New Orleans, Louisiana. 26/8/1960.

Sassofonista nato e cresciuto in una famiglia nella quale la musica è pane quotidiano. Il padre Ellis ha dimostrato di essere un discreto pianista e ha desiderato che il figlio seguisse gli studi classici. Ha frequentato la “New Orleans Center Of The Creative Arts” ed in seguito la “Southern University” di Baton Rouge ed infine la “Berklee of Music” di Boston. E’ entrato nel mondo del pop e del funk dal 1980, quindi è passato al jazz ingaggiato da Clark Terry, per poi far parte dei Jazz Messengers di Art Blakey, in sostituzione di Bobby Watson, gruppo nel quale suonava anche il fratello Wynton. In seguito ha suonato nel quintetto del fratello Wynton, con John Hicks, nel 1983 nel V.S.O.P. II, ha registrato con Ray Drummond, Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby Hutcherson e poi nel 1984 è entrato nel gruppo di Miles Davis. Ha collaborato con Billy Hart, con JoAnne Bracken e con Ed Thigpen. Ha registrato con la “Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra” nel 1990, ha collaborato con Joey Calderazzo, Harry Connick Jr., Shirley Horn, Roy Hargrove, Robin Eubanks, Mark Whitfield. Ha fatto anche dei tour con il padre. Preferisce lavorare free lance, nei Festival e nei Club. Nel 1996 gli è stato affidato un posto di rilievo nello staff dirigenziale della Columbia. Ha avuto anche la direzione musicale di un programma televisivo. Sassofonista molto tecnico ed il suo stile è un ripercorrere il bop.


Scenes In The City.Scenes In The City.

Branford Marsalis (st) John Longo (tp) Robin Eubanks (tb) Mulgrew Miller (p) Kenny Kirkland (p) Ron Crater (b) Ray Drumond (b) Charnett Moffett (b) Phil Bowder (b) Marvin Smith (dr) Jeffrey Watts (dr) Wendell Pierce (narr)

No Backstage Pass / Scenes In The City / Solstice / Waiting For Tain / No Sidestepping / Parable.

(Columbia CK 38951)

New York, 18-19 Aprile e 28-29 Novembre 1983.

Royal Garden Blues.Royal Garden Blues.

Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Ellis Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland, Larry Willis, Herbie Hancosk (p) Ron Carter, Charnett Moffett, Ira Coleman (b) Jeff Tain Watts, Ralph Peterson, Al Foster, Marvin Smitty Smith (dr)

Swinging At The Haven / Dienda / Strike Up The Band / Emanon / Royal Garden Blues / Shadows / The Wrath Of Tain.

(Columbia 468704 CD)

New York, 2-7-86.

Romances For Saxophone.Romances For Saxophone.

Branford Marsalis (st) con la English Chambers Orchestra diretta da Andrew Litton.

Debussy : L’Isle Joyeuse / Faure : Pavane / Debussy : Arabesque n.1 / Rachmaninoff : Vocalise / Stravinski : Pastorale / Colombier : Emanuel / Villa-Lobos : Bachianas Brasileiras n.5 / Satie : Gymnopedie n.3 / Ravel : Prelude From (Le Tombeau De Couperin) / Debussy : Piece En Forme De Habanera.

(Columbia CBS MK 42122)

Londra, 1-1-87.


Branford Marsalis (st) Herbie Hancock (p) Buster Williams (b)

The Peacocks.

New York, 31-12-86.

Branford Marsalis (st)


Carmel, Concert By The Sea, 25-1-87.

Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Kenny Kirkland (p) Bob Hurst (b) Tony Williams (dr)

Just One Of Those Things / Lament / Love Stone / Citadel / The Wrath (Structure Burnout)

(CBS 460229) Los Angeles, 26-28 Gennaio 1987.


Branford Marsalis (st) Ellis Marsalis (p) Lonie Plaxico (b) Marvin Smitty Smith (dr)

Steep’s Yeek / Coming Home.

(CBS Sony 25 DP-5495) New York, Febbraio 1987.

Random Abstract.Random Abstract.

Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Kenny Kirkland (p) Delbert Felix (b) Lewis Nash (dr)

Yes And No / Crescent City / Broadway Fools / Lonjellis / I Thought About You / Lonely Woman / Steep’s Theme / Yesterdays / Crepuscule With Nellie.

(Columbia 468707)

Tokyo, 12-13 Agosto 1987.


Trio Jeepy.Trio Jeepy.

Branford Marsalis (st) Milt Hinton (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Housed From Edward /The Nearmess Of You / Three Little Words /Makin’Whoopee / UMMG / Gutbucket Steepy / Makin’Whoopee (Reprise) / Stardust.

Stesso gruppo, Delber Felix per Hinton.

Doxy / Peace / Randon Abstract (Tain’s Rampage)

(Columbia CBS 465134) New York, 3-4 Gennaio 1988.

Stay Awake (Artisti vari).

James Taylor (vc-g-whistle) The Roachs (vc) Branford Marsalis (st) John Scofield (g) Don Gronlick (p) Steve Swallow (b) Mark Bingham (g) Michael Blair (bumming boy)

Second Star To The Right (from Peter Pam) / Fight The Power (3 takes)

(A & M 75021-3918) New York, 1988.

The Russian House.

Branford Marsalis (ss) Michael Lang (p) Billy Childs (p) John Patitucci (b) Tony Dumas (b) Ralph Pendal (dr) Patti Austin (vc)

Katya / Introductions / The Conversation / Training / Katya And Barley / Bob Voyage / The Merting / What Is Thing Called Love / Alone In The Word / The Gift / Full Marks / Barley’s Love / My Only Country / Crossing Over / The Deal / The Family Arrives.

(MCA MCAD 10136) Los Angeles, 1989.

Crazy People Music.Crazy People Music.

Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Kenny Kirkland (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff ”Tain” Watts. (dr)

Spartacus / The Dark Knight / Wolverine / Mr.Steepee / Rose Petals / Random Abstract (Diddle-It) / The Ballad Og Chet Kincaid (Hikky-Burr)

(CBS 466870)

New York, 10 Gennaio e 1 Marzo 1990.


Music From Mo’ Better Blues.Music From Mo’ Better Blues.

Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Terence Blanchard (tp) Kenny Kirkland (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff ”Tain” Watts (dr) Cynda Williams (vc) Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes (vc) Gangstar (vc) Mark Ledford, Tawatha Agee, B.David Whitworth (vc) The Brooklyn Crooks (coro) Claire Fisher (arr)

Harlem Blues / Say Hey / Again Never / M’Better Blues / Pop Top 40 / Beneath The Underdog / Jazz Thing.

(Columbia CK 46792)

New York, 31-7-90.

The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.

Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Watts (dr)

Roused About / The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born / Beat’s Remark / Xavier’s Lair / Citizen Tain / Gilligan’s Isle.

Wembley, Londra, 16-18 Maggio 1991.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Watts (dr)

Cain & Abel.

Astoria, New York, 13-6-91.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Courtney Pine (st) Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Watts (dr)

Dewey Baby.

(Columbia 468896) New York, 24-1-91.


Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff ”Tain” Watts (dr)

Xavier’s Lair / Everything Happens To Me / Thwe Beautyful Ones / Citizen Tain / Friday The 13 th / Roused About.

(Columbia 473771)

Auditorium Indiana University Bloomington, 23-9-91.


Branford Marsalis Sextet.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) David Sagher (tb) Branford Marsalis (ss) Wess Anderson (sa) Robert Leslie Hurts III (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Sidney In Da Haus.

(Columbia CK 472169) New York, Dicembre 1991.

I Heard You Twice The First Time.I Heard You Twice The First Time.

Wynton Marsalis, Ear Gardner (tp) Delfeayo Marsalis, David Sagher (tb) Branford Marsalis (ss-sa-st) Wessle Anderson (sa) Kenny Kirkland (p) Russell Malone (g) Joe Louis Walker, T-Blade (g) Robert Hurst, Reginald Veal (b) Jeff ”Tain” Watts, Herlin Riley, Bernard Purdie (dr) B.B.King , Jones Lee Hooker (g-vc) Linda Hopkins, Charles Dutton, Thomas Hollis, Roscoe Carroll, Carl Gordon, Patrick Smith, Dave Kennedy, Daryl Cornutt (vc)

Brither Trying To Catch A Cab (On The East Side) Blues / B.B.’s Blues / Rib Tip Johnson/ Mabel / Sidney In Da Haus / Berta Berta / Stretto From The Ghetto / Dance Of The Hei Gui / The Road You Choose / Simi Valley Blues.

(Columbia 472169) Burbanl Berkeley, Hollywood, New York, e New Orleans, 1992.

Sneakers – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.Sneakers

Branford Marsalis (ss) con orchestra diretta da James Horner.

Main Title / Too Many Secrets / The Sneakers Theme / Cosmo..Old Friend / The Hand-off / Planning The Sneak / Playtronics Break.In / The Escape – Whistler’s Rescue / Goodbye / And The Blind Shall See.

(Columbia CK 53146)

Hollywood, 29-9-92.


David And Goliath.David And Goliath.

Mel Gibson (narratore) Branford Marsalis (sax) Frank London (tp) David Harris (tb) Don Byron (vc) Joel Rubin (cl) Marcus Rojas (tuba) Jeffery Cambell (g) Adam Rogers (g) Mohsen A Raouf (viol) Mino Cinelu (perc) David Licht (perc) Sussan Deihim (vc) Reza Derakhshani (sebtar-tar) Hassan Hakmoun (sentir-vc) Magdi Helmy (zourna) Richard Horowitz (ney) Radwane Laktib (vc-oud) Oaul Leek (tabla-tamb) Benjamin Austin, Bob Hunter (handclaps)

David And Goliath / The Promise / Psalm / Battle Cries / In The Wilderness / Dispelling The Demons / Crisis / The Glory / L’Chaim.

(RCE 74041-70517-2) Los Angeles e New York, 1992.

All Men Are Brothers: A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield.

Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Tony Maiden (g) Kenny Kirkland (p) Sal Marquez (tp)

Matt Finders (tb) The Impressions.

Fool For You.

(Warner Brow 45500-2) Califronia, 1993.

Buckshot LeFonque.Buckshot LeFonque.

Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Roy Hargrove (tp) Chuck Findley (tp) Matt Finders (tb) Delfeao Marsalis (tb) David Barry (g) Kevin Eubanks (g) Roy Fuller (g) Nils Lofgren (g) Albert Collins (key) Robert Hurst (b) Darryl Jones (b) Larry Kimpel (b) Victor Woodman (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr) Chuck Morris (dr) DJ Premire (dr/progr) Naya Angelou (vc) Frank McComb (vc) Blackheart (vc) Tommy Towsend (vc) Lady Rage (vc) Uptown (vc) Fikre Asmamaw, Betlemen Kiros, Tsige Metageshaic, Serlewowgel Solomon, Alexandra Assefa (vc) Bobbette Harrison, Kim Brown, Beverly Bray (vc)

Ladies And Gentleman Presenting / The Blackwidow Blues / I Know Why The Caged Birds Sings / Mona Lisa / Wonders And Sings / Ain’t If Funny / Some Cow Fonque (More Tea ViCar) Some Shit / Hotter Than Hot / Blackwidow / Breakfast & Denny’s / Shoot The Piano Player / No Pain No Gain / Sorry Elton / And We Out / Breakfast & Denny’s.

(Columbia 5060202) Los Angeles, Greensboro, 1993 – 1994.

Stolen Moments – Red Hot + Cool.

Branford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

A Love Supreme.

(GRP GRD 9704) California, 25-10-94.

The Dark Keys.The Dark Keys.

Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Joe Lovano (st) Kenny Garrett (sa) Reginald Veal (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

The Dark Keys / Hesitation / A Thousand Autumns / Sentiel / Lykeif / Judas Iscariot / Bluetain / Shott Happens.

(Columbia 486668)

New York, 31 Luglio – e Agosto 1996.



Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Kenny kirkland (p) Eric Revis (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Doctone / Trieste / A Thousand Autums / Lykief / Bullworth / Wlysium / Cassandra / 16 th St.Babtist Church.

(Columbia 069655)

Tarrytown, New York, 17-20 Agosto e 8-10 Dicembre 1998.


Contemporary Jazz.Contemporary Jazz.

Branford Marsalis (st) Joey Calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

In The Crease / Requiem / Elysium / Cheek To Cheek / Tain Mutiny / Ayanna / Countroious Rex / Sleepy Hollow.

(Columbia CK 63850)

New York, 1-4 Dicembre 1999.



Branford Marsalis (ss-st) con la Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

Gymnopedie / The Little Sheperd Fron Children’s Corner Suite / Pavene pour un infante defunte / La Creation du monde Op.81 / Pie Jesu From Requiem Op.48 / Sorocaba / Scaramouche Suite For Saxophone And Orchestra : Vif – Modere – Brazileria / Corcovado / Sumare / Concertino da camera for Alto Saxophone And Orchestra : Allegro con moto – Larghetto – Animato molto / Laranjeiras / Golliwogg’s.

(Sony SK 89251) New York, 9-12 Marzo 2000.


Branford Marsalis (ss) Orrin Evans (p) Mike Boone (b) Rodney Green (dr)


(Imani Rec. 022793) Pennsylvania, 25-26 Maggio 2000.

Footsteps Of Our Fathers.Footsteps Of Our Fathers.

Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Joey calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Giggin’ / The Freedom Suite : Movement I – Interlude – Movement II – Movement III / A Love Supreme : Acknowledgement – Resolution – Pursuance – Psalm / Concorde.

(Marsalis M.Rounder MARCD 3301)

New York, 2002.


Romare Bearden Revealed.Romare Bearden Revealed.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Dougle Wamble (g) Joey Calderazzo, Ellis Marsdalis (p) Harry Connick Jr. (p) Eric Revis, Reginald Veal (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr) Jason Marsalis (dr)

I’m Slappin’Seventh Avenue / Jungle Blues / Seabreeze / J Mood / B’s Paris Blues / Autumn lamp / Steppin’On The Blues / Laughin’& Talkin’ (With Higg) / Carolina Shout.

(Marsalis Music MARCD 3306)

New York, 22-25 Giugno, 30 Luglio e Filadelfia, 2-3-2003.


Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Joey Calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

The Ruby And The Pearl / Reika’s Loss / Gloomy Sunday / The Lonely Swan / Dinner For One Please, James / Muldoon / Eternal.

(Marsalis M / Rounder 11661-3309)

Tarrytown, New York, 7-10 Ottobre 2003.



Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Joey Calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Jack baker / Hope / Fate / Blakzilla / O Solitude / Sir Broderick, The Aloof / Black Elk Speaks.

(Marsalis Music 087 4046000420)

Durham, North Carolina, 13-16 Marzo 2006.



Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Joey Calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

The Return Of The Jitney Man / The Blossom Of Parting / Jabberwocky / Abe Vigoda / Rhythm-a-ning / Sphere / The Last Goodbye / And Then, He Has Gone / Samo.

(Marsalis Music CDMARs 0011)

25-27 Agosto 2007.


Songs Of Mirth And Melancholy.branford-marsalis-songs-of-mirth-and-melancholy

Branford Marsalis (sa,ss,st) Joey Calderazzo (p)

One Way [7:13] / The Bard Lachrymose [4:28] / La Valse Kendall [7:40] / Face On The Barroom Floor [4:31] / Endymion [6:02] / Die Trauernde [1:42] / Hope [8:49] / Precious [6:02] / Bri’s Dance [8:04]

(Universal Music)

Hayti Center, Durham, NC, 3-5 Gennaio 2010.

In My Solitude (Live At Grace Cathedral).branford-marsalis-in-my-solitude

Branford Marsalis (ss,sa,st)

Who Needs It [4:14] / Stardust [6:21] / Improvisation No.1 [6:33] / Sonata In A Minor For Oboe Solo Wq. 132: I Poco Adagio [4:53] / The Moment I Recall Your Face [6:36] / Improvisation No.2 [4:47] / Mai Op.7 [8:44] / Improvisation No.3 [6:29] / Improvisation No.4 [6:30] / Blues For One [6:35] / I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together [2:34]

(Okeh Records)

San Francisco, 5 Ottobre 2012.

Upward Spiral.

Branford Marsalis (sax) Kurt Elling (vc) Joey Calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Justin Faulkner (dr)

There’s A Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon For New York [5:24] / Blue Gardenia [4:36] / From One Island To Another [6:04] / Practical Arrangement [9:47] / Doxy [3:52] / I’m A Fool To Want You [3:03] / West Virginia Rose [2:31] / So Tinha De Ser Com Voce [3:41] / Momma Said [2:45] / Cassandra Song [8:31] / Blue Velvet [3:45] / The Return (Upward Spiral) [7:19] / Long as You’re Living (Bonus Track) [8:45]

(Marsalis Music) New Orleans, LA, 16-19 Dicembre 2015.

The Secret Between The Shadow And The Soul.

Branford Marsalis (sax) Joey Calderazzo (p) Eric Revis (b) Justin Faulkner (dr)

Dance Of The Evil Toys [8:23] / Conversation Among The Ruins [8:46] / Snake Hip Waltz [5:51] / Cianna [7:32] / Nilaste [10:15] / Life Filtering From The Water Flowers [9:00] / The Windup [12:30]

(Marsalis Music 19075914032) Clayton, Australia, 2019.chiusura


New Orleans, Louisiana. 28/7/1965

Terzo figlio di Ellis Marsalis e fratello di Wynton Marsalis, ha iniziato a suonare il basso elettrico ed il trombone a 12 anni, ha studiato alla Berklee College of Music, produzione ed ingegneria musicale e ha dato prima di laurearsi un concerto, nella scuola, di musiche da lui composte. Si è diplomato nel 1989 è ha iniziato a lavorare. Ha anche studiato alla Università di New Orleans letteratura inglese. Ha lavorato con Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Abdullah Ibrahim, nei Jazz Messengers di Art Blakey e nella primavera del 1991 ha diretto un suo gruppo con il quale nel 1992 ha riaperto il “Kimball’s” celebre locale di San Francisco. Dal 1993 al 1998 ha fatto parte della Elvin Jones’s Jazz Machine. Nel settembre del 1997 si è trasferito a New York, ed entrato nel gruppo di Max Roach, il “So What Brass 5”, con il quale è andato in tour. 


Pontius Pilate’s Decision. Pontius Pilate’s Decision.

Wynton Marsalis, Scotty Barnhart (tp) Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Brandford Marsalis (ss) Wessel Anderson (sa-sopran) Mark Gross (sa) Joshua Redman, Mark ”Nat” Turner (st) Victor ”Red” Atkins, Kenny Kirkland, Marcus Roberts (p) Chris Thomas, Bob Hurst, Reginald Veal (b) Jason Marsalis, Jeff Tain Watts, Herlin Riley (dr) Kimati (perc)

Pontius Pilate’s Decisoon / Adam’s Ecstasy: Eve’s Delight / Barabbas / The Weary Ways Of Mary Magdalena/ Nicodemus / Son Of The Virgin Mary / Reverend Judas Iscariot / Simon’s Journey / The Last Supper / The Crucifixion.

(Novus PD 90669 CD)

New York, New Orleans, Maggio 1991 e Marzo 1992.


Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Mark Gross (sa-ss) Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Yuchi Inoue (p) Shigeo Aramaki (b) Masahiko Osaka (dr)

Miyamoto Musashi / Queen Himiko.

(Paddel Wheel ECD 22187-2)

Tokyo, 29-30 Luglio 1996.


Minions Dominion.Minions Dominion.

Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Donald Harrison (sa) Brandford Marsalis (st) Mulgrew Miller (p) Edwin Livingston (b) Elvin Jones (dr) 

Brer Rabbit / Lone Warrior / If You Only Knew / Minions Dominion / Just Sqeeze Me / Weaver Of Dreams / Lost In The Concert.

(Troubadour Jass 090306)

27-28 Gennaio 2002.

Sweet Thunder.Sweet Thunder.

Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Victor Goines, Mark Gross, BRandford Marsalis (reeds) Mullgrew Miller (p) Victor Atkins (p) Charnett Moffett (b) Winard Harper (dr) Jason Marsalis (dr)

Such Sweet Tunder / Sonnet For Sister Kate / Sonnet To Hank Cinq / Half Th Sun / Up & Down, Up & Down / Madness In The Great Ones / Star-Crossed Lovers / Sonnett In The Search Of A Moor / The Telecasters / Sonnet For Caesar / Lady Mac / Circle Of Fourths.

(Troubadour Record 92110) 8-9 Gennaio 2008.

The Last Southern Gentlemen.

Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Ellis Marsalis (p) John Clayton (b) Marvin “Smitty” Smith (dr)

The Secret Love Affair [5:35] / Autumn Leaves [6:00] / She’s Funny That Way [3:10] / Sesame Street [5:40] / I’m Confessin [5:30] / But Beautiful [7:00] / Speak Low [7:45] / Nancy [5:50] / The Man With Two Left Feet [4:20] / That Old Feeling [5:15] / My Romance [3:45] / If I Were A Bell [4:45] / I Cover The Waterfront [5:30]

(Troubadour Jass Records TJR081814) 2014.

Kalamazoo, An Evening With Delfeayo Marsalis.

Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Christian O’Neill Diaz (vc) Ellis Marsalis Jr (p) Reginald Veal (b) Madison George, Ralph Peterson (dr)

Tin Roof Blues [9:41] / Autumn Leaves [8:31] / My Funny Valentine [8:45] / Sesame Street Theme [6:26] / If I Were A Bell [6:23] / The Secret Love Affair [7:48] / It Don’t Mean A Thing [7:28] / Introducing The Blues [2:05] / Blue Kalamazoo [5:29] / Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans [6:58]

(Troubadour Jass Records TJR093017)

Dalton Center Recital Hall, Western Michigan University, 17 Aprile 2015.chiusura



New Orleans, 14/11/1934. – New Orleans, 1/4/2020.

Se non avesse avuto tra i figli musicisti, diventati celebri, Wynton o Brandford molto probabilmente le cronache musicali non si sarebbero occupate di lui, invece egli ha avuto anche grandi meriti culturali e musicali. Ha ricevuto le prime lezioni di musica presso un istituto religioso, dal quale è stato espulso perché suonava del jazz. Ha studiato alla Xavier University Junior School of Music. Ha iniziato a suonare il sassofono nel Johnson Brother Group, un piccolo gruppo locale, mentre ha continuato gli studi alla Dillard University, dove si è diplomato in musica nel 1955. Ha proseguito negli studi alla Loyola University. Ha suonato il pianoforte con Alvin Baptiste, Nat Perilliat, Ed Blackwell, Harold Battiste, e con Ornette Coleman. Dopo il servizio militare nella marina, tornato a New Orleans, ha messo su un trio nella sua città insieme al bassista Marshall Smith ed il batterista James Black, con il quale si esibiva al Playboy Club e ha anche registrato. Ha insegnato alla Carver High School di Breaux Bridge, Louisiana ed al New Orleans Center For The Creative Arts. Ha suonato con Al Hirt nel 1967, ha lavorato nei club dove accompagnando Clarke Terry, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Harry Edison, i fratelli Adderley di passaggio per New Orleans nel 1962. Dal 1986 al 1989 ha insegnato alla Virginia Commonwealth University di Richmond e all’Università di New Orleans. Ha diretto dei suoi gruppi dove spesso ha avuto qualche figlio, nel 1987 ha fatto parte dell’America Jazz Quintet, ha registrato in duo con Eddie Harris, con Art Blakey, con Courtney Pine, con David Fathead Newman, con Wessel Anderson. Ha ricevuto una laurea ad honorem alla Dillar University. Pianista pulito, dallo stile tradizionale, che compendia un pò tutti gli stili da Jelly Roll Morton a Bill Evans. Gli va dato atto di essere andato controtendenza nella città del jazz dove tutti i pianisti negli anni ’50 e ’60 suonavano il revival o il rock’n’roll, egli ha suonato il piano in maniera moderna, affiancando l’attività musicologica per ribadire la vera identità afroamericana.


The Classic Ellis Marsalis.The Classic Ellis Marsalis.

Nat Perilliat (st) Ellis Marsalis (p) Marshall Smith (b) James Black (dr)

Monkey Puzzle / Winstle Stomp / After / Dee Wee / 12’s It / Yesterdays / Magnolia Triangle / Swinging At The Haven / Little Joy / ‘Round About Midnight / A Night In Tunisia.

(Boblicity 6)

Gennaio e Marzo 1963.

Piano In E / Solo Piano.Piano In E

Ellis Marsalis (piano solo)

Hallucinations / Django / Jitterburg Waltz / Nica’s Dream / So In Love / Fourth Autumn / Zee Blues.

(Rounder 2100 CD)

New Orleans, 19-7-86.


A Night At Snug Harbor.A Night At Snug Harbor.

Nicholas Payton (tp) Tony Dagradi (sa) Rick Nargitza, Donald Harrison (st) Ellis Marsalis (p) Bill Huntington (b) Art Blakey (dr)

Introduction / Nothin’But The Blues / The Call / After / Some Monk Funk / I Can’t Get Started / Jutterbug / The Very Thought Of You / A Night In Tunisia.

(Somethin’Else CJ 325514)


Piano Ellis Marsalis Trio.Piano Ellis Marsalis Trio.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Bob Hurst (b) Jeff ”Tain” Watts (dr)

Synfrone / Emily / Just Squeeze Me / Little Niles / Limenhouse Blues / A Moment Alone / Lil’Boy Man / Jitterburg Waltz / The Garden / Chapter One / I Thught About You.

(Blue Note CDP 7 96107)

New York, 18 Marzo 1990.

Heart Of Gold.Heart Of Gold.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Ray Brown (b) Reginald Veal (b) Billy Higgins (dr) Herlin Riley (dr) Jason Marsalis (dr)

Have You Met Miss Jones / Never Let Me Go / Chapeter 2 / This Can Be Love / Spring Can Really Hang You The Most / Swinging At The Haven / Heart Of Gold / Dr.Jazz / Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans / I Can’t Give You Anithing But Love / Surrey With The Fringe On nTop / Love For Sale / Sweet Georgia Brown / El’Ray Blues / A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.

(Columbia CK 47509 CD) Burbank, California, Febbraio 1991.

Whistle Stop.Whistle Stop.

Branford Mrsalis (st-ss) Ellis Marsalis (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Whistle Stop / Dee Wee / A Moment Alone / Mozartin’Cry Again / Lil’Boy Man / Monkey Puzzle / After / Beautiful Old Ladies / Little Joy.

Branford Mrsalis (st-ss) Ellis Marsalis (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jason Marsalis (dr)

Magnolia Triangle / Cochise.

Ellis Marsalis (piano solo)

When We Fisrt Met.

(Columbia 474555) Los Angeles, 20-21 Marzo e 6 Giugno 1993.

Joe Cool’s Blues.Joe Cool’s Blues.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Reginald Veal (b) Martin Buttler (dr)

Pappermint Patty / Oh Good Grieff / Charlie Brown / Pebble Beach.

Chuck Findley (tp) Delfeao Marsalis (tb) Branford Marsalis (st) Tom Peterson (sb) Ellis Marsalis (p) Reginald Veal (b) Martin Buttler (dr) Germaine Bazzle (vc)

Little Birdle.

(Columbia 478259) New Orleans, 12 Aprile 1994.

Loved Ones.Loved Ones.

Ellis Marsalis (piano solo)

Delilah / Miss Otis Regrets / Louise / Nancy / Dear Dolores.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Branford Marsalis (st-ss)

Maria / Lulu’s Back In Town / Angelica / Stella By Starlight / Bess You Is My Woman / Liza / Laura / Alice In Wonderland / Sweet Lorraine.

(Columbia 483624) New York, 14 Agosto e 11 Settembre 1995.

The Songs Of West Side Story. (Artisti vari)

Branford Marsalis (ss-st) Bruce Hornsby (p) Larry Kimpel (b) Simon Phillips (dr) Brian Kilgore (perc) Patti Austin (vc) Greg Philliganes (key) Jerry Hey (tp-flic-arr)


(RCA 09026-62707-2) California, 1995.

Twelve’s It.Twelve’s It.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Roland Guerin (b) Jasom Marsalis (dr)

Twelve’s It / Syndrome / Homecoming / Mozartin’ / The Surrey With The Fringe On Top / Tell me / All Good Intentions / Zee Blues.

New Orleans, 1-2 Marzo 1996.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Bill Huntington (b) Jasom Marsalis (dr)

Orchid blue / Friendships / I’ve Grow Accustomed To Her Face / The Party’s Over.

(Columbia CK 69123 CD) New Orleans, 19 Ottobre 1997.

Duke In Blue.Duke In Blue.

Ellis Marsalis (p)

The Mooche / Prelude To A Kiss / Squatty Roo / Sophisticated Lady / Just Squeeze Me / Mood Indigo / Caravan / Come Sunday / Creole Love Call / Rflections In D / Dropp Me On In Harlem / Melancholia / Medley : I’m Beginning To See The Light – Do Nothin’Till You Hear From Me / Duke In Blue.

(Jazz 637631)

23-24 Marzo 1999.

Ruminations In New York.

Ellis Marsalis (p)

Things That You Never Were [3:49] / A Moment Alone [4:45] / Haven’s Paradise [4:06] / Homecoming [4:42] / After [4:25] / Tell Me [3:34] / Somehow [4:30] / Orchid Blue [4:12] / Happiness Is The Thing [3:40] / Chapter One [4:06] / When We First Met [5:38] / Zee Blues [2:14]

(ESP Disk ‎4000)

New York, Kaufman Astoria Studios, 29 Maggio 2003.

Pure Pleasure For The Piano.ellis-marsalis-pure-pleasure-for-the-piano

Ellis Marsalis, Makoto Ozone (p) Branford Marsalis (sa)

Confusing Blues [4:51] / Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? [7:19] / Sweet Georgia Brown [4:42] / A Moment Alone [4:26] / Emily [6:48] / Longing For The Past [7:42] / What Is This Thing Called Love [6:06] / Struttin’ With Some Barbecue [5:04]

(Verve Records UCCJ-2104)

New York, 16-17 Maggio 2012.chiusura


Una celebrazione della famiglia Marsalis, che per la prima volta dai tempi delle recite domestiche, si ritrovano uniti sul palcoscenico. L’occasione è stata creata per fare un omaggio rivolto alla figura paterna.


A Jazz Celebration.A Jazz Celebration.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Ellis Marsalis (p) Roland Guerin (b) Jason Marsalis (dr)

Swinging At The haven / The Surrey With The Fringe On Top / Wynton Speaks / Cain And Abel / Nostalgic Impressions / After / Sultry Serenade / Harry Speaks / Saint James Infrimary.

Stesso gruppo con anche Harry Connick (p-vc) Lucine Barbarin (tb)

Struttin’With Some Barbecue / Twelve’s It.

(CBS 3302) Kiefen Uno Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, 4-8-2001.

Music Redeems.Music Redeems.

Ellis Marsalis (p) Branford Marsalis (sax) Wynton Marsalis (tr) Ellis Marsalis III (vc) Delfeayo Marsalis (tb) Jason Marsalis (dr,vib) Harry Connick, Jr. (p) Eric Revis (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Introducing…The Marsalis Family / Donna Lee / Wynton And Branford Speak / Monkey Puzzle / After / Syndrome / Sweet Georgia Brown / Harry Speaks / Teo / The Man And The Ocean / At The House, In Da Pocket / The 2nd Line


Washington D.C., 15-6-2009.chiusura



New Orleans, Louisiana. 4/3/1977.

Ultimo rampollo della stirpe dei Marsalis, senz’altro la famiglia più impegnata della storia del jazz. Ha iniziato a studiare il violino e la batteria e si è impegnato seriamente nello studio delle percussioni, con la quali ha esordito con un suo quartetto. Dal 1991 al 1998 ha suonato in trio con il padre, ha registrato anche con i fratelli e dal 1993 al 1994 con Edward Petersen. Nel 1994 con Marcus Roberts ha fatto una tournée ed ha inciso dei dischi. Ha anche registrato con Marcus Printup, Harold Battiste, Marlon Jordan. Nel 1997 ha fatto parte del gruppo fusion di Rick Trolsen, nel 1998 con Bill Summers, con Irvin Mayfield. Un particolare ricordo che ci ha colpito durante un Festival del Jazz di Pescara di qualche anno fa: Jason che all’epoca poteva avere otto anni, durante l’esibizione del fratello Wynton, era tra le quinte a rifare il verso con le bacchette in mano a Marvin ”Smitty” Smith il batterista del fratello.chiusura



New Orleans, Luisiana. 18/10/1961.

Probabilmente il trombettista più famoso degli anni ’80. Maturato sotto gli insegnamenti del padre pianista e buon insegnante, a otto anni già suona con Danny Barker, con il quale ha partecipato al New Orleans Jazz and Heritage. A 14 anni si è esibito nella Haydn’t Trumpet Concerto con la New Orleans Philarmonic orchestra. Ha studiato al Berkshire Music Center a Tanglewood e alla Julliard School. Ha esordito da professionista con i Jazz Messengers di Art Blakey nel 1979, ha suonato poi con Chico Freeman e nel 1981 in quartetto con Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter e Tony Williams, registrando il suo primo album da leader. Dal 1982 è stato attivo sempre con un suo gruppo, alternando l’attività jazzistica con quella classica e sinfonica. Nel 1983 ha fatto parte dei V.S.O.P. II e nel 1984 è stato il primo musicista a vincere il Grammy Hawards sia per il jazz che nella musica classica. E’ diventato dirigente del programma della Lincoln Center “Classical Jazz”, che nell’estate del 1987 è diventato una divisione di jazz autonoma di cui egli é direttore artistico. Nel 1988 ha organizzato dei concerti di jazz e la Lincon Center Jazz Orchestra. Tromba dalla tecnica eccezionale, dalla preparazione ineccepibile e dalla voce limpidissima. Ha saputo attraverso un profondo studio far sue le tecniche dei grandi del passato, soprattutto Armstrong. Questa perfezione che lo ha portato ad un grande successo, ha suscitato invidie e polemiche sul suo reale valore. I detrattori gli imputano una carenza di sentimento e di feeling. Mentre altri sostengono il contrario e se in qualche occasione la tecnica ha sovrastato il pathos, è un male comune a tutti i musicisti della nuova generazione. Nel 1997 è entrato a far parte del ”New York State Council Of The Arts”. E’ il primo musicista di jazz, oltre che il più giovane ad essere stato insignito del premio Pulitzer. Per il carisma, per le indubbie capacità imprenditoriali, l’influenza che riesce ad avere su gli altri musicisti e su altri che lo circondano, difficilmente in tutta la storia del jazz troveremo un personaggio che gli può stare alla pari. La sua carriera è stato un susseguirsi di successi, ha partecipato a molte famose manifestazioni ed ha avuto molte iniziative volte alla divulgazione e la valorizzazione del culto del jazz.


Wynton Marsalis.Wynton Marsalis.columbia

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Billy Pierce (st) Bobby Watson (sa) Kenny Kirkland (p) Charles Fambrough (b) Art Blackey (dr) ed altri.

Father Time / I’ll Be There When The Time Is Right / RJ / Hesitation / Sister Ceryl / Who Can I Turn To / Twilight.

(Columbia 7574)

Agosto 1981.

Fathers And Sons.Fathers And Sons.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Brandford Marsalis (st) Ellis Marsalis (p) Charles Fambrough (b) James Black (dr)

Twelve’s It / A Joy Forever / Nostalgic Impressions / Fururistic / Lush Life.

(Columbia 37972) New York, 6-7 Aprile 1981.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Branford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Charles Frambrough (b) Jeff Watts (dr)


(Columbia CK 37574) New York, 7-5-81.

God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen.God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Branford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Clarence Seay (b) Jeff Watts (dr)

Father Time 1 / I’ll Be There When / The Time Is Right 2 / We Three Kings Of Orient Are 1.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Branford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Charles Frambrough (b) Jeff Watts (dr) 


(Columbia CK 37574 – CK 37511) New York, 8-5-81.

Jingle Bell Jazz.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Brandford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Clarence Seay (b) Jeffrey Watts (dr)

We Three Kings Of Orient Are.

(Columbia/CBS CK 40166) New York, Agosto 1981.

Artisti Vari.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Branford Marsalis (st) George Adams (st) Kenny Barron (p) Ron Carter (b) Wilby Fletcher (dr) William Fisher (arr-dir)

Nino Rota Medley : The White Sheik – I Vitelloni – Il Bidone – The Nights Of Cabiria.

(HNBL CD 9301) New York, Settembre 1981.


Wynton Marsalis (tp) Craig Harris (tb) Paquito D’Rovera (sa) Chico Freeman (st) Hamiet Bluiett (sb) James Newton (fl) John Purcell (fh-oboe-fl) Anthony Davis (p) Jay Hoggard (vib) John Blake (viol) Kevin Eubanks (g) Abdul Wadud (cello) Avery Sharpe, Fred Hopkins (b) Ronnie Burrage (dr) Daniel Ponce (perc) Bobby McFerrin (vc)

Nigerian Sunset.

Stesso gruppo senza Hoggard.

What Ever Happened To The Dream Deferred.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Chico Freeman (st) Kevin Eubanks (g) Avery Sharpe (b) Ronnie Burrage (dr)


Wynton Marsalis (tp) James Newton (fl) John Blake (viol) Kevin Eubanks (g) Avery Sharpe (b) Ronnie Burrage (dr)

Endless Flight.

(EMI 960196) Carnegie Hall, New York, 30-6-82.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Herbie Hancock (p) Ron Carter (b) Tony Williams (dr)

The Eye Of Thye Hurricane / The Sorcerer.

New York, 1982.

Think Of One.Think Of One.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Brandford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Phil Bowler (b) Jeffrey Watts (dr)

Knozz-Moe-King / My Ideal / Think Of One / The Bell Ringer.

Stesso gruppo Ray Drummond per Bowler.

Fuchsia / What Is Happening Here (Now) / Later / Melancholia.

(Columbia 468709 CD) New York, 15-18 Febbraio 1983.

Monterey Jazz Festival.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Brandford Marsalis (st) Kenny Kirkland (p) Phil Bowler (b) Jeff ”Tain” Watts (dr)

Think Of One.

(Warner Bros 46703) Monterey, California, 17-9-83.

Hot House Flowers.Hothouse Flowers.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Kent Jordan (fl) Kenny Kirkland (p) Ron Carter (b) Jeffrey Watts (dr) orchestra diretta da Robert Friedman : Paul McCandless (oboe-fh) Andrew Schwartz (fag) Peter Gordon (corno) Tony Price (tuba) Charles Libove (viol) Ingrid Arden, Regis landiorio, Winterton Garvey, Louann Montesi, Guilliermo Figueroa, Harru Glickman, Raimond Kunicki, Patmore Lewis, Diane Monroe, Peter Dimitriades, Gayle Dixon (viol) Al Brown, Theodore Israel, Mitsue Takayama, Harry Zaratzian (viola) Fred Zlotkin, Seymour Barab, Richard Locker, Alvin Clinton McCall (cello)

Stardust / Lazy Afternoon / For All We Know / When You Wish Upon A Star/ Django / Melancholia / Hot House Flowers / I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Brandford Marsalis (st-ss) Kent Jordan (fl) Kenny Kirkland (p) Ron Carter (b) Jeffrey Watts (dr)

Aural Oasis.

(Columbia 468710 CD) New York, 30-31 Maggio 1984.

Black Codes (From The Underground).Black Codes

Wynton Marsalis/tp) Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Kenny Kirkland (p) Charnett Moffett (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Black Codes / For Wee Folks / Delfeyo’s Dilemma / Phryzzian Man / Chambers Of Tain / Blues.

Wynton Marsalis (tr) Branford Marsalis (st-ss) Kenny Kirkland (p) Ron Carter (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr) 

Aural Oasis.

(Columbia 468711) New York, 11-14 Gennaio 1985.

J Mood.J Mood.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Marcus Roberts (p) Robert Leslie Hurst (b) Jeff Watts (dr)

J Mood / Presence That Lament Brings / Insane Asylum / Skain’s Domain / Melodique / After / Much Later.

(Columbia 468712)

New York, 17-20 Dicembre 1985.


Standard Time Vol.1.Standard Time Vol.1.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Marcus Roberts (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Caravan / April In Paris / Cherokee / New Orleans / Soon All Will Know / Foggy Day / The Song Is You / Memories Of You / In The Afterglow / Autumn Leaves / Cherokee.

(Columbia 468713)

New York, 29-30 Maggio e 25 Settembre 1986.


Thick In The South.Thick In The South.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Joe Henderson (st) Marcus Roberts (p) Robert Leslie Hurst III (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Harriett Tubman / Thick In The South / So This Is Jazz Hu.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Joe Henderson (st) Marcus Roberts (p) Robert Leslie Hurst III (b) Elvin Jones (dr) 

Elveen / L.C.On The Cut.

(Columbia CK 47977) New York, Maggio-Settembre 1986.

Live At Blues Alley.Live At Blues Alley.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Marcus Roberts (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Tain Watts (dr)

Knozz-Moe-King / Just Friends / Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude) / Juan / Cherokee / Delfeayo’s Dilemma / Chambers Of Tain / Juan (E.Mustad) / Au Privave / Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude) Do You Know What It means To Miss New Orleans / Juan (Skip Mustad) / Autumn Leaves / Knozz-Moe-King (Interlude) / Skain’s Domain / Much Later.

(Columbia 461109 2CD) Washington, 19-20 Dicembre 1986.


Standard Time Vol.3 – The Resolution Of Ramance.Standard Time Vol.3

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Ellis Marsalis (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Reily (dr)

In The Court Of King Oliver / Never Let Me Go / Street Of Dreams / Where Or When / Bona Ane Paul / The Seducstress / A Sleepin’Bee / Big Butter And Egg Man / The Very Thought Of You / I Cover The Waterfront / How Are Things In Glocca Morra / My Romance / Everything Happens To Me / Flamingo / You’re My Everything / Skylark / Itps Easy To Remember / Taking A Chance On Love / I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues / In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning / It’s Too Late Now.

(Columbia 466871 CD) 1986.

Uptown Ruler.Uptown Ruler.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Todd Williams (st) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b-tb) Herlin Riley (dr)

Psalm 26 / Uptown Ruler / The Truth Is Spoken Here / The Burglar / Prayer / Harmonique / Down Home With Homey / Psalm 26.

(Columbia 468550-2)

New York, 1987.

The Majesty Of The Blues.The Majesty Of The Blues.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Todd Williams (st-ss) Wes Anderson (sa) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

The Majesty Of The Blues (The Puheeman Struf) / Hickory Dickory Dock.

Wynton Marsalis, Teddy Riley (tp) Freddie Lonzo (tb) Michael White (cl) Todd Williams (st-ss) Wes Anderson (sa) Marcus Roberts (p) Danny Barker (bj) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Rev.Jeremiah Wright Jr. (voce/recitante)

The New Orleans Function : The Death Of Jazz – Premature Autopsies (Sermon) – Oh But On The Third Day (Happy feet Blues)

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Bourbon Street Parade.

(Columbia 465129) New York, 27-28 Ottobre 1988.

Levee Low Moan.Levee Low Moan.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wes Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (st-ss) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Levee Low Moan / Jig’s Jig / So This Is Jazz Huh / In The House Of Williams / Superb Starling.

(Columbia 468658)

New York, 29-30 Ottobre 1988.


Tune In Tomorrow.Tune In Tomorrow.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-arr) Wes Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (st-cl-ss) Joe Temperley (sb) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) con anche: Shirley Horn (vc) Alvin Batiste (cl) Warren Bernhardt (org) Harvey Estrin (sa) Herb Harris (st) Lucky Peterson (org) Joe Temperly (sb) Dr.Michael White (cl) Johnny Adams (vc) Sonny Kompanek (arr) sezione di archi.

Big Trouble In The Easy / Kings Of The Garden District / Crescent City Crawl / Alligator Tail Drag / May Be Fact Of Fiction / Social Soft Shoe / Mama Leona / I Can’t Get Started / The Grand Marshall / The Ways Of Love / One The Eve Of Entry / Don’t Run From Fun / Albanians / Sunsettin’On A e Bayou: Dusk On The Delta – Yas Yaz Yaz all night Jass –Pre Morning Masquerade All The Café Du Monde / The Ways Of Love / Double Tondo On The River.

(CBS 47044) Hollywood, 19-21 Gennaio 1989.

Crescent City Christmas Card.Crescent City Christmas Card.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Alvin Batiste, Todd Williams (cl) Wes Anderson (sa) Joe Temperly (cl/b-sb) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Ben Riley (dr) Kathleen Battle (vc)

Silent Night / Carol Of The Bells / Harl! The Herald Angels Sing / Little Drummer Boy / Let Is Now! Let Is Now! Let Is Now / Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Todd Williams (cl) Wes Anderson (sa) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Ben Riley (dr) Jon Hendricks (vc)

Sleigh Ride / Jingle Bells / We Three Kings.

(Columbia CK 45287) New York, 24-25 Gennaio 1989.

Wynton Marsalis Nonet With Kathleen Battle.Nonet With Kathleen Battle.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Todd Williams (cl) Wes Anderson (sa)

Oh Tannenbaum.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Winter Wonderland.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wess Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (st) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Ben Riley (dr)

Crepuscule With Nellie / I’ll Remember April.

(Columbia CK 47346) New York, 3-4 Aprile 1989.

Standard Time Vol.2 – Intimacy Calling.Standard Time Vol.2

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wess Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (st) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal o Robert Hurst (b) Herlin Riley o Jeff Watts (dr)

When It’s Sleepy Time Down South / You Don’t Know What Love Is / Indelible And Nocturnal / I’ll Remember April / Embraceable You / Crepuscule With Nellie / What Is This Thing Called Love / The End Of A Love Affair / East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) / Lover / Yesterdays / Bourbon Street Parade.

(Columbia 468273 CD) New York, Settembre 1987 e Agosto 1990.

Wynton Marsalis Sextet With Kathleen Battle.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Herbert Harris (ss-st) Wes Anderson (sa) Stephen Scott (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Kathleen Battle (vc)

Silent Night / Winter Wonderland / We Three Kings Of Orient Are.

(Columbia SK 48235) Carnegie Hall, New York, 8-12-91.

Blue Interlude.Blue Interlude.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wes Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Brother Veal (The Bittersweet Saga Of Sugar And Sweetie Pie) / And The Band Played On / The Jubilee Suite : Day To Day – Running And Rambling – Grace / Sometimes It Goes Like That.

Wynton Marsalis (p-vc)

Monologue For Sugar Cane And Sweetie Pie.

(Columbia 472169) New York, 1991.

In This House On This Morning.In This House On This Morning.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-p-narr) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessel Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Marion Williams (vc)

In This House On This Morning.

Parte 1:

Devotional – Call To Prayer – Processional –Representative Offerings – The Lord’s Prayer.

Parte II :

Hymn – Scripture – Prayer : Introduction To Prayer – In This House – Choral Response / Local Announcements / Altar Call / Altar Call (introspection)

Parte III :

In The Sweet Embrace Of Life / Sermon: Father – Son – Holy Gost / Invitation / Recessional / Benediction / Uptempo Posthude / Pot Blessed Dinner.

(Columbia CK 474552) New York, 11-3-92.

Concert For Planet Earth.Concert For Planet Earth.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-p-narr) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessel Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Highrise Riff (Parte 1-2-3-4) / The Death Of Jazz (Oh But On The Third Day)

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Antonio Carlos Jobin (p) Sarah Chang (viol) Placido Domingo, Denyce Graves, Gal Costa (vc) John DeMain (dir) Orchestra del Teatro Municipale di Rio De Janeiro.

Aquarela Do Brasil.

(Columbia SK 52570) Rio De Janeiro, 7-6-92.

The University Of New Orleans Jazz Band & Wynton Marsalis.

William Sperandei, Wynton Marsalis (tp) Gray Manfield (sa) Brice Winston (st) David Morgan (p) Neal Caine (b) Geoff Clapp (dr)

Return To The Source.

(AFO 93.0128.2) “Zur Unterfehrt”, Monaco di Baviera, Germania, 22-7-92.

City Movement (Griot New York).City Movement

Wynton Marsalis (tp-p-narr) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessel Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) In alcuni brani aggiunti: Herb Harris (st) e Marthaniel Roberts (p)

Cityscape: Hustke Bustle – City Light – Daylight Dinosaurs – Down The Avenue – Stop And Go – Nightlife – Highlife Yas Yas / Transatlantic Echoes: How Long – I See The Light – Vocal – I See The Light – Instrumental – Duway Dialogue – Dark JìHeartbeat – Cross Court Capers – Bayou Baroque – Marthaniel – Spring Yaounde / Some Present Moments Of The Future: The End – The legend Of Buddy Bolden – Swingdown Swingtown – Highrise Riff 1-2-3-4 – Modern Vistas – As Far As The Eyes Can See – Curtain Call.

(Columbia 473055) New York, 27-28 Luglio 1992.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-p-narr) Wessel Anderson (sa) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Marcus Roberts (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Flamenco Sketches.

(Columbia CK 474348) Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, 1-8-92.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-p-narr) Freddie Lonzo (tb) Wycliffe Gordon (tuba) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Michael White (cl) Marcus Roberts (p) Don Vappie (g) Herlin Riley (dr)

Jungle Blues.

(Columbia CK 474348) Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, 5-8-92.

Gathering Of Nations Pow Wow.Gathering Of Nations Pow Wow.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) con quattro gruppi di musicisti sconosciuti, percussioni e voci.

Wynton Marsalis / A Drums Groups / Whitefish Bay Singers (Honor Song Fort Miss Indian World) / Blackstone (3 vers) / Sioux-Assiniboine Singers (Honor Song For Miss Indian World) / Whitefish Jr’s (2 vers) / Elk Whislte / Sioux-Assiniboine Singers.

(Soar 144) Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1992.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Marcus Printup (tp) Wycliffe Gordon, Ron Westray (tb) Wessell Anderson (sa-sop) Todd Williams (ss-st-cl) Ted Nash (ss-st) Victor Goines (st-cl) Kent Jordan (ott-fl) Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Robert Sadin (dir)

Jazz: 6 Fi Syncopated Movements: Jubilo (The Scent Of Democracy) / Tick-Tock (Nightfalls On Toyland) / Trail Of Tears (Acorss Death Ground) / Express Crossing (Astride Iron Horses) / “D”In The Key Of”F” (Now The Blues) / Ragtime / Fiddle Bow Real.

(Columbia SK 62998) New York, 23-1-93.

Festival ”Jazz In Marciac”.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessell Anderson (sa-ss) Todd Williams (st-cl) Eric Reed (p) Benjamin Wolfe (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Swing Down , Swing Tow.

(RF 9401CD) Marciac, Francia, 14-8-93.

Village Vanguard.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Michael White (cl) Wessell Anderson (sa-sop) Victor Goines (st-ss-cl) Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Flee As A Bird To The Mountain / Black Codes From The Underground / Uptown Ruler / Sometimes It Goes Like That / A Long Way (Dark Heartbeat) / The Seductress.

(Set Break) Thursday Night:

Happy Feet Blues / Bright Mississippi.

(Set Break) Friday Night:

Winter Wonderland / Brother Veal / In The Sweet Embrace Of Live /nKing Porter Stomp / Tom Cat Blues.

(Columbia C7K 69876) Village Vanguard, New York, 3-5 Dicembre 1993.

Marsalis Plays Monk.Plays Monk.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessel Anderson (sa) Walter Blanding, Victor Goines (st) Eric Reed (p) Ben Wolfe, Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Thelonious / Evidence / We See / Monk’s Mood / Worry Later / Four In One / Reflections / In Walked Monk / Hacknsack / Let’s Cool One / Brilliant Corners / Brake’s Sake / Ugly Beauty / Green Chimneys.

(Columbia CK 67503)

New York, 17-19 Settembre 1993 e 3-4 Ottobre 1994.

Blood On The Fields.Blood On The Fields.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-dir) Russell Gunn, Roger Ingram, Marcus Printup (tp) Wayne Goodman, Ron Westray (tb) Wycliffe Gordon (tb-tuba) Walter Blanding (ss) Wess Anderson (sa) Victor Goines (st-ss-cl/b) Robert Stewart (st) James Carter (sb-cl) Eric Reed (p) Michael Ward (viol) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr-perc) Jon Hendricks, Cassandra Wilson, Miles Griffith (vc)

Calling The Indians Out / Move Over / You Don’t Hear No Drums / The Market Place / Soul For Sale / Plantation Coffle March / Work Song /Blood On The Fiellds) / Lady’s Lament / Flying High / Oh We Have A Friend In Jesus / God Don’t Like Ugly / Juba And A O’Brown Squad / Follow The Drinking Dound / My Soul Fell Down / Forty Lashes / What I Fool I’ve Been / Back To Basic / I Hold Out My Hand / Look And See / The Sun Is Come Out / The Sun Is Gonna Shine / Chant To Call The Indians Out / Calling The Indians Out / Follow The Drinking Gound / Freedom Is In The Trying / Due North.

(Columbia CXK 57694) New York, 22-25 Gennaio 1995.

Jump Start And Jazz.Jump Start And Jazz.

Wynton Marsalis (dir-tp) Ryan Kisor, Marcus Printup (tp) Wycliffe Gordon, Ronald Westray (tb) Wessel Anderson (sa-sopr) Ted Nash (st-ss) Victor Goines (sb-cl/b) Gideon Feldstein (sb-cl/b) Kent Jordan (ottav-fl) Eric Redd (p) Ben Wolfe (b) Herlin Riley (dr-perc) Harry ”Sweet” Edison (tp) Branford Marsalis (ss)

Jump Star – The Mastery Of Melancholy (Boogie Woogie Stomp – The Dance – Slow Drag – Habanera – March – Gagaku – The Spellcaster – Bebop / Jump / Root Groove.

(Sony Classical SK 62998)

Los Angeles, 17-18 Agosto 1995.


Wynton Marsalis (dir-tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessel Anderson (sa-sopr) Victor Goines (sb-cl/b) Rusell Malone (g) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr-perc) Kimati Dinizulu (wash) Cassandra Wilson (vc)

Rosewood 1 – Rosewood 2.

Wynton Marsalis (dir-tp) Marcus Printup, Roger Ingram, Oscar Brashear, Bob Findley, Russell Gunn, Jamil Sharif (tp) Wycliffe Gordon, Ronald Westray, Vencent Gardner, Bill Reichenbach (tb) Wessel Anderson, Sherman Irby, Andrew Farber (sa-sopr) Stephen Riley (st) Victor Goines (st-cl) Gideon Feldstein (sb-cl/b) Stefon Harris (vib-marim) Eric Redd (p) Russell Malone (g) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr-perc) Kimati Dinizulu (perc-wash)

Sunday Blessing / Eyes Around The Corner / Dark Heart Beat.

Stesso organico con Karen Briggs (viol)

Morning Song.

Stesso organico senza Briggs, con aggiunto coro vocale diretto da Byron J.Smith.

To Higher Ground.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Ron Westray, Delfeao Marsalis, Reginald Veal (tb) Wiclyff Gordon (tuba) Wess Anderson (sa) Victor Goines (st) Michael White (cl) Donald Vappie (bj) Herlin Riley (dr)

Sing On.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Marcus Printup (tp) Stephen Riley (st) Victor Goines, Gideon Feldstein (st) Eric Redd (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Kimati Dinizulu (perc)

Fire In The Night.

Wynton Marsalis (tp-solo)

After The Dead.

(Columbia SK 51239) New York, Settembre 1996.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) John Jarvis (p) Russ Barenberg (g) Mark O’Connor (viol) Glenn Bayers (perc) con la Nashville Symphony Orchestra diretta da Kenneth Schermerthorn.

Brave Wolfe.

(Columbia SK 63216) New York, 7-5-97.

The Midnight Blues.The Midnight Blues.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Lewis Nash (dr) con sezione di archi.

The Party’s Over / You’re Blase / After You’ve Gone / Glad To Be Unhappy / It Never Entered My Mind / Baby Won’t You Please Come Home / I Guess I’ll Have The Hang My Tears Out To Dry / I Got Lost In Her Arms / Ballad Of The Sad Young Man / Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year / My Man’s Gone Now / The Midnight Blues.

(Columbia CD CK 68921) New York, 15-18 Settembre 1997.

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

Wynton Marsalis, Senic Blake, Marcus Trinitad, Ryan Kiser (tp) Wain Goodman, Wycliffe Gordon, Ron Wesrey (tb) Wes Anderson, Ted Nash, Walter Blandy Jr., Victor Hgoines, Joe Temperly (reeds) Eric Lewis (p) Carlos Enrique (b) Herlin Riley (dr) Roland Guerrero (perc)

Miss Missouri / Stardust / Ticol Toe / Diminuenmdo e Crescendo / Manteca Suite / So Floy Nice To be With You / Big Train.

(Radiotre Suite) Sala Verdi, Conservatorio di Torino, 20-10-98.

The Marciac Suite.The Marciac Suite.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessell Warmdaddy Anderson (sa) Victor Goines (st-ss-cl) Farid Barron (p) Rodney Whitaker (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Loose Duck / Mademoiselle D’Gascony / In The House Of Laberriere / Sunflowers.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessell Warmdaddy Anderson (sa) Victor Goines (st-ss-cl) Cyrus Chestnut (p) Rodney Whitaker (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

The Big Top / Guy Lafitte / Marciac Moon / B Is For Boussaget.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessell ”Warmdaddy” Anderson (sa) Victor Goines (st-ss-cl) Eric Lewis (p) Rodney Whitaker (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Jean-Louis Is Everywhere / Armagnac Dreams / S’Artagnan.

Stesso gruppo con Roland Guerrero (perc)

Marciac Fu.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Wessell ”Warmdaddy” Anderson (sa) Victor Goines (st-ss-cl) Marthaniel Roberts (p) Rodney Whitaker (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

For My Kids At The College Of Marciac.

(Columbia CK 69877) New York, 1-2 Febbraio 1999.

Big Train.Big Train.

Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Printup, Riley Mullins, Ryan Kisor (tp) Wycliffe Gordon, Ronald Westray (tb) Wessell Anderson, Ted Nash, Victor Goines, Joe Temperly (reeds) Rodney Witaker (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

All Aboard / Observation Car / Union Pacific Big Boy / Smokestack Shuffle / Northbound-Southbound / Dining Car / Night Train / Engine / Bullet Train / Sleeper Car / Station Call / The Caboose.

(Collumbia 79860)

New York, 13-7-99.

Wynton Marsalis & Sandoval – Los Elephantes.Sandoval Los Elephantes.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) altri da identificare.

Two Giants Talking To Dizz / Tunisias Blues / Wheel Whitin A Wheel / Los Elephantes / Gipsey / Tumbaito / Giants Talks (parte 2) / Angel Eyes.

(In-Akustic 2001)

New York, 1-10-99.


Live At Village Vanguard.Live At Village Vanguard.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Victor Goines (cl-st) Marcus Roberts , Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Welcome / Cherokee / The Egyptian Blues / Embraceable You / Black Codes / Hariett Tubman / Monk’s Mood / And The Band Played On / The Cat In The Hat Is Back / set break.

Village Vanguard, New York, Dicembre 1999.

Live At Village Vanguard.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Victor Goines (cl-st) Marcus Roberts , Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal, Ben Wolfe (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Welcome / Buggy Ride / I’ll Remember April / Stardust / In The Court Of King Oliver / Bona And Paul / Four In One / Way Back Blues / Rubber Bottom / Midnight In Paris / Play The Blues And Go / set break.

Village Vanguard, New York, Dicembre 1999.

Live At Village Vanguard.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Victor Goines (cl-st) Marcus Roberts , Eric Reed (p) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Welcome / Pedro’s Getaway / Evidence / Embraceable You / A Long Way / The Arrival / Misterioso / Happy Birthday / The Seductress / set break.

Village Vanguard, New York, Dicembre 1999.

Goin’ Down Home.Goin’ Down Home.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Pearl Brown (vc) Oliver Gannon (g) Torbel Oxbol (b) John Nolan (dr)

Takin’A Change On Love / But Beautiful / Poor Butterfly / Poor Some More / Stormy Weather / Wynton 2 / Blue Skies / Solitude / Wynton 3 / Confessin’ / Penneies From Heaven / Lover Man / East Of The Sun / Smiles.




Live At The House Of Tribes.Live At The House Of Tribes

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Carlos Henriquez (b) Joe Farmsworth (dr) Orlando Rodriguez (perc)

Green Chimneys / Just Friends / You Don’t Know What Love Is / Donna Lee / What Is This Thing Called Love / Second Line.

(Blue Note 77132)

New York. 15-12-2002.


The Magic Hour.The Magic Hour.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Eric Lewis (p) Carlos Henriquez (b) Art Jackson (dr)

You And Me / Free To be / Big Fat Her / Shipping / Sophie Rose Rosalee / The Magic Hour.

Stesso gruppo con anche Dianne Reeves (vc)

Felleling Of Jazz.

Stesso gruppo con Bob McFerrin per Reeves.

Baby, I Love You.

(Blue Note 7243 5979032) New York, 6-7 Giugno 2003.

Unforgivable Blackness.Unforgivable Blackness.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Lucien Barbarin, Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Victor Goines, Wessell Anderson (ance) Michael White (cl) Eric Lewis (p) Doug Wamble, Don Vappie (bj) Reginald Veal (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

What have You Done? / Ghost In The House / Jack Johnson Two-Step (3 vers) But Deep Down / Love & Hate / High Society / Careless Love / New Orleans Bump / Trouble My Soul (2 vers) / Deep Creek / Rattlesnake Tail Swing / Weary Blues / Fire In The Night / Morning Song / I’ll Sing My Song / Byddy Bolden’s Blues / The Last Bell / We’ll Meet Again Someday.

(Blue Note 7243.8.64195) Burbank, California, 3-9-2003.

Higher Ground Hurricane Benefit Relief Concert. Higher Ground Hurricane Benefit Relief Concert.

Wynton Marsalis, Terence Blanchard, Sean Jones, Marion Jordan, Ryan Kisor (tp) Andre Hayward, Vincent Gardner, Wycliffe Gordon, (tb) Victor Goines, Sherman Irby, Kent Jordan, Wessel Anderson, Walter Blanding (reeds) Cyrus Chstnut (p) Norah Jones (p-vc) Lionel Louleke (g) Rachel Jordan (viol) Carlos Heriquez, Derrik Hodge (b) Ali Mahammed Jackson (dr) Shirley Caesar, Diana Krall (vc) Gene Conyers, Donald Gore (vc (back)

This Joy / Over There / Go To The Mardi Gras / Basin Street Blues / Never Die Young / The House I Live In / New Orleans Blues / I Think It’s Going To Rain Today / Dippermouth Blues / I’m Gonna Love You Anyway / Is That All There Is / Just A Closer Walk With Thee / Here’s To Life / Blackwell’s Message / Come Sunday.

(Blue Note 45238) New York, 17-9-2005.

From The Plantation To The Penitentiary.From The Plantation To The Penitentiary.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Walter Bladning (st) Dan Nimmer (p) Carlos Henriquez (b) Jennifer Sanon (vc) ed altri.

From The Plantation To The Penitentiary / Find Me / Doin’ Your Thing / Love And Broken Hearts / Supercapitalism / These Are Those Souful Days / Where Y’ll At?.

(Blue Note 73675)

New York, 28-29 Giugno 2006.

He And She.He And She.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Walter Bladning (st) Dan Nimmer (p) Carlos Henriquez (b) Jennifer Sanon (vc) ed altri.

Poem: School Boy / Poem: The Sun And The Moon / Poem: Sassy / Poem: Fears / Poem: Fears / Poem: The Razor Rom / Poem: Zero / Poem: First Crush / First Slow Dance / First Time / Poem: Girls / Poem: A Train A Banjo Ane A Cicken Wing / He And She.

(Blue Note 103312C)

New York, 24-25 Agosto 2007.

From Billie Holiday to Edith Piaf.From Billie Holiday to Edith Piaf.

Wynton Marsalis (tr) Richard Galliano (fis) Walter Blanding (sax) Dan Nimmer (p) Carlos Henriquez (b) Ali Jackson (dr).

La Foule / Them There Eyes / Padam … Padam / What a Little Moonlight Can Do / Billie / Sailboat in the Moonlight / L’Homme à La Moto / Strange Fruit / La Vie En Rose

(Harmonia Mundi)

Marciac, Agosto 2008.

Christian Jazz Jam.Christian Jazz Jam.

Wynton Marsalis (tp) Walter Bladning (st) Dan Nimmer (p) Carlos Henriquez (b) Jennifer Sanon (vc) ed altri.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / Mary Had A Baby / Jimgle Bells / Blue Christmas / Go Tell It On The Mountain / O Christmas Tree / O Little Town Of Bethlehem / Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer / The Christmas Song / Good King Wenceslas / Have Yourself A Merry A Little Christmas / Greensleeves.

(Compass Prod.26952)

New York, 6-7 Gennaio 2009.chiusura



Grand Rapid, Michigan. 28/5/1928.

A 18 anni ha esordito in orchestre da ballo e nel 1951 ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Woody Herman, con il quale ha anche inciso diversi dischi. Nel 1953 lasciato Herman ha diretto una sua orchestra al Rose Hotel di Grand Rapids. Nel 1955 è tornato con Herman per una tournée. Nel 1956 ha registrato con Med Flory, nel 1958 ha lavorato con Stan Kenton, con Charlie Barnet, con Lionel Hampton e con Buddy Rich. Nel 1966 a New York con l’orchestra di Harry James, ha lavorato negli Hotel di Las Vegas, ha registrato con Nancy Wilson e ha partecipato ad un tributo a Herman nel 1974. chiusura



U.S.A.1900. – Los Angeles, California, aprile, 1962.

Nel 1924 ha iniziato la carriera con Paul Whiteman, e vi è rimasto sino alla fine degli anni ’20. Ha registrato con Frankie Trumbauer, con Eddie Lang, con l’orchestra di Ferde Grofé. Si è trasferito in California dove ha lavorato negli studi cinematografici. chiusura



Compagnia discografica fondata nel 1922 a Chicago da O.B.Marsh. La sua produzione è stata pubblicata su diverse piccole etichette come la Raimbow, la Rialto, la Paramount e la Gennett e su una nuova etichetta la Autograph. E’ stata la prima a sperimentare il giradischi elettrico nel 1922 e nel 1924 ha incidere elettricamente. E’ rimasta attiva sino al 1936 quando è stata assorbita dalla etichetta Electra. chiusura



Annapolis, Maryland. 18/1/1954.

Ha iniziato a New York la carriera di attrice, cantante e scrittrice e nel 1977 si è trasferita a Austin nel Texas. Ha fatto parte del New Visions Ensemble dove interpreta musiche di John Coltrane e di Ornette Coleman. Nel 1980 ha fatto parte del Creative Opportunities Orchestra, sul modello della Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Ha lavorato anche con Roscoe MItchell, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Kenny Wheeler e Billy Hart. Nel 1992 ha lavorato in televisione. Nel 1998 ha fondato il “Collaborative Voices”, poi il “Cactus band”, ha registrato con Alex Coke, con il quale nel 1999 ha fatto parte del suo quartetto il “Netherlands. Ha sempre preferito interpretare delle composizioni originali, ha avuto come punto di riferimento Anthony Braxton e Sam Rivers. chiusura



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