ALLISON MOSE JOHN JR. (P-VC).allison-mose

Tippo, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. 11/11/1927.

Genio sempre in movimento, pianista, compositore e songwriter partito dalle rive del Mississippi. Inizialmente si è dedicato al dixieland, successivamente ha frequentato l’università della Luisiana ampliando il suo gusto musicale e ascoltando Thelonious Monk, Nat King Cole e Louis Armstrong. Nel 1956 si è trasferito definitivamente a New York, ottenendo diversi ingaggi come pianista, suonando con Stan Getz, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Gerry Mulligan e partecipando a tournée in diverse città dell’Europa. Dagli anni ’60 ha formato un suo trio con il quale si è esibito essenzialmente nei night club. Col tempo è diventato un vero e proprio cantautore, con una sua musica fatta di blues inspirato dal suo Mississippi e da quello urbano di Percy Mayfield. Egli è riuscito a creare una particolare miscela tra questi elementi ed il pianismo moderno. Nel suo pianismo si sentono le influenze di Monk e di Bud Powell, mentre nel canto – dal fascino particolare – ha fatto tesoro degli insegnamenti di Nat King Cole. Gli va riconosciuto il merito di aver trasformato le canzoni popolari nere e bianche in canzoni moderne piene di sentimento. Il suo primo disco lo disco “Black Country Suite” registrato nel 1957 era dedicato al suo amato Sud.


City Home – Ever since the world ended – Gettin There – I Looked In The – Mirror – I’m Alive – Josephine – Puttin Up With Me – Tai Chi Life – Top forty Trouble In Mind – What’s Your Movie


Mose Allison Plays For Lovers.

Mose Allison (vc-p) Taylor Lafargue (b) Frank Isola (dr).

I Thought About You.

(Prestige 7446). Hackensack, NJ, 7-3-53.

Mose Allison Sings.Sings.

Mose Allison (vc-p) Taylor Lafargue (b) Frank Isola (dr).

One Room Country Shack / Blues (A Young Man).

Hackensack, NJ, 7-3-53.

Mose Allison (vc-p) Addison Farmer (b) Nick Stabulas (dr).

Lost Mind / Parchman Farm.

(Prestige 7279). Hackensack, NJ, 8-11-57.

Back Country Suite.Back Country Suite.

Mose Allison (vc-p) Taylor La Fargue (b) Frank Isola (dr).

Back Country Suite For Piano, Bass And Drums: New Gorund – Train – Warm Night – Blues – Saturday – Scamper – January – Promised Land – Spring Song – Highway 49 / Blueberry Hill / I Thought About You / In Salah / You Won’t Let Me Go.

(Prestige OJC 075).

Hackensack, NJ, 7-3-57.

Down Home Piano.Down Home Piano.

Mose Allison (p-vc-tp) Addison Farmer (b) Nick Stabulas (dr).

Town / Mojo Woman / Carnival / Crepuscolar Air / I’ll Never Be Fre / Don’t Ever Say Goodbye / Ain’t You A Mess / Trouble In Mind / Lost Mind / Parchman Farm.

(Prestige 7121).

Hackensack, NJ., 8-11-57.


Young Man Mose.Young Man Mose.

Mose Allison (p-vc-tp) Addison Farmer (b) Nick Stabulas (dr).

Somebody Else Is Taking My Place / Bye Bye Blues / How Long Has This Been Going On / My Kinda Love / Sleepy Time Gal / I Told Ya I Love Ya / Now Get Out / Strolin’.

(Prestige 7137).

Hackensack, NJ, 24-1-58.


Seventh Son.Seventh Son

Mose Allison (p-vc-tp) Addison Farmer (b) Nick Stabulas (dr).

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore / I Hand’t Anyone Till You / Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand.

(Prestige 7279).

Hackensack, NJ., 24-1-58.


Mose Allison Plays For Lovers.Plays For Lovers.

Mose Allison (p-vc-tp) Addison Farmer (b) Nick Stabulas (dr).

Somebody Else Is Taking My Place / How Long Has This Been Going On / My Kinda Love / I Told Ya I Love Ya.

(Prestige 7446).

Hankensack, NJ, 24-1-58.


Ramblin’ With Mose.Ramblin’With Mose

Mose Allison (p-vc-tp) Addison Farmer (b) Ronnie Free (dr).

Sariha / Stranger In Paradise / Ingenue / You Belong To Me / Old Man John / Ramble / The Minstrels / I Got A Right To Cry / Old Devil Moon / Kissin’Bug.

(Prestige 7215).

Hackensack, NJ., 18-4-58.


Mose Allison Sings.Sings.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Addison Farmer (b) Ronnie Free (dr).

The Seven Son / If I Didn’t Care / Cabin In The Sky / If You Live / Yardbird Suite / Creek Bank / Moon And Cypress / Mule / Dinner On The Ground / Prelude To A Kiss.

(Prestige PR CD 24055).

Hackensack, NJ, 15-8-58.


Autumn Song.Autumn Song

Mose Allison (p-vc) Addison Farmer (b) Ronnie Free (dr).

Promenade / Eyesight To The Blind / That’s All Right / It’s Crazy / The Devil In The Care Field / Autumn Song / Do Nothin’Till You Hear From Me / Groovin’High / Spires.

(Prestige 10052).

Hackensack, NJ., 13-2-59.


I Love The Life I Live.I Love The Life I Live.

Mose Allison (p) Addison Farmer, Bill Crow, Henry Grimes (b) Gus Johnson, Paul MOtian,Jerry Segal (dr).

I Love The Life I Live, I Live The Life I Love / News / Fool’s Paradise / You Turned The Tables On Me / Isobel / You’re A Sweetheart / Night Ride / Path / Mad With You / Hittin’On One / I Ain’t Got Nobody / Can’t We Be Friends / A pretty Girl Is Like A Melody / Am I Blue.


28-6 e 9-9-60.

Transfiguration Of Hiram Brown.Transfiguration Of Hiram Brown.

Mose Allison (p) Addison Farmer (b) Jerry Segal (dr).

Barefoot-Dirt Road / City Home / Cuttin’Out / Gotham Day / Gotham Night / Echo / The River / Finale / How Little We Know / Baby Please Don’t Go / Make Yourself Confortable / ‘Deed I Do / Love For Sale / Barefoot-Dirt Road.


21-12-59 & 11-1-60.

V-8 Ford Blues.V-8 Ford Blues.

Mose Allison (p) altri da identificare.

V-8 Ford Blues / Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone / Baby Please Don’t Go / I Love The Life I Live, I Live The Life I Love / I Ain’t Got Nobody / Back On The Corner / Life Is Suicide / ‘Deed I Do / Ask Me Nice / You’re A Sweetherat / Mad With You / High Jinks / So Rare / The Hills.

(Epis Legacy 24138).

Aprile, 1961.

I Don’t Worry About A Think.I Don’t Worry About A Think.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Addison Farmer (b) Osie Johnson (dr).

I Don’t Worry About A Think / It Didn’t Turn Out Yhat Way / Your Mind Is On Vocation / Let Me See / Everything I Have Is Yours / Stand By / Idyll / The Well / Meet Me At No Special Place / The Song Is Ended.

(Rhino R2-71417).



Swingin’ Machine.Swingin’ Machine.

Jimmy Knepper (tb) Jimmy Reider (st) Mose Allison (p-vc) Addison Farmer (b) Frankie Dunlop (dr).

Swingin’Machine / Do It / Stop This World / Promenade / If You’re Goin’To The City / Saritha I Ain’t Got Nothin’But The Blues / So Rare.

(Collectables 6347).

8-9 Novembre 1962.


The Song Of Mose Allison.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Ben Tuker (b) Roy Lundberg (dr).

Don’t Forget To Smile / I’m Not Talking / Days Like This / Wild Man / One Of These Days / New Parchman / Your Red Wagon / Fool Killer / Rolling Stone / Look Here.

(Atlantic 1424). 10-3-64.

The World From Mose Allison.The World From Mose Allison.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Ben Tuker (b) Roy Lundberg (dr).

Foolkiller / One Of These Days / Look Here / Days Like This / You Red Wagon / Wild Man / Rolling Stone / New Parchman / Don’t Forget To Smile / I’m Not Talking / Lost Mind.

(Collectables 6348).



The Best Of Mose Allison.The Best Of Mose Allison.

Mose Allison (p) Addison Farmer (b) Osie Johnson (dr).

Your Mind Is On Vacation/ I Don’t Worry About A Thing.


Jimmy Knepper (tb) Jimmy Reider (st) Mose Allison (p) Addison Farmer (b) Frankie Dunlop (dr).

Swingin’ Machine.


Stop This World.


Mose Allison (p) Ben Tucker (b) Ron Lundberg (dr).

New Parchman / I’m The Wild Man.




Mose Allison (p) Stan Gilbert (b) Melvin Lee (dr).

Seventh Son / I Love The Life I live.

(Atlantic ST 05516). Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, 31-10-65.

Mose Alive!.Mose Alive!.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Stan Gilbert (b) Melvin Lee (dr).

Love For Sale / Since I Fell For You / The Chaser / Smashed / Parchman Farm / Tell My Something / That’s All Right / Baby Please Don’t Go.


22 e 31-10-65.


Wild Man On The Loose.Wild Man On The Loose.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Earl May (b) Paul Motian (dr).

Wild Man On The Loose / No Troumble Livin’ / Night Watch / What’s With You/ Powee House / You Can Count On Me To Do My Part / Never More / That’s The Stuff You Gotta Watch War Horse.

(Atlantic 1456).


The Best Of Mose Allison.

Jimmy Knepper (tb) Jimmy Reider (st) Mose Allison (p) Addison Farmer (b) Frankie Dunlop (dr).

If You’re Goin’ To The City.


Mose Allison (p) Red Mitchell (b) Bill Godwin (dr).

Your Molecular Structure / Everybody Cryin’Mercy.

(Atlantic ST 05516). Los Angeles, 10-7-68.

I’ve Been Doin’Some Thinkin’.I’ve Been Doin’Some Thinkin’.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Red Mitchell (b) Bill Goodwin (dr).

Just Like LIvin’ / City Home / If Your’re Goin’To The City / Now You See It / You Are My Sunshine / Your MOlecalar Structure / Look What You Made Me Do / If You Really Loved Me / Everybody Cryin’Mercy / Feel So Good / Let It Come Down / Back On The Corner.

(Atlantic SD-1511).

Los Angeles, 9-10 Luglio 1968.

Hello There, Universe.Hello There, Universe.

Richard Williams, Jimmy Nottingham (tp) Jerome Richardson (fl-sa) Joe Farrell (st) Pepper Admas (sb) Mose Allison (p-org) Bob Cranshaw (b) Joe Cocuzzo (dr).

Somebody Gotta Move / Monsters Of The Id / I Don’t Want Much / Hello There, Universe / No Exit / Wild Man On The Loose / Blues In The Night / I’m Smashed / Hymn To Everything / On The Run.

(Collectables 6534).

New York, 21-10-69.

Wester Man.Wester Man.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Chuck Rainey (b) Billy Cobham (dr).

If You Only Knew / How Much Truth / Benediction / Night Club / Do Nothin’Till You Hear From Me / Mountains / Western Man / Ask Me Nice / Tell Me Something / If You’ve Got The Money / Meadows.

(Atlantic SD 1584).

New York, 2 Febbraio 4 Marzo 1971.


Mose In Your Ear.Mose In Your Ear.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Chuck Flowers (b) Eddie Lee Charlton (dr).

Look What You Made Me Do / Fool’s Paradise / I Don’t Worry About A Thing / Powerhouse / Hey, Good Lokin’ / I Aint’t Got Nothin’But The Blues / You Can Count On Me To Do My Part / You Are My Sunshine / Don’t Forget To Smile / The Seventh Son.

(Rhino Atlantic).

Palo Alto, California, 25-26 Aprile 1972.

Your Mind Is On Vacation.Your Mind Is On Vacation.

Al Porcino (tp) David Samborn (sa) Al Cohn, Joe Farrell (st) Mose Allison (p-vc) Jack Hannah (b) Jerry Granelli (dr).

Your Mind Is On Vacation / Foolin’Myself / No Matter / One Of These Days / I Feel Of Spring / If Only You Knew / I Can’t See FOr Lookin’ / What Do You Do After You Ruin Your Life / Swingin’Machine / Perfect Moment / The Molecular Structure.

(Koch Rec. 8537).

New York, 5-9 Aprile 1976.

Middle Class White Boy.Middle Class White Boy.

Mose Allison (p-o/el-vc) Joe Farrell (st-fl) Phil Upchurch (g) Putter Smith (b) John Denz (dr) Ron Powell (perc).

How Does It Feel / Rollin’Stone / I Don’t Want Much / Middle Class With Boy / When Mt Dreamboat Comes Home / I’m Nobody Today / I’m Just A Lucky So And So / Back Down South / The Tennessee Waltz / Hello There Universe / Kiddin’On The Squares.

(Musician MUS K 52391).

Los Angeles, 2-3 Febbraio 1982.

Lessons In Living.

Lou Donaldson (sa) Mose Allison (p-vc) Eric Gale (g) Jack Bruce (b) Billy Cobham (dr).

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.

(Elektra/Musician EI 60237). Continental, 21-7-82.

Ever Since The World Ended.Ever Since The World Ended.

Bob Malach (sa) Arthur Blythe (sa) Benny Wallace (st) Kenny Burrell (g) Mose Allison (p-vc) Dennis Irvin (b) Tom Whaley (dr).

Ever Since / Top Forty / Puttin’Up With Me / Josephine / I Looked In The Mirror / Gettin’There / Tai Chi Life / What’s Your Movie / Trouble In Mind / I’m Alive.

(BLJ 48015).

New York, 11-31 Maggio 1987.

My Backyard.My Backyard.

Tony Dagradi (st) Allison (vc-p) Steve Masakowski (g) Bill Huntigton (b) Johnny Vidacovigh (dr).

Ever Since I Stole The Blues / You Call It Joggin’ / Big Brother / Sentimental Fool / Stranger In My Own Hometown / Was / The Getting’Paid Waltz / Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde / That’s Your Red Wagon / Long Song / Sleepy Lagoon / My Backyard.

(Blue Note B2-93840).

5-7 Dicembre 1989.

The Earth Wants You.The Earth Wants You.

Randy Brecker (tp) Joe Lovano (sa) Bob Malach (st) Hugh McCracken (arm) Mose Allison (p-vc) John Scofield (g) Ratzo B.Harris (b) Paul Motian (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc).

Certefied Senior Citizenb / This Ain’t Me / You Can’t Push People Around / My Ideal / The Earth Wants You / Cabaret Card / Red Wagon / Children Of The Future / I Don’t Love You / Who’s In Who’s Out / Natural Born Malcontent / What A Shame / Variation On Dixie.

(Blue Note CDP 27640).

New York, 8-10 Settembre 1993.

Pure Mose.Pure Mose.

Mose Allison (vc-p) Tom Rutley (b) Jerry Granelli (dr).

Lost Mind / Wild Man On The Loose / Your Molecular Structure / It Feels So Good / Swingin’Machine / You Can Count On Me To Do My Part / I Live The Life Of Love / If You’re Goin’The The City / I Ain’t Got Nothin’But The Blues / Hey, Good Lookin’ / Meet Me At No Special Place / Seventh Son / Wildman & Show Closer / Your Mind Is On Vacation.

(32 Jazz 32006).


Gimcracks & Gewgaws.Gimcracks & Gewgaws.

Mose Allison (vc-p) Mark Shim (st) Russell Malone (g) Ratzo Harris (b) Paul Motian (dr).

Mja Jr / Gimcraks & Gewgaws / Numbers On Paper / Cruise Control / St.Louis Blues / Mockingbird / The More You Get / Texanna / What Will It Be / So Tired / Somebody Gonna Have To Move / Fires Of Spring / What’s With You / Old Man Blues.

(Blue Note 23211).

New York, 17-18 Maggio 1997.

A Modern Jazz Premiere.

Mose Allison (p-vc) Addison Farmer (b) Jerry Segal (dr).

Transfiguration Of Hirmam Brown Suite/ How Little We Know/ Baby Please Son’t Go/ Make Yourself Confortable/ ‘Deed I Do/ Love For Sale.

(Columbia 1444).

Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison: Various Artists. Tell Me Something

Mose Allison (vc-p) Guy Barker (tp) Pee Wee Ellis, Leo Green (st) Robin Aspland (p/el) Alec Dankworth (b) Ralph Salmins (dr) Van Morrison (vc-arm) Ben Sidran (vc-p) Georgie Fame (vc-org).

One of these days / You can count on me (to do my part) / If you live / Was / Look here / City home / No trouble livin’ / Benediction / Back on the corner / Tell me something / I don’t want much / News nightclub / Perfect moment.

(Verve 314-533-203).

Bath, Inghilterra 1997.

The Mose Chronicles – Live In London, Volume 1. Live In London, Volume 1

Mose Allison (p-vc) Roy Babbington (b) Mark Taylor (dr).

Excursion and interlude / No trouble livin’ / I ain’t got nothing but the blues / Everybody’s cryin’ mercy / Meet me at no special place / If you only knew / Middle class white boy / You are my sunshine / What’s your movie / How much truth / Ever since the world ended / You call it jogging / Trouble in mind / I’m not talking / I feel so good / Since I fell for you / Seventh son / Hello there universe / What do you do after…/ Gettin’ there / I love the life I live / Finale.

(Blue Note 7243-5-29747). Pizza Express, Londra, 21-23 Gennaio 2000.

The Mose Chronicles – Live In London, Volume 2.Live In London, Volume 2

Mose Allison (p-vc) Jim Mullen (g) Roy Babbington (b) Mark Taylor (dr).

Just like livin’ / Lucky so and so / Swinging machine / Tell me something / Molecular structure / One of these days / Your mind’s on vacation / Baby please don’t go / Fool’s paradise / City home / Going to the city / Days like this / Wild man on the loose / Do nothin’ till you hear from me / Foolkiller / Don’t forget to smile / You can count on me.

(Blue Note 7243-5-29748).

Pizza Express, Londra, 21-22 Gennaio 2000.

The Way Of The World.The Way Of The World.

Walter Smith III (st) Mose Allison (p-vc) Greg Leisz (g) Anthony Wilson (g/el) David Piltch (b) Jay Bellerose (dr) Amy Allison (vc).

My Brain / I Know You Didn’t Mean It / Everybody Thinks You’re An Angel / Ket It Come Down / Modest Proposal / Crush / Some Right, Some Wrong / The Way Of The World / Ask Me Nice / Once In A While / I’m Alright / This New Situation.

(Anti 87059). 27 e 31-7-2009.chiusura


Rochester, New York. 28/7/1962.

Ha ricevuto la sua prima tromba dal nonno Alden Webster un musicista degli anni ’20. Ha frequentato la Berkeley High School Jazz alla fine degli anni ’70 e nel 1980 il New England Conservatory di Boston, dove ha avuto come maestri Fred Hersh, Roswell Rudd e nel 1986 si è laureato e si è trasferito a San Francisco dove ha collaborato con Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Peter Apfelbaum. A New York ha suonato con Oliver Lake, Billy Drummond, Julius Hemphill, la Jazz Composer’s Collective. Diverse sue composizioni sono state eseguite spesso dal gruppo di Jackie McLean.


Short Stories.peck-allmond-short-stories

Peck Allmond (tp,corn,st,ss,fl) Hans Teuber (sa) Gary Fisher (p,keyb) Doug Weiss (b) Kenny Wollesen (dr,perc) Gaston Bonga Jean-Baptiste (perc)

The river / Zendik farm / Word from Tokyo / Julian’s sound / Dr. Strange / She moved through the fair / Mr. Okulolo / It never entered my mind / Santa Lucia / Seems like old times / Jumping mouse

(Spirit) Brooklyn, NY, 2001.chiusura


Orlando, FL. 19/11/1936.

Trombonista solido, nel 1971 si è stabilito in Florida, alla testa della sua “Bill Alfred’s Classic Jaz Band”, costituita tra un gruppo di amici che volevano stare allegramente insieme, tra giochi, risate ed arrangiamenti di Matty Matlock e Bill Maxted. Il loro ardore ed il loro sound si affermò in diversi Jazz Festival in tutto il mondo. Gruppo dalla versatilità sorprendente pieno di swing e profondamente radicato nel classico jazz tradizionale. Egli ha anche collaborato con Wild Bill Davison in diverse tournée, ha registrato per diverse case discografiche. Ha avuto nel suo gruppo anche il figlio John Allred, anch’egli trombonista che ha seguito il padre anche nello stile strumentale.


Bill Allred And The Reedy Creek Jazz Band.

Tom Saunders (corn) Lou Black (tp) Bill Allred (tb) Paul Klinger (ss) Bob Krenkel (sb) Jim Mahack (p) Boyd Bergeson (dr) Dick Mushlitz (?).

Struttin’ With Some Barbecue.

(Bix Lives LP2). Live At Bix Beiderbecke Memorial J.F. Davemport, IA. 27-29 Luglio 1973.

Reedy Creek Romp.bill-allred-reedy-creek-romp

Van Crowell (corn) Bill Allred (tb) Kent Abreo, Tom Satterwhite (cl) Bob Glendon (p) Randy Morris (p-bj) gene Paulsen (tuba) Warren Sauer (dr).

Reedy Creek Romp / Dinah / Wand’rin’Star / Charleston Rag / Dr.Jazz / have Yourself A merry Little Christmas / Clarinet Marmalade / Chrch Street Blues / Deep Ruver / China Boy / Runnin’Wild.

(Reedy Creek RCR 101).

Edgewater, FL, Gennaio-Febbraio 1974.

Jazz Trombones.bill-allred-jazz-trombones

Bill Allred, Al Winters (tb) Ed Metz (p) Jim Rivard o Roy McDonald (g) Howard Benedict (b) Ed Metz Jr. , Mel Fudge (dr).

South Rampart Street Parade / Buddy Bolden’s Blues / That Da Da Strain / Fidegety Feet / Amazing Grace / Georgia In My Mind / Japanese Sandman / Sonny Boy / March Of The Bobcats.

Lou Black (corn) Bill Allred (tb) Jim Valentine (cl) Harvey Balance (p) Stan Black (tuba) Chuck Peart (dr) Pat Quall (wash).

Basin Street Blues / I Found A New Baby.

(Jim Taylor Presents JTP101).Jazz Festival Davemport, Iowa, 26-28 Luglio 1974.

Bill Allred, Al Winters (tb) Ed Metz (p) Jim Rivard o Roy McDonald (g) Howard Benedict (b) Ed Metz Jr. , Mel Fudge (dr).

Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me.

Jazz Festival Davemport, Iowa, 26-28 Luglio 1975.

Bill Allred Goodtime Jazz Band.

Don Lord (corn) Bill Allred (tb) Kenny Real (cl) Randy Morris (p) Boyd Bergeson (bj) Dave Garnett (tuba) Warren Sauer (dr).

Rhythm King / Dippermouth Blues / Tiger Rag.

(Bix Lives LP7). Jazz Festival Davemport, Iowa, 26-28 Luglio 1975.

Holiday At Telegraph Road.

Ernie Carson (corn) Bill Allred (tb) Mason “Country”Thomas (cl) Al Stevens (p) Van Perry (b) Skip Tmlinson (dr).

Some Of These Days / Old Folks / Keepin’ Out Of Mischief Now / Limenhouse Blues / Thou Swell / Buddy Bolde’s Blues / Ja-Da / Royal Garden Blues.

(Fat Cats’ Jazz FCJ 189). “Holiday Inn”, Alexandria, VA. 9-10-76.

Dixie Direct.

Don Lord (corn-flic) Bill Allred (tb) Kent Abreo (cl-st) Jim Maihack (p-bj-gtb) Randy Morris (p-bj-tp) Boyd Bergeson (bj-b-dr) Dave Ganett (tuba-b) Warren Sauer (dr).

Tiger Rag / Wabash Blues / Irish Black Bottom / Rverboat Shuffle / Japanese Sandman/ When You’re Smiling / Mississippi Mud / Emperor Norton’s Hunch.

(Direct Disk DD103). Nashville, TN. 1977.

Bill Allred Jazz Band.

Don Lord (corn) Bill Allred (tb) Bob Drago (cl) Andrew Fielding (p) Dave Garnett (tuba) Boyd Bergeson (dr).

Riverboat Shuffle / I’ve Gotta Right To Sing The Blues.

(Bixie Lives LP 11). Live Davemport, IA. 27-29 Luglio 1977.

Portrait Of A Jazz Band.

Bill Allred, John Allred (tb) Kent Abreo (cl-st) Boyd Bergeson (bj-b-dr) Dave Gannett (b-tuba) Don Lord (corn-flic) Jim Maihack (p-tb-bj-vc) Randy Morris (p-tp-bj) Warren Sauer (dr).

Sidewalk Blues / Squeeze me / Storyville Blues / Sing Sing Sing / Rhythm King / When It’s Sleepy Time Down South / The Pearls / If I Had You / Nobody’s Sweetheart / From Monday On / Parson Kansdas Blues.

(TC 1149). Orlando Florida, fine 1980.

Allred Hot And Blues.bill-allred-hot-and-blues

Davey Jones (corn) Bill Allred (tb) Jack Matese (sa) Eddie Higgins (p) Milt Hinton (b) Nutch Miles (dr).

It’s Delovely / Singin’The Blues / I’ll Never be The Same / Seems Like Old Times / Honey’s Loving Arms / Indian Summer / Little Time / Dinah / On A Slow Boat To China / Old Folks / Oh Baby / Some Of These Days / Sugar / The Song Is You / St.Louis Blues.

(World Jazz LP NR 15752). Ococe, Florida, 1984.

Swing That Music.bill-allred-swing-that-music

Bill Allred (tb) Don Lord (corn) J.J.Argenziano (tp) Terry Myers (cl-st) Jim Maihack (p-tb) Boyd Bergeson (g-bj) Sam Noto (b-tuba) Warren Sauer (dr).

It Don’t Mean A Thing / The Mooche / Struttin’With Some Barbecue / Basin Street Blues / Swing That Music / Limenhouse Blues / Roayl Garden Blues / Wabash Blues / King Porter Stomp / Beale Street Blues / Ole Miss / Runin’Wild.

(Big Bear 31). Birmingham, Inghilterra, Luglio 1989.

Live ‘N’Kickin’.

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Al Stevens (p) Lou Mauro (b).

Wolverine Blues / It Don’t Mean A Thing / Up A Lazy River / Riverboat Shuffle / Lazy Mood / Ole Miss / Flying Home / Maryland My Maryland / Runnin’Wild / Comes Love / Dippermouth Blues / Pennies From Heaven / Twice As Nice As Paradise / Clue Again Come Back Sweet Papa / Joe Avery Blues.

(Sunjazz Rec.110). Orlando, Florida, 1992.

Hong Kong Blues.

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Al Stevens (p) Lou Mauro (b).

Sugar Foot Strut / Butter And Egg Man / Black Coffee / Always / Nobody’s Sweetheart Now / Hong Kong Blues / Everybody Loves My Baby / Whole Lotta’Blues / Something’s Always Happening On The River / Mama’s Gone Goodbye / That’s A Plenty / When Buddha Smiles / Air Mail Special.

(Sunjazz Rec.220). Orlando, Florida, 1993.

Red Hot Sessions.

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Al Stevens (p).

Alabany Bound / Truckin’ / Stricke Up The Band / Jazz Me Blues / Big Noise From Winetka / Blue And Broken Hearted / Judy / Get Happy / She’s Just My Size / Copenhagen / Don’t Get Around Much Anymore / Harlem Nocturn / What’s New / Fidgety Feet / Take The A Train / Them There Eyes.

(Sunjaz Rec.330). Orlando, Florida, 1993.

Swing Riot.bill-allred-swing-riot

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Bill Huter (p-org) Randy Morris (p).

Bugle Call Rag / Wabash Blues / Shanty Town / Yes Dear / Louisiana / Royal Garden Blues / Young Man With A Horn / Night Train / Song Of The Wanderer / After You’ve Gone / Pete kelly’s Blues / Oh By Jingo / Big bear Stomp / Begin The Beguine.

(Sunjaz Rec. 10). Orlando, Florida, 1995.


Bill Allred, Roy Williams (tb) Johny Varro (p) Isla Eckinger (b) Butch Miles (dr).

Constantly / Satin Doll / Isn’t A Pity / Gypsy In My Soul / Too Close For Confort / Blues n.1 (Sunhat Blues) / If There Is Someone Lovelier / Absolutely / Blue Bones / So Beats My heart For You / It’s Only A paper Moon / Makin’Woopee / Sometimes I’m Happy / You’re Driving My Crazy /

(Nager-Heyer CD 024 CD). Amburgo, Germania, 28-9-95.

Hot & Blue I & II.

Bob Pickwood (tp) Bill Allred (tb) Allan Vache (cl) Johnny Varro (p) Bucky Pizarelli (g) Lou Mauro (b) Warren Sauer (dr).

Sugar / On A Slow Boat To China / Some Of These Days / St.Louis Blues / Singing The Blues / Old Folks / The Song Is You.

(Sun Jaz CD 0012 CD). Orlando, Florida, 1996.

Meet Me Where They Play The Blues.

Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Bill Allred (tb) Bill Hunter (p) ed altri.

South Rampart Street Parade / Meet Me Where They Plays The Blues / The Pink Panther / Shine / Savoy Blues / Little Rock Getaway / Sing Sing Sing / Riverfront Blues / When The Saints Go marching In / Har Hearted Hanah / John Brown’s Other Body / It’s All Right Swith Me / Sunyside Of The Street / Ferryboat To Algiers / Avalon.

(Sunjaz CD 0045 CD). Orlando, Florida, 1997.

Stand Black.

Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Bill Allred (tb) Bill Hunter (p) ed altri.

Singing The Blues / I Don’t Want To Miss Mississippi / Once In A While / Magtlock Theme / Emperor Nortons Hunch / Muscat Rumble / Rosetta / Minie The Moocher / Panama / House Of Blue Lights / Cornet Chop Suey / Paducah Paradise.

(Sunjazz CD 0010 CD). Orlando, Florida, 1997.


Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Bill Hunter (p-org) Randy Morris (p)

Tiger Rag / Fashinathing Rhythm / Dearie Street Blues / I’m Shoutin Again / On The Trail / Si Tu Vois Ma Mere / Dardanella / The Blues In The Night / King Porter Stomp / Cherokee / Basin Sdtreet Blues / Gin Mill Blues / In The Mood / Darktown Strutters Ball / Milllemberg Joys / High Society / Farewell Blues.

(Sunjaz Rec.45). Orlando, Florida, 1999.

Lean Mean Swing Machine.

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Bill Hunter (p-org) Randy Morris (p) altri non identificati.

Bye Bye Blues / Constantly / When My Dreamboat Comes Home / Satin Doll / Do You Know What It means To Miss New Orleans / I’ve Got The World On A String / Lester Leaps / String Of Pearl / (Dig (Sweet Georgia Brown) / Nancy With The Laughing Face / Washboard Blues / Pick Yourself / Tin Roof Blues / Original Dixieland One Step / Stompin’At The Savoy / Do Nothing Till You Hear From me / Limenhouse Blues.

(Sunjazz Rocords 60). Orlando, Florida, 2001.

The Classic Swing Collection.

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp-flic) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Terry Myers (cl-sax) Al Stevens (p) Jay Mueller (b) Lou Mauro (b) Warren Sauer (dr).

Bugle Call Rag / Stringb Of Pearls / She’s Just My Size / What’s New / I’ve Got The World On A String / Cherokee / The Man With The Horn / Melanchony Rhapsody / Relaxin’ / I’m Shotin’Again / Begin The Beguine / The Pink Panther / Hrelem Nocturne / Air Mail Special / In The Mood / Satin Doll / Black Coffee / Chattanooga Cho Cho / Them There Eyes.

(Sunjazz Records 65). Orlando Florida, 2002.

2 The Max.bill-allred-2-the-max

Bill Allred (tb-vc) John Allred (tb) Charlie Bertini (tp-flic) Bob Pickwood (tp-vc) Terry Myers (cl-sax) Bill Hunter (p) Randy Morris (p) John Philips (p) Jay Mueller (b) altri non identificati.

Matty’s Royal Garden Blues / Song Of India / Jumpin’at The Woodside / New Orleans / April In Paris / Blue Skies / Late Date / Makin’Woopee / The Mooche / Skyliner / You Took Advantage Of Me / Singin’The Blues / The Kid From Burnank (Redbank) / I Cover The Waterfront / Davemport Blues / The Battle Hymn Of The Republic / Bonus Track / America Beautiful.

(Sunjazz Records 70). Orlando, Florida, 2003.chiusura


Rock Island, Illinois. 1962.

Finito il liceo si è trasferito in California dove ha iniziato la carriera e nel 1987 è entrato nell’orchestra di Woody Herman, ha collaborato con Stan Getz, Rosemary Clooney e Clark Terry. In seguito si è trasferito ad Orlando in Florida dove ha lavorato negli studi e ha partecipato a concerti. Nel 1999 si è trasferito a New York, qui ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Toshiko Akiyoshi, ha suonato di nuovo con Herman e nella Carnegie Hall Jazz Band. Nel jazz ci sono stati molti ottimi trombonisti, Allred è uno di loro. Figlio di Bill, ha seguito il padre nel modo di suonare e nella scelta del jazz tradizionale, con qualche sortita anche in quello moderno. Musicista che ha esplorato un vasto campo della musica, dal blues alla musica latina. Insieme a Wycliff Gordon ha riproposto i duetti tra trombone e ritmi, già proposti da Kai Winding e Jay Jay Johnson.


In The Beginning…john-allred-in-the-beginning

John Allred (tb-euph) Betty O’Hara (euph) Johnny Varro (p) David Stone (b) Eddie Metz Jr. (dr).

I Got Our Letter / Autumn Leaves / Eveline / Stompin’At The Savoy / Koenig’s Gig / Sweet Clifford / Jitterburg Waltz / Blues For Rich / A Child Is Born / I’m Getting Sentimental Over You.

(Arbor Jazz ARCD 19115).

Newport Beach, 10-11 Settembre 1992.


John Allred (tb) Rex Wertz (st) Richard Drexler (p) John Katalenic (synt) Lisa Ferrigno (viol) Kely Sill (b) Eddie Metz (dr) Orlando Sanchez (perc).

Love For Sale / Blues For Mister Broadway / My Invlination / On The Street Where You Live / Easy Does It / Spring Can Really Hangf You Up The Most / Focused / Lucky Southern / But Beautiful / Red Leopard / Are We Having Fun Yet / My Romance.

(Apple Jazz AJCD 0062). Altamonte Springs, FL, 29-30 Marzo 1997.

Head To Head.john-allred-head-to-head

John Allred, Wycliffe Gordon (tb) John Sheridan (p) Charlie Silva (b) Ed Metz, Jr. (dr).

It’s all right with me / The preacher / West End blues / Cotton tail / If I had you / Skylark / Afternoon in Paris / Medley: Sophisticated lady – I got it bad / Walkin’ my baby back home / Creole love call / Caravan / The curse of an aching heart / America, the beautiful.

(Arbors Jazz ARCD19261). Orlando, FL, 6-12-2001.chiusura


Hartford, Connecticut. 19/7/1923.

Figlio d’arte, ha debuttato professionalmente con Jack Teagarden nel 1940. Dopo la fine della guerra ha lavorato con Van Alexander, Henry Jerome, Boyd Raeburn. Si è trasferito Sulla West Coast dove ha lavorato per la radio. Sospesa l’attività per problemi connessi all’uso di droga, è ritornato a suonare nel 1958 nell’orchestra di Stan Kenton, poi in quella di Count Basie. Altro blackout per droga e nel 1975 il ritorno in duo con Barry Harris. Nel complesso cantante discreto, il suo stile è stato apprezzato più dagli addetti ai lavori che dagli amatori di jazz. Ha inciso anche con Johnny Mandel e con Barry Harris. Interprete romantico di ballads, con voce compatta e determinata, ma dalla scarsa comunicativa.


David Allyn (vc) Lucky Thompson (st) G.Style (p) Frank Devemport (cel) Al Hendrickson (g) Butch Stone (dr).

Chimero / Sweet And Lovely / Snowbound / Penthouse Serenade.

David Allyn (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Lyle Griffin.

Flight On The Vout Bug / Deep In The Blues.

(Atomic 235). Los Angeles, fine 1946.

David Allyn (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Johny Richards, con Paul Smith (p) Harry Bluestone (viol) ed altri.

It never Entered My Mind / Wait Till You See Her / I Can’t Be Wrong / When Loves Comes.

(Discovery 511). Los Angeles, 13-9-49.

David Allyn (vc) Paul Smith (p) Bill Baker (fis) Cal Gooden (g) Bobby Meyer (b).

The Touch Af Your Lips / Did You Ever See A Dream Walking / I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me.

(Discovery 532). Los Angeles, 30-12-49.

A Sure Thing.david-allyn-sure-thing

David Allyn (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Johny Mandell.

A Sure Thing / Dearly Beloved / I’m Old Fashioned / Lovely To Look At / The Way You Look Tonight / The Folks Who Live On The Hill / Long Ago And Far Away / I’ve Told Every Little Star / All In Fun / In Love In Vain.

(World Pacific WPM 408).

New York, 1957.

Your Sincerely.david-allyn-your-sincerely

David Allyn (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Bill Holman, con Jimmy Rowles (p) Johny Mandell (arr) ed altri.

Hooray For Love / Shake Down The Stars / You Send Me / Impossible / I Like The Likes Of You / Can’t Help it / Sittin’ On The Top Of The World / They All Laughed / Life Is Just A Bolw Of Cherries / I’ve Got The Sun In The Morning / Yours Sincerely / Let’s Face The Music And Dance.

(World Pacific WPT 1250). Los Angeles, 1958.

I Only Have Eyes For You.david-allyn-i-only-have-eyes-for-you

David Allyn (vc) accompagnata dall’orchestra diretta da Dave Terry.

Get Out Of Town / Just As Though You Were Here / You Go To My Head / You’re Laughing At me / In Only Have Eyes For You / When Your Lover Has Gone / Soon / Heart And Soul / It’s Always You / Drifting.

(Warner Bros 1268).

New York, Gennaio 1959.

This Is David Allyn.david-allyn-this-is-david-allyn

David Allyn (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Bob Florence.

I’ve Got My Eyes On You / Penthouse Serenade / Love Is A Serious Thing / A Swing For Joey / What Have You Got That Gets me / Forgetful / Where You At / Why Do Yopu Pass Me By / Sweet And Lovely / Skylark / New In Town / Lucky Day.

(Everest M 5224).

Los Angeles, 1960.

In The Blue Evening.david-allyn-in-the-blue-evening

David Allyn (vc) Jimmy Rowles (p) Larry Bunker ( (vib) Herb Ellis (g) Joe Mondragon (b) Shelly Manne (dr).

It’s A Pity To Say Goodnight / Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Remind Me / It All Come Back To me Now.

(Discovery DS 794). Los Angeles, 1966.

David Allyn (vc) Conte Candoli (tp) Frank Rosolino (tb)m Bud Shank, Bob Cooper, Joe Maini, Chuck Gentry (reeds) Vince DeRosa, Octavia DeRosa, John Cave, Richard Perissi (fh) Larry Bunker (vib) Jimmy Rowles (p) Herb Ellis (g) Mel Lewis (dr) Johny Mandell (arr).

Down With Love / It’s That Old devil Called Love / Cocktails For Two.

(Discopvery DS 794). Los Angeles, 1966.

David Allyn (vc) Bud Shank, Bob Cooper, Joe Maini, Harry Klee, Chuck Gentry (reeds) Vince DeRosa, Octavia DeRosa, John Cave, Richard Perissi (fh) Larry Bunker (vib) Jimmy Rowles (p) Herb Ellis (g) James Getzoff, Israel Baker, Ralph Schaeffer, Victor Arno, Gerald Vinci, Isadore Roman, Jooseph Stepansky, Dan Lube, Helern Mirich, Herman Clebanoff (viol) Ralph Kramer, Edgar Lustgarten (cello) Kathryne Julye (arpa) Mel Lewis (dr).

In The Blue Of Evening / All Throught The Day / And Now Goodbye.

(Discovery DS 794). Los Angeles, 1966.

Don’t Look Back.david-allyn-dont-look-back

David Allyn (vc) Barry Harris (p).

Don’t Look Back / I’m Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life / No Place To Hide / You’re Nearer / Pleasant Dreams / Never Let Me Go / She Is MY Star / Apple Blossoms In The Rain / The Shining Sea / Waltz For Debby / A Swing For Joey / Kim.

(Xanadu 101)

New York, 27-28 Febbraio 1975.

Soft As Spring.david-allyn-soft-as-spring

David Allyn (vc) Loonis McGlohom (p) Terry Lassiter, Jim Ferguson (b) Jim Lackey, Bill Stowe (dr).

Come Rain Or Come Shine / She Didn’t Say “Yes” She Didn’t Say ”No” / Saturday’s Child / I Won’t Dance / Soft As Spring / Blues In The Night / The Gal That Got Away.

(Audiophile AP 155). Los Angeles, Maggio 1976.

There will never be another you / It’s a pity to say goodnight / Where you at ?.

(Audiophile AP 155). Los Angeles, Gennaio 1981.chiusura


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