Pontiac. Michigan. 12/6/1957.

Pianista venuta alla ribalta con il 34° referendum del Down Beat, prima dei nuovi talenti. Pianista che ha subito agli inizi l’influenza del soul e del pop, studiando alla Cass Technical High School ed in seguito si è accostata alla tradizione ed al jazz. Ha suonato con Roy Brooks, frequentando nel 1975 la Howard University di Washington, dove ha conosciuto Nathan Davis e con lui è andata a Pittsburg dove ha conseguito la laurea in etnomusicologia. Ha suonato con Miles Davis, con Oliver Lake, Lester Bowie, James Newton, Pheeroan Ak Laff, Mary Wilson, Steve Coleman. In Europa ha inciso con Andrew Cyrille, Anthony Cox, con Wayne Shorter (1988) il M-Base, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian. In lei si identifica la nuova generazione di pianisti. Musicista con forti radici nel blues, che riesce a fondere questo in atmosfere funky. Pur utilizzando il pianoforte in modo classico, ne ricava un suono puro, delicato e nello stesso tempo energico, profondamente legato al jazz, specie quando si esibisce da sola.



Geri Allen (p) Anthony Cox (b) Andrew Cyrille (dr-mouth-perc-timp).

A celebration Of All Life / Eric / Running As Fats As You Can…TGTH / M’s Heart (In Memory Of Mrs.Barbara Jean Allen) / Printmakers / Andrew / When Kabuya Dances/ D And (Fro Daddy And Vernie).

(Minor Music MM 001)

8-9 Febbraio 1984.


Home Grown.85homegown

Geri Allen (piano solo).

Mama’s Babies / Bemsha Swing / No More Mr.Nice Guy / First Balck Man…M.O.P.E. / ‘Round Midnight / Blue / Alone Together / Home Grown.

(Minor Music 8004).

Ludwigsburg, Gennaio 1985.


Open All Sides In The Middle.86openonallsides

Geri Allen (p-key-cho) Steve Coleman (sa) Shahita Nurallah (vc) David McMu Racy Biggs (tp-fl-h) Robin Eubanks (tb) Tani Tabbal (dr) Jaribu Shahib (b) Mino Cinelu (perc) Lioyd Storey (tap) Marcus Belgrave (fl-h).

Open On All Side / The Glide Was In The Ride / Forbidden Place / The Dancer / In The Middle / Ray / I Sang A Bright Green Tear For All Of Us This Year / Drummer’s Song / In The Morning / The Dancer Parte 2.

(Minor Music MM 013).

Ludwigsburg, Dicembre 1986.


Geri Allen (p) Tani Tabbal (dr) Jarib Shahib (perc) Sadiq Bey, Eli Fountain (perc) C.T.Bell (vc).

Black Pools / When Kabuya Dances / Shadow Series / Skin / A Place Of Power / Twilight / Stop The World / Wood / Little Wind / Dream Time / Blue.

(Verve 841152).

New York, 1989.


In The Years Of The Dragon.89intheyearofthedragon

Geri Allen (p) Charlie Haden (b) Paul Motian (dr) Juan Lazaro Mendolas (quena).

Oblivion / For John Malachi / See You At Per Tutti’s / Rollano / Last Call / No More Mr.Nice Guy / Invisible / First Song / In The Years Of The Dragon.

(JMT 834428).

New York, Marzo 1989.



Geri Allen (p) Charlie Haden (b) Paul Motian (dr).

Law Years / You’ll Never Know / Marmaduke / Cabala-Drum Music / Home / Iìm All Smiles / Segment / La Pasionaria / Rain.

(DIW 833).

New York, 6-8 Aprile 1989.


The Nurturer.90thenurturer

Marcus Belgrave (tp-flic) Kenny Garrett (sa) Geri Allen (p) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff Watts (dr) Eli Fountain (perc).

Night’s Shadow / N.3 / It’s Good To be Home Again / Batista’s Groove / Night Of Power (For My Daughter Laila) / Our Gang / Silence And Song-The Nurturer / Le Goo Wop / Lullaby Of Isfahn.

(Blue Note B215-95139).

New York, 5-6 Gennaio 1990.

Live At Village Vanguard.91livealvillagevanguard

Geri Allen (p) Charlie Haden (b) Paul Motian (dr).

A Prayer For Peace / Obtuse Angles / It Should Have Happened A Long Time Ago / For Turiya / Fiasco / In The Year Pf The Dragon / Vanguard Blues / Mumbo Jumbo / Song For The Whales.

(DIW 847).

New York, 21-22 Dicembre 1990.

Three Pianos For Jimi.

Geri Allen, Mark Batson, Scott Batson (p).

Message To Love.

(Douglas AD-11). New York, 1991.


Marcus Belgrave, Wallace Roney (tp) Geri Allen (p) Anthony Cox, Swayne Dolphin (b) Pheeroan akLaff, Tani Tabbai (dr).

Feed The Fire / No More Mr.Nice Guy / And They Partied / Number Four / A Prayer For Peace / Mad Money / Two Brothers / Feed The Fire 2 / Dolphy’s Dance / For Joh Malachi / Laila’s House / Feed The Fire 3 / Brooklyn Bopund A / Bed-Sty / Maroons.

(Blue Note B212-99493).

New York, 11-14 Febbraio 1992.

Twenty One.94twentyone

Geri Allen (p) Ron Carter (b) Tony Williams (dr).

RTG / If I Sholud Lose You / Drummer’s Song / Introspection-Thelonious / A Beautiful Friendship / In The Morning (Fro Sister Leola) / Tea For Two / Lullaby Of The Leaves / Feed The Fire / Old Folks / A Place Of Power / In The Middle,

(Blue Note 30028).

New York, 3-6 Maggio 1994.

Shades Of Red – V.A.

Dianne Reeves (vc) Steve Hall (st) Fareed Haque (g) Geri Allen (p) Peter Washington (b) Joe Chambers (dr).

Maiden Voyage (alt.take).

Geri Allen (p) Wallace Roney (tp) Joe Lovano (da-st) Clarence Seay (b) Paul Motian (dr).

Good Old Days (2 tracks).

(Somethin’else TOCJ 5578). New York, 5-7 Dicembre 1994.

Dianne Reeves (vc) Steve Hall (st) Fareed Haque (g) Geri Allen (p) Peter Washington (b) Joe Chambers (dr).

Maiden Voyage (1 track).

(Somethin’else TOCJ 5578). New York, 7-12-94.

Eyes …In The Back Of Your Head.96intheback

Geri Allen (piano solo).

New Eyes Opening / Little Waltz.

Geri Allen (p-sint) Wallace Roney (tp).

M.O.P.E. / Dark Eyes / In The Back Of Your Head / Windows To The Soul.

Geri Allen (p-simt) Ornette Coleman (sa).

Vertical / The Eyes Have It.

Geri Allen (p-sint) Cyro Baptista (perc).

Mother Wit / Flowing / Fmfmf.

(Blue Note 38297). New York, 14-15 Dicembre 1995 e 1 Marzo 1996.

Some Aspect Of Water.97someaspectofwater

Johnny Coles (flic) Geri Allen (p) Palle Danielsson (b) Lenny White (dr).

Old Folks / Feed The Fire / A beautiful Freindship / Skin.

Johnny Coles, Henrik Bolberg Pedersen (flic) Kjeld Ipsen (tb) Axel Windfeld (tuba) Michael Hove (sa-fl-cl) Uffe Markussen (st-ss-cl-fl).Geri Allen (p) Palle Danielsson (b) Lenny White (dr).

Smooth Attitudes / Some Aspects Of Water.

(Storyville STCD 4212). Copenhagen, 15-17 Marzo 1996.

Along Came Jones / New York Connection.Along Came Jones

Geri Allen (p) Robin Eubanks (tb) Craig Handy (st-ss) Gene Jackson (dr) Loe Locke (vib) Lonnie Plaxico (b) Wallace Roney (tp).

Three Card Molly / The Summary / Intimidation / Allen’s Alley / Shadowland / A Child In One / Wise One.

(Sirocco Jazz SJL 1003).

New York, 9-10 Dicembre 1997.


Three Pianos For Jimi – Trisd.97threepianosfor

Geri Allen, Mark Batson, Scott Batson (p).

Message To Love – Cherokee Mist – Manic Depression – The Wind Cries Mary – Land Of The New Rising Sun – Love Or Confusion.

(Douglas Music ADC 14).

New York, 1997.


The Gathering.98thegathering

Wallace Roney (tp-flic) Robin Eubanks (tb) Dwight Andrews (fl-sa-ottav-cl) Geri Allen (p) Vernon Reid (g) Buster Williams (b) Ralphe Armostrong (b/el) Lenny White (dr) Mino Cinelu (perc) Little Wally (tp) Little Laila (vc).

The Ghatering / Dark Prince / Sleepin’Pretty / Light Matter / Baby’s Breath / Ray / Soul Heir / Joy And Wonder / Gabriel’s Royal Blue Reals / Daybreak And Dreams / Angels.

(Verve 557 614). New York, 19-25 Febbraio 1998.

An All Star Tribute To Pablo Picasso And Miles Davis.All Star Tribute To Pablo Picasso And Miles Davis

Eddie Henderson (tp) Richard Clay (sax-fl-keyb) Curtis Fuller (tb) Geri Allen (p) Buster Williams (b) Lenny White (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc-conga) Warren Smith (perc).

Pablo / Blue Cool / Love Of A Lifetime / Blue Miles / View Of Bitches Brew / Inspiration / Blue Peiod / View 2 / Minotaur 1 / Gor Miles / Les Demoiselles D’Avignon.

(Swan Records SW 1001).

New York, 1999.

The Life Of A Song. 99thelifeofasong

Marcus Belgrave (flic) Clifton Anderson (tb) Dwight Andrews (sax) Geri Allen (p) Dave Holland (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr).

LWB’s house / Mounts and mountains / Lush life / In appreciation: a celebration song / The experimental movement / Holdin’ court / Dance of the infidels / Unconditional love / The life of a song / Black bottom / Soul eyes.

(Telarc 83598).

New York, 16-17 Febbraio 2004.

Timeless Portraits And Dreams.timelessportraits

Wallace Roney (tp) Donald Walden (st) Geri Allen (p-arr) Ron Carter (b) Jimmy Cobb (dr) Carmen Lundy, George Shirley (vc) Atlanta Jazz Chorus, Dwight Andrews (dir).

Malchezedick / Well Done / I Have A Dream / Timeless Portraits And Dreams /n For The Healing Of Nations / real Time / Ah-Leu-Cha / Our Lady.

(Telarc 83645)

 New York, 2006.

Flying Toward The Sound.FlyingTowardTheSound

Geri Allen (p).

Flying Toward The Sound / Red Velvet In Winter / Dancing Mystic Poets At Twilight / God’s Ancient Sky / Dancing Mystic Poets At Twilight / Faith Carriers Of Life / Dancing Mystic Poets At Dawn / Flying Toward The Sound (reprise) / Your Pure Self (Mother To Son) / Flying Toward The Sound (video program) / Red Velvet In The Winter / Faith Carriers Of Life (video program).

(Motema Music MTM 37). Klavierhaus, New York,18-20 Dicembre 2008.

Timeline Live.geri-allen-timeline-live

Geri Allen (p) Kenny Davis (b) Kassa Overall (dr) Maurice Chestnut (perc)

Philly Joe’ [15:53] / Four by Five [4:47] / The Western Wall, Soul Eyes [7:12] / LWB’s House [3:37] / Embraceable You, Lover Man [12:35] / Ah-Leu-Cha [9:53] / In Appreciation [6:38]

(Motema MTM 42)

Portland, Oregon, 7 e 12 Febbraio 2009.

A Child Is Born.achildisborn

Geri Allen (p).

Angels We Have Heard On High / A Child Is Born / Imagining Gena At Sunrise / O Come, O Come, Emmanuel / Journey To Bethlehem / We Three Kings / Little Drummer Boy / God Is With Us / Amazing Grace / Christmas Medley / Imagining Gena At Sunset / Let Us Break Bread Together / It Came Upon A Midnight Clear / O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (2).

(Motema Music MTM 69). New York, 14-15 Gennaio 2011.

Grand River Crossings.geri-allen-grand-river-crossings

Geri Allen (p) Marcus Belgrave (tr) David McMurray (sa)

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ [2:21] / Tears of a Clown [5:31] / That Girl [6:05] / Grand River Crossings I [0:48] / The Smart Set [2:54] / Let It Be [3:58] / Space Odyssey [5:36] / In Appreciation [1:04] / Baby I Need Your Loving [4:29] / Itching in My Heart [1:56] / Stoned Love [3:40] / Grand River Crossings II [0:52] / Inner City Blues [4:26] / Save the Children [7:15] / Nancy Joe [3:39]

(Motena MTM 128) Klavierhaus, New York, 23-24 Agosto 2012.chiusura


Toronto, Canada. 9/3/76.

Ha iniziato a suonare la tromba a undici anni, facendo parte di orchestre scolastiche mentre frequentava le scuole superiori. Ha frequentato il Conservatorio Reale, dove ha studiato tromba jazz e privatamente il pianoforte. Ha studiato in Colorado con Art Lande. Ha iniziato la carriera con la Woodshoper Association, una grande orchestra di Toronto. Ha fatto parte del gruppo “Powerbuch”, del quintetto di David Mott e del Michael Morse’s Dignity of Labour Ensemble. Ha collaborato anche con Eugene Chadborne, Jean Deorme, Joanne Hetu, Michael Snow, John Oswald, Gordon Downie ed altri. Ha partecipato a diversi Festival e composto musica per grande orchestra. chiusura


Washington D. C. 12/10/1966.

I genitori avendo constatato l’inclinazione del figlio per la musica gli hanno fanno prendere già a sette anni lezioni di fisarmonica, poi di clarinetto e quindi al sax tenore che studierà a Los Angeles con Sahib Shiab, Bob Mintzer e John Purcell. Nel 1989 si è diplomato alla Rutgers University del New Jersey. Con l’aiuto del bassista Major Holley ha sostituito Zoot Sims in una registrazione con John Bunch, George Masso, Bucky Pizzarelli e Ruby Braff e durante tale registrazione venne ascoltato ed apprezzato da Dizzy Gillespie. Ha registrato con John Colliani, con Keith Ingham, accompagnando in una tournée europea Oliver Jackson. Nel 1986 ha registrato con Kenny Barron. Sassofonista emergente nell’odierno circuito internazionale. Influenzato da Paul Gonzales, dopo Scott Hamilton appare il più quotato dei sassofonisti swing in circolazione. Le sue fonti d’ispirazione sono i grandi sassofonisti che hanno fatto scuola come: Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Lester Young, Illinois Jacquet e Stan Getz. Diversamente da altri sassofonisti della sua generazione non ha seguito i modelli dell’avanguardia come Coltrane, Shepp e Coleman.


How Long Has This Been Going On ?. How Long Has This Been Going On

Harry Allen (st) Keith Ingham (p) Major Holley (b) Oliver Jackson (dr).

I hear a rhapsody / Walkin’ the frog / How long has this been going on? / All by myself / I wonder where our love has gone / Moments like this / I would do anything for you / Beautiful moons ago / Blues for Genelle / Warm valley / Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me / Moon country.

(Progressive PCD-7082).

New York, 30-6-88.

Are You Having Any Fun? (A Celebration Of Sammy Fain).Are You Having Any Fun

Harry Allen (st) Keith Ingham (p-arr) John Pizzarelli (g) Dennis Irwin (b) Oliver Jackson (dr).

Are you having any fun? / I can dream, can’t I? / When I take my sugar to tea / Tender is the night / You brought a new kind of love to me / Here’s to your illusions / A high hat, a piccolo and a cane / A very precious love / That old feeling / Something I dreamed last night / Alice in wonderland / By a waterfall / I left my sugar standing in the rain / Secret love / I just can’t do enough for you, baby / Hummin’ to myself / I’ll be seeing you.

(Audiophile ACD-261).

New York, 23-24 Luglio 1990.

Someone To Light Up My Life. Someone To Light Up My Life.

Harry Allen (st) John Horler (p) Pete Morgan (b) Oliver Jackson (dr).

My shining hour / Day in, day out / Here’s to that / Someone to light up my life / Like someone in love / I wish you love / April in Paris / I want to be happy / I’ve grown accustomed to your face / My romance / Owls blues / Strike up the band.

(Master Mix CHECD00100).

Londra, 1991.

I Know That You Know.I Know That You Know.

Harry Allen (st) John Colianni (p) Michael Moore (b).

Call me irresponsible / Legs / I want to laugh you right out of my life / Baby won’t you please come home / It was just one of those things / I get along without you very well / Drifting / I know that you know / Souriya / Desafinado / Sleep / There’ll never be another spring.

(Master Mix CHECD00104).

Londra, 18-1-92.

I’ll Never Be The Same.I’ll Never Be The Same.

Harry Allen (st) Howard Alden (g) Simon Woolf (b).

All Through The Night / I Won’t Dance / I’ll Close My Eyes / / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down / Avalon / Estate / Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi / I’ll Never Be The Same / It’s Alright With Me / Shining Sea / Waltz For Debby / Roses Of Picardy / Fascinating Rhythm / If I Love Again.

(Mastermix CHECD 00106).


The Intimacy Of The Blues, volume two.The Intimacy Of The Blues

Harry Allen (st-arr) Keith Ingham (p-arr) Chris Flory (g) Denis Irwin (b) Chuck Riggs (dr).

Jazz festival jazz / A flower is a lovesome thing / Intimacy of the blues / Balcony serenade / After all / Upper Manhattan Medical Group / Something to live for / Lush life / All day long / Blood count / Snibor / Strange feeling / Passion flower / Midriff / Star-crossed lovers / I’m checking out, goombye.

(Progressive PCD-7102).

New York, 12-14 Marzo 1993.

A Night At Birdland – Vol.1.A Night At Birdland – Vol.1.

Randy Sandke (tp) Harry Allen (st) Brian Dee (p) Len Skeat (b) Oliver Jackson (dr).

My Heart Stood Still / On A Slow Boat To China / Tickle Toe / You Took Advantage Of Me / Stardust / Sometimes I’m Happy / How Deep Is The Ocean / I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good) / The Man I Love.

(Nagel-Heyer 007).

New York, 19-20 Novembre 1993.

A Night At Birdland – Vol.2.A Night At Birdland – Vol.2.

Randy Sandke (tp) Harry Allen (st) Brian Dee (p) Len Skeat (b) Oliver Jackson (dr).

Isn’t This A Lovely Day / From This Moment On / My Foolish Heart / The Song Is You / Blues My Naughty Swwetie Gives To Me / Sweet Lorraine / All Godìs Chillum Got Rhythm / Stardust / Now Is The Time / Sophisticated Lady / Lover Come Back To Me.

(Nagel-Heyer 008).

New York, 19-20 Novembre 1993.

Blue Skies.Blue Skies.

Harry Allen (st) John Bunch (p) Dennis Irwin (b) Duffy Jackson (dr).

Linger awhile / I didn’t know what time it was / What are you doing the rest of your life? / Hummin’ along / How insensitive / Nobody else but me / Spring will be a little late this year / Shine / Why must you go? / Medley: Carolyn’s kitchen – Blue skies / The September of my years.

(John Marks JMR9).

New York, 13-5-94.

Jazz Im Amerika Haus, Volume 1.Jazz Im Amerika Haus, Volume 1.

Harry Allen (st) John Bunch (p) Dennis Irwin (b) Duffy Jackson (dr).

‘Deed I do / Close your eyes / But beautiful / The king / Did you call here today / Honeysuckle rose / This time the dream’s on me / My heart stood still / Every day I have the blues / Limehouse blues.

(Nagel-Heyer CD011).

Live “Amerika Haus”, Amburgo, Germania, 28-5-94.


The Back Room Romp.The Back Room Romp.

Peter Ecklund (tp) Harry Allen (st) Scott Robinson (cl) Keith Ingham (p) James Chirillo (g) Murraty Wall (b) Jackie Williams (dr).

/ Sweet Lotus Blossom / One Sweet Letter From You / Elephant Stomp / Rap City In Blue / San Juan Hill / That Blue Eyed Baby From Memphis / Linger Awhile / Ev’ntide / Bulldog Kitty From Union City / Have A Heart / Willow Tree / Blues For You Johnny..

(Sackville Records 3059).

New York, Gennaio 1995.

Live At Renouf’s.Live At Renouf's.

Harry Allen (st) John Colianni (p) Phil Flanigan (b) Duffy Jackson (dr).

In a mellow tone / The man I love / A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square / The shadow of your smile / Too close for comfort / Every time we say goodbye / One note samba / Danny boy (The londonderry air).

(Mastermix CHECD00117)

Live “Renouf’s Hotel”, Essex, 16-8-96.


Tenors Anyone?.Tenors Anyone

Harry Allen (st) Ray Kennedy (p) John Pizzarelli (g) Martin Pizzarelli (b).

It was just one of those things / Blue and sentimental / Flying home / My favorite things / Lester leaps in / Somewhere over the rainbow / America, the beautiful / The peacocks / Tea for two / If I’m lucky / Cool man Chu / Four brothers.

(Novus BVCJ-64).

New York, 29-30 Novembre 1996.


The Music Of The Trumpet Kings.The Music Of The Trumpet Kings.

Greg Bowen, Dieter Bilsheim, Till Bronner, Christian Grabandt (tp) Thomas Loup, John Marshall, Soren Fisher, Andy Grobman (tb) Norbert Nagel, Klaus Marmulla (sa) Walter Gauchel, Gregoire peters (st) Helmut Wensel (sb) Ingo Cramer (g) Kai Rautemberg (b) Hajo Lange (b) Holger Nell (dr) Jiggs Vigham (dir) feat: Harry Allen (st) Randy Sandke (tp).

I Love Louis / Cloudy / Echoes Of Harlem / Little Jazz Boogie / I Can’t Get Started / Melancholy Rhapsody / Randy’s Rolls Royce / Shaw’Nuff / All Blues / Turnstile / Relaxin’ At Clifford’s / The Moontrane / Bird Like.

(Nagel-Heyer 037). New York, 5 e 11 Dicembre 1996.

A Little Touch Of Harry.A Little Touch Of Harry.

Harry Allen (st) Kenny Barron (p) George Mraz (b) Al Foster (dr).

From this moment on / Luck be a lady tonight / Nobody’s heart / Just like another dream / All God’s chillin’ got rhythm / I wanna be around / This is all I ask / I never knew / It might as well be spring / Spring can really hang you up the most / Easy to love / I get along without you very well.

(Master Mix CHECD00118).

New York, fine 1997.

Here’s To Zoot.Here's To Zoot.

Harry Allen (st) Dave Mckenna (p) Michael Moore (b) Jake Hanna (dr).

I cover the waterfront / Stars fell on Alabama / Spring is here / I cried for you / Grooveyard / I remember you / Someone to watch over me / 9:20 special / The way you look tonight / All my tomorrow / I’ll take romance.

(Novus BVCJ-648).

New York, 17-18 Giugno 1997.


Night Birds.Night Birds.

George Masso (tb-arr) Harry Allen (st-arr) Totti Bergh (st-ss) Per Husby (p-arr) Bjorn Alterhaug (b) Per Hulten (dr).

Rent party blues / For Lena and Lennie / The best thing for you / Sweet Lorraine / Line for lyons / Don’t explain / Song for Strayhorm / Bobs vuggesang / Who cares? / Easy living / Vignette.

(Gemini GMCD95).

Oslo, Norvegia, 10-8-97.

Eu Nao Quero Dancar – I Won’t Dance. I Won't Dance.

Harry Allen (st) Larry Goldings (p) Dori Caymmi (g-vc) Joe Cohn (g/el) Dennis Irwin (b) Duduka Da Fonseca (dr-perc) Maucha Adnet (vc).

O pato / Corcovado / Desafinado / Once I loved / Time is standing still / Meditation / No more blues / Air / I won’t dance / If you never come to me (Inutil paisagem) / Doralice / Retrato em branco e preto.

(Novus BVCJ-660).

New York, 18-19 Dicembre 1997.

Day Dream. Day Dream.

Harry Allen (st) Tommy Flanagan (p) Peter Washington (b) Lewis Nash (dr).

A sleepin’ bee / Maybe September / I’m checkin’ out, goombye / A child is born / Shibuya after dark / The midnight sun will never set / Three and one / Day dream / Low life / They say it’s spring / The Christmas song.

(Novus BVCJ-31004).

New York, 14-17 Settembre 1998.


Harry Allen Meets The John Pizzarelli Trio.Meets The John Pizzarelli Trio.

Harry Allen (st) John Pizzarelli (g) Ray Kennedy (p) Martin Pizarelli (b).

Pennies From Heaven / Dear Old Stockholm / P-Town~You’re Driving Me Crazy / Early Autumn / I Want To Be Happy / These Foolish Things / Blue Lou / Body And Soul / Sunday / Dot’s Cheesecake / When Harry Met Martin / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Limehouse Blues.

(RCA Victor 37397).

New York, 1998.

Plays Ellington Songs.Plays Ellington Songs.

Harry Allen (st) Bill Charlap (p) Peter Washington (b) Kenny Washington (dr).

C-Jam Blues / Solitude / Mood Indigo / It Don’t Mean A Thing / Lush Life / Squeeze Me / Things Ain’t What They Used To Be / Caravan / Take The “A” Train / Cotton Tail / Sophisticated Lady.

(RCA Victor 70448).



Once Upom A Summertime.Once Upom A Summertime.

Harry Allen (st) Larry Goldings (p) Dory Caymmi (g) Joe Cohn (g/el) Dennis Irwin (b) Duduka Da Fonseca (dr-perc) Maucha Adnet, Alana Da Fonseca (vc).

The Girl From Ipanema / Song Of The Jet / Caminhos Cruzados / Agua de Marco / I’ve Got You Under My Skin / Agua de beber / Menina Flor / How Insensitive / One Note Samba / Falsa Bahiana / Once Upom A Summertime / Bolinha De Papel / This Happy Madness.

(Novus BVCJ 31012).

New York, 1-2 Febbraio 1999.

When I Grow Too Old To Dream.When I Grow Too Old To Dream.

Harry Allen (st) Ray Brown (b) Jeff Hamilton (dr).

Wouldn’t it be loverly? / You’re my everything / Gravy waltz / I wish you love / Lulu’s back in town / I guess I’ll have to change my plans / Ding dong, the witch is dead / Love walked in / All the things you are.

(Novus BVCJ-34007 ).

Santa Monica, CA, 21-22 Dicembre 1999.


Christmas In Swingtime. Christmas In Swingtime.

Harry Allen (st) Larry Goldings (org) Peter Bernstein (g) Jake Hanna (dr) John Pizzarelli (vc).

O Christmas tree / Santa Claus is coming to town / Have yourself a merry little Christmas / Let it snow ! Let it snow ! Let it snow ! / God rest ye merry gentlemen / White Christmas / Blue Christmas / We wish you a merry Christmas / Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer / I’ll be home for Christmas / Ding ! dong ! merrily on high / Winter wonderland / A Christmas love song.

(Novus BVCJ-34011).

New York, 3-4 Agosto 2000.

Dreamer. Dreamer.

Harry Allen (st) Bill Cantos (p-synt) Dori Caymmi (g-vc) Daniel Smith, Larry Corbett, Steve Richards, Suzie Katayama (cello) Jerry Watts (b) Michael Shapiro (dr-perc) Kevyn Lettau (vc).

Change partners / The shining sea / Dindi / Estate.

Stesso gruppo senza Daniel Smith, Larry Corbett, Steve Richards, Suzie Katayama.

Morro / Vivo sonhando (Dreamer) / The shadow of your smile / Silent motion / Triste / Out of this world / Bye bye blackbird.

Stesso gruppo con anche Garry Meek (cl/b) e Michael Shapiro (dr-perc-cl).

A night in Tunisia.

Harry Allen (st) Dori Caymmi (g-vc).

O que tinha de sre .

(Novus BVCJ-34013). California, 14-16 Febbraio 2001.

I Can See Forever.I Can See Forever.

Sumiko Fukatsu (fl) Harry Allen (st) Guilherme Monteiro (g) Jay Berliner (g-mand-cavaq) Ron Carter (b) Grady Tate (dr) Joe Ascione (perc).

Wave / So Many Star / The Telephone Song / O Grande Amor/ I Can’t See Forever / Manha Do Carnaval / Ela E Carioca / A Time For Love / Be Careful, It’s My Heart / A Felicidade / And I Lover Her / The Summer Knows.

(BGM 34019).


Cole Porter Songbook. Cole Porter Song Book

Harry Allen (st) Benny Green (p).

You do something to me / I get a kick out of you / Goodbye little dream goodbye / Use your imagination / Dream dancing / I concentrate on you / Do I love you? / Night and day / I love you Samantha / Why shouldn’t I?/ Silk stockings / Begin the beguine / Everything I love.

Stesso gruppo con anche Rusell Malone (g) Peter Washington (b).

In the still of the night / It’s all right with me / You’re the top / All of you.

(Novus BVCJ-34017). New York, 28-29 Agosto 2001.

The Harry Allen & Joe Chon Quartet.harry allen & Joe Chon Quartet

Harry Allen (st) Joe Cohn (g) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr).

Diamond’s Are A Gril’s Best Friend / Do I Love You / Luck Be A Lady / Too Late Now / Chasing The Blue’s / O Grande Amor / The Argument / Saturday Night Is The Lonlist Night Of The Week / Awful Lonely / Dig In.

(McMahon Jazz Medicine) 2002.


I Love Mancini, Henry Mancini Songs With Strings.harry allen Henry Mancini Songs With Strings.

Harry Allen (st) Kenny Werner (p,synt) Johannes Weidenmueller (b) Tim Horner (dr) Laura Friedman (vib) Park Stickney (harp) Gilad (perc) Todd Reynolds, Conway Kuo, Laura Seaton, Joyce Hammann, Heidi Stubner (vl) Ralph Farris, Kenji Bunch (viola) Dorothy Lawson, Leo Grinhauz (cello)

Breakfast At Tiffany’s / Charade / Dear Heart / Days Of Wine And Roses / Shadow Of Paris / Send A Little Love My Way / Moon River / Too Little Time / Whistling Away The Dark / Mr.Lucky / Dremasville / Two For The Road.

(BGM 34022). 25-11-2002.

If Ever You Were Mine.harry allen If Ever You Were Mine.

Harry Allen (st) Guilherme Monteiro (g) Jay Berliner (g) Ron Carter (b) Grady Tate (dr) Joe Ascione (perc) Sumiko Fukatsu (fl)

Summer Samba / I Like You Just The Way You Are / La Belle Dame Sams Regrets / I Will Wait For You / If Ever You Were Mine / Bonita / Angel Eyes / I’ve Got You’re Number / Dancing In The Dark / I Got Lost In His Arms / Tonight I Shall Sleep With A Smile On My Face / Only Trust Your Heart / Falando de Amor.

(BGM 34023).


Just You Me Just.harry allen Just You Me Just.

Harry Allen (st) Scott Hamilton (st) Bucky Pizzareli (g) John Bunch (p) John Weber (b) Jake Hanna (dr)

You Make Me Feel So Young / Tickle Toe / Lonesome Road / Dropsy / Sound Investment / Robbin’s Nest / Just You, Just Me / I Gto It Bad That Ain’t Good / Apple Honey / Jake’s Lament / My Heart Stood Still.

(BGM Int.34027).


Plays The Musical Hits.harry allen Plays The Musical Hits.

Harry Allen (st) Johnj Pizzarelli (g)

I Could Write Book / You ASre To The Beautiful / Let’s Face The Msuci And Dance / But Not For Me / She Was Too Good’s To Me / Songs Is Ended / Moonlight Becomes You / Surrey With The Fringe On Top / Say It Isn’t So / Bei Mir Bist du Shoen / Have You Met Miss Jones? / It’s Easy To Remember.

(Tombstone 34028). 24-8-2004.


Hey, Look Me Over.Hey, Look Me Over.

Harry Allen (st) Joe Cohn (g) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr).

With the wind and the rain in your hair / Take four / It’s been a long, long time / Hey, look me over! / Seven come eleven / I’ll only miss her when I think of her / Travisimo / Get out / Pick yourself up / Danielle.

(Arbors Jazz ARCD19333).

New York, 28-29 Agosto 2004.

Jazz For The Soul.harry allen jazz for the soul

Harry Allen (st) John Bunch (p) Joe Cohn (g) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr)

Body And Soul / She’s Funny That Way / Sophisticated Lady / Desafinado / Laura / Don’t Worry About Me / My Funny Valentine / One For My Baby / Stardust / Where Or Ehen / Willow Weep Fro Me / Blame It On My Youth / Young at Heart.

(McMahon Jazz Medicine) 2005.


Harry Allen Quartet.Harry Allen Quartet.

Harry Allen (st) Joe Cohn (g) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr)

Ev’rything Ive Got / I’ve Heard That Song Before / The Note / Idaho / It Never Entered My Mind / Paper Doll / Doodle Oodie / Chuck’s Lament / Autumn Nocturne / You’n Me / The Best Is Yet To Come / My George.

(Harry Allen CD). 28-3-2005.


Jazz For The Heart. Jazz For The Heart.

Harry Allen (st) John Bunch (p) Joe Cohn (g) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr).

Ghost of a chance / Nancy / September song / I’m confessin’ / Mona Lisa / Skylark / Teach me tonight / Moonlight in Vermont / Night train / If there’s a sky above / You go to my heart / Smoke gets in your eyes / In the wee small hours / I’ll be seeing you.

(McMahon 1002 CD).

New York, 26 e 27-1-2006.

Cocktails For Two.Cocktails For Two.

Harry Allen (st) Joe Temperly (sb) John Bunch (p) Greg Cohen (b) Jake Hanna (dr).

Cocktails for two / Blues in the closet / My romance / I’ve got the world in the spring / Tangerine / Everything happens ro me / Polka dots’ & moonbeams / In a mellow tone / Sweet and lovely / Jumpin’at the woodside.

(Sackville SKCD 2-3071).

Toronto, Ottobre 2006.


Hits By Brits.Hits By Brits.

John Allred (tb) Harry Allen (st) Joe Chon (g) Jole Forbes (b) Chuck Tiggs (dr).

Cherokee / Roses Od Picardy / Just In Time / These Foolish Things / Hadn’t Anyone Till You / You’re Blasè / Limenhouse Blues / A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square / Got A Date With An Angel / The Very Thought Of You.

(Challenge CR 73258).

River Edge, New Jersey, Novembre 2006.

Music From Guys And Dolls.Music From Guys And Dolls.

Harry Allen (st) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr) Rebecca Kilgore (v)  Eddie Erickson (v) 

Guys And Dolls / If I Were A Bell / A Woman In Love / Luck Be A Lady / Pet Me, Poppa / Sue Me / Marry The Man Today / Take Back Your Mink / Adelaide / I’ve Never Been In Love Before / Fugue For Tinhorns / Adelaide’s Lament / Sit Down You’re Rockin’The Boat / I’ll Know / Guys And Doll.

(Arbors 19354).

12-13 Febbraio 2007.

Stompin The Blues.Stompin The Blues.

Harry Allen (st) Scott Hamilton (st) Joe Cohn (g) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr) John Allred (tb) 

You’re Driving Me Crazy / I’ll Get By / Stompin’The Blues / My Old Flame / Don’t Want To Have To / But I Will / I Only Have Eyes For You / (I Would Do)Anything For You / Medley: It Might As Well Be Spring – Spring Is Here / So There.

(Arbors 19353).

14-15 Febbraio 2007.


Harry Allen (st) altri non identificati.

I Hear Music / Bernestotming / Twins / If There’s A Sky Above / In The Doghouse / This Is Always / Baby ‘M’ / Sweet Lorraine / With A Mellotone.

(New Note 115). 18-6-2007.

New York State Mind.New York State Mind.

John Allred (tb) Harry Allen (st) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Riggs (dr).

Puttin’On The Ritz / Harlem Nocturne / Broadway Melody / Autumn In New York / Down In The Depths On The 90 th Floor / Sidewalks Of New York / New York State Of Mind / Rose Of Washington Square / New York, New York / Chinatown My Chinatown / Manhattan Serenade.

(Challenge Rec.CR 73293).


Rhythm On The River.Rhythm On The River.

Harry Allen (st) Rossano Sportiello (p) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Rigges (dr).

Riverboat Shuffle / Cry Me A River / Rhythm On The River / Lazy River / Mississippi ( Roll On / Down By The River / Walking By The River / River / Stay Way From The Door / Blue River / Weary River / Old Folks At Home (Swanee River) / Ready For The River / Sleepy River.

(Challenge Rec. 73311).


Live At Feinstein’s At Loews Regency.Live At Feinstein’s At Loews Regency.

Harry Allen (st) Rossano Sportiello (p) Joel Forbes (b) Chuck Rigges (dr) Rebecca Kilgore (vc).

Your Mother’s Son-In-Law / You Can’t Lose A Broken Heart / Them There Eyes / That Ole Devil Called Love / Foolin’Myself / Tickle Toe / I Eant To Be Happy / Getting Some Fun Out Of Life / The Blues Are Brewin’ / You’re A Lucky Guy / I Wished On The Moon / I’m Checking Out Go-Om-Bye.

(Arbors 19433). 12-4-2011.

Quietly There.Harry Allen Quietly There.

Jan Lundgren (p) Harry Allen (st) Hans Backenroth (b) Kristian Leth (dr)

Sure As You Are Born [7:01] / Emily [6:11] / The Shining Sea [6:23] / Quietly There [6:16] / A Time For Love [5:44] / Cinnamon And Clove [4:49] / The Shadow Of Your Smile [8:06] / Just A Child [5:47] / Suicide Is Painless [7:58]

(Stunt Records STUCD 14142)

New York, 11-12 Luglio 2014.

Something About Jobim.Harry Allen Something About Jobim

Harry Allen (st) Helio Alves (p) Rodolfo Stroeter (b) Tutty Moreno (dr) Joyce (g,vc)

Dindi / Chovendo na Roseira / Captain Bacardi / Sue Ann / Theme for Jobim / Mojave / Falando de Amor / Antigua / Angela / Você vai ver / Tema Jazz.

(Stunt CD 15122)

New York, 6-7 Luglio 2015.chiusura


Angiers, Louisiana. 1877. – New Orleans, 11/1/1952.

Leader per 40 anni di una delle più famose band di New Orleans: la “Allen Brass Band” e padre del più famoso Red. Abile suonatore di cornetta ed Instancabile organizzatore e trascinatore. Nella sua popolarissima band hanno suonato quasi tutti i pionieri del jazz.chiusura


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