New York. 29/8/1956. – 1/5/2016.

Chitarrista figlio di Jimmy Raney, si è accostato alla musica ascoltando musicisti rock e scoprendo i dischi del padre; poi ha preso delle lezioni da Barry Galbraith. Ha esordito al “Gregory’s” di Manhattan con Al Haig. Ha migliorato la sua tecnica sotto la guida del padre, registrando nel 1975 con Al Haig ed il padre, con il quale nel 1977 ha lavorato in duo nei club, in concerti ed in tour in Europa. Il suo primo album lo ha firmato in Europa a Copenhagen insieme a Duke Jordan, Hugo Rasmunsen e Billy Hart. Ha suonato in Olanda con Ferdinad Povel, quindi a Copenhagen in Danimarca, dove è stato membro della “European Jazz Guitar Orchestra”, ha avuto modo di collaborare con Horace Parlan nel 1978, con Chet Baker nel 1979, con George Cables, Kenny Drew, Tal Farlow, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Hank Jones, Clifford Jordan, Duke Jordan, con Jimmy McNeil nel 1983, Adam Nussbaum, Bernt Rosengren e Jesper Thilo. Musicista moderno legato alla tradizione cool, degli anni ’50. Nel suo stile molto lirico ricorda Jim Hall ed è naturalmente legato all’eredità paterna.


Introducing Doug Raney.Introducing Doug Raney

Doug Raney (g) Duke Jordan (p) Hugo Rasmussen (b) Billy Hart (dr)

Mr. P.C. / Something To Watch Over Me / Bluebird / The End Of A Love Affair / Casbah / I Remember You / Like Someone In Love / Unit 7 / Star Eyes / On Green Dolphin Street / Oleo.

(Steeplechase SCM 51082)

Copenhagen, 28-29 Settembre 1977.


Cuttin’ Loose.Cuttin’ Loose.

Doug Raney (g) Bernt Rosengren (st) Horace Parlan (p) Niels Pedersen (b) Billy Hart (dr)

Lean Years / How Deep Is The Ocean / Arrival / If You Could See Me Now / Frankly Speaking / You Don’t Know What Love Is / Four.

(Steeplechase SCS 1105)

Copenhagen, 17 Agosto 1978.


Doug Raney (g) Bernt Rosengren (st) Jesper Lundgard (b) Billy Hart (dr)

Come Rain Or Come Shine / In A Sentimental Mood / Autumn Song / Don’t Listen / Moments Notice / Bird Feathers.

(Steeplechase SCS 1144)

Copenhagen, 4 Dicembre 1980.


I’ll Close My Eyes.I’ll Close My Eyes.

Dough Raney (g) Bernt Rosengreen (st-sa) Horace Parlan (p) Jesper Lundgard (b) Ole Jacob Hansen (dr)

I’ll Close My Eyes / Billy’s Bossa / You’ve Changed / Bolivia / Pullin’ Through.

(Steeplechase SCS 1166)

Copenhagen, 28 Luglio 1982.


Meeting The Tenors.Meeting The Tenors.

Bernt Rosengreen (st-fl) Ferdinand Povel (st) Horace Parlan (p) Doug Raney (g) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Ole Jacob Hansen (dr)

Up In Quincy’s Room / Blues For Bart / Waltz Number One / Arrival / Lover Man / The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.

(Criss Cross 1006)

Monster, Olanda, 29 Aprile 1983.

Blue And White.Blue And White.

Ben Besiakof (p) Doug Raney (g) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Aage Tanggaard (dr)

Blue And White / I Love You / Gingerbread Boy / That Old Devil Moon / Old Folks / Straight Street / Minority.

(Steeplechase 31191)

Copenhagen, 29 Aprile 1984.


Lazy Bird.Lazy Bird.

Doug Raney (g) Bernt Rosengren (st) Ben Besiakov (p) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Ole-Jacob Hansen (dr)

Walking The Duke / Reggie Of Chester / Feo’s Waltz / Lazy Bird / Beatrice / Theme For Ernie / Walking The Duck (alt.take)

(Steeplechase SCCD 31235)

Copenhagen, 1 Novembre 1984.

Doug Raney Trio.doug-raney-trio

Doug Raney (g) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Alex Riel (dr)

I Didn’t Know What Tite It Was / Invitation / Nancy / Tune Up / Sippin’ At Bell’s / Make Someone Happy / Land’s End / My Funny Valentine / Daahoud.

(Marshmallow 219)

Copenhagen, 2-3 Maggio 1985.


Guitar Guitar Guitar.Guitar Guitar Guitar.

Doug Raney (g) Mads Vinding (b) Billy Hart (dr)

I Thought About You / Laura / Minor Majority / Round About Midnight / Come Rain Or Come Shine / Solar / My Old Flame / Perhaps.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31212)

Copenhagen, 28 Luglio 1985.


Something’s Up.Something’s Up.

Ben Besiakov (p) Doug Raney (g) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Billy Hart (dr)

Something’s Up / Good Morning Heartache / Speedy Recovery / Upper Manhattan Medical Group / Nobody Else But Me / Visceral Drives / Dolphin Dance / Mohawk.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31235)

Copenhagen, 26 Febbraio 1988.


The Doug Raney Quintet.The Doug Raney Quintet.

Tomas Franck (st) Bernt Rosengren (st) Doug Raney (g) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Billy Hart (dr) Jukkis Uotila (dr)

Fata / Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum / Good Morning / Star Eyes / Speedy Recovery / God Bless The Child / The Parting Of The Ways.

(Steeplechase SCCD 1249)

Copenhagen, 9 Settembre 1988.

Blues On A Par.Blues On A Par.

George Cables (p) Doug Raney (g) Steve LaSpina (b) Adam Nussbaum (dr)

I Concentrate On You / Estate / Blues On A Par / Close Your Eyes / When Sunny Gets Blue / La Mesha / Pumpkin’s Delight.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31341)

Copenhagen, Aprile 1993.


Raney ’96.Raney ’96.

Dough Raney (g) Ben Besiakov (p) Lennert Ginman (b) Herlin Riley (dr)

Giant Steps / Besame Mucho – The Dolphin / I Fall In Love Too Easily / Querido / Fried Pies / Moose The Mooche / Re: Person I Knew / I Loves You Porgy / Afro Blue.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31397)

Copenhagen, Luglio 1996.


Back In New York.Back In New York.

Doug Raney (g) Michael Weiss (p) Scott Colley (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

I’m Old Fashioned / For Heaven’s Sake / The Touch Of Your Lips / Skylark / All Or Nothing At All / I Wanna Talk About You / Get Out Of Town.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31409)

New York, 9 Ottobre 1996.


The Backbeat.The Backbeat.

Joey De Francesco (org) Doug Raney (g) Billy Hart (dr)

Love For Sale / Jimmy James / Prelude To A Kiss / The Backbeat / The Girl With The Purple Eyes / Lee / Drifting.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31456)

Ottobre 1997.


You Go To My Head.You Go To My Head.

Doug Raney (g) Jay Anderson (b) Billy Hart (dr)

What Is This Thing Called Love / Tenderly / I Hear A Rhapsody / Triste / You Go To My Head / Autumn Leaves / Barbados.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31474)

Novembre 1998.


Jam Session Vol.10.Jam Session Vol.10.

Doug Raney (g) Dave Stryker (g) Freddie Bryant (g) Steve LaSpina (b) Billy Drummond (dr)

Seven Come Eleven / Nardis / My Little Suede Shoes / Sippin’At Bells / The There Muscateers / Better Git It In Your Soul.

(Steeplechase SCCD 31555)

New York, Dicembre 1998.

Blues, Ballads, Be-Bop & The Blue Girl.doug-raney-blues-ballads-bebop

Doug Raney (g) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Morten Lund (dr)

Oblivion [4:27] / Blue Monk [8:54] / This Is New [8:49] / Little Girl Blue [9:10] / Photograph [8:00] / Dear Old Stockholm [7:08] / Who Cares [7:54]


Loft Studio,Copenhagen, Aprile-Maggio 2008.




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