cropped-riccardo-difilippo.jpgThis work is the result of a patient activity of data collection, carried out in ten years by my friend Riccardo.
Initially, the data was a memory book of the sound material in his possession: a passion for the American music that since the first half of the ’40s, had developed  during the forced cohabitation with the troops of liberation.
The collection of the first VDisc, the purchase of the first 78 laps, and much more vinyl taken around for Italy, on the occasion of Italian concerts of famous musicians and the pleasure in listening, shared with other friends, enabled him, over time, to collect as many records that, for the amount reached, needed a survey and on  cataloguing, appropriate for all sorts of research.
But the records of a personal collection can not be useful if it is  not supplemented by what you do not have, so, gradually, my friend Riccardo has decided to add, for those musicians dearests to him, other production notes, but not owned supplementing them with additional notes of various kinds, both  on the  authors and on the recurrent therms.
The first section was made on the basis of the data shown on the covers of his records, its development has been gradually unriched with other sources: his old collections of magazines, no longer published, and those currently on the market, both domestic and abroad.
In order to enrich their musical culture later on the possibility of extending similar studies in many other jazz players, many of which are completely unknown and / or recurring little, took old of him.
The integration of the notes with the recording sessions of the leaders or sidemen, allows to his research, today, to expand the knowledge of their technical characteristics, their acquaintances and recordings with other musicians, the type (standards or originals) of works performed and, in general, of their artistic evolution.
In the so many years devoted to this collection, the one that has remained intact was the spirit with which my friend Riccardo has continued this activity: the meticulous research and recording, never busy and end in itself, accompanied by the pleasure of daily listening to the most beloved songs.
The material was therefore updated and added to, until it assumed the form it has today, unique in its kind.
It is clear how vast the topic he wanted  to treat is, what a lot of artists involved, more or less important, but everyone dutifully quotable for the contribution made to the development and popularization of jazz.
In addition, the so many existing recordings, official and unofficial, published in life of posthumous  may ,without doubt , contain mistakes or gaps.
The choice of these citated  artists can be questionable, since it is of common knowledge the wide facet of some of them that from the most classic styles of jazz, have taken other paths, the free, fusion, avant-garde, up to lose any contact with the traditional matrices, so now the artistic boundaries are not easily circumscriccardo-difilippo-jazzribed .
The approach chosen is that of an alphabetical mention of the artists, with brief biographical notes, any compositions and thus chronologically sessions of records on behalf of the individual artist / leader, with formations, songs, date and place of the incision and the main label or record company.We are convinced that having  written document that contains all this material will meet the interest and pleasure of the experts, but also of lovers, for which it could be an opportunity to go over much of the jazz history back through his protagonists.

luigi maulucci


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