / Water boy / One man’s hand / By myself / Happy talk.

(Columbia CS9684)

Carnegie Hall, New York, 22 Marzo 1968.


My Point Of View.don-shirley-my-point-of-view

Don Shirley (p,org) James Boyd, Juri Taht (cello) Kenneth Fricker (b)

Gershwin medley: My man’s gone now / I got plenty o’ nuttin’ / It ain’t necessarily so / Strawberry woman / Summertime / Oh Bess, oh where’s my Bess ? / I loves you Porgy / Bess, you is my woman now / Clara, Clara / Bess, you is my woman now (#2) / The warning / Carry me back to old Virginny / Bridge over troubled water / Alfie / Raindrops / Shadow of your smile / For all we know / Sweet sixteen bars / By the time I get to Phoenix.

(Atlantic SD1605) New York, 5-7 Ottobre 1971.

Golden Classics.

Don Shirley (p)

Water Boy / Freedom / Drown In My Own Tears / Margie / Stand By Me / Willow Weep For Me / I Got Rhythm / Georgia On My Mind / The Lonesome Road / At Last / Amen / Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe / One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) / Just For A Thrill / Dancing On The Ceiling / The Hammer Song / Old Man River / My Funny Valentine.

(Collectables 5746) 1997.

Tonal Expressions – Piano Perspectives.

Don Shirley (p)

Disc One: I Cover The Waterfront / No Two People / Secret Love / The Man I Love / Love Is Here To Stay / Dancing On The Ceiling / They Can’t Take That Away From Me / Answer Me My Love / Medley From ‘New Faces’ / My Funny Valentine.

Disc Two: Someone To Watch Over Me / Love For Sale / Blue Moon / How High The Moon / I Can’t Get Started With You / I Can’t Give You Anything But Love / I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart / Makin’ Whoopee / Lullaby Of Birdland.

(Collectables 2755) 1999.

Orpheus In The Underworld.

Don Shirley (p)

Disc One: Band 1 / Band 2 / Band 3 / Band 4 / Band 5 / Band 6 / Band 7 / Band 8 / Band 9 / Band 10 / Band 11.

Disc Two: Sometimes I’m Happy / But Not For Me / Tenderly / What Is There To Say / Autumn Leaves / Atonal Ostinato Blues In B / When I Fall In Love / Over The Rainbow / Let’s Fall In Love / Walkin’ By The River.

(Collectables 2756) 1999.

Solos – With Two Basses.

Don Shirley (p)

Disc One: It Could Happen To You / Laura / I’ll Be Around / Bewitched / Something To Remember You By / ILL Wind / Little Girl Blue / I’m In The Mood For Love / And This Is My Beloved / April In Paris / It Never Entered My Mind / Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me. Disc Two: Porgy & Bess Suite / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Walkin’ My Baby Back Home / These Foolish Things / Honeysuckle Rose / September Song / Body & Soul / I’ll Be Seeing You.

(Collectables 2757) 1999.

Plays Love Song – Don Shirley Trio.

Don Shirley (p)

Disc One 1: Tenderly / Something To Remember You By / What Is There To Say / Answer Me My Love / I’m In The Mood For Love / These Foolish Things / I’ll Be Around / I Can’t Get Started With You / Secret Love / It Could Happen To You.

Disc Two: Water Boy / Where’s My Bess / In A Moorish Market Place / The Man I Love / This Nearly Was Mine / Blue Skies / Adieu Madraz / Tribute To Billie Holiday: Traveling Light – Don’t Explain – Easy Living – God Bless The Child / Tribute To Billie Holiday; By Myself – I Know Where I’m Going / Tribute To Billie Holiday; Freedom – I’m On My Way / When Your Lover Has Gone

(Collectables 2758) 1999.

Pianist Extraordinary – Piano Arrangements Of Famous Spirituals.

Don Shirley (p)

Disc One: How Deep Is The Ocean (How Deep Is The Sky) / I Understand / My Ship / Time After Time / Love Walked In / It’s The Talk Of The Town / Lady Be Good / I Cried For You / Russian Folk Song / Mack The Knife / Trust In Me / In Other Words.

Disc Two: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen / Heaven / Were You There / Swing Low Sweet Chariot / My Lord It’s So High / Take My Hand Precious Lord / In-A My Soul / Go Down Moses / Even Me / Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho / When The Saints Go Marching In / God Be With You / It’s Me Standing In The Need Of Prayer / Let Us Break Bread Together / Every Time I Feel The Spirit.

(Collectables 2759) 1999.

Walter Boy / The Gospel According To Don Shirley.

Don Shirley (p) Juri That, Gilbert Munguia (cello) Henry Gonzales, Ken Frisker (b)

Walter Boy / Oh Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess / In A Moorish Marketplace / The Man I Love / This Nearly Was Mine / Blue Skies / Adieu Madraz / By Myself / Freedom / When Your Lover Has Gone / The Gosplel According To Don Shirley / I’ll Down In My Tears / Climb EvRy Mounatin / Trilogy / Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross / Glory Burdens Down Lord / When The Saints Go Marcing In / I’ve Been’Buked / He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands / I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free / Blowin’In The Wind / Dream On A Time.

(Collectable 7543) 2003.chiusura


Union, Carolina del Sud. 31/5/1913. – New York. 3/12/1989.

Ha ricevuto le prime lezioni di musica dal padre, chitarrista attivo a Cleveland. Nel 1934 ha esordito con gruppi locali, con Frank Terry e con Hal Draper. Nel 1935 ha messo su un suo gruppo composto da tre chitarre ed un basso, ha inciso i suoi primi dischi con Creole George Guesnon. Lascia Cleveland per New York nel 1937, qui ha lavorato con Clarence Profit dal 1937 al 1941, nel 1942 ha accompagnato con i “Four Keyes” Ella Fitzgerald, ha fatto parte del trio di Herman Chittison, con il quale ha collaborato per circa dieci anni. Ha suonato con Ram Ramirez, i Phil Moore Four il Toy Wilson Trio, il Bill Williams Quartet, con l’organista Vin Strong nel 1953, con George James nel 1963, con Buddy Tate nel 1967. Ha inciso nel corso della sua carriera con Edmond Hall, Coleman Hawkins, James P. Johnson (1946) Sidney DeParis, Billie Holiday, Artie Shaw, Earl Bostic, John Hardec, Sid Catlett. Musicista originale, ha alternato il contrabasso alla chitarra.


Jimmy Shirley (g)

Star dust / Git wittit / Blues on the loose / Git wittit / These foolish things / Star dust / I ain’t got nobody

(Blue Note) New York, 28 Novembre 1944.

Jimmy Shirley (g) Oscar Smith (b)

These foolish things / Star dust / Blues on the loose / I may be wrong / Jimmy’s blues

(Liberty K22P-6094/95) New York, 23 Gennaio 1945.

China Boy.jimmy-shirley-china-boy

Johnny Guarnieri (p) Jimmy Shirley (g) Slam Stewart (b) Jackie Williams (dr)

I’m born with the blues / Exactly like you / I may be wrong / Try a little tenderness / You can depend on me / Who’s sorry now ? / Jeepers creepers / Shine / Jimmy’s rock / My fate is in your hands / China boy.

(Black & Blue 33081)

Toulouse, Francia, 7 Marzo 1975.chiusura


Houston (Texas) 27/7/1937.

Ha iniziato ha interessarsi del pianoforte a sei anni e, mentre frequenta le scuole superiori, anche del vibrafono. Ha studiato il primo alla Southern Methodist University di Dallas e nel 1956 si è trasferito a Los Angeles e dal 1959 al 1963 ha collaborato con Charles Lloyd, Art Pepper e nei Lighthouse All Stars di Howard Rumsey. Durante questo periodo ha iniziato a lavorare negli studi soprattutto con la moglie la cantante Sandi Shoemake sposata nel 1959. Nel 1960 ha registrato al vibrafono con Lalo Schifrin, Quincy Jones, Nelson Ridde e Johnny Mandel. Dal 1966 al 1972 ha fatto parte del gruppo di George Shearing, con il quale ha registrato molti dischi e fatto tournée in tutto il mondo. Ha aperto una scuola di jazz a Los Angeles, uno dei suoi primi studenti è stato Ted Nash. Ha suonato nei clubs con gruppi diretti insieme a Pete Christlieb, regolarmente al “Donte’s” dalla metà alla fine degli anni ’70, avendo come collaboratori man mano Tom Harrell, Hank Jones, Paul Motian e Larance Marable. Ha anche registrato come cooleader con Christlieb a New York insieme a Kenny Barron, Mark Helias e Ben Riley. Ha registrato con Harold Land e con una grande orchestra diretta da Bill Holman. Attivo anche come insegnante. Negli anni ’90 si è dedicato al lavoro negli studi a Cambria in California e ha collaborato con molti colleghi al ”Hamlet” nella costa centrale della California. Solista veloce e sintetico, senza alcuna difficoltà passa dalla musica degli ultimi 40 anni a quella attuale. Musicista legato a Milton Jackson ed al bebop.



Charlie Shoemake (vib) Dave Schnitter (st) Kenny Barron (p) Cecil McBee (b) Al Foster (dr)

The Happy Madness / That’s Earl Brother / Sunstroke / You’ll Love New York / 42 nd Street Changes / We’ll Be Together Again.

(Muse 5193)

Englewodd Cliffs, NJ. 5-8-78.


Blue Shoe.Blue Shoe.

Pete Christlieb (st) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Kenny Barron (p) Mark Helias (b) Ben Riley (dr) Sandi Shoemake (vc)

Blue Shoe / Bopt’ Mystic / The Dream / Raimbows / Cure For The Common Chord / Why Someone Tell Me Why.

(Muse MR 5221)

New York, 21-7-79.

Away From The Crowd.Away From The Crowd.

Charlie Shoemake (vib-vc) Tom Harrell (tp-flic) Ted Nash (sa-fl) Terry Potter (p) Harvey Newmark (b) Dick Berk (dr)

Gentle Man / Young And Foolish.

Hollywood, Luglio 1980.

Charlie Shoemake (vib-vc) Tom Harrell (tp-flic) Ted Nash (sa-fl) Hank Jones (p) Ed Shuller (b) Paul Motian (dr)

Sandi’s Smile / He Needs Me / Away From The Crowd / Evening Run / Small Talk / Sometime Yesterday.

(Discovery DS 856) New York, Settembre 1981.

Cross Roads.Cross Roads.

Charlie Shoemake (vib) Tom Harrell (tp-flic) Tommy Flanagan (p) Peter Spraugue (g) Ed Shuller (b) Paul Motian (dr)

Say It Isn’t So / The Child In Me / Fleeting Resemblance / Cross Road / Recordite / Dumbar’s Place / Christmas Bells.

(Discovery 878)

New York, Settembre 1982.

Sometime Yestreday.Sometime Yestreday.

Tom Harell (tr) Phil Woods (sa-cl) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones, Terry Trotter (p) Peter Sprague (g) Ray Drummond, Ed Shuller, Andy Simpkins (b) Billy Hart, Paul Motian (dr) Sandy Shoemake (vc)

Say It Isn’t So / Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Outto Dry / Dumbar’s Place / Sylvia / The Striver / The Bad And The Beautiful / Evening Rum / Sometime Yesteday / Sandi’s Smile.

(Discovery 70971)

25-9-81 & 8-3-84.


Tom Harrell (tp-flic) Phil Woods (sa) Terry Trotter (p) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Ray Drummond (b) Billy Hart (dr) Dandy Shoemake (vc)

Incandesent / Tadd Too / Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry / Number One From Seven Short Pieces For Piano / Pardon Me / I Think We’re Almost There / Quicksotic / Farewell.

(Discovery DS 904)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 8-3-84.

Satin Nights.Satin Nights.

Charlie Shoemake (vib) Don Rader (tr) Andy Martin (tb) Phil Woods (sa-cl) Ted Nash (sa-st-ss-fl) Bob Cooper (fl-st) Monte Budwig (b) Jeff Hamilton (dr) Sandi Shoemake (vc)

Satin Nights / Old Acquintance / Who Is Kidding You / In Acapulco Bay / We Tore It Down Last Night / It Just Won’t Sell.

(Black Hawk BKH 536)

Hollywood, 3-9-86.

Stand Up Guys.Stand Up Guys.

Harold Land (st) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Randy Cannon (p) Bob Maize, Andy Simpkins (b) Larance Marable (dr) Sandy Shoemake (vc)

I Can’t Resist You / Season’s End / As Long As There’s Music / When Your Lover Has Gone / Stand-up Guys / Mourning For Mr.Mobley / Out Of The Blue.

(Chase Music 8016)

Hollywood, 7-8 Marzo 1988.


Tony Luhan, Carl Saunders, Bob Summer, Frank Szabo (tr) Pete Beltran, Rick Culver, Bob Enevoldsen, Andy Martin (tb) Pete Christlieb, Bob Efford, Ray Herman, Bobby Militello (reeds) Rick Eames, Billy Childs (p) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Luther Hughes, Bruce Lett (b) Jeff Hamilton, Paul Kreibick (dr) Sandy Shoemake (vc)

Strollin’ / Season’s End / Dizzy Atmosphere / Everyting I Have Is Yours / On Moomstone Beach / All Or Nothing At All / This I Dig Of You / I’ll Never Stop Loving You / Time Will Tell / Come Back Fast.

(Chase Music 8034)

Hollywood, 9-16 Gennaio 1991.

Lands End.Lands End.

Charles McPherson (sa) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Luter Hughes, Bob Maize (b) Paul Kreibick (dr)

Little Melonae / Lands End / Alone / Two Bass Hit / It Happened In Monterey / On The Alamo / Contour / Crosscurrent / Love Of My Life / Prey Loot / Just A Few Lines In Closing.

(Charlie Music 8062)

3 e 18-4-2000.


Vibes Master.Vibes Master.

Red Holloway (st) Charlie Shoemake (vib) Bruce Forman (g) Luther Hughes, Bob Maize (b) Paul Kreibick (dr)

Open Country / Creepin’In / Thou Swell / Moon Dreams / Beyond The Blue Horizon / Blue Shoe Revisited / The Fourth Deuce / South Of The Border / Straight Street / Cuban Love Song.

(Chase Music 8068)

Cambria, 4 Febbraio e 4 Marzo 2002.chiusura


Rochester, Minnesota. 9/10/1938.

Nel 1940 si è trasferita con i genitori a Los Angeles, suo padre batterista e cantante professionista di bande dixieland. Nel 1956 ha iniziato a frequentare il corso di musica del Los Angeles City College e nel 1958 ha iniziato anche la carriera collaborando con Jim Hall, con Gary Peacock, con Lanny Morgan e nell’orchestra di Si Zentner, con la quale al Palladium di Hollywood ha avuto un grande successo. Nel 1959 ha sposato il vibrafonista Charlie Shoemake e con lui ha lavorato in molti celebri club. Ha spesso lavorato con successo in televisione, partecipando ai celebri Andy Williams Show e Jerry Lewis Show. Ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Nelson Riddle, mentre il marito era in tournée con il gruppo di George Shearing. Cantante dalla voce gradevole, pecca di poca originalità.


Slowly.Sandi Shoemake Slowly.

Sandi Shoemake (vc) Terry Trotter, Charlie Shoemake, Tommy Flamagan, Terry Trotter, Clare Fisher (p)

Isn’t This A Lovely Day / Slowly / I Wish I Knew / Let’s Get Lost / You’re Blase / The Child In Me / Flamingo / Day Dream / Yardbird Suite / Round Midnight / Pensativa.

(Discovery DS 889)

Hollywood, 1982-1983.

Lullabye In Rhythm.Sandi Shoemake Lullabye In Rhythm.

Sandì Shoemake (vc) Peter Christlieb (st) Charlie Shoemake (p) Bruce Forman (g) Colin Bailey (dr)

Old Devil Moon / That Old Feeling / Lullaby In Rhythm / I Know Way / I Can’t Resist You / For Heaven’s Sake / Let’s Face The Music And Dance / I Want To Talk About You / It’s Magic / It’s A Blue World / If I’m Lucky.

(Chase Music 8057) 31-1-99.


Sophisitcadet Lady.Sandi Shoemake Sophisitcadet Lady.

Sandi Shoemake (vc) Andy Martin (tb) Sam Most (fl) Bruce Forman (g) Bob Maize, Luther Hughes (b) Paul Kreibick (dr)

A Rainy Night In Rio / Nobody’s Heart / Lover Come Back To Me / Sophisticated Lady / Be Careful, It’s My Heart / Can’t Get Out Of This Mood / I Have Dreamed / The Music Has Stopped / I Onloy Have Eyes For You / You Better Go Now / By Myself.

(Chase Music 8073) 23-8-2005.chiusura


Bessie, Tennessee. 30/4/1900. – Chicago, Illinois. 5/4/1983.

Ha imparato a suonare da solo la batteria a St. Louis dove si era trasferito con la famiglia. In seguito è passato alla tromba che ha studiato a scuola. Al ritorno dal servizio militare è stato ingaggiato da Charlie Creath nel 1919. Trasferitosi a Chicago ha lavorato con Honorè Dutrey, con Freddie Keppard nel 1921, con King Oliver nel 1924 al posto di Louis Armstrong, con Tommy Ladnier dal 1925 al 1927, con Earl Hines, con Louis Russell, con Dave Peyton nel 1927, con Charles Elgar nel 1928, con Erskine Tate e i McKinney’s Cotton Pickers nel 1931, con Frankie Half Pint Jaxon dal 1932 al 1933. In seguito è stato attivo come freelance tra New York e Chicago, ha suonato con Fess Williams e con Hot Lips Page nel 1938. Per un certo periodo ha abbandonato l’attività, per riprenderla nel 1957 con Franz Jackson con il quale è rimasto sino al 1965. chiusura


Oroville, California. 1969.

Ha studiato alla Indiana University e poi al William Paterson College di Wayne nel New Jersey. Ha avuto come maestri Harold Mabern e Rufus Reid. Nel 1991 ha partecipato al Great American Jazz Piano Competition al Jazz Festival di Jacksonville, al quale è risultato primo ed ha avuto un contratto con la Columbia Avendo compiuto degli studi seri, ha maturato una tecnica ottima ed ha esordito nel jazz. Solista dal tocco gradevole e dalla capacità di fondere bene ritmo e melodia. Ha registrato da leader in quartetto con Bunky Green, Ira Coleman e Tony Williams. Nel 1994 ha collaborato con Jay Thomas, ha registrato nel 1995 con Sonny Simmons e ha fatto parte del gruppo di Benny Carter in giro per gli USA e l’Europa.


Travis Shook.

Bunky Green (sa) Travis Shook (p) Ira Coleman (b) Tony Williams (dr)

Broadway / Astarte / Witchcraft / Dewey North / Little Gril I’ll Miss You / Touch And Go / Love For Sale / My Foolish Heart.

(Columbia CK 53138) New York, 1993.

Plays Kurt Weill.

Ron Westray (tb) Kebbi Williams (st) Bryan Carrott (vib) Travis Shook (p) Maxine Neuman, Melanie A. Yarger (cello) Jennifer Vincent (b) Jaz Sawyer (dr) Veronica Nunn (vc)

Lost in the stars / My ship / September song / Alabama song / Lonely house / Mack the knife / Lost in the stars (reprise)

(Dead Horse 2720) Brooklyn, NY, 7-9 Febbraio 2000 e 14 Settembre 2003.chiusura


Winchester, Tennessee. 29/2/1916. – Beverly Hills, California. 24/2/194.

Cantante che si impone all’attenzione negli anni’50. In seguito è diventata una delle personalità più accettate dagli spettatori della TV americana. Al suo arrivo a New York nel 1938 ha iniziato ad affermarsi come cantante per grande orchestra, dopo vari tentativi non ultima la breve permanenza nell’orchestra di Woody Herman, ha scelto di fare la cantante solista ed è stata la prima che si è affermata in tale ruolo negli anni del dopo guerra. Ha lavorato alla radio ed ha inciso un disco che ha avuto molto successo “Blues In The Night” nel 1941, del quale sono state vendute un milione di copie. Ha inciso anche sui Vdisc accanto a Sinatra, ha preso parte a spettacoli per le truppe americane. Senz’altro una delle migliori crooner al femminile, cantante dalla tecnica precisa e con molto jazz feeling.


Dinah Sings Some Blues With Red.dinah-sings-some-blues-with-red

Dinah Shore (vc) Jerry Dodgion (as,fl) Red Norvo (vib) unknown (p) Jimmy Wyble (g) John Mosher (b) John Markham (dr) altri non identificati.

Bye bye blues / I can’t face the music / Someday sweetheart / It’s funny to everyone but me /Who ? / I can’t believe that you’re in love with me / I ain’t got nothin’ but the blues /Lucky in love /Do nothin’ till you hear from me /It’s all right with me / Skylark /Lover come back to me.

(Capitol T1354) Los Angeles, 1960chiusura


Musicista poco noto in Italia. Abbiamo potuto apprezzarne la validità solo attraverso una registrazione della colonna sonora di un film di David Cronenberg, alla direzione della London Philarmonic, nella quale è presente un meraviglioso Ornette Coleman sinfonico. Ottime le sue partiture orchestrali che, nel caso specifico, si adattano molto bene al dolente lirismo ed alle frenetiche rincorse di Coleman.


Naked Lunch.howard-shore-naked-lunch

London Philarmonic Orchestra, diretta da Howard Shore, Ornette Coleman (sa) Barre Phillips (b) Denardo Coleman (dr)

Naked Lunch / Hauser And O’Brien – Bugpowder / Mugwumps / Centipede / The Black Meat / Simpatico – Misterioso / Fadela’s Coven / Interzone Suite / William Tell / Mujahaddin / Intersong / Dr.NìBenway / Clark Nova Dies / Ballad-Joan / Claquet’s Parrots – Midnight Sunrise / Nothing Is True: Everything Is Permitted / Welcome To Annexia / Writeman.

(Milan 262 732) Londra, 12-19 Agosto 1991.chiusura


Kirksville, Missouri. 26/8/1911.

A otto anni ha iniziato a studiare la tromba e, a scuola, la tuba che ha continuato a suonare professionalmente nel 1928. E’ andato a lavorare a Los Angeles e a Las Vegas, suonando con disinvoltura il trombone a pistoni, il corno, il violino il pianoforte, il contrabbasso, la batteria ed il banjo. Nel 1945 ha fatto parte dell’orchestradiJack Teagarden con il quale ha lavorato e registrato a Portland, nell’Oregon. Ha fatto parte dei “Rose City Stompers”, della “Castle Jazz Band”, dal 1947 al 1952. Nel 1951 ha collaborato con Turk Murphy, poi con Bob Scobey dal 1956 al 1958, con la “Great Pacific Jazz Band” agli inizi degli anni ’60. Ha guidato un suo gruppo a San Francisco ed in seguito è ritornato con Murphy. Nel 1963 ha suonato con Clancy Hayes e nel 1964 con Lu Waters. Come seconda attività ha fatto l’istruttore per piloti acrobatici ed ha continuato l’attività musicale. Nell’aprile del 1970 ha debuttato con i Firehouse Five Plus Two. Senz’altro il miglior bassotuba del Dixieland Revival affermatosi soprattutto sulla West Coast. E’ morto in un incidente aereo in un volo sperimentale. chiusura


U.S.A.1924. – New York, 21/3/2005.

Cantante e pianista di colore, dalla voce voluttuosa e passionale di tenore. Pur essendo un nero nel suo pianismo e nel suo canto vi è la completa assenza di blues. Anche se a volte eccede in manierismo e si esprime in modo troppo declamatorio è un sincero interprete del song americano. Personaggio ammaliato dagli anni ruggenti della musica e dalla civiltà americana, è stato per un buon periodo una voce importante del catalogo dell’Atlantic. Pianista effervescente e cantante dal piglio declamatorio, quasi una versione urbana di Al Jolson. Negli ultimi anni è diventato una figura leggendaria del cabaret nero. Nelle sue interpretazioni la sua grande capacità di racounter, pieno di studiato umorismo, incantava e raccoglieva successo. Spesso ha fatto delle tournée in Europa anche con spettacoli leggeri nei quali però non mancavano mai riferimenti al jazz.


Bobby Short (p, vc) Jim “Daddy” Walker (g) Clint Weaver (b)

I wonder / Hot tamale man / Blah blah blah / I’m lost.

(National) Chicago, November 13, 1944.

Songs By Bobby Short.Songs By Bobby Short.

Bobby Short (p, vc) Rollie Bundock (b) Larry Bunker (dr)

I like the likes of you / Manhattan / You make me feel so young / From this moment on / You are not my first love / Island in the West Indies / Gimme a pigfoot / Sweet bye and bye / I can’t get started / Autumn in New York / Suddenly / Now / Dinah.

(Atlantic EP545)

New York, 7-3-1955.

Bobby Short.

Bobby Short (p, vc) Pete Candoli (tr) Buddy Woodson (b) Maurice Russell (dr)

Down with love / I’ve got the world on a string / I’ve got five dollars / Sand in my shoes / Any place I hang my hat is home / Bye bye, blackbird / Carioca / Is it always like this ? / She was good to me / Where have you been ? / The most beautiful girl in the world / Hottentot potentate / Fun to be fooled / Bedelia / At the moving picture ball.

(Atlantic SD1620) Los Angeles, 15-16 Settembre 1955.

Speaking Of Love.Speaking Of Love.

Bobby Short (p, vc) Ismael Ugarte (b) Ramon “Sonny” Rivera (dr)

So near and yet so far / At long last love / I’ve got beginner’s luck / Let’s fall in love / Do I hear you saying I love you ? / Easy come, easy go / I love you Samantha / Hooray for love.

(Atlantic LP1262) New York, 29-11-1956.

Delia / Oh so sweet / Last train to San Francisco / The happenings.

(Atlantic 1134) New York, 1956.

I fall in love with you every day / Down in Mexico / That’s what I call love / Year after year / Speaking of love / I wanna be loved.

(Atlantic LP1262) New York, 10-01-1957.

Montevideo / Love is love anywhere / Dream dancing / How can you forget ?

(Atlantic SD174) New York, 12-07-1957.

Nobody Else But Me.Nobody Else But Me.

Bobby Short (p, vc)

Over and over again / Love is a dancing thing / I’m one of your admirers / I love to rhyme /World weary / Here’s a kiss for Cinderella / Wind in the willows.

(Atlantic SD1574)

New York, 17-07-1957.


Sing Me A Swing Song.Sing Me A Swing Song.

Bernie Glow, Nick Travis, Lou Oles (tr) Warren Covington, Urbie Green (tb) Romeo Penque (fl,sa,cl) Danny Bank (sb) Bobby Short (p,vc) sbry Galbraith (g) Arnold Fishkin (b) Jimmy Crawford (dr)

Don’t let it get you down / For no rhyme and reason / Some fine day / It’s bad for me.

(Atlantic LP1285)

New York, 22-07-1957.


Bobby Short Acc By Phil Moore Orchestra.

Bobby Short (p, vc) Phil Moore Orchestra,

Nobody else but me / Don’t mention love to me / Where’s that rainbow ? / It never was you.

(Atlantic) New York, 24-07-1957.

Joe Wilder, Bernie Glow, Lou Oles (tr) Jack Satterfield, Phil Giacobbe (tb) Sol Schlinger (sb,b-cl) Bobby Short (p,vc) Barry Galbraith (g) Clyde Lombardi (b) Ted Sommer (dr)

Ace in the hole / From now on / Ebony rhapsody / Wake up, Chillun, Wake Up.

(Atlantic LP1285) New York, 18-10-1957.

Don Elliott (tr, tb, vib) Bobby Short (p,v) Barry Galbraith (g) Pat Merola (b) Ted Sommer (dr)

Lydia / I’m checkin’ out, go’om bye / Rocks in my bed / I got what it takes.

(Rhino R2-71748-2) New York, 10-12-1957.

The Mad Twenties.The Mad Twenties.

Yank Lawson (tr) Lou McGarity (tb) Eddie Barefield (cl,as) Bobby Short (p,vc) Al Caiola (g) Milt Hinton (b) Terry Snyder (dr) Phil Moore (arr,cond)

Sweet so and so / That society bear / Changes.

(Atlantic SD1664) New York, 24-11-1958.

Gordon “Chris” Griffin (tr) George Duvivier (b) replace Yank Lawson, Milt Hinton, Al Caiola (g,bj) added, Lou McGarity (vln,tb)

I’m bringin a red red rose / Nagasaki / The animal’s ball / Don’t bring Lulu.

(Atlantic SD1664) New York, 8-1-1959.

Joe Wilder (tr) Lou McGarity (tb,vln) Eddie Barefield (cl,as) Bobby Short (p,vc) Al Caiola (g,bj) Milt Hinton (b) Terry Snyder (dr) Phil Moore (arr,cond)

Heebie jeebies / I’m cert’ny gonna see ‘bout that / That’s my weakness now / Laugh, clown, laugh / Tiger rag.

(Atlantic SD1644) New York, 14-1-1959.

On The East Side.On The East Side.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Aaron Bell, Ismael Ugarte (b) Kenny Belding, Johnny Cresci (dr)

Looking at you / Lost in the stars / Summer is a-comin’ in / Delia’s gone / I like the likes of you (theme) / Pretty girl / Slumming on Park Avenue / Beautiful girl / It never entered my mind / Flying down to Rio / Face the music / You do something to me / Let there be love / I left my hat in Haiti / I like the likes of you (theme) / She’s the end / Moanin’ in the mornin’.

(Atlantic LP1321) Live Wevlin Restaurant, New York, 6-3-1959.

You fascinate me so / Everything’s coming up roses / Truckin’ / Four or five times / I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter / Keepin’ out of mischief now / I can’t believe that you’re in love with me / Let there be love / The most beautiful girl in the world.

(Atlantic LP1321) New York, 17-12-1959.

Bobby Short (p, v) Doc Severinsen, Irving Markowitz, Jimmy Maxwell (tr) Wayne Andre (tb) Herbie Mann (fl) Oliver Nelson (st) Sol Schlinger () Dick Hyman (p) George Duvivier (b) Ed Shaughnessy (dr) Carlos Patato Valdes (cga) Al Cohn (arr,cond)

Love makes the world go round / Be my host / The man who has everything / Orthodox fool.

(Atlantic SD1383) New York, 29-03-1962.

My Personal Property.My Personal Property.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr) Gene Gammage (dr) Valdo Ramirez, Willie Rodriguez (perc)

It amazes me / The rules of the road / Hey look me over / On the other side of the tracks / Here’s hoping / The best is yet to come / My personal property / You fascinate me so / Witchcraft / It’s (too good to talk about it now) / I walk a little faster / I’ve got your number / Real live girl /It amazes me.

(Atlantic SD1689)

New York, Giugno 1963

Mabel Mercer & Bobby Short, Town Hall Concert.Town Hall Concert

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

I’m throwing a ball tonight / That black and white baby of mine / Looking at you / I love you Samantha / When in Rome / I’ve got your number / Bojangles of Harlem / Something to live for / Sand in my shoes / And her mother came too / Gimme a pigfoot / On the Amazon.

(Atlantic SD2604) Live own Hall, New York, 19-5-1968.

Mabel Mercer (vc) Bobby Short (vc,p) più altri non identificati.

The 59th Street bridge song / Here’s to us.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

Her first Roman / Let me lead the way / Rome / Just for today / In vino veritas / I cannot make her jealous.

(Atlantic SD1535) New York, 12-08-1968.

Mabel Mercer & Bobby Short – Second Town Hall Concert.Second Town Hall Concert.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

My personal property / Isn’t it a pity ? / I’ve a shooting box in Scotland / Chicago, Illinois / Before I kiss the world goodbye / Summer is a-comin’ on / Round about / Sweet bye and bye / Medley: What is there to say, This is romance, Now / Not a care in the world / In my old Virginia home, on the river Nile / I can’t get started / I like the likes of you / Goodnight.

(Atlantic SD2605) Live Town Hall, New York, 18-05-1969.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

I’m glad to see you’ve got what you want / The gypsies, the jugglers and the clowns / If you’re a viper / Whoever you are, I love you / Jump for joy / Medley: I’ve been in love before, Falling in love again, Can’t help it / I’m confessin’ / Romance in the dark.

(Atlantic SD1535) New York, 26-05-1969.

Where do I go ? / I’ll never fall in love again / Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear / Baby you’re here .

(Atlantic SD1535) New York, 29-07-1969.

Love of my life / I’ve got you on my mind / So near and yet so far / How’s your romance ? / I hate you, darling / Hot house rose.

(Atlantic SD2606) New York, 19-07-1971.

Where have you been ? / You’ve got that thing / Why shouldn’t I ? / How could we be wrong ? / Let’s fly away / Just one of those things / Weren’t we fools ? / Rap tap on wood / Let’s be buddies / At long last love / Katie went to Haiti / I’m in love again / Everything I love / Do I love you ? / You don’t know Paree.

(Atlantic SD2606) New York, 21-23 Luglio 1971.

Why don’t we try staying home / Once upon a time / When the hen stops laying / Swingin’ the sink away / Pilot me / By candlelight.

(Atlantic SD2606) New York, 30-08-1971.

Medley: You were there, Then / We were dancing / World weary / Poor little rich girl / Let’s fly away / Something to do with spring / Wait a bit Joe / A room with a view / Someday I’ll find you.

(Atlantic SD2607) New York, 17-18 Ottobre 1972.

Bobby Short (vc) William Roy (p)

Matelot / Nina / If love were all / Any little fish / I’ll see you again.

(Atlantic SD2607) New York, 19-10-1972.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

The younger generation / I travel alone / Medley: Where are the songs we sung, Dear little Cafe, Hearts and flowers, Where are the songs we sung / Imagine the duchesses feelings / Never again / Josephine.

(Atlantic SD2607) New York, 20-10-1972.

Bobby Short Is Krazy For Gershwin.Is Krazy For Gershwin.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

They can’t take that away from me / Shall we dance ? / ‘S wonderful / Embraceable you / Mine / I’ve got a crush on you / Feeling sentimental / Drifting along with the tide / I was so young (you were so beautiful) / I’ve got beginner’s luck / The Lorelei / Maybe / Let’s kiss and make up / Porgy and Bess medley.

(Atlantic SD2608) New York, 11-12 Dicembre 1973.

Do what you do / But not for me / A foggy day / I must be home by twelve o’clock / Feeling I’m falling / Love is here to stay / That certain feeling / Delishious / Hi-ho / Love walked in / Kickin’ the clouds away.

(Atlantic SD2608) New York, 18-06-1973.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Kay Swift (p) added, Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

Innocent ingenue baby / I’ve got to be there / Hi-ho / High hat / Comes the revolution / Krazy for you.

(Atlantic SD2608) New York, 20-06-1973.

Live At The Cafe Carlyle.Live At The Cafe Carlyle.

Bobby Short (vc,p,arr) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

Set 1: All of you / Let’s misbehave / Medley: Honeysuckle rose, When my sugar walks down the street, Satchel mouth baby / When a woman loves a man / I get a kick out of you / Hop scotch blues / Sorry – greatful / The best is yet to come / Miss Otis regrets / Pilot-moi / Mr. & Mrs. Fitch.

Set 2: One life to live / Should I ? / Blow ill wind / Real live girl / I’m satisfied / Miss Brown to you / I know your heart by heart / Something to live for / When in Rome / Four walls blues / On the sunny side of the street / Just one of those things / It’s not you.

Set 3: All of you / Should I ? / French song / Madame Lazonga / Let’s misbehave / I think about you / Medley: There’s a lull in my life, Swell of you / As time goes by / Black & White baby / One for my baby / Look of you.

(Atlantic) Cafe Carlyle, New York, 7-12-1973.

Set 1: All is fun / Isn’t it a pity ? / Medley: Your fabulous fare, I get a kick out of you / Got that thing / When a woman loves a man / Medley: Honeysuckle rose, When my sugar walks down the street / Should I ? / Miss Otis regrets / Mr. & Mrs. Fitch.

Cafe Carlyle, New York, 8-12-1973 e 10-12-1973.

Set 2: On the sunny side of the street / Real live girl / I’m satisfied / New Orleans hop scop blues / Medley: Four walls, Roller coaster blues / Losing my mind / Exactly like you / Hooray for love / Send in the clowns.

Cafe Carlyle, New York, 8-12-1973.

Set 3: One for my baby / Let’s misbehave / As time goes by / Just one of those things / I’ll wind / A room with a view / I’ve got the world on a string / I’m a dreamer – Aren’t we all ? / Get hot for papa / Send in the clowns / For all we know / I like the likes of you.

Cafe Carlyle, New York, 8-12-1973

Let’s misbehave / Should I ? / I’m satisfied / Real live girl / When in Rome / When a woman loves a man / Miss Brown to you / Miss Otis regrets / All of you / Sorry-grateful / I get a kick out of you / Mr. & Mrs. Fitch / I’ll wind / Losing my mind / Send in the clowns / Something to live for / Medley: If I had a talking picture of you, I’m a dreamer – Aren’t we all ?, Turn on the heat / I’ve got the world on a string / Hop scotch blues / Honeysuckle rose – Medley / Four wall blues / I happen to like New York.

(Atlantic SD2609) New York, 17-01-1974.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

Medley: If I had a talking picture of you, I’m a dreamer – Aren’t we all ?, Turn on the heat.

Bobby Short Celebrates Rodgers & Hart.Celebrates Rodgers & Hart.

Bobby Short (vc,p) Beverly Peer (b) Richard Sheridan (dr)

On your toes / Hollywood party medley / You musn’t kick it around / Where or when / Have you met Miss Jones ? / Hallelujah ! I’m a bum / Johnny one note / With a song in my heart / I didn’t know what time it was / My romance / Wait till you see her / There’s a small hotel / Soon / Spring is here / Every Sunday afternoon / Glad to be unhappy / I still believe in you / Nobody’s heart / You’re what I need / No place but home / You took advantage of me / It’s got to be love / Isn’t it romantic ? / Everything I’ve got / Bewitched, bothered and bewildered / I wish I were in love again.

(Atlantic SD2610) New York, Ottobre 1975.

It’s easy to remember / A lady must live / We’ll be the same / All / It never entered my mind / Hollywood party / It never entered my mind / Sing for your supper / Average man / I’ve got dollars / That’s love / Do I hear you saying I love you ?

(Atlantic) 1-11-1977.

Guess Who’s In Town.Guess Who's In Town.

Harry “Sweets” Edison (tr) Buster Cooper (tb) Marshal Royal (as) Bill Green (ts,cl) Bobby Short (p,vc) John Collins, Neil Lang (g) Al McKibbon (b) Paul Humphrey (dr) Phil Moore (arr)

Guess who’s in town / Honeysuckle rose / How can you face me ? / A porter’s love song / S’posin’ /Ain’t misbehavin’ /Tan Manhattan /Black and blue / Make believe ballroom / I’m gonna move to the outskirts of town / Lonesome swallow.

(Atlantic 81778)

Hollywood, CA, 23-24 Settembre 1986.

Late Night At The Cafe Carlyle.Late Night At The Cafe Carlyle.

Bobby Short (p,vc) Beverly Peer (b) Robert Scott (dr)

Do I hear you saying I love you ? / Tea for two / Night and day / Too marvelous for words / Love is here to stay / Drop me off in Harlem / Body and soul / I can’t give you anything but love / I can dream, can’t I ? / I get a kick out of you / Satin doll / Street of dreams / The nearness of you / Paradise / Easy to love /After you, who ? / Every time we say goodbye.

(Telarc CD83311)

Live Carlyle Hotel, New York, 20-22 Giugno 1991.

Swing That Music.Swing That Music.

Bobby Short (vc,p) acc by Dan Barrett (tb) Chuck Wilson (as,cl,fl) Howard Alden (g) Frank Tate (b) Jackie Williams (dr)

Take love easy / They say it’s spring / Gone with the wind / If dreams come true / Can this be love ? / Chez moi / Killin’ myself / Sleep, baby, don’t cry / Restless / Tenderly / Drop me off in Harlem / Ghost of yesterday / Swing that music / White Christmas.

(Telard CD 83317)

New York, 21-23 Gennaio 1993.

Songs Of New York.Songs Of New York.

Bobby Short (vc,p) acc by Warren Vache (cnt) Chuck Wilson (as,cl,fl) Bucky Pizzarelli (g) Frank Tate (b) Jackie Williams (dr)

New York, New York / Penthouse serenade / She’s a latin from Manhattan /Autumn in New York / Manhattan / The east side of heaven / When love beckoned / Way out west on West End Avenue / Medley: Black butterfly, Harmlem butterfly / My personal property / Broadway / Sidewalks of New York / Take me back to Manhattan / Upper Madison Avenue blues.

(Telarc 83346)

Live Cafe Carlyle, New York, 26-27 Febbraio 1995.

Celebrating 30 Years At The Cafe Carlyle.Celebrating 30 Years At The Cafe Carlyle

Bobby Short (vc,p) acc by John Eckert, Virgil Jones, Daryl Shaw (tr) Eddie Bert, Bob Pring (tb) Jay Brandford (as,cl) Loren Schoenberg (ts,cl) Scott Robinson (cl.b) Frank Tate (b) Klaus Suonsaari (dr)

Medley: I like the likes of you, I’ve got my eyes on you, From this moment on / You’ve got that thing / The carioca / Guess who’s in town / Medley: Moten swing, You’re driving me crazy / How’s your romance ? / At long last love / I can’t get started / Hooray for love / Body and soul / Just one of those things / Romance in the dark / On the street of dreams / Picture me without you.

(Telarc 83428) New York, 18-20 Agosto 1997.chiusura


Port Gibson, Mississippi. 1962.

Arrivato a St.Louis nel 1930 incide i suoi primi dischi per la Paramount sotto il nome di “Jelly Jaw Short”. Lavora poi con Douglas Williams come clarinettista, suona con Big Joe Williams con il quale registra nel 1958 e nel 1962 il critico Sanuel Charters gli fa incidere una serie di blues. Bluesmen del Delta dalla voce essenziale, dal tono grezzo, rude che ne fanno una voce molto originale.chiusura


Newark, New Jersey. 29/5/1932.

Fratello del più celebre Wayne, ha iniziato a suonare anch’egli il sassofono e ha diretto insieme al fratello un piccolo gruppo. Ha suonato il flicorno e la tromba mentre frequentava la Haward University dal 1952 al 1954. Trasferitosi a New York all’inizio degli anni ’60, ha lavorato con Carla Bley, Pharoah Sanders e nel gruppo di Charles Moffet. Ha registrato con il fratello Wayne, poi con Marion Brown. Ha fatto parte del Sunny Murray’s Acoustical Swinf Quartet a San Francisco nell’agosto del 1967. Ha registrato “Four For Trance” con Archie Shepp, poi nel 1968 ha inciso il suo primo disco da leader ”Parabolic” insieme a Gato Barbieri, Charlie Haden, Reggie Johnson e Mohammed Rashied Ali. Ritrovatosi a Parigi con Shepp al Festival di Antibes nel 1970, ha lavorato con Alan Silva, con Francois Tusques ed ha inciso con il sassofonista inglese Gary Windo e con Johnny Dyani. Siamo nel 1972 e da questa data non si hanno più notizie della sua attività e della sua vita.


Orgasm.Alan Shorter Orgasm.

Alan Shorter (flic) Gato Barbieri (st) Charlie Haden (b) Muhammad Ali (dr)

Parabola / Orgasm.

Alan Shorter (flic) Gato Barbieri (st) Reggie Johnson (b) Rashied Ali (dr)

Outroids / Joseph / Rapids / Straight Of Blagellan.

(Verve 314557 094) New York, estate, 1968.

Tes Esat.Alan Shorter Tes Esat.

Alan Shorter (tp,flic) Gary Windo (st) Johnny Mbizo Dyani (b,fl,p) Rene Augustus (dr)

Disposition (pt 1) / Disposition (pt 2) / Beast of Bash / One million squared.

(America AM6118)

Parigi, 11-03-1970.chiusura


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