NEWMAN David Fathead


Corsicana, Texas. 24/2/1933. – Kingston, New York. 20/1/2009.

Un suo maestro di musica gli ha messo il soprannome di ”Fathead”, cioè testone per la sua cocciutaggine nel non voler imparare a leggere la musica. Ha debuttato in gruppi della sua regione, con Buster Smith nel 1951, con Lowell Fulson nel 1952, con T-Bone Walker nel 1954, infine è entrato nell’orchestra che accompagnava Ray Charles. Nel 1964 ha lasciato l’attività per altri interessi ritirandosi a Kansas City. Nel 1976 ha ritrovato un vecchio amico Cedar Walton ed insieme a lui è rientrato nella scena musicale newyorkese, registrando molti dischi. Ha lavorato di nuovo con Ray Charles nel 1970, con Red Garland, con Herbie Man nella “Family Of Mann” dal 1972 al 1974, con Hank Crawford, con Jimmy Witherspoon, P.Peterson, con J. Siegel nel 1982, con Junior Mance nel 1983, con Buddy Montgomery, con Charles Earland, nel 1990 con Larry Goldings, nel 1993 Roy Hargrove, nel 1994 con Don Braden, con Winard Harper, nel 1997 con Roseanna Vitro e nel 1999 con B.B.King. Ha anche collaborato con il pianista di blues-rock Dr.John. Nel 1996 ha preso parte al film di Robert Altman Kansas City. Ultimo della scuola dei sassofonisti texani, musicista pieno di swing, a prescindere dal tipo di strumento ad ancia suonato.


Blues In The Night n.2.bluesinthenight

Joseph Bridgewater (tp) John Hunt (tp) David Newman (sa-st) Ray Charles (p-vc) Emmet Dennis (sb) Roosevelt Sheffield (b) William Peeples (dr)

Hot Rod / Cherie / The Blues Waltz / The Blues / Yes Indded / Nite Time Is The Right Time / I Feel Allright / I Got A Woman.

(Phontastic NCD 8816)

Newport Jazz Festival, 5-7-58.


Fathead – Ray Charles Present David Newman.presentaraycharles

David Newman (sa-st) Bennie Crawford (sb) Marcus Belgrave (tp) Ray Charles (p) Edgar Willis (b) Milton Turner (dr)

Hard Times / Weird Beard / Willow Weep For Me / Bill For Bennie / Sweet Eyes / Fathead / Mean To Me / Tin Tin Deo.

(Atlantic 1304)

New York, 5 Novembre 1958.


The Sound Of The Wide Open Spaces.thesoundofthewide

David Newman (sa-fl) Ellis Marsalis (p) Cornell Dupree (g) James Clay (st) Leory Cooper (sb) Dennis Dotson (tp) Chuck Rainey (b) George Rains (dr)

Buster’s Tune / Hard Times / 13TH Floor / Things Ain’t What They Used To Be / These Foolish Things / Two Bones & A Pick / City Lights / Lush Life / Night In Tunisia.

(Riverside RLP 12-327)

For Worth, Texas, 1960.

Straight Ahead.straightahead

David Newman (fl-sa-st) Wynton Kelly (p) Paul Chambers (b) Charlie Persip (dr)

Batista’s Groove / Skylark / Night Of Nissan / Cousin Slim / Summertime / Congo Chant.

(Atlantic LP 1366)

New York, 21-12-60.


Fathead Comes On.comeson

David Newman (fl-sa-st) Marcus Belgrave (tp) Norris Austin (p) Jimmy Jefferson (b) Edgar Willis (b) Bruno Carr (dr) Charlie Persip (dr)

Unchain My Heart / Cellar Groove / Alto Sauce / Hello There / Scuffin’ / Esther’s Melody / Lady Day.

(Atlantic 1399)

New York, 9-11-61.


House Of David.houseofdavid

David Newman (fl-sa-st) Kossie Gardener (org) Ted Dumbar (g) Milton Turner (dr)

I Wish You Love / One Room Paradise / Little Sister / Miss Minnie / Just Like A Woman / House Of David / Blue New / The Holly Land.

(Atlantic 1489)

New York, 4-3-67.


Bigger And Better.biggerandbetter

Melvin Lastie, Jimmy Owens, Joe Newman (tp) Benny Powell (tb) David “Fathead” Newman (sa,st,fl) Seldon Powell (st) Jerome Richardson, Henry Haywood (sb) Eric Gale, Billy Butler (g) George Stubbs (p) Richard Davis (b) Chuck Rainey (b/el) Bernard Purdie (dr) Gene Orloff, Emanuel “Manny” Green, Leo Cruczek, Winston Collymore, Richard Elias, Matthew Raimondi, Leo Kahn (vln) Selwart Clarke, Alfred Brown (viola) Kermit Moore (cello)

Ain’t that good news ? / A change is gonna come / The 13th floor / For Sylvia / Yesterday / And I love her / Help / For Sylvia (2) / We’re a winner / The funky way

(Atlantic SD1505) New York, 5-7 Marzo 1968.

The Many Facets Of David Newman.themanyfacets

Ernie Royal, Melvin Lastie (tp) Benny Powell (tb) Paul Ingraham, Julius Watkins (flic) David “Fathead” Newman (fl,sa,st) Jack (James) Knitzer (oboe) Joe Zawinul (p) Richard Davis (b) Bruno Carr (dr) Omar Clay (perc) William Fischer (arr) Selwart Clarke, George Marge, Donald MacCourt, George Ricci, Charles McCracken, Gene Orloff, Emanuel Green, Julius Schachter, Sanford Allen, Alfred Brown, Kermit Moore (archi)

Shiloh / Chained no more / Children of Abraham / untitled blues / David’s blues / That’s all / Untitled Zawinul original

(Atlantic SD1524) New York, 2-3 Dicembre 1968.

David “Fathead” Newman (st) Paul Griffin (p) Chuck Rainey (b) Bernard Purdie (dr)

Head start / For once in my life / Fever

(Atlantic SD1524) New York, 11 Febbraio 1969.

Captain Buckles.captain

Blue Mitchell (tp) David Newman (sa-st-fl) Eric Gale (g) Steve Novoles (b) Bernard Purdie (dr)

Captain Buckles / Joel’s Domain / Something / Blue Caper / The Clincher / I Didn’t Know What Time It Was / Negus.

(Cotillon SD 18002)

New York, 3-5 Novembre 1970.


Lonely Avenue.lonelyavenue

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Roy Ayers (vib-p-org-perc) Charles Bags Costello (org-p) Cornell Dupree (g) Bill Salter (perc) Ray Lucas (dr) Ralph McDonald (perc)

Fuzz / Precious Lord / Symphonette / Lonely Avenue / ¾ Of The Time / Fire Weaver.

(Atlantic 1600)

New York, 2-4 Novembre 1971.


The Wespon.thewespon

David Newman (sa-st-fl) David Spinozza (g) Cornell Dupree (g) Dr.John (p-org) Richard Tee (org) Chuck Rainey (b) Jimmy Johnson (dr) Charles Collins (dr) Bernard Purdie (dr) Ralph MacDonald (perc)

Missy / Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong / You Can’t Alwayss Get What You Want / Yes We Can Can / Happy Times / Drown In My Own Tears / Freedom For The Stallion.

(Atlantic 1638)

New York, 25-27 Settembre 1972.


David Newman (sa-st-fl) Roy Ayers (vib) Pat Rebillot (p/el) Ron Carter (b) Andrew Smith o Roy Brooks (dr) Armen Halburian (perc)

Baby Rae / Song For The New Man / Viollet Don’t Be Blue / Foxy Brown / Newmanism / Sweet Tears / Let Me Know / Brandy.

(Atlantic 1662)

New York, 1974.


Mr. Fathead.mrfathead

David “Fathead” Newman (sa,st) Jonathan Dorn (tu) Arthur Jenkins (p) William Fischer (p/el,synt) Pat Rebillot (clavinette) Ron Carter (b) Jimmy Johnson (dr) Dom Um Romao (perc) William Fischer, Arthur Jenkins (arr)

Dance with me / Mashooganah / You Got Style / Groovin’ To The Music / Promise Me Your Love / Ebo Man / Shiki / I Love Music

(Warner Bros BS2917)

New York, 1976.

Front Money.frontmoney

Cleveland Gay (tb) David “Fathead” Newman (sa,st,ss,fl,vc) Claude Johnson (p,sb,arr) Roger Boykin (b,g) William A. Richardson (dr,perc) Adolphe Washington (cgo) Arnold Blair (vc)

Amazing grace / Sneakin’ in / Still hard / Front money / Pharoah’s gold / So fine, so fine / Suki duki

(Warner Bros 2984)

Dallas, Texas, 1977.

Keep The Dream Alive.keepthedream

David Newman (sa-st-fl) George Cables, Hilton Ruiz (p) George Davis, Lee Ritenour (g) Wilbur Bascomb Jr. (b/el) Idris Muhammad (dr) Bill Summers (perc) William Fisher (arr) coro e sezione di violini.

Keep The Dream Alive / As Good As You Are / Destiny / Silver Morning / Freaky Beat / I Am Singing / Clouds.

(Prestige 10106)

Berkeley, California, 23 Maggio e Luglio 1977.

Back To Basics.Back To Basics

David Newman (sa-st-fl) George Cables, Hilton Ruiz (keyb) George Davis (g) Lee Ritenour (g) Wilbur Bascomb (b/el) Idris Muhammad (dr) Bill Summer (perc)

I Am Singing / Keep The Dream Alive / Clouds / Destiny / As Good As You Are.

Berkeley, California, Maggio 1977.

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Pat Rebillot (keyb) Jay Graydon (g) Abraham Laboriel (b/el) Idris Muhammad (dr) Bill Summer (perc)

Knocks Me Off My Feet / Save Your Love For Me / Blues For Ball / Concrete Jungle.

(Milestone MCD 9188-2) Berkeley, Novembre 1977.

Concrete Jungle. Concrete Jungle.

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Pat Rebillot (keyb) Jay Graydon (g) Abraham Laboriel (b/el) Idris Muhammad (dr) Bill Summer (perc) Jay Graydon (g) Sanford Allen, Regis Indiaorio, Kathryn Kienke, Harry Lokofsky, Yoko Matsuo, Gene Orloff, Stan Pollock, Anthony Posk (viol) Alfred Brown, Linda Lawrence (viola) Kermit Moore (cello) William Fisher (arr)

Knocks Me Off My Feet / Save Your Love For Me / Blues For Ball / Dance Of The Money Bee And The Funky Fly.

(Prestige P 10104) Berkeley,California, 8-10 Novembre 1977.

Scratch My Back.Scratch My Back.

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Richard Tee, Kevin Toney (key) Cornell Dupree, Eric Gale (g) Ron Carter (b) Harvey Mason (dr) Bill Summers (perc) William Fisher (arr) ed altri.

One Step At A Time / You Gotta Keep Dancin’ / To Can To It / Rock My Baby / Scratch My Back / After The Ball / The Bags.

(Prestige 10108)

Berkeley, California, Marzo 1979.


Marcus Belgrave (tp-flic) David Fathead Newman (fl-ss-sa-st) Cedar Walton (p) Ted Dumbar (g) Buster Williams (b) Louis Haynes (dr)

Everything Must Change / Mama Lou / Davey Blue / Carnegie Blues / Akua Ewie / To The Holy Land.

(Muse MR 5234)

New York, 23 Settembre 1980.


Still Hard Times.Still Hard Times.

David Newman (fl-ss-sa-st) Hank Crawford (sa) Howard Johnson (sb) Charlie Miller (tp) Larry Wills (p) Walter Booker (b) Jimmy Cobb (dr)

Shana (2 vers) / Blisters / To Love Again (2 vers) / Still Hard Times (2 vers)

David Newman (fl-ss-sa-st) Hank Crawford (sa) Howard Johnson (sb) Charlie Miller (tp) Larry Wills (p) Steve Nelson (vib) Walter Booker (b) Jimmy Cobb (dr)

One For My Baby / Please Send Me Someone To Love.

(Muse MCD 2583) New York, 14-4-82.

Lone Star Legend.Lone Star Legend.

David Newman (fl-ss-sa-st) Marcus Belgrave, Walter Booker, Jimmy Cobb (dr) Hank Crawford (sa) Ted Dumbar, Louis Haynes (dr) Howard Johnson (sb) Charlie Miller (tp) Steve Nelson, Cedar Walton (p) Buster Williams (b) Larry Willis (p)

Everything Must Change / Mama Lou / Davey Blue / Carnegie Blues / Akua Ewie / To The Holy Land.

(Muse 32 jazz 32014)


Heads Up.Heads Up.

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Kirk Lightsey (p) Eddie Gladden (dr) David Williams (b) Steve Nelson (vib)

Aint’Misbehavin’ / Makin’Whoopee / Heads Up / Old Falks / Delilah / Lover Man / For Buster / New York, State Of Mind.

(Atlantic 81725)

New York, 16-18 Settembre 1986.


Fire! Live At The Village Vanguard.Fire! Live At The Village Vanguard

David Newman (st-fl) Hank Crawford (sa) Stanley Turrentine (st) Kirk Lightsey (p) Steve Nelson (vib) David Williams (b) Marvin Smitty Smith (dr)

Chenya / Slippin’ Down / Lonely Avenue / Blues For Ball / Wide Open Space / Hard Time.

David Newman (st-fl) Kirk Lightsey (p) Steve Nelson (vib) David Williams (b) Marvin Smitty Smith (dr)

Old Devil Moon / Fifthy McNasty.

(Atlantic 81965) Village Vanguard, New York, 22-23 Dicembre 1988.

Blue Head.Blue Head.

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Clifford Jordan (st-ss) Ted Dumbar (g) Charles Buddy Montgomery (p) Todd Coolman (b) Marvin Smitty Smith (dr)

Strike Up The Band / Blue Head / Willow Weep For Me / Blues For David / What’s New / Eyewitness Blues.

(Candid 30185)

Riverside Park, New York, 3-9-89.


Blue Greens & Beans.Blue Greens & Beans.

David Fathead Newman (st-sa-fl) Marchel Ivery (st) Rein de Graaff (p) Koos Serierse (b) Eric Ineke (dr)

Blue Greens & Beans / Montana Banana / I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face / Night In Tunisia / Good Bait / Skylark / Wide Open Spaces.

(Timeless CD SJP 351)

Monster, Olanda, 1 Maggio 1990.


Return To The Wide Open Spaces.Return To The Wide Open Spaces.

Dennis Dotson (tp) David Feathead Newman (sa-fl) James Clay (st) Leroy Cooper (sb) Ellis Marsalis (p) Cornell Dupree (g) Chuck Rainey (b) George Rains (dr)

Introduction / Buster’s Tune / Hard Times / 13 th Floor / Things Ain’t What They Used To Be / These Foolish Things / Two Bones & A Pick / City Lights / Lush Life / Night In Tunisia.

(Meteor CDMT 023)

Caravan Of Dreams, Forth Worth, Texas, 1990.

Mr.Gentle Mr.Cool (Tribute To Duke Ellington) Mr.Gentle Mr.Cool

Jim Pugh (tb) David Fathead Newman (st-sa-fl) David Leonhardt (p) Ron Carter (cello) Peter Washington (b) Luis Nash (dr)

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore / Prelude To A Kiss / Mr.Gentle & Mr.Cool / Almost Cried / Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart / Azure / What Am I Here For / Happy Reunion / Come Sunday / Creole Love Call / Jeep’s Blues.

(Kokopelli KOKO 1300)

New York, 27-30 Giugno 1994.

Under A Woodstock Moon.Under A Woodstock Moon.

David Newman (sa-st-fl) Brian Carrott (vib) David Leonhardt (p) Steve Novosel (b) Winard Harper (dr) Charles Libove, Matthew Raimondi, Eugene Moye, Ronald Carbone (corde)

Nature Boy / Amandla / Up Jumped Spring / Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most / Autumn In New York / Sky Blues / Another Kentucky Sunset / Summertime / Sunrise / A Nightingale Sang In Berkelely Square / Skylark / Under A Woodstock Moon.

(Kokopelli KOKO 1314) New York, 15-17 Giugno 1996.


David Fathead Newman (st-sa-fl) Bryan Carrott (vib) John Hicks (p) Steve Novoles (b) Winard Harper (dr) Candido Newman (vc)

Caravan / Red Top.

Stesso gruppo senza Newman.

Take The Coltrane / Return To Paradise / The Whole Tzimmes / These Foolish Things / Invitation / Chillin’.

(High Note HCD 7036) New York, 16-12-98.

Keep The Spirits Singing.Keep The Spirits Singing.

Steve Turre (tb) David Fathead Newman (sa-st-fl) John Hicks (p) Steve Novosel (b) Winard Harper (dr) Steve Kroon (perc)

Keep The Spirits Singing / Mellow-D For Mr.C / Cousin Esau / Karen My Love / Willow Weep For Me / Life / Asia Beat.

(High Note HCD 7057)

New York, 21 Marzo 2000.


Davey Blue.Davey Blue.

David Fathead Newman (sa-st-fl) Cedar Walton (p) Bryan Carrott (vib) David Williams (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

Cellar Groove / Christo Redentor / For Stanley / A Child Is Born / Black / Amandla / davey Blue / Freedom Jazz Dance.

(Highnote HCD 7086)

New York, 31 Maggio 2001.


The Gift.The Gift.

David Fathead Newman (sa-st-fl) John Hicks (p) Bryan Carrott (vib) Buster Williams (b) Winard Harper (dr)

The Gift / Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying / Off the Hook / Unspeakable Times / Little Sonny’s Tune / Lady day / Unchain My Heart / Ksue.

Highnote NCD 7104)

New York, 2-10-2002.


Song For The New Man.Song For The New Man.

David Fathead Newman (st-fl) Curtis Fuller (tb) John Hicks (p) John Menegon (b) Jimmy Cobb (dr)

Visa / Time After Time / Shakabu / Song For The New Man / Passing Through / Fast Lane / Lonesome Head / When I Fall In Love / This I Dig Of You.

(High Note HCD)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 15 Ottobre 2003.


I Remember Brother Ray.I Remember Brother Ray.

David Fathead Newman (sa-st-fl) John Hicks (p) Steve Nelson (vib) John Menegon (b) Winard Harper (dr)

Hit The Road Jack / Georgia On My Mind / When Your Lover Has Gone / Drown In MY Tears / Deed I Do / It Had To be You / Ruby / Them That Got (I Ain’t Got Nothing Yet).

(Highnote NCD 7135)

Englewood Cliffs, 14-8-2004.


Winston Byrd (tp) Benny Powell (tb) David Fathead Newman (sa-st-fl) David Leonhardt (p) John menegon (b) Yoron Israel (dr)

Goldfinger / Pharoah’s Gold / a Flower Is A Lonesome Thing/ But Bop Bass / Here Comes Sonny Man / It Was A Very Good Year / Flankin / Sneakin’In / Suki Duki.

(Highnote 7150)

New York, 17-8-2005.


David Fathead Newman (sa-st-fl) David Leonhardt (p) Steve Nelson (vib) Peter Bernstein (g) John Menegon (b) Yoron Israel (dr)

Girl Talk / Life / Alfie / I Can’t Get Started / Old Folks / Autumn In New York / Come Sunday / What A Wonderful World / Naima.

(Highnote HCD 7165)

New York, 12-9-2006.

Diamondhead.David Fathead Newman Diamondhead.

David Fathead Newman (st,sa,fl) Curtis Fuller (tb) Cedar Walton (p) Peter Washington (b) Yoron Israel (dr)

Diamondhead / Can’t We Be Friends? / New York State Of Mind / Cedar’s Blues / My Full House / Skylark / Star Eyes / Mama-Lou / It’s You Or No One.

(HighNote Records 7179)

23 Ottobre 2007.

The Blessing.David Fathead Newman The Blessing

David Fathead Newman (st,fl) Steve Nelson (vib) David Leonhardt (p) Peter Bernstein (g) John Menegon (b) Yoron Israel (dr)

SKJ / Someone To Watch Over Me / As Time Goes By / Manha de Carnival / Smile / Romantic Night / Chelsea Bridge / Whispers of Contentment / The Blessing.

(HighNote Records 7195)

12 Dicembre 2008.chiusura



Frankly Speaking.frank-newman-frankly-speaking

Frank Newman (cl,fl,st,vib) Jim Knight (p) Dick Bellen (b) Art Mardigan (dr)

oft winds / See-me-lo / Baubles, bangles and beads / It never entered my mind / Time was / You’d be so nice to come home to / My one and only love / Jasper, the swinging ghost / Star dust / I have dreams.

(Reverb M1001)

Detroit, 26 Settembre 1967.



Appassionato di jazz, frequentatore del Minton’s, ha realizzato le registrazioni delle famose sessions del 1941, che si svolgevano nel locale e le ha pubblicate qualche anno dopo sulle etichette Vox e Esoteric di sua proprietà.chiusura




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