Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 5/4/1934. – New York. 12/9/2000.

Fratello del trombettista Tommy, ha interpretato il lato caldo e sensuale del sassofono moderno, partendo dalla lezione del grande Gene Ammons. Incoraggiato da suo padre Thomas anche egli sassofonista che ha fatto parte dei Savoy Sultan, ha studiato prima il violoncello e poi il sassofono tenore. Ha debuttato nel 1950 con Lowell Fulson, ha suonato poi con Ray Charles, Tadd Dameron e Earl Bostic. Nel 1956 ha fatto parte, insieme al fratello Tommy, del quintetto di Max Roach. Ha sposato l’organista Shirley Scott e hanno spesso lavorato insieme. In seguito si è dedicato più alla musica commerciale e è ritornato al jazz nelle registrazioni con Jimmy Smith, George Benson, Ron Carter, Buddy Rich, Duke Jordan, Art Taylor, Horace Parlan, Les McCann, Kenny Burrell, Donald Byrd, Duke Pearson, Horace Silver, Jimmy McGriff, Freddie Hubbard, Gene Harris. Sassofonista profondo conoscitore del bop anche se si rifà a modelli anteriori. Molto bravo nelle ballad, molto credibile nel soul jazz e nel blues, in possesso di una voce calda. Egli va annoverato nel gruppo di sassofonisti storici del movimento dell’hard bop, bop, oggi votatosi alla fusion.


Stan The Man.stanthemanbainbridge

Stanley Turrentine (st) Sonny Clark (p) George Duvivier (b) Max Roach (dr)

Mild Is The Mood / Sheri / My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Tommy Flanagan (p) George Duvivier (b) Max Roach (dr)

Ket’s Groove / Stolen Sweets / Minor Mood / Time After Time.

(Bainbridge ET 1038) New York, inizio 1960.

Look Out.turrentine60lookout

Stanley Turrentine (st) Horace Parlan (p) George Tucker (b) Al Harewood (dr)

Look Out / Journey Into Melody / Return Engagement / Little Devi / Tiny Capers / Minor Chant.

(Blue Note 4039)

New York, 18-6-60.


Blue Hour.62bluehour

Stanley Turrentine (st) Gene Harris (p) Andrew Simpkins (b) Bill Dowdy (dr)

Please Send Me Someone To Love / Gee Baby Ain’t It Good To You/ Blue Ruff / Since I Fell For You / Willow Weep For Me.

(Blue note 4057)

New York, 16-12-60.


Coming Your / Way Jubilee Shouts.turrentine61coming

Timmy Turrentine (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) Horace Parlan (p) George Tucker (b) Al Harewood (dr)

My Girl Is Jut Enough Woman For Me / Then I’ll be Tired Of You / Fine Lil’Lass / Thomasville / Someone To Watch Over Me / Stolen Sweet.

(Blue Note 883-J2)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 20-1-61.


Up At Minton’s – Vol.1 & 2.62Up At Minton’s

Stanley Turrentine (st) Horace Parlan (p) Grant Green (g) George Tucker (b) Al Harewood (dr)

But Not For Me / Stanley’s Time / Broadway / Yesterdays / Later At Minton’s / Come Rai Or Come Shine / Love For Sale / Summertime / Serpent’s Tooth / By Myself / Blues / In Your Own Sweet Way / Squeeze Me / Blues / Just In Time / This Can’t Be Love / Softly As In A Morning Sunrise / I’ll Remember April.

(Blue Note 4069-4070)

Minton’s Playhouse, New York, 23-2-61.

Dearly Beloved. 62Dearly Beloved

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Roy Brooks (dr)

Baia/ Wee Hour Theme/ My Shining Hour/ Troubles Of The World/ Yesterdays/ Dearly Beloved/ Nothing Ever Chances My Love For You.

(Blue Note 4081)

New York, 8-6-61.


Z.T.’s Blues.turrentine62tz

Stanley Turrentine (st) Grant Green (g) Tommy Flanagan (p) Paul Chambers (b) Art Taylor (dr)

Z.T.’s Blues / More Than You Know / The Lamp Is Low / The Way You Look Tonight / For Heave’s Sake / I Wish I Knew / Be My Love.

(Blue Note B21Y 84424)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 13-9-61.


That’s Where It’s At.62That’s Where It’s At.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Les McCann (p) Herbie Lewis (b) Otis Finch (dr)

Smile Stacey/ Pia / Light Blue/ Soft Pedal/ We’ll See You’ll After While Ya Heah/ Dorene Don’t Cry I.

(Blue Note 4096)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 2-1-62.


Jubilee Shout.63Jubilee Shout.

Tommy Turrentine (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) Sonny Clark (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Butch Warren (b) Al Harewood (dr)

Jubilee Shout / My Ship / You Said It / Brother Tom / Cotton Walk / Little Girl Blue / Brother Tom / My Ship..

(Blue Note 4122)

New York, 18-10-62.



Tommy Turrentine (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) McCoy Ryner, Tommy Flanagan, Gene Harris, Horace Parlan (p) Jimmy Smith, Shirley Scott (org) George Benson, Grant Green (g) Andy Simpkins, Paul Chambers, Gene Taylor, Major Holley, George Tuker, Ron Carter (b) Al Harewood, Art Taylor, Billy Cobhan, Jimmy Madison, Bill Dowdy, Clarence Johsnon, James Madison, Mickey Roker (dr)

Willow Weep For Me / Since I Fell For You / Then I’ll be Tired Of You / Someone To Watch Over Me / They All Say I’m The Biggest Fool / More That You Know / God Bless The Child / Watch What Happens / A Child Is Born.

(CD Blue Note B2 – 95581) 1961-1962.

The Man.60stantheman

Stanley Turrentine (st) Tommy Flanagan (p) George Duvivier (b) Max Roach (dr)

Let’s Groove / Stolen Sweet / Minor Mood.

Stesso gruppo senza Roach.

Time After Time.

(Time M 52086) New York, 1963.

Never Let Me Go.turrentine64never

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Sam Jones (b) Clarence Johnson (dr)

Without A Song / Never Let Me Go / Major’s Minor / They Can’t Take Away From Me

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 18-1-63.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Major Holley (b) Al Harewood (dr) Ray Barretto (tamb-conga)

Trouble / Major’s Minor / Sara’s Dance / You’ll Never Get Away From Me..

Stesso gruppo senza Baretto.

God Bless The Child.

(Blue Note BLP 4129) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 13-2-63.

Soul Shoutin’.63Soul Shoutin’.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Earl May (b) Grassella Oliphant (sdr)

Gravy Waltz / In The Still Of The Night / Deep Down Soul / Serenata / Soul Shoutin’.

(Prestige PR 7312)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 15-10-63.


A Chip Off The Old Block.63A Chip Off The Old Block.

Blue Mitchell (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Earl May (b) Al Harewood (dr)

One O’Clock Jump/ Midnight Blue/ Blues In Hoss’Flat/ Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/ Cherry Point.

(Blue Note 4150)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 21-10-63.



Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Kenny Burrell (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Otis Finch (dr)

Love Letters / The Hustler / Trouble N.2 / Lady Fingers / Everything Happens To Me / Goin’Home / Something Happens To Me.

(Blue Note 4162)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 24-1-64.


Stanley Turrentine / In Memory Of.64inmemory

Blue Mitchell (tp) Curtis Fuller (tb) Stanley Turremtone (st) Herbie Hancock (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Otis Finch (dr) Mickey Roker (conga)

Fried Rice / In memory Of.

Stesso gruppo senza Roker.

Make Someone Happy.

(Blue Note 4234 / 1037) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 3-6-64.


Lee Morgan (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) McCoy Tyner (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Elvin Jones (dr) Ray Barretto (conga)

Stanley’s Blues/ Shirley/ Tocos/ My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me/ Can’t Buy Me Love.

(Blue Note LT 1075)

New York, 4-9-64.



Ernie Royal (tp) Clark Terry (flic) Snooky Young (tp) Jimmy Cleveland, Jay Jay Johnson, Tony Studd (tb) Jerry Dodgion (sa-fl-cl) Phil Woods (sa-cl) Robert Ashton (st-cl) Budd Johnson (st-ss-cl) Stanley Turrentine (st) Danny Bank (sb-cl-fl) Herbie Hancock (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Grady Tate (dr) Olive Nelson (arr)

River’s Invitation / I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone / Little Sheri / Mattie T.Bayou / A Taste Of Honey.

(Blue Note 4201) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 14-4-65.

Let It Go.66Let It Go

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Ron Carter (b) Mack Simpkins (dr)

Let It Go / On A Clear Day You Can See Foerever / Deep Purple / Good Lookin’Out.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 6-4-66.

Let It Go / Erehwon / On A Clear Day You Can See Forever / Bluesville.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 7-4-66.

T’Ain’t What You Do S.Oliver / Ciao Ciao / Sure As You’re Born.

(Impulse GRD 104 CD) Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 15-4-66.

Rough’ n’ Tumble.66Rough’n’Tumble.

Blue Mitchell (tp) James Spaulding (sa) Stanley Turrentine (st) Pepper Adams (sb) McCoy Tyner (p) Grant Green (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mikey Roker (dr)

And Satisfy / What Could I Do Without You / Feeling Good / Shake / Walk On By / Baptismal.

(Blue Note 7243 5 24552)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 1-7-66.


Easy Walker.66Easy Walker.

Stanley Turrentine (st) McCoy Tyner (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mikey Roker (dr)

Meat Wave / They All Say I’m The Biggest Fool / Yours Is My Heart Alone / Easy Walker / What The World Needs Now Is Love / Alone Together.

(Blue Note CDP 8 29908) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 8-7-66.

Melvin Lastie (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) Herbie Hancock (p) Eric Gale, Billy Butler (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Bernard Purdie (dr)

Don’t Even Go There.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ.19-7-66.

The Spoiler.turrentine66thespoiler

Blue Mitchell (tp) James Spaulding (sa) Stanley Turrentine (st) Pepper Adams (sb) McCoy Tyner (p) Grant Green (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mikey Roker (dr) Joseph Rivera (perc)

The Magilla / La Fiesta / Sonny / When The Sun Comes Out / Theme From ”The Oscar” (Maybe September) / You’re Gonna Hear From Me.

(Blue Note CDP 8 53359)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 22-9-66.

Stanley Turrentine Tentet.67tentet

Blue Mitchell, Tommy Turrentine (tp) Julian Priester (tb) Jerry Dodgion (as, fl) Al Gibbons (ts, bcl) Stanley Turrentine (ts) Pepper Adams (brs, cl) McCoy Tyner (p) Walter Booker (b) Mickey Roker (d) Duke Pearson (arr)

With This Ring / Silver Tears / A Bluish Rag / Come Back To Me / The Day Of Wine And Roses / Message To Michael.

(Blue Note)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 9-6-67.

Easy (Plays The Pop Hits) 67easy

Burt Collins, Marvin Stamm (tp-flic) Garnett brown, Benny Powell (tb) Jerry Dodgion, Joe Farrell, Al Gibbson, Stanley Turrentine (reeds) Evertt Barksdael (g) McCoy Tyner (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Grady tate (dr)

Spooky Elusive Butterfly / love Is Blue / When I Look Into Your Eyes.

(Blue Note)

New York, 25-1-68.


New Time Shuffle.67New Time Shuffle.

Marvin Stamm, Donald Byrd, Joseph J.Shepley (tp) Jerry Dodgion, Al Gibbson, Stanley Turrentine, Joe Farrell, Mario Rivera, Pepper Adams (sx) Garnett Brown, Julian Priester (tb) Bucky Pizzarelli (g) McCoy Tynre, Kenny Barron (p) Ron Carter, Bob Cranshaw (b) Ray Lcas, Mickey Roker (dr)

She’s A Carioca (2 takes) / Return Of The Prodigal Son / Samba De Aviao /Night Song / Ain’t No Mountain High Enough / New Time Shuffle / Blues For Del (3 takes) / Manha De Carnaval / Here’s That Rainy Day / What Now My Love.

(Blue Note LT 933) Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 17-2 e 23-6-67.

Ain’t No Way.68Ain’t No Way.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Jimmy Ponder (g) Bob Cranshaw (b/el) Ray Lucas (dr)

I Got The Feeling / She’s Looking Good / Ain’t No Way.

(Blue Note 1095)

Englewwod Cliffs, NJ. 10-5-68.


The Look Of Love.68thelookoflove

Jimmy Nothingam, Snooky Young (flic) Benny Powell (tb) Jim Buffington (fh) Stanley Turrentine (st) Hank Jones (p) Kenny Burrell (g) George Duvivier (b) Grady Tate (dr) Thad Jones (arr) sezione di archi.

Blue For Stan / Smile / The Look Of Love.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ.15-4 e 27-5-68.

Stesso gruppo con Duke Pearson per Jones.

A Beauriful Friendship / This Guy’s In Love With You / I’m Always Drunk In San Francisco / Emily.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 2 e 27-5-68.

Stesso gruppo con Roland Hanna per Pearson.

Cabin In The Sky / Here There And Everywhere / MacArthur Park.

(Blue Note 4286) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 13 e 27-5-68.

Common Touch.68Common Touch.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Shirley Scott (org) Jimmy Ponder (g) Bob Cranshaw (b/el) Leo Morris (dr)

Buster Brown / Blowin’In The Wind / Lonely Avenue / Boogaloo / Common Touch / Living Through I All.

(Blue Note 4315)

Englewodd Cliffs, NJ. 30-8-68.


Always Something There.68Always Something There.

Burt Collins (flic) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Dick Berg, James Buffington (fh) Jerry Dodgion (sa-fl-cl) Jerome Richardson (st-fl-cl) Stanley Turrentine (st) Hank Jones (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mel Lewis (dr) Thad Jones (arr) sezione di archi.

Little Green Apples / Fool On The Hill.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 1-10-68.

Burt Collins (flic) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Dick Berg, Brooks Lillotson (fh) Jerry Dodgion (sa-fl-cl) Jerome Richardson (st-fl-cl) Stanley Turrentine (st) Herbie Hancock (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mel Lewis (dr) Thad Jones (arr) sezione di archi.

Always Something There / Light My Fire / Hey Jude.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 14-10-68.

Thad Jones (flic) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Dick Berg, James Buffington (fh) Jerry Dodgion (sa-fl-cl) Jerome Richardson (st-fl-cl) Stanley Turrentine (st) Herbie Hancock (p) Kenny Burrell (g) Bob Cranshaw (b) Mickey Roker (dr) sezione di archi.

When I Look Into Your Eyes / Those Were The Days / Stoned Soul Picnic / Home Town / Song For Bonnie.

(Blue Note 4298) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 28-10-68.

Another Story.turrentine69another

Thad Jones (flic) Stanley Turrentine (st) Cedar Walton (p) Buster Williams (b) Mickey Roker (dr)

Get It / Way You Look Tonight / Quittin’Time / Six And Four.

Stesso gruppo senza Jones.

Stella By Starlight.

(Blue Note 4336) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 3-3-69.

Ain’t No Way / Easy Walker.

Stanley Turrentine (st) McCoy Tyner (p) Gene Taylor (b) Billy Cobham (dr)

Meat Wave / They All Say I’m The Biggest Fool / Yours Is My Heart Alone / Easy Walker / What The World Needs Now / Alone Together / A Foggy Day / Stan’s Shuffle / Watch What Happens / Intermissin Walk / Wave.

(Blue Note 1095) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 23-6-69.


Freddie Hubard (tp-tymp) Stanley Turrentine (st) Lonnie Liston Smith (p-p/el) Butch Cornell (org) George Benson (g) Ron Carter (b) Billy Kaye (dr) Ricgard Landrum (conga)

Sugar / Sunshine Alley / Impressions / Gibraltar.

(LP CTI 6005)

Novembre, 1970.


Gilberto With Turrentine.69Gilberto With Turrentine.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Joao Gilberto (g-vc) altri da identificare.

Where There’s A Heartache (There Must Be A Heart) / Historia De Amor (Love Story) / Vera Cruz (Instrumental) / Travelight Light / Ponteio / Zazueira / Solo En Fin (For All We Now) / To A Flame (Instrumental) / Brazilian Tapestry / Wanting Things.



Salt Song.69saltsong

Stanley Turrentine (st) Romeo Penque, Jerome Richardson, Hubert Laws, George Marge (fl) Hrace Pasrlan (org-p) Eric Gale, Curtis Turrentine, Eric Gale (g) Ron Carter, George Russell (b) Billy Cobham (dr) Airto Moreira (dr-perc) Joao Palma, Dom Um Romao (perc) sezione di archi.

Gibraltar / I Told Jesus / Salt Song / I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do / Storm / Vera Cruz.

(Sony Music 65126)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 7 e 13 Luglio 1971.


Stanley Turrentine (st) Bob James, Hilary James (p-p/el) Milt Jackson (vib) Cornell Dupree (g) Ron Carter (b) Billy Cobhan (dr)

Speedball / I Remember You / The Revs / Sister Sanctified / Cherry / Introspective.

(Columbia ZK 40936)

New York, 17-5-72.


Don’t Mess With Mister T. (Bonus Tracks) 69Don’t Mess With Mister T.

John Frosk, Randy Brecker (tp-flic) Jerry Dodgion (sa) Stanley Turrentine (st) Alan Ralph (tb/b) Pepper Adams (sb) Harold Mabern (p) Richard tee (org) Eric Gale (g) Ron Carter (b) Idris Muhammad, Bernard “Preddy”Purdie (dr) sezione di archi.

Don’t Mess Witgh Mister T. / Two For T / Too Blue / I Could Never / Pieces Of Dreams / Don’t Mess With Mister T / Mississippi City Strut / Harlem Dawn.

(Epic 2972)

New York, Giugno 1973.

Pieces Of Dreams.74Pieces Of Dreams.

Stanley Turrentine (st) David T.Walker, Ray Parker Jr.Dean Parks (g) John Miller, Sonny Burke (key) Ron Brown, Edna Wright, Myrna Matthews, Carolyn Willis (vc) Ed Green, Eddie Moore (dr) Joe Clayton (conga) Gary Coleman (perc) Gene Page (arr-dir)

Pieces For Dreams / You Know It’s You / Deep In Love / Midnight And You / Evil / Blanket On The Beach / I’m In Love / Pieces Of Dreams (alt.take) / Blancket On The Beach (alt.take) I’m In Love (alt.take)

(Fantasy OJCCD 831) 30-31 Maggio 1974.

In The Pocket.74In The Pocket.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Gene Page, Sylvester Rivers (keyb) David T.Walker, Ray Parkler Jr.Dean Parks (g) Scott Edwards (b) Ed Green (dr) Gary Coleman (perc)

Have It Your Way / Sandy / You Are The Melody Of My Life / Over To Where You Are / Naked As The Day I Was Born / In The Pocket / Spaced / You’re My Baby / Black Lassie.

(Fantasy F-9478)

Gennaio 1975.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain.turrentine79haveyou

Stanley Turrentine (st)m Freddie Hubbard (tp) Ron Carter (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr) più altri musicisti e sezione di archi.

Reasons/ Touching You/ T’s Dream/ That’s The Way Of The World/ You/ Tommy’s Tune/ Have You Ever Seen The Rain.

(Fantasy AMY 9493)

Berkeley, Luglio 1975.


Everybody Come On Out.Everybody Come On Out.

Paul Hubinon, Oscar Brasheart, Bob Findley, Chuck Findley (tp) George Bohannon, Charles Loper, Lew McCreary (tb) Stanley Turrentine (st) Buddy Collette (fl-st) Bill Green (fl-sb) Joe Sample (p-p/el) Craig McMullen, Lee Ritenour (g) Dorothy Ashby (arpa) Davilli Gonga (synt) Michelle Grab, Janice Gower, Glenn Dicterow, Robert Dubow, Charles Veal, Winterton Garvey, Carl LaMagna, Ken Yerke, Mitchell Markowitz, Robert Lipset (viol) Pamela Goldsmith, Denise Buffum, David Campbell, Arthur Royval (viola) David SpeltzDennis Karmazyn, Roland Cooper (cello) Richardd Feves, Paul Jackson Jr., Paul Jackson (b-b/el) Harvey Mason Sr. (dr) Bill Summers (perc) Wade Marcus (arr-dir)

Everybody Comes On Out / Starway To Heaven / There Is A Place / Many River To Cross / Hope That We Can Be Together Son / All By Myself / Airport Love / I’m Not In Love.

(Fantasy-OJC 9508) Marzo 1976.

Man With The Sad Face.Man With The Sad Face.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Paul Griffin (p/el) Eric Gale, Cornell Dupree (g) David Carey (vib) Ron Carter (b) Charles Collins (dr) Crusher Bennett (conga) con orchestra diretta da David Van De Pitte, Gene Orloff (viol)

Evil Ways / Man With The Sad Face / Ligia / You’ll Never Find Another Love Likje Mine / I Want You / Whatever Possessed Me / Love Hangover / Mighty High.

New York, 25-28 Agosto e 27-28 Settembre 1976.


Love’s Finally Found Me.Love’s Finally Found Me.

Stanley Turrentine (st) altri da identificare.

Love’s Finally Found Me / Brown Eyed Woman / Ma Cherie Amour / Yesterme-Yesteryou-Yesterday / Wedding Bell Blues / Love’s Finally Found Me / Can You Tale What I’m Gonna Do / I’ve Just Gotta Tell Somebody / If You Don’t Get It Yourself / How Did You Make Me Love You.

(Classic World 2094)



Stanley Turrentine (st) Paul Griffin (keyb) Ron Carter (b) Grady Tate (dr) Crusher Bennett (perc)

If You Don’t Believe / Papa / Nightwings / There’s Music In The Air / Joao / Birdland.

(Fantasy 9534)

New York, Giugno-Luglio 1977.


What About You.What About You.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Richard Rome (keyb) Ronnie James, Greg Middleton, Greg Poree (g) Don Renaldo (viol) Quentin Dennard (dr) Shoundu Akiem (perc)

Heritage / Feel The Fire / Disco Dancing / Manhattan Skyline / My Wish For You / The Wind And The Sea.

(Fantasy 9563)

New York, Giugno-Luglio 1978.


Stanley Turrentine (st) Sonny Burke (keyb) Gary Coleman/vib) Charles Fearing, Lee Ritenour (g/el) Todd Cochran (synt) Earl Watkins (b) James Gadson, Jeff Porcaro (dr) Eddie”Bongo”Brown (perc) coro di voci.

Take Me Home / Love Is The Answer / Betcha / Concentrate On You / You / Hamlet / Long Time Gone / Together Again.

(Wounded Bird 217)

San Fernando, CA, Maggio-Giugno 1979.


Marvin Stamm, Victor Paz, Earl Gardner (tp) James Pugh, Paul Faulise (tb) Romeo Penque, Phil Bodner, Eddie Daniels (cl) Stanley Turrentine (st) Brooks Tillotson, James Buffington, Paul Ingraham (fh) Cedar Walton (p) Joe Beck, Jay Berliner (g) Marcud Miller (b/el) George Duvivier (b) Buddy Williams (dr) Rubens Bassini (perc) Marrio Nichols (conga)

Inflation / Theme For Shaft / Song For Donny / Closer / Is It You / Déjà Vu / Don’t Misunderstand / Ghana.

(Collectables 7734)

New York, Febbraio e Marzo 1980.

Tender Togetherness.Tender Togetherness

Stanley Turrentine (st) Larry Dunn (p,synt) Eddie Del Barrio (p/el) Jeff Johnson (synt) Roland Bautista (g/el) Nathan East (b/el) Fred White (dr) Paulinho da Costa, Ralph Johnson, Steven Dunn (perc)

Hermanos / I’ll Give You My Love / Tamarc / After The Love Is Gone / Cherubin / Only You And Me / World Chimes / Pure Love / Havin’Fun With Mr.t.

(Wounded Bird Rec.534)

Malibu, CA, Aprile,1981.

Home Again.turrentine80homeagain

Stanley Turrentine (st) Bobby Brown, Charles Fearing (g) Tom James, Clarence McDonald, Todd Cochran, Tony Coleman (keyb) Peter Brown, Nathan East (b) Leon ”Ndugu” Chander, Charles Bells (dr) Paulinho Da Costa (perc) Irene Cara (vc) coro di voci.

Paradise / You Can’t Take My Love / I’ll Be There / I knew It Couldn’t Happen / Blow / At The Club / Gemini / Conception.

(Collectable 7735)

Los Angeles, 1982.

Straight Ahead.Straight Ahead.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Les McCann (p) Jimmy Ponder (g) Pete Brown (b/el) Gerrick King (dr)

Otherside Of Time / The Longer You Wait.

New York, 24-11-84.

Stanley Turrentone (st) Jimmy Smith (org) George Benson (g) Ron Carter (b) Jimmy Madison (dr)

Plum / A Child Is Born / Straight Ahead / Ah Rio.

(Blue Note BT 85105) New York, 7-12-84.


Stanley Turrentine (st) Stevie Wonder (arm) Ronnie Foster (p-p/el-synt-vib) Don Grusin (p-p/el) Eddie Del Barrio (key) Abe Laboriel (b) Harvey Mason (dr) Paulinho Da Costa (perc)

Boogie On Reggae Woman / Bird Of Beauty / Creepin’/ You And I / Living For The City / Rocket Love / Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing / Sir Duke.

(Blue Note 46762)

Hollywood, 10-12 Dicembre 1986.

La Place.La Place.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Freddie Hubbard, Michael Patches Stewart (tp) Bobby Lyle (keyb) David Borof (synt) Paul Jackson Jr., David T.Walker, Phil Upchurch (g) Abraham Laboriel, Kevin Brandon, Gerald Albright (b) Mike Baker, Tony Lewis (dr) Paulinho da Costa (perc) Jean Carn (vc) sezione archi, Booker White (dir)

Terrible T. / Cruisin’ / Night Breeze / Take 4 / Touching / La Place Street / Sparkle.

(Blue Note 90261)

Los Angeles, Settembre 1988.

More Than A Mood.turrentinemorethan

Freddie Hubbard (tp-flic) Stanley Turrentine (st) Cedar Walton (p) Ron Carter (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Thomasville / They Can’t Take That Away From me / In A Sentimental Mood / Easy Walker / Triste / Pieces Of Dreams / Spirits Up Above / More Than A Mood.


New York, 13-2-92.

If I Could.If I Could.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Hubert Laws (fl) Sir Roland Hanna (p) Gloria Agostini (arpa) Ron Carter (b) Grady Tate (dr) Vince Evans (kalim) Steve Kroon (perc) Don Sebensky (arr-dir) Steve Raymondi (dir/strings)

June Bug / Caravan / I Remember Bill / The Avenue / Marvin’Song / Maybe September/ A Luta / If I Could.

(Limelight 518444)

New York, 10-12 Maggio 1993.

T Time.t time.

Stanley Turrentine (st) Kenny Drew Jr. (p-org-keyb) Dave Stryker (g) Dwayne Dolphin (b) Alfredo Mojica (perc) Mark Johsnon (dr)

Don’t Mess With Mister T / Little Sweetness / I Haven’s Got Anything Better To Do / Impressions / Terrible T / Island / Touching Side Steppin’.

(Music Masters 65124)

Rockville, 1995.


Do You Have Any Sugar.Do You Have Any Sugar.

Rick Braun (tp) Andy Martin (tb) Stanley Turrentine (st) Joe Sample, Kei Akagi (p) Greg Phillinganes (p-keyb) Mike Miller (g) Abraham Laboriel Sr., Ray Brown (b) Alex Acuna (perc) Niki Harris (vc)

Back In The Day / Bar Fly / Calling You / Do You Have Any Sugar / Favorite Heart / For Too Little Love / Monte Cristo / Pause To Wonder / RBs / Stuff You Gotta Watch.

(Concord 4862) Hollywood, 8-9 Febbraio 1999.



Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 22/4/1928. – New York. 13/5/1997.

Fratello maggiore di Stanley, ha debuttato con Snookum Russell nel 1945, ha suonato poi con Benny Carter, con George Hudson nel 1948, insieme al fratello con Earl Bostic nel 1953, nel Workshop di Charles Mingus, con Max Roach e Lou Donaldson. In seguito ha lasciato il jazz per dedicarsi al lavoro di studio ed alla musica commerciale. Ha registrato con Buddy Rich, Paul Chambers, Booker Ervin, Horace Parlan, Sonny Clarke, Ahmed Abdul Malik, Jackie McLean, Dexter Gordon, Lou Donaldson, Rufus Jones, Big John Patton, Philly Joe Jones, Archie Shepp e con il fratello Stanley. Tromba dal fraseggio fluido e con un certo dinamismo.


Tommy Turrentine.tommy turrentine

Tommy Turrentine (tp) Julian Priester (tb) Stanley Turrentine (st) Horace Parlan (p) Bob Boswell (b) Max Roach (dr)

Gunga Din / Webb City / Time’s Up / Long As You’re Living / Too Clean / Two Three One Oh / Blues For J.P.

(Bainbridge BT 1047) New York, 19-1-60.

Tommy Turrentine (tp) Booker Ervin Zoot Sims (st) Tommy Flanagan (p) George Tucker (b) Dannie Richjmond (dr)

Poor Butterfly.

New York, 6-4-60.

Tommy Turrentine (tp) Stanley Turrentine (st) Horace Parlan (p) George Tucker (b) Al Harwood (dr)

My Girl Is Just Eonugh Woman For Me / Then I’ll Be Tired Of You / Fine Li’l Lass / Thomasville / Someone To Watch Over Me / Stolen Sweets.

(Blue Note 4065) New York, 20-1-61.chiusura


New York. 1/4/1947.

Cresciuto in una famiglia di musicisti, ha studiato per due anni la chitarra, per poi dedicarsi al contrabbasso all’età di dieci anni. Ha iniziato a lavorare nelle orchestre nei teatri di Broadway e poi durante il servizio militare nelle bande dell’esercito. Nel jazz ha iniziato a farsi notare all’inizio degli anni ’70. Ha collaborato con Paul Bley, con Horace Arnold, nel trio “Open Sky” insieme a Dave Liebman e Bob Moses, ha fatto parte del gruppo “Lookout Farm” di Dave Liebman, ha suonato con Dave Holland, con Collin Walcott ed ha insegnato nei workshops. Dal 1973 al 1976 ha girato l’Europa insieme a Richard Beirach e Jeff Williams. Ha lavorato freelance con Barry Miles, Booker Ervin, Don Cherry, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Konitz e Harold Mabern. Ha registrato anche con Dom Um Romao, con Art Blakey e dal 1983 al 1989 è stato attivo nell’area di Sam Francisco con il gruppo “Bebop and Beyond”, con il quale ha anche registrato nel 1984.


Father Time.Frank Tusa Father Time.

Dabve Liebman (st-ss-fl-perc) Richard Beirach (p-perc) Frank Tusa (b) Jeff Williams (dr) Badal Roy (tablas)

Doin’It / Cameo / Gypsy Song / Mabel’s Mood / Kristie’s Spirit / String Beans.

(ENJA 2056)

Monaco, 1-7-75.chiusura


Parigi, Francia. 27/1/1938.

Ha imparato da solo a suonare il pianoforte ed in seguito ha seguito dei corsi regolari al Conservatorio. Ha iniziato la carriera suonando in trio, nel 1965 con Bernard Vitet il primo gruppo free francese. Ha suonato con Barney Willen, Bob Guerin, Clifford Thorntton, Sunny Murray, Arthur Jones, Michel Portal e Francois Jeanneau. Nel 1972 ha registrato da solo ed ha iniziato ad allestire degli spettacoli politico musicali. Ha fondato la Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra, nella quale ha raccolto i musicisti di tutti i paesi e con la quale si è esibito in molte occasioni. Musicista che risente dell’influenza di Cecil Taylor, ma di lui colpisce la figura di pensatore, con la quale è riuscito ad aggregare la gente più diversa oltre ai musicisti. Specialista in connubi tra jazz e musiche etniche di tutto il mondo.


Free Jazz.

Tusques Bernard Vitet (tp) Francois Jeanneau (st-fl) Michel Portal (cl/b) Francois Tusques (p) Bernard Guerin (b) Charles Saudrais (dr)

Description automatique d’un paysage descole (I) / La tour Saint-Jacques / Description automatique d’un paysage descole (II) / Souvenir de l’oiseau / Souvenir de l’oiseau (II) / Souvenir de l’oiseau (III).

(Adda Situ 590039)

Parigi, 26 Ottobre 1965.

Le Nouveau Jazz.

Barney Wilen (st) Francois Tusques (p) Beb Guerin, Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (b) Aldo Romano (dr)

Coda / Sombre / Dialogue 1 / Cantique du diable / Les sorcieres / Dialogue 2.

(Mouloudji EM13517)

Parigi, 15-16 Gennaio 1967.


Piano Dazibao.

Francois Tusques (p) solo

Mister Don Cherry comprit que leur esprit etait abattu et repeta d’une voix musicale quelque blagues reservees pour le temps de detresse / Sunny, Archie, Clifford, meme combat  / Que cent fleurs s’epanouissent / La revolution est une transfusion sanguine voila la mer, voila la vie / La bourgeoisie perira noyee dans les eaux glacees du calcul egoiste / Liberez Michel Le Bris / Vie et mort de l’Alexandrin.

(Futura GER14) Parigi, Maggio-Settembre 1970.

Intercommunal Music.

Alan Shorter (tp) Steve Potts (sa) Francois Turques (g/ad archetto-sega mus.- maracas) Alan Silva (cello) Beb Guerin, Bob Reidb) Sunny Murray (dr) Louis Armfield (perc)

Intercommunal Music / Les Forces Progressistes / Les Forces Reactionaires / La Bourgeoisie Perira Noyee Dans Les Eaux Glacees Du Calcul Egoiste / Intercommunal Music / L’Imperialism Est Un Tigre En Papier / Portrait D’Erika Huggins.

(Shandar SR 10.010) Parigi, 11-5-71.

Piano Dazibao No 2.

Francois Tusques (p)

Georges Jackson assassine par les “Pigs” d’une balle dans le dos / Attica 71 / 1200 prisonniers de la prison sont montes a l’assaut du ciel d’Attica le 9 Septembre 1971 / Seize the time.

(Futura GER32)

Parigi, 13-20 Ottobre 1971.


Isabel Juanpera (vc) Bernard Vitet (tp-perc) Daniele Dumas (ss) Denis Colin (cl) François Tusques (p) Noel McGhie (dr-perc)

Le Jardin Des Delices / Histoire de la clarinette basse chassee du jardin des delices / Bleu gris / Etre ou ne pas etre / Blues de jean de la croix / Clarinette basse seule / Donne moi la vie / Batterie seule / Je suis amour / La racanaille chabapavarde / Car musique est une science qui veut qu’on rie et chante et danse / Au bord de la mer / Les flamants roses / Au commencement etait la valse / La valse d’une certaine incertitude enjouee / Gris blue “quelque chose d’amer…” / Strange fruit / Mieux vaut mourir ivre qu’entendre chanter les grenouilles.

(In Situ-Adda 590139) Teatro Dunois, Parigi, 25-26 Ottobre 1991.chiusura


Compagnia discografica ed etichetta, fondata a Stranberg in Germania nel 1988 da Horst Weber, uno dei fondatori dell’ENJA, e Peter Weismuller. Al 2000 ha pubblicato 50 album.chiusura


Ha iniziato a studiare il pianoforte a sei anni al Conservatorio. Nel 1983 ha messo su il suo primo gruppo “Mozaik” nel quale ella aveva fuso il rock, musica classica occidentale e jazz, ed anche suoni tradizionali della musica turca. Dimostra nelle sue performance già una esperienza notevole.


Panayir / Carnivalesque.

Oguz Buyukberber (cl/b) Yahya Dai (ss,st) Ayse Tutuncu (p) Erdal Akyol (b)

Carla’s second tango / Letter to Crete / Carnivalesque / Story of something / Zeynep’s spitting image / Soledad/solitude / Letting go ! / Doo-be-ya / Chocolate-colored song / Golliwog’s back !

(Blue Note 94634079921)

Live, Istanbul, 23-27 Novembre 2004.chiusura


Grande orchestra francese, che contava 60 elementi tra strumentisti e cantanti, fondata nel 1983 da Paul Cheron. E’ considerata come le territory band, poiché è stata attiva solo nel sud della Francia anche se ha partecipato ai festival estivi a Parigi. Il suo repertorio ricalca quello delle orchestre di Jimmy Lunceford e Chick Webb.


Rhythm Is Our Business.

Dominique Rieux, Eric Robert, Philippe Laudet, Jacques Sallent (tp) Didier Pascal, Laurent Hotta, Jean-Francois Duprat (tb) Paul Cheron (sa,cl,arr) David Cayrou (sa) Michel Pastre, Gerard Batbie (st) Guy Robert (sb) Thierry Olle (p) Henri Cheron (g) Serge Oustiakine (b,vc) Jean-Luc Guiraud (dr,vc)

Rhythm is our business / Four or five times / What’s your story, morning glory ? / Yard dog Mazurka / Dream of you / For dancers only / Ain’t she sweet ? / Annie Laurie / Blues in the night / Margie / I’m alone with you / ‘Tain’t what you do / Knock me a kiss / Lunceford special / Life is fine.

(Swingland 19) Blagnac, Maggio 1994.

Siesta At The Fiesta.

Dominique Rieux, Eric Robert, Philippe Laudet, Jacques Sallent (tp) Didier Pascal, Laurent Hotta, Jean-Francois Duprat (tb) Paul Cheron (sa,cl) David Cayrou (sa) Michel Pastre, Gerard Batbie (st) Guy Robert (sb) Thierry Olle (p) Henri Cheron (g) Serge Oustiakine (b,vc) Jean-Luc Guiraud (dr,vc)

Hi Spook / My melancholy baby / Organ grinder’s swing / Holiday for strings / Sleepy time gal / If I had you / Siesta at the fiesta / By the river Sainte Marie / Mood indigo / Battle axe / Coquette / Okay for baby / Moonlight and music / I’m nuts about screwy music / Well all right then.

(TBB 102) Blagnac, Aprile 1996.

To Ella And Chick.

Dominique Rieux, Eric Robert, Philippe Laudet, Jacques Sallent (tp) Didier Pascal, Laurent Hotta, Jean-Francois Duprat (tb) Paul Cheron (sa,cl) David Cayrou (sa) Michel Pastre, Gerard Batbie (st) Guy Robert (sb,fl) Thierry Olle (p) Henri Cheron (g) Pierre Luc Puig (b) Jean-Luc Guiraud (dr)

Liza / Just a simple melody / You showed me the way / Harlem Congo / Rock it for me / I got it bad / Undecided / Clap hands ! Here comes Charlie / I ain’t got nobody / Go Harlem / ‘Tain’t what you do / A-tisket, a-tasket / I want to be happy / Azure / Strictly jive / Big John special.

(TBB 1073) Blacgnac, Marzo 1998.chiusura


Brass band di New Orleans del 1900, il cui leader era Oscar Papa Celestin.chiusura


Mannheim. Germania. 4/7/1902. – Copenhagen, Danimarca. 28/8/1957.

Ha diretto un’orchestra da ballo con diversi accenti jazzistici dal 1932 al 1936, nella quale figuravano diversi ottimi solisti. Ha spesso diretto orchestre di teatro. Ha diretto anche per diversi anni dal 1936 al 1957 l’orchestra Sinfonica della Radio Danese.


Erik Tuxen Og Hans Orkester.

Axel Skouby, Niels Lund (tp) Peter Rasmussen (tb) Kai Ewans, Kai Moller (sa,cl) Winstrup Olesen (st) Leo Mathisen (p,arr) Berthel Skjoldborg (g) Kai Birch (tu) Erik Kragh (dr) Erik Tuxen (ldr)

New York

(Polyphon) Copenhagen, 16 Gennaio 1933.

Axel Skouby, Niels Hostrup-Lund, Kaj Winther (tp) Peter Rasmussen, George Allin Wilkenschildt (tb) Kai Ewans, Kai Moller (sa) Winstrup Olesen (st) Kai Birch (tu) Leo Mathisen (p,vc) Berthel Skjoldborg (g) Lauritz Hall (b) Erik Kragh (dr) Erik Tuxen (ldr)

New York / Maggiduddi / Sunflower / You made me love you when I saw you cry,

Copenhagen, 25 Gennaio 1934.chiusura


Danvers, Massachusetts. 30/4/1931. – Parigi, Francia. 21/10/1955.

Dopo aver studiato il pianoforte classico privatamente con vari insegnanti tra i quali Margaret Chaloff madre del baritonista Serge, ha seguito i corsi alla Longy School of Music di Cambridge ed al New England Conservatory Of Music. Già a quattordici anni ha debuttato da professionista, ha suonato con Herb Pomeroy e con Serge Chaloff. Ha partecipato ad una trasmissione radio con Charlie Parker, poi ha suonato con Charlie Mariano dal 1951 al 1952, ha fatto un tour con Lionel Hampton, con Tommy Reinolds, Charlie Barnet, Peter Littman. E’ venuto in Europa con Chet Baker e purtroppo per una overdose è deceduto in un albergo di Parigi. Pianista moderno dalla vena fresca e dalla buona tecnica, senz’altro influenzato da Tristano. Musicista dalle originali soluzioni armoniche, un musicista dalla personalità particolare, che avrebbe potuto portare nel jazz molte novità.


1954 Improvisations.

Richard Twardzik (p) Jack Lawlor (b) Peter Littman (perc)

Warming Up / Nice Work If You Can Get It / ‘Round Modnight / Get Happy / It Could Happen To You / All The Things You Are / Yestredays / Original / Love Is Here To Stay / Tootsie Roll / Bess, You Is My Woman Now / I’ll Rember April,

(New Artists CD 1006)



Richard Twardzik (p) Carson Smith (b) Peter Littman (dr)

Abuquerque Social Swim / Bess You Is My Woman Now / Yellow Tango / ‘Round About Midnight / I’ll Remember April / A Crutch For The Crab / Just One Of Those Things.

(Pacific Jazz)

Hackensack, NJ, 27 Ottobre 1954.


The Last Set.

Richard Twardzik (p)

Bess, YOun Is My Woman Now / ‘Round Midnight / Yellow Tango / Albuquewrque Social Swim / A Crutch For The Crab / I’ll Remember April / Just One Of Those Things.

(Pacific Jazz 37)

Aprile 1962.chiusura


Nome usato spesso a Kansas City dal gruppo di Andy Kirk dal 1929 al 1948.chiusura


Gruppo di soli sassofoni fondato nel 1982, di cui fanno parte: Bobby Watson, Ed Jackson, Rich Rothenberg, Tim Hartog, con riferimenti all’hard bop, al gospel ed al R&B. Piccolo gruppo con l’impostazione della big band, che fa leva su un sound collettivo di primissimo ordine. Ad uno dei diversi album registrati dal gruppo ha preso parte anche Pamela Watson, moglie di Bobby, cantante dalla voce swingante ed evanescente. In altre incisioni hanno avuto anche la collaborazione di una sezione ritmica.


Pointillistic Groove.29th Pointillistic Groove.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

The Curious Child.

Utrecht, 19-11-83.

Pointillistic Groove / Still / love For Sale / Bigfoot / Anthropology / One Chance At Life.

(Osmosis 6002) Armsterdam, 25-11-83.

Watch Your Step.29th Watch Your Step.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

T.P.T. / Watch Your Step / K.C.Q. / Hotel De Funk / Lafiya.

(New Note 1002)

New York, primavera, 1985.


The Real Deal.29th The Real Deal.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

Free Yourself / I Mean You / The Long Way Home / Un Poco Loco / Confirmation / Wheel Whitin A Wheel / Are-Were / 29 th Street Theme.

(New Note NN 1006)

New York, 14-1-87.


Live.29th live

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

The Originator / Pannonica / B On The Break / Claudia’s Car / Night Dreamer / New Moon / The Halcyon / My Little Suede Shoes / The Happy End.

(Red Record 123223)

Capolinea, Milano, 13-7-88.


Underground.29th Underground.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

In Case You Missed It / What Happened / Underground / The Nasty / Manteca-Freedom Jazz Dance / Canto Triste / River Man / Conservation / It’s Your Thing-Jackson’s Thing / Hard Times.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb) Benny Green (p) Curtis Lundy (b) Victor Lewis (dr) Pamela Watson (vc)

Old Devil Moon.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb) Victor Lewis (dr) Pamela Watson (vc)

After The Rain.

Hugh Masekela (flic) Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

Free At Last (For Mandela)

(Antilles 422 848-415) New York, Ottobre 1990.

Your Move.29th Your Move.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

Your Move / Jimmy Kay / Just One More Thing / Priority Waltz / Frequent Flyer / Pamela / Forecast / Mind Journey / Solitaire / Need To Know.

(Antilles 314-512524-1)

New York, 1992.


Milano New York Bridge.29th Milano New York Bridge.

Ed Jackson, Bobby Watson (sa) Rich Rothemberg (st) Jim Hartog (sb)

Chelsea Bridge / Maiden Voyagr / Bye-Ya / Time Curtain / Late / Reflection / II B.S. / Love For Sale / Pent-Up House / How About You / Perpetual Groove / Somewhere / Take The Coltrane.

(Red 124162)

New York, 15-11-94.



Termine musicale del jazz che indica che nel metro quaternario o il quattro tempi, vengono scanditi solo due accenti. Misura o battuta a due movimenti (2 – 2). Questo avviene soprattutto negli stili New Orleans e Dixieland che sono considerati i “two beat jazz” per eccellenza.chiusura


Gruppo diretto da due clarinettisti, Alain Marquet francese e Reimer von Fesen tedesco. Questi due musicisti sono reputati oggi i migliori clarinettisti di jazz tradizionale in circolazione. Si esibiscono in tutto il mondo con le loro particolari interpretazioni fatte di contrappunti e di veloci ed elettrizzanti scambi di ruolo. Risiedono in Francia ma trascorrono molto del loro tempo in varie tournée. Il loro stile parte da Johnny Dodds ed anche il primo Sidney Bechet.


Clarinet Joys.

Alain Marquet (cl) Reimer von Fssen (cl) Agi Huppertsberg (p) Remd Otto (bj-g) Michael Daumlig (tuba-b) Hans George Klauer (dr-wash)

Coal Cart Blues / Messin’ Around / / Frog Tongue Stomp / Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me (They’re Bound To Come Back To You) / Royal Garden Blues / East Coast Trot / Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home / Chicago Buzz / Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out / Once In A While / Beale Street Blues / Little Bits / Steal Away / Papa De-Da-Da.

(Stomp Off CD 1259) 1993.chiusura


Gruppo formato da due trombonisti svizzeri Danilo Moccia e Paul Haag. Essi collaborano dal 1985 ed hanno impostato la loro musica sul modello di “Jay And Kai” il mitico duo di tromboni. Coadiuvati in questa opera da Tutilio Odermatt (p) Isla Eckinger (b) e Peter Schmitlin (dr) chiusura


Vamcouver, Washington. Maggio,1955.

Musicista che ha fondato e diretto il gruppo di jazz tradizionale “New Orelans Rover Boys” ed in seguito il gruppo “Silver Leaf Jazz Band” attivo al Can Can Jazz Cafe al Royal Sonesta Hotel nel quartiere francese di New Orleans. Il repertorio della banda oltre a rileggere i classici e i tradizionali dixieland, rispolvera anche motivi ormai dimenticati e nuovi compositori. Musicista versatile, ispiratosi a Benny Strickler suona con la stessa bravura: cornetta, tromba, clarinetto e sassofono. Cresciuto in una famiglia di musicisti, suo padre Axel Tyle batterista. Il suo primo impegno con i “Don Kinch’s Conductors Ragtime dal 1876 al 1979, poi ha fatto parte del gruppo del padre la “Castle Jazz Band”, poi con Turk Murphy e la Firehouse FIve Plus Two.


A Tribute To Benny Strickler.Chris Tyle A Tribute To Benny Strickler.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Bob Helm (cl) Orange Kellin (cl) David Sager (tb) John Gill (bj-vc) Steve Pistorius (p) Bill Carroll (tuba) Hal Smith (dr-vc)

Friendless Blues / Fidgety Feet / Jazin’Babies Blues / Ace In The Hole / Dipper Mouth Blues / Lawd You Made The Night Too Long / Muskrat Ramble / Ready For The River / That Da Da Strain / Riverside Blues / It Make No Difference Now / Ostrich Walk / Let’s Ride With Bob / Ten Years / Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me / Shake / That Thing / Down Home Rag / Aggravatin’Papa / Trombone Rag / The Darktown Strutters’Ball / Somebody’s Wrong / Old Dan Tucker.

(Stomp Off CD1235 CD) 1991.

The Smiler.Chris Tyle The Smiler.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Tom Fisher (ss-sa) Barry Wratten (cl) John Gill (tb) Steve Pistorius (p) Tom Saunders (tuba) Hal Smith (dr-wash)

I Love My Baby / Black Gal / Do You Ever Think Of Me / Porto Rico / Casey Jones (The Brave Engineer) / Baby I?d Love To Steal You / It’s Right here For You (IfYou Don’t Get it –Tain No Fault Of Mine) / Bright Eyes Goodbye / Old Time Blues / The Smiles Rag / Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet / It Looks Like A Big Night Tonight / Those Draftin’Blues / It’s A Long Long Way To Tipperary / Dusty / When I Leave The World Behind / Don’t Go Way Nobody / I’m Afraid To Come Home In The Dark / Bunk Remembers (Make me A Pallet On The Floor And Makin’Runs) / Big Chief Battle-Axe.

(Stomp Off Records 1258) 1993.

Streets And Scenes Of New Orleans.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Jacques Gauthe (cl) Dave Sager (tb) Tom Roberts (p) John Gill (dr-vc)

Congo Square / Silver Leaf Strut / Farewell To Storyville / Bourbon Street Bounce / West End Blues / Way Down Yonder In New Orleans / Why Don’t You Go Down To New Orleans / Perdido Street Blues / Gallatin Street Grind / Blues For Rampart Street / New Orleans Hop Scop Blues / Border Of The Quarter / Decatur Street Blues / We Shall Walk Through The Stretts Of The City / Tin Roof Blues / Canal Street Blues / Basin Street Blues / Gravier Street Blues / Back O’Town Blues / Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans / South Rampart Street Parade.

(GTJ 15001) 1993.

Chris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jaz Band.Chris Tyle Chris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jaz Band.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Leon Oackley (corn) Mike Baird (cl) John Gill (tb) Steve Pistorius (p) Clint Baker (bj) Marty Eggers (b) Hal Smith (dr-wash)

Bugle Call Rag / Riverside Blues / Wolverine Blues / If You Want My Heart (You Got To Low It Babe) / Choo Choo Blues / That Sweet Something Dear / My Maryland / Tack Annie / Snake It And Break It / The Pearls / Royal Garden Blues / Jazzin’Babies’Blues / I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles / Aunt Hagar’sChildren Blues / I’m Going Away Just To Wear You Off My Mind / When You leave Me Alone To Pine / Canal Street Blues / Eccentric / Sugar Blues / Oh! How I Miss You Tonight / Dipper Mouth Blues.

(Stomp Off Records 1298) 1995.

Jelly’s Best Jam.Chris Tyle Jelly’s Best Jam.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Orange Kellin (cl) John Gill (tb) Tom Roberts (p) Vince Giordano (b) Hal Smith (dr)

Each Day / The Pearls / Creepy Feeling / It Someone Would Only Love Me / Mama’s Got A Baby / The Jelly Roll Blues / Finger Buster / Shreverport Stomp / Blue Blood Blues / King Porter Stomp / Winin’Boy Blues / Mr.Joe / Big Fat Ham / Honky Tonk Music / Jungle Blues / Good Old New York.

(GTJ 15002)

Great Composers Of New Orleans Jazz.Chris Tyle Great Composers Of new Orleans.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Duke Heitger (tp) Orange Kellin (cl) Tom Fisher (sa) Steve Pistorius (p) Craig Ventresco (g-bj) Marty Eggers (b) Hal Smith (dr-wash)

Papa’s Got The Jim Jams / Weary City / Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble / You Can Have It (I Don’t Want It) / Ghost Of The Blues / Isn’t There A Little Love / Everybody Loves Somebody Blues / Klondyke Blues / It Belongs To You / Rambling Blues / Number Two Blues / I Must Have / Peculiar / Cookie / Papa What You Are Tryng To Do To Me I’ve Been Doing It For Years.

(GTJ 15005) 1996.

Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man.Chris Tyle Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man.

Chris Tyle (corn-vc) Orange Kellin (cl) Tom Fisher (ss-sa) Mike Owen (tb) Steve Pistorius (p) Craig Ventresco (g-bj) Marty Eggers (b) Hal Smith (dr-wash)

Menphis Blues / Tackin’’Em Down / Blame It On The Blues / Mister Johnson / Indianola / Kansas City Blues / Play That Barber Shop Chord / Swentie Dear / That’s A Plenty / Weary Blues / Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man / My Daddy Rocks Me / Messin’Around / My Baby Knows How / Blue Grass Blues / Flamin’Mamie / Deep henderson / Everything Is Hotsy Now / St.Louis Shuffle.

(Stomp Off Records 1311) 1997.chiusura


New Orleans, Louisiana. 5/12/1925. – New Orleans, Louisiana. 3/4/1998.

Alla fine della seconda guerra mondiale ha suonato nelle orchestre sulle navi e nel 1946 e si è iscritto alla Grunewald School of Music di New Orleans. Ha fatto parte del gruppo di Dave Bartholomew e nel dicembre del 1949 ha accompagnato il cantante e pianista Fats Domino. Negli anni ’50 ha lavorato nel campo del rhythm-and-blues, ha collaborato con artisti molto popolari, incluso Little Richards, Joe Turner, Charles Brown, Amos Milburn ed altri venuti a New Orleans. Ha collaborato con l’etichetta la Johnny Vincent’s Ace e nel 1961 ha fondato una sua etichetta la A.F.O. e nel 1966 la Parlo Records. Ha continuato a lavorare negli studi e nei club. Ha diretto l’orchestra della Mason’s a South Claiborne dal 1960 al 1970. Ha anche collaborato con Clarence”Gatemouth”Brown nel 1981, con James Booker nel 1992. Nel 1990 è venuto in Europa con l’orchestra rock del Dr.John. Ha accompagnato Lillian Bouttè, nel 1995 ha fatto parte del gruppo di Snug Harbor a New Orleans e nel 1997 con Nicholas Payton.



Clyde Kerr Jr. (tp) Alvin “Red” Tyler (st) David Torkanowsky (p) James Singleton (b) Johnny Vidacovich (dr) Johnny Adams, Germaine Bazzle (vc)

Confusement / Under the rainbow / I’ll only miss her when I think of her / New day / New Orleans cakewalk / Heritage / Lush life / No relation

(Rounder 2047)

Slidel, LA, Aprile 1985.


Clyde Kerr Jr. (tp,flhrn) Alvin “Red” Tyler (st) David Torkanowsky, Steve Masakowski (g) James Singleton (b) Johnny Vidacovich (dr)

Count ‘em / Cutie pie / Graciously / Here’s that rainy day / If my shoes hold out / Greystoke / Like so many others / Dreamsville

(Rounder 2061)

Metarie, LA, Dicembre 1986.chiusura


Cadiz, Kentucky. 20/7/1941. – Toulon, Francia. 28/6/1992.

A sette anni ha studiato pianoforte ed ha iniziato anche a suonare il clarinetto nell’orchestrina del college; durante il servizio militare nel 1958 ha suonato il sax baritono nella banda. Nel 1960 è andato a Cleveland dove nel 1965 è entrato nel gruppo di Albert Ayler, con il quale si è trasferito a New York e con il quale si è esibito alla Town Hall e nel 1966 ha registrato. Nel 1968 ha fatto parte dei ”Vulcans” un gruppo di folk rock. Dal 1967 al 1968 ha studiato con David Baker alla Indiana University e ha registrato con Henry Grimes, Charles Moffett, Roland Shannon Jackson. Ha la sua dimora a Denver e di là si muove in California e nell’area di Los Angeles. Ha insegnato musica a Oakland al North Peralta Communyty College e al Mills College dal 1971 al 1973. Nel 1974 è tornato a New York, nel 1975 ha fatto un tour in Svezia e a diretto un gruppo a New York con Ronnie Boykin e Steve Reid. Sono gli anni della rivoluzione nera e partecipa al movimento. Nel 1977 ha messo su la New Music Orchestra, ha suonato con Cecil Taylor, con Frank Lowe, con Billy Bang nel 1981, ha fatto il solista del Hal Russell’s NRG Ensemble nel 1982. Nell’estate del 1984 è venuto in Europa, poi a Chicago ha fatto parte della Sun Ra’s Arkestra. Tornato in Europa ha suonato con Khan Jamal, Johnny Dyani, si è spostato in Danimarca, poi in Francia qui suona con Oliver Johnson, poi in Germania, in Scandinavia. Nel 1986 ha registrato con Steve Lacy, con Wilbur Little, Willem Breuker, Didier Levallet, Dennis Charles, Bobby Few, con la Alan Silva’s Celestrial Communication Orchestra e con i fratelli Belghoul.


Charles Tyler Ensemble.Charles Tyler Ensemble.

Charles Tyler (sa) Charles Moffett (vib) Henry Grimes (b) Joel Friedman (cello) Ronald Shannon Jackson (dr)

Strange Uhuru / Lacy’s Out East / Three Spirits / Black Mysticism.

(ESP 1029)

Indianapolis, 4-2-66.


Eastern Man Alone.Charles Tyler Eastern Man Alone.

Charles Tyler (sa) David Baker (cello) Brent McKesson, Kent Brinkley (b)

Cha-Lacy’s out East / A man alone / Le roi / Eastern.

(ESP-Disk 1059)

Indianapolis, Indiana, 2 Gennaio 1967.


Voyage From Jericho.Charles Tyler Voyage From Jericho.

Earl Cross (tr) Charles Tyler (sa,sb) Arthur Blythe (sa) Ronnie Boykins (b) Steve Reid (dr)

Voyage from Jericho / Return to the East / Just for two / Children’s music march / Surf ravin’.

(Blue Regard CT1944)

New York, Luglio 1974.


Live In Europe.Charles Tyler Live In Europe.

Charles Tyler (sa,sb) Melvin Smith (g) Ronnie Boykins (b) Steve Reid (dr)

Fall’s mystery / Folly / Voyage from Jericho.

(AK.BA Records AK-1010)

Live Umea Jazz Festival, Svezia, 24-26 Ottobre 1975.


Saga Of The Outlaws.Charles Tyler Saga Of The Outlaws.

Earl Cross (tr) Charles Tyler (sa) John Ore, Ronnie Boykins (b) Steve Reid (dr)

Saga of the outlaws (chapter 1) / Saga of the outlaws (chapter 2)

(Nessa N-16)

New York, 20 Maggio 1976.


Sixty Minute Man.Charles Tyler Sixty Minute Man.

Charles Tyler (sb-sa)

The Mid-Western Drifter / From St.Louis To Kansas City By Way Of Chicago / A Tale Of Bari Red / Sixty Minute Man.

(Adelphi AD 5011)

New York, Maggio 1979.


Folk And Mystery Stories.Charles Tyler Folk And Mystery Stories.

Richard Dunbar (fhr) Charles Tyler (sa,sb) David Baker (cello) Wilber Morris, John Ore (b) Steve Reid (dr)

Uptown Manhattan Puerto Rico / Folk like / Friday the thirteenth / The Warlock mystery drama.

(Sonet SNTF-849)

New York, 13 Aprile 1980.

Definite, Volume 1 e 2.Charles Tyler Definite

Earl Cross (tr,flic) Charles Tyler (sa,sb) Kevin Ross (b) Steve Reid (dr)

Just for two / Lucifer got uptight / A hip day in L.A. / Happy sad hip folks / Cadiz of the West Kentucky woods / The wasteland / Train 178 to Stockholm / The mysteries of the dark blue depths of the pale blue planet / The legend of the lawman.

(Storyville SLP4098)

Live Fasching, Stoccolma, 20-21 Ottobre 1981.

Autumn In Paris.Charles Tyler Autumn In Paris.

Charles Tyler (sa) Arne Forsen (p) Ulf Akerhielm (b) Gilbert Matthews (dr)

Saga Of The Outlaws / Morkrost (Dark Blend) / Mellanrost (Medium Blend) /Autumn In Paris / Forsen Special / Twing Twang Twiddle All Night Long / Legend Of The Lawmen.

(Silkheart SH 118)

Stoccolma, 2-6-88.


Folly Fun Music Magic.Charles Tyler Folly Fun Music Magic.

Charles Tyler (sa,st,arm,fl,tamb,vc) Remi Charmasson (g) Christian Zagaria (vl) Bernard Santacruz (b) Jean-Pierre Jullian (dr)

Ride of the phantom politician / Just me luck / She caused his soul to fall / European folk outline / Shownee Indian song / Star ship future folk music / Folly fun music magic / Spanish castel.

(Bleu Regard CT1941)

Pernes-Les-Fontaines, 10-11 Novembre 1990 e 26-27 Febbraio 1992.

Mid Western Drifter.Charles Tyler Mid Western Drifter.

Charles Tyler (sa,vc) Didier Levallet (b) Curtis Clark (p)

Mid western drifter / Life can be so beautiful / There was a flower near Napoli / Photo of Cecil Taylor and Jimmy Lyons / Blue Monk / Man alone for Chris McGregor / ‘Round midnight.

(Bleu Regard CT1942)

Pernes-Les-Fontaines, Francia, 30-31 Marzo 1992.


Manchester, Jamaica, 15/6/1913. – Dorkin, Inghilterra. 4/12/1991.

Ha iniziato a suonare il clarinetto prima alle Bermuda e poi in Canada e sulle navi crociera il sassofono. Ha fatto parte del gruppo del pianista Milton McPherson ed è diventato il sassofonista più famoso della Jamaica. Nel 1945 è andato in Inghilterra, dove ha suonato con Jiver Hutchinson, con il quale ha fatto dei tour in India ed in Europa. Ha lavorato a Cambridge con il trombettista Ken Turner, poi con Can Kaye ha fatto delle tournée in Belgio ed in Olanda dal 1950 al 1951. E’ tornato per breve tempo con Hutchinson, ha fatto un tour in Svezia con Joe Harriott, è stato con Ted Heath, con Harry Gold e negli Squadronaires, ha registrato con i Carribean e ha lavorato in molti club anche con Joe Appleton ed ha guidato i “Sunset”. Nel 1960 ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di John Dankworth al sax baritono. Al sax tenore il. suo modello è stato Ben Webster. chiusura


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