COLE Freddy



Chicago, Illinois. 15/10/31.

Uno dei fratelli di Nat King, in ordine di età l’ultimo. Come gli altri fratelli è stato seguito dalla madre nella formazione musicale. Ha studiato pianoforte e organo ma la sua vera passione è stato il football americano che però dovrà abbandonare per un grave infortunio ad una mano, quindi torna alla musica e inizia la carriera di pianista e cantante di jazz. Inizia a suonare in orchestre universitarie e nei club di Chicago. Ha completato i suoi studi alla Jullard School Of Music a New York ed al New England Conservatory Of Music di Boston dove si è diplomato dottore in musica. Arriva anche un ingaggio al famoso Cafè Society di New York. Qui ha suonato anche con Lester Young, John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell, Kenny Dorham, è diventato l’accompagnatore fisso di Al Hibbler e Shriley Bassey. Nel 1956 ha collaborato con Billy Eckstine, poi con Earl Bostic. Ha registrato con il sassofonista Red Holloway. E’ arrivato molto tardi alla popolarità senza raggiungere però quella del fratello Nat, con il quale non ha mai suonato. Solo negli anni ’90 gli sono stati riconosciuti i giusti meriti del suo talento di balladeur. Pianista sulla scia di Earl Hines, Teddy Wilson e Oscar Peterson e cantante dalla calda voce di baritono che ricorda quella di Nat, dalla dizione chiara. Egli sa esaltare i valori lirici e melodici delle canzoni. Una volta acquisita una certa notorietà come crooner nel campo della musica leggera, cerca di conquistarsene una nel campo del jazz, cambiando il repertorio e facendosi accompagnare da musicisti di jazz di notevole livello.


Waiter Ask The Men To Play The Blues.Waiter Ask The Men To Play The Blues

Freddy Cole (vc) Sam The Man Taylor (st) Barry Galbtaith, Wally Richardson (g) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dr)

Waiter ask the man to play the blues / Black Night / Rain is such a lonesome sound / Bye Bye Baby / Just a dream / Muddy Water blues / Black Coffee / The joke is in me I wonder / This life I’m living / Blues before sunrise / I’m all alone.

(Dot DLP 25316)

New York, 1964.

Freddy Cole Sing.Freddy Cole Sing.

Freddy Cole (vc-p) Derek Watkins, Kenny Baker, Tony Fisher, Kenny Wheeler (tp) Don Lusher, Nat Pack, Bobby Lamb, Ken Goldie (tb) Mike Winfield (oboe) Tony Coe, Roy Willox, Bob Efford, Vic Ash, Ronnie Ross (saxes-fl) Gordon Beck (p/el-p) Judd Proctor (g) Skaila Kanga (arpa) Tony Gilbert, Desmond Bradley, Paul Sherman, Neville Taweel, Max Salpeter, Michael Jones, Charles Vorzanger, Homi Kanga, Dennis McConnell, John Ronayne, Eric Bowie, Ken Sillito, Brendan O’Reilly, Sid Margo, John Georgiades, Bernhard Monshin (viol) Ken Essex, Margaret Major, Bernhard Davis, Ian Jewell (viola) Derek Simpson, Francis Gabarro, Vivian Joseph, Keith Harvey (cello) Darryl Runnswick (b) Pete Morgan (b/el-b) Ronny Stephenson (dr) Tony Carr, Allan Hakin (perc) Jerry van Rooyen (arr-dir)

Theme from Mahogany / Sing / For once in my life / Tristeza / You are the sunshine of my life / On a clear day / Michelle / People / Homefried potatoes / You’ve let yourself go / If I had your love / Cabaret.

(Demand D4006) Londra, 1976.

The Cole Nobody Knows.Thecolenobodyknows

Freddy Cole (p, vc) Ed Edwards (b) Paul Avery (dr) Buddy Cooner (g)

Correct Me If I`m Wrong / Moving On / Place In The Sun / Wild Is Love / A Man Shouldn`t Be Lonely / Brother Where Are You / Miss Otis Regrets / Live For Life / He`ll Have To Go / Medley I Keep Going back To Joe`s/ Waiter Ask The Man To / Play The Blues

(Audiophile AP123)

Atlanta, Georgia, 1976.

Like A Quiet Storm.Like A Quiet Storm.

Freddy Cole (vc-p) Jerry Byrd (g) Phil Morrison (b) Robby Coleman (dr) Luis Stefanell (perc) Carol Vito (vc)

Like a quiet storm / I need your love so much / Secret world / All we need is a place / Pretending / Dancing eyes / You and I / He was the king / After all these years.

(Dinky D421)

Atlanta, GA, 1983.

Doin’ Things For Him.

Bross Townsend, John Di Martino (keyb) Larry Luger, Ed Zad (g) Ed Edwards, Fred Berman (b) Curtis Boyd, Fred Stol (dr) Freddy Cole (vc)

Doin’ things for him / She will call again / No one is going to change me / I wonder who my daddy is ? / Clown town / Clown town / I believe in love / I can’t talk to a wall / How did she look.

(GP Records DSFC-CD-1990) New York, 1990.

I’m Not My Brother I’m Me.I’m Not My Brother I’m Me.

Freddy Cole (p-vc) Eddie Edwards (b) Ed Zab (dr)

Clown Town / Where Did Everyone Go / How Did She Look / Home Fried Potatoes / Overjoyed / I Just Found Out About Love / Like A Quiet Storm / Brandy / Sunday Mondayu Or Always / More Than Likely / To Whom It May Concern / Funny (not much) / The Best Man / He Was The King / Nat King Cole Medley : Straighten Up And Lfy Right – Sweet Lorraine – Mona Lisa – Nature Boy / Love / Unforgettable / I’m Not ;y Brother I’m Me.

(Sunnyville SSC 1054D) New York, 4-12-90.

Just The Way I Am.

Freddy Cole (vc-p) Jerry Byrd (g) Delbert Felix (b) Luis Stefanel (perc)

My one and only love / Fascination / It’s only a paper moon / An affair to remember / Star dust / Just the way you are / My way / Too young / Mona Lisa / Autumn leaves / Over the rainbow / Nature boy / Unforgettable.

(Alfa Jazz ALCB-218) Atlanta, GA, 11-12 Aprile 1992.

Live At Birdland West : Freddy Cole Feat. Red Holloway.Live At Birdland West

Freddy Cole (p-vc-ldr) Red Holloway (saxes) Jerry Byrd (g) Delbert Felix (b) Harold Mason (dr)

My hat’s on the side of my head / I almost lost my mind / Am I blue? / Pretend / Walkin’ my baby back home / This heart of mine / Send for me / Somewhere along the way / Ballerina / I’m not my brother, I’m me / He was the King / Copacabana ripple.

(Laserlight 7015 CD)

Live “Birdland West”, Long Beach, CA, 18-4-92.

This Is The Life.This Is The Life

Freddy Cole (vc-p) Cecil Bridgewater (tp) Steve Turre (tb) Houston Person (st) Jerry Byrd (g) Tom Hubbard (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

Easy To Love / Somewhere Down The Line / A Place In The Xsu (Movin’On) / Sunday Kind Of Love / Sweet Beginning / I Loved You For Minute / When Love Is Looking Your Way / Don’t Change Your Mind About me / This Is The Life.

(Muse MCD 5503)

New York, 13-1-93.

A Circle Of Love.A Circle Of Love.

Freddy Cole (vc-p) Danny Moore (tp) Mel Martin (fl) Don Braden, Joe Ford (ss) Joe Locke (vib) Cyrus Chestnut, Larry Willis (p) Jerry Byrd (g) George Mraz, Tom Hubbard (b) Steve Berrios (dr-conga)

You’re nice to be around / Manha de carnaval / They didn’t believe me / How little we know / I wonder who my daddy is / A circle of love / Never let me go / All too soon / If I had you / Angel eyes / Temptation / September mom.

(Fantasy FCD9674)

New York, 26-27 Settembre 1993 e 5 Dicembre 1995.

I Want A Smile For Christmas.I Want A Smile For Christmas.

Joe Ford (ss) Joe Locke (vib) Freddy Cole (p-vc) Larry Willis (p) Jerry Byrd (g) Tom Hubbard (b) Steve Berrios (dr-perc)

I want a smile for Christmas / Jingle bells / White Christmas / Blue Christmas / A cradle in Bethlehem / Jack frost snow / O little town of Bethlehem / The Christmas song / Jingles, the Christmas cat / Old days old times old friends / Silent night.

(Fantasy FCD9676)

New York, 10-12 Luglio 1994.

Live At Vartan Jazz.Live At Vartan Jazz.

Freddy Cole (p) Jerry Byrd (g) Tom Hubbard (b)

This is a lovely way to spend an evening / Strange / It could happen to you / Miss Otis regrets / You’d be so nice to come home to / Home fried potatoes / A blossom fell / Something happens to me / Medley : Tenderly – Star dust – Autumn leaves – Fascination – Around the world / Love is a many splender thing / You’ve let yourself go / You’re bringing out the dreamer in me / Sometimes I’m happy / I remember you / Waiting for Monk (Keep jazz alive)

(Vartan Jazz VJ005).

Live “Vartan Jazz”, Denver, CO, 7-8 Ottobre 1994.


Freddy Cole (vc) Robin Eubanks (tb) Antonio Hart (sa) Grover Washington Jr. (ss) Cyrus Chestnut (p) Lionel Cole (tast-b-arr) Tom Hubbard o George Mraz (b) Yoron Israel (dr)

Isn’t She Lovely / You Must Believe In Spring / The Rose / Remember / I’m A Fool To Want You / If / Maybe You’ll Be There / Until It’s Time For You To Go / Count To Tne / Interlude / This Is Always.

(Fantasy 9670)

New York e Los Angeles, Dicembre 1994.

Le Grand Freddy.Le Grand Freddy.

Freddy Cole (vc) Lew Soloff (tp) Lou Marini, Grover Washington, Jr. (sax) Joe Locke (vib) Mike Renzi, Cyrus Chestnut (p) George Mraz (b) Grady Tate, Yoron Israel (dr)

I Will Waith For You / How Do You Keep The Muasicng Playng / I Will Say Goodbye / One At A Time / Once Upon A Summertime / The Windmills Of Your Mind / Make The World Your Own / On My Way To You / Love Makes To Changes / Once You’ve Been In Love / You must believe in spring.

(Fantasy FCD9683)

New York, 8-12-94.

It’s Crazy, But I’m In Love.It's Crazy, But I'm In Love.

Freddy Cole (vc) John Frosk, Marvin Stamm, Alan Rubin (tp) Wayne Andre, Tony Studd, Paul Faulise (tb) Lou Marini, Jerry Dodgion, Dave Tofani, Phil Bodner, Ronald Cuber (reeds) George Young (st) Dave Samuels (vib) Pat Rebillot, James Williams, Warren Bernhardt (p) Jeff Mironov (g) Max Ellen, Richard Sortomme, Gerald Tarack, Matthew Raimondi, Elena Barere, Regis Iandiorio, Elliot Rosoff, Jean Ingraham, Marti Sweet, Julien Barber, Alfred Brown, Mark Shuman, Frederick Zlotkin (strings) Ron Carter, Buster Williams (b) Ronnie Zito, Terry Clarke (dr) Group Five : Arlene Martell, Helen Miles, Annette Sanders, Jeff Lyons, Paul Evans (vc.

Meet me at no special place / That’s all / My hat’s on the side of my head / An affair to remember / What does it take to make you take to me? / Send for me / Where can I go without you / It’s crazy (but I’m in love) / My silent love / As long as I’m singing / An old piano plays the blues / My heart stood still / You’re sensational / Oh, oh, what do you know about love?.

(After 9 TWCD-2008) New York, 1996.

To The Ends Of The Earth.To The Ends Of The Earth.

Freddy Cole (vc) Joe Locke (vib) Cyrus Chestnut (p) George Mraz (b) Steve Berrios (dr-perc) Tom Hubbard (arr)

To the ends of the earth.

Freddy Cole (vc-arr) Joe Locke (vib-arr) Cyrus Chestnut (p) George Mraz (b) Steve Berrios (dr)

I didn’t mean to love you.

Freddy Cole (vc) Jeff Scott (fh) William Kerr (fl-ss) Mel Martin (fl) Frank Perowsky (cl) Roger Rosenburg (cl/b) Joe Locke (vib) Cyrus Chestnut (p) Tom Hubbard (b) Yoron Israel (dr) Steve Berrios (perc) Tom McIntosh (arr)

In the still of the night.

Freddy Cole (vc-arr) Joe Ford (ss) Joe Locke (vib) Cyrus Chestnut (p) George Mraz (b) Steve Berrios (dr) Tom Hubbard (arr)


Freddy Cole (vc) Joe Locke (vib) Cyrus Chestnut (p) Tom Hubbard (b) Yoron Israel (dr) Robert Sadin (arr)

For all we know.

Freddy Cole (vc-arr) Cyrus Chestnut (p) George Mraz (b) Steve Berrios (dr-arr)

I’ll buy you a star / Love walked in.

Freddy Cole (vc-arr) Cyrus Chestnut (p) George Mraz (b) Steve Berrios (dr) Tom Hubbard (arr)

You don’t have to say you’re sorry.

Freddy Cole (vc-arr) Cyrus Chestnut (p) Tom Hubbard (b) Yoron Israel (dr)

One at a time / Once you’ve been in love.

Freddy Cole (vc) Byron Stripling (tp) Robin Eubanks (tb) Mel Martin (cl/b) Antonio Hart (sa) Javon Jackson (st) Cyrus Chestnut (p) Tom Hubbard (b-arr) Yoron Israel (dr)

Medley : Two for the road – Close enough for love.

Freddy Cole (vc-arr) Joe Ford (ss) Joe Locke (vib-arr) Cyrus Chestnut (p-arr) George Mraz (b) Steve Barrios (dr)

Should’ve been.

Freddy Cole (p-vc) Joe Ford (ss)-

I’ll be seeing you.

Freddy Cole (vc) Joe Locke (vib)

Once you’ve been in love.

(Fantasy SCD 9675) New York, 6-7 Gennaio 1997.

Love Makes The Changes.Love Makes The Changes.

Freddy Cole (vc) Grover Washington, Jr. (st) Cedar Walton (p) George Mraz (b) Ben Riley (dr)

Love makes the changes.

Freddy Cole (vc) Cedar Walton (p) David Williams (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

On my way to you / Wonder why / Do you know why? / The right to love / A sinner kissed an angel.

Freddy Cole (vc) Eric Alexander (st) Cedar Walton (p) David Williams (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

Alone with my thoughts of you.

Freddy Cole (vc) Eric Alexander (st) Cedar Walton (p) Hiram Bullock (g) Will Lee, David Williams (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

Brother, where are you? / Just the way you are / Like a quiet storm.

Grover Washington,Jr. (sax) Cedar Walton (p) David Williams (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

On my way to you / Love makes the changes.

(Fantasy FCD9681) New York, 6-7 Gennaio 1998.

Grover Washington,Jr. (sax) Cedar Walton (p) David Williams (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

I will wait for you How do you keep the music playing? / I will say goodbye / One at a time / Once upon a summertime / The windmills of your mind / Make the world your own.

(Fantasy DFC 9683-2 CD) New York, 14-2-99.

Merry Go Round.Merry Go Round.

Freddy Cole (vc-p) Lew Soloff (tp) Steve Davis (tb) Lou Marini (sa-fl) Eric Alexander (st) Gary Smulyan (sb) Cedar Walton (p) Jerry Byrd (g) George Mraz (b) Herman Burney (b) Curtis Boyd (dr)

Watching you, watching me / It’s impossible / Merry-go-round / I remember you / Forgive my heart / Through a long and sleepless night / If you went away / Take a little time to smile / Medley : I realize now – I miss you so / Smoke gets in your eyes / You’re sensational.

(Telarc CD-83493)

New York, 8-9 Settembre 1999.

Rio De Janeiro Blue.Rio De Janeiro Blue.

Lou Marini (fl-st) Michael Philip Mossman (tp-flic) Angel Papo Vasquez (tb) Joe Beck (g) Arturo O’Farrill Jr. (p-arr) George Mraz (b) Ruben Rodriguez (b/el) Steve Berrios (dr-perc) Freddy Cole (vc)

Rio De Janeireo Blue / Tu Meun Deliro / Invitation / Words Can’t Describe / Wild Is Love / Yellow Days / Sem Voce / Something Happens To me / To Say Goodbye.

(Telarc CD 83525)

New York, 19-21 Settembre 2000.

In The Name Of Love.In The Name Of Love.

Freddy Cole (vc) Barry Danelian (tp) David Man (ss-sa) Jay Beckenstein (ss) Betty Sussman (p) Jason Miles (keyb-org-dr-perc/pror) Cesar Camargo Mariano (kryb-synt) / Romero Lubambo, Jeff Mrinov (g) Dean Brown (g/el) Will lee, Mark Egan (b) Keith Carlock (dr) Cyro Baptista, Mark Quinones (perc) Cassandra Red, Jane Monheit, Kafreese Barnes (vc/back)

Harbor lights / Just to see her again / Have I told you lataly that I love you / In the name of love / Remember me / I’m not alone (anjo de min) / Save a little time for me / I loved you.

(Telarc CD 83545) New York, 2002.

This Love Of Mine.This Love Of Mine.

Freddy Cole (vc) John Di Martino (p-arr) Derricl Hodge (b) Mark Taylor (dr) David Hazeltine (arr)

I was wrong / But for now / You and I.

Stesso gruppo con anche, David Feathead Newman (st)

This love of mine / Out in the cold again.

Stesso gruppo senza Newman ma con Eric Alexander (st)

What now my love / Still / The continental / That old feeling.

(High Note HCD 140) New York, 15-16 Febbraio 2005.

Because Of You, Sings Tony Bennett.Sings Tony Bennett

Freddy Cole (vc) Houston person (st) John Di Martino (p) Peter Washington (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

Getting some fun out of life / Blame it on my youth / Because of you / All for you / I f I ruled the world / What are you afraid of / You’re my thrill / I got lost in her arms / Gentle rain / If we never meet again.

(Highnote HCD 7156 C D)

New York, 15-2 e 15-3-2006.

Music Maestro please.Music Maestro please.

Freddy Cole (vc) Bill Charlap (p) Peter Washington (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

I’ll never be the same / My ideal / Medley : Don’t take your love from me / I never had a chance / Music maestro please / If I Love again / Why did I choose you / Once in a while / You leave me breathless / There are such things / You colud hear a pin drop / How do you say auf wocdcrschn.

(HighNote HCD 7168)

Englewood Cliffs NJ. 17-18 Maggio 2006.chiusura


Rowlands, Gill, Inghilterra. 8/9/1924.

Suona in diverse brass band nell’Inghilterra del nord e diventa musicista professionista durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Ha debuttato con le Glamour Girls di Glaria Gaye ed il percussionista americano Rudy Starita. Ha iniziato a mettersi in luce con l’orchestra diretta da Ivy Benson. In seguito ha suonato nell’orchestra diretta dal sossofonista George Evans. Ha fatto storia come la prima donna a suonare in Inghilterra in un gruppo di uomini. In seguito ha continuato a lavorare in diverse orchestre a prescindere dalla loro composizione, ha suonato con Denny Boyce, con Sideny Lipton, e con un’altra generazione di donne musiciste le “Gale Force 17”. Ha suonato anche con Sharon Freeman. Tromba dalla voce brillante e dalla improvvisazione scorrevole. chiusura


Halifax, Nova Scozia. 25/11/1963.

Giovane e graziosa pianista e cantante canadese, che si colloca nel novero delle cantanti di mainstream bianche. Voce di contralto delicata, portata ad esprimersi confidenzialmente. Ci si potrebbe riferire a molti modelli, senza però trovarne uno che caratterialmente è spiccatamente il suo. Dalla voce grintosa e piena di swing


Girl Talk.cole Girl Talk

Holly Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p) Dave Piltch (b) John MacLeod (tp) John Johnson (sax)

My foolish heart / Girl talk / Talk to me baby / Cruisin’ / Spring can really hang you up the most / My baby just cares for me / How long has this been going on? / I’m so lonesome I could cry / Melancholy baby / Downtown.

(Alert Z2-81016 CD)

Live “Stephen Leacock Theatre”, Toronto, 1990.


Blame It On My Youth.cole Blame It On My Youth.

Holy Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p) David Piltch (b) Robert W.Stevenson (cl/b) John Frigo (viol)

Trust In Me / I’m Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life / Smile / Purple Avenue / Calling You / God Will / I’ll Be Seeing You / On The Street Where You Live / If I Were A Bell / Honeysuckle Rose.

(Manhattan CDP 7 97349)

Toronto, Giugno-Luglio 1991.

Jazz To The World.

Holly Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p) David Piltch (b)

Christmas blues.

(Blue Note 8-32127) Toronto, Ottobre 1991.

Don’t Smoke In Bed.cole Don’t Smoke In Bed.

Holly Cole (vc) Joe Henderson, Art Avalos (reeds) Aaron Davis (p) David Lindley (g) Howard Levy (arm) David Piltch (b) Glenn Morley (dir) sezione di archi.

I Can See Cleary Now / Don’t Let The Teardrops Rust Your Shining / Gert Out Of Town / So Asnd So / The Tennessee Waltz / Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday / Blame It On My Youth / Ev’rything I’ve Got / Je Ne T’Aime Pas / Cry / Que Sera Sera / Don’t Smoke In Bed.

(Manhattan 81198)

Febbraio-Marzo 1993.

Temptation.cole Temptation.

Holly Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p) David Piltch (b-perc)

Take me home / Train song / Jersey girl / Temptation / Falling down / Falling down / Invitation to the blues / Cinny’s waltz / Frank’s theme / Little boy blue / I don’t wanna grow up / Tango til they’re sore / (Looking for) The heart of Saturday night / Soldiers things / I want you / Good old world / The briar and the rose.

(Metro BlueCDP 7243)

Toronto e Hamilton, Ontario, 1995.

Color And Light: Jazz Sketches On Sondheim.cole Color And Light

Holly Cole (vc) Wayne Shorter (ss) Aaron Davis (p) David Piltch (b) Oscar Castro Neves (g)

Losing my mind / Children and art.

(Sony Classical SR66566)

New York & Los Angeles, 1995.


It Happened One Night.cole It Happened One Night.

Holly Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p) David Piltch (b) Kevin Breit (g) Dougie Brown (dr-perc)

Get out of town / Cry (If you want to) / Train song / Losing my mind / Tango til they’re sore / Don’t Let The teardrops rust your shining heart / Que sera sera / Calling You.

(Metro Blue 8-52699)

Live, St.Denis Theatre, Montreal, PQ. 28-6-95.


Shade.cole Shade.

Holly Cole (vc-xly) Aaron Davis (p) George Koller (b) Mark Kelso (dr-perc-bongo) Kevin Breit (g-g/el-mand) Guido Basso (tp-flic) Terry Promane (tb-tb/b) Johnny Johnson (sa-st-cl/b) Dylan Henning (org) Adele Armin (viol) Annalee Patipatanakoon (viol) Fujiko Imajishi (viol) Carol Fujino (viol) Douglas Perry (viola) Daniel Blackman (viola) Nick Papadakis (viola) David Piltch (b) David DiRenzo (bongo)

Manhattan / Moonglow / Mad about the beoy / It never entered in my mind / Heatwave / God only knows / Too dam hot / The midnight sun / We kiss in a shadow / Lazy afternoon / Something cool / A cottage for sale / Almost like being in love.

(Tradition & Moderne 027) Toronto, 2003.

Holly Cole.

Holly Cole (vc) John Allred (tb) Vincent Chancey (fh) Marty Ehrlich (sa) Lenny Pickett (st) Scott Robinson (sax/b) Gil Goldstein (p) Matt Munisteri (g) Greg Cohen (b) Steven Wolf (dr)

The house is haunted by the echo of your last goodbye / Charade.

Holly Cole (vc) John Allred (tb) Vincent Chancey (fh) Marty Ehrlich (sa) Robert DeBellis (cl/b) Gil Goldstein (p) Greg Cohen (b) Steven Wolf (dr)

I will wait for you.

Holly Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p) Kevin BReit (g-loops) David Piltch (b)

Waters of march.

Holly Cole (vc) John Allred (tb) Vincent Chancey (fh) Marty Ehrlich (sa) Lenny Pickett (st) Robert DeBellis (cl/b) Gil Goldstein (p) Matt Munisteri (g) Greg Cohen (b) Steven Wolf (dr)

Alley cat song / You’re my thrill.

Holly Cole (vc) Marty Ehrlich (sa) Gil Goldstein (p) Greg Cohen (b) Steven Wolf (dr)

Larger than life.

Holly Cole (vc) Aaron Davis (p)

Be careful it’s my heart.

Holly Cole (vc) John Allred (tb) Vincent Chancey (fh) Robert DeBellis (cl/b) Marty Ehrlich (sa-cl) Lenny Pickett (st) Gil Goldstein (fis) Matt Munisteri (g) Greg Cohen (b) Steven Wolf (dr)

It’s alright with me.

Holly Cole (vc) John Allred (tb) Lenny Pickett (st) Matt Munisteri (g)

Life is just a bowl of cherries.

Holly Cole (vc) John Allred (tb) Vincent Chancey (fh) Marty Ehrlich (sa-cl) Lenny Pickett (st) Scott Robinson (cl/b-theremin) Gil Goldstein (fis) Matt Munisteri (g) Greg Cohen (b) Steven Wolf (dr)

Reaching for the moon.

(Alert 6152810418 CD) New York, 2007.chiusura


Montgomery, Alabama. 1937. – Chandler, Arizona. 22/4/2001.

Altro fratello del grande Nat, anche lui cantante, molto meno noto del fratello. Spesso ha fatto coppia insieme all’altro fratello Freddy in spettacoli in omaggio di Nat.chiusura


Springfield, OH. 1903. – New York. 10/10/1960.

Ha debuttato nella sua città con la Synco Jazz Band. Poi è entrato nel gruppo dei Cotton Pickers appena costituito, e nel 1926 ha lavorato con Fletcher Henderson e poi con June Cole. Alla fine del 1928 è venuto in Europa, dove ha dimorato diversi anni, suonando con Benton Peyton, con Sam Wooding e con Willie Lewis. Ha dovuto sospendere l’attività per una malattia. In seguito ha ripreso a lavorare con Lewis sino al 1941, epoca del suo ritorno in America. Ha diretto un suo gruppo, ha suonato con Willie The Lion Smith nel 1947. Ha aperto anche un negozio di dischi ad Harlem e continua a dirigere suoi gruppi nei locali di New York al Club 845 ed al Well’s Bar. chiusura


Montgomery, AL. 17/3/1917. – St. Monica, CA. 15/2/1964.

L’ambiente familiare è senz’altro favorevole. La madre dirige il coro della congregazione del marito pastore protestante. Si trasferisce con la famiglia a Chicago, qui ha compiuto gli studi. Ha iniziato a studiare il pianoforte e l’organo ed ha cominciato a suonare del jazz con il fratello Eddie bassista, con il quale ha messo su un piccolo gruppo i “Rouges Of Rhythm” ed in seguito ha lavorato con gli “Eddie Coles Solid Swinger” altro gruppo del fratello. Hanno suonato in diversi locali della città. In seguito Nat è stato scritturato nella compagnia del musical ”Shuffle Along”, va in tournée con la compagnia e ha sposato una delle ballerine Nadine Robinson. Ha suonato il pianoforte nei bar di Long Beach e nel 1937 si è trasferito a Los Angeles assumendo il nome d’arte di Nat Cole. Ha fondato un trio insieme a Oscar Moore e Wesley Prince che ha ottenuto subito un gran successo nella zona, mentre la fama internazionale è arrivata nel 1940 con la prima registrazione della Victor. Arriva anche il primo successo come cantante con “Sweet Lorraine”, registrato con la Decca. Firma un contratto con la Capitol, ormai i successi si susseguono e i dischi vanno a ruba. Nat alterna al pianoforte anche il canto, ma è al piano che per ora ha più successo, memorabile il suo intervento in un concerto della JATP di Nornan Granz. Pianismo che si ispira a Earl Hines, a Fats Waller e Teddy Wilson, però il suo e più semplice e più immediato. Alla fine degli anni ’40 stimolato dal successo si orienta verso la musica di consumo. Ha registrato delle canzoni con un’orchestra d’archi e diventa l’idolo dei giovani, quindi si è dedicato completamente al canto. La sua voce calda, espressiva e genuinamente jazzistica, influenza un’intera generazione di cantanti ed ottiene un notevole successo commerciale. Nel 1956 ha divorziato dalla prima moglie e ha sposato Marie Ellington una ex cantante di Duke Ellington che sarà anche la sua biografa. Non disdegna delle sortite nel jazz, ha diretto un suo quartetto, ha collaborato con Count Basie e con Pete Rugolo. Ha registrato con Lionel Hampton, con Charlie Parker, con Lester Young, con Buddy Rich, in etichetta è indicato il nome di Aye Guy per motivi di esclusività contrattuali. Ha preso parte anche a qualche tournée della JATP. Ha inciso anche sotto vari pseudonimi, come: Shorty Nadine, Lord Calvert, Sam Schmaltz. L’ultima sua performance con Quincy Jones in una tournée Europea. I puristi non gli hanno mai perdonato di aver messo da parte il pianoforte per impegnarsi come cantante.


Are You For It – Call The Police – Calypso Blues -Early Morning Blues – Gone With The Draf – I’m A Shy Guy – I Like To Riff – It Better To Be By Youself – Just For Old Times Sake – Straighten Up And Fly Right – That Ain’t Right – Thise Side Up – This You For It – Straighten Up And Fly Right


From The Very Beginning.

Eddie Cole’s Solid Swingers : Eddie Cole (b) Nat King Cole (p) Kenneth Roane (tp) Tommy Thompson, Bill Wright (sx) Jimmy Adams (dr)

Stompin’At Panama/ Honey Hush/ Thunder.

Chicago, 28-7-36.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Mutiny In The Nursey / F.D.R. Jones / The Sheik Of Araby / An der schonen blauen Donau (The Blue Danube) / Button Button / Jingle Bells / Swanee River / With Plenty Of Money And You / Don’t Blame Me / Lullaby In Rhythm / Dark Rapture / By The River Sainte-Marie.

Los Angeles, Ottobre 1938.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

The Wiggle Walk / Flea Hop / Chopstick / Patty Cake Patty Cake / Blue Skies / Liza / Three Blind Mice / Caravan.

Los Angeles, Novembre 1938.

King Cole Swingsters.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc) Bonnie Lake (vc)

There’s No Anesthetic For Love / Dixie Jamboree / Ta-De-Ah / Riffin’At The Bar-B-Q / Harlem Swing / I Lost Control Of Miself.

Stesso gruppo con anche Juanelda Carter (vc)

/ The Land Of Make Melieve / That Please-B-mine-able Feeling / Dancing In The Street / You’re So Different / I Wouldn’t Have Known It / Let’s Get Happy.

Los Angeles, 14-1-39.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Undecided / ‘Tain What You Do / Do You Wanna Jump Children / Riffin’In F Minor / Ol’Man Mose Ain’t Dead / Blue Lou / Honey / Russian Lullaby.

Los Angeles, Febbraio 1939.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Georgie Porgie / The Limp / Snug As A Bug In A Rug / Liebestraum / Fidgety Joe / Two Against One / Some Like It Hot / I Like To Riff.

Los Angeles, Aprile 1939.

The King Cole Trio With Pauline And Her Perils.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc) Pauline Byrne (vc) Vince Degan, Bill Seckler, Howard Hudson, Mack MacLean (vc)

Crazy rhythm / Moonglow / Don’t let that moon get away / My blue heavenn / I was doing all right / I can’t get started / Old man moon / Carry me back to old Virginny.

LosAngeles, Aprile 1939.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Moon Song / Baby Won’t You Please Come Home / Sweet Lorraine / Rosetta / Tropin’ / You’re My Life / Hoy Soy / Black Spider Stomp.

Los Angeles, Maggio 1939.

Take’Em / Scategoria / Rhythm Serenade / Rib Town Shuffle.

Los Angeles, Giugno 1939.

The King Cole Trio With The Dreamers.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc) The Dreamers (vc)

Music’ll chase your blues away / I’ll gather up my memories / A fool’s affair / Jump Jack jump / I knew a time / Mine you’ll always be / Doin’ the bow wow / Lilla Mae.

LosAngeles, Agosto 1939.

Stesso gruppo senza I The Dreamers e con anche Lee Young (dr)

I like to riff / By the river Sainte Marie / Black spider stomp / On the sunny side of the street.

LosAngeles, Febbraio 1940.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Slew Foot Joe / 1,2,3,4 / Crazy Rhythm / Off The Beam / King Cole Blues / Jivin’With The Notes.

Los Angeles, Maggio 1940.

King Cole Swingters.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc) Maxene Johnson (vc)

Let’s Do Things / Love Me Sooner / Jumpy Jetters / Nothing Ever Happens / Sentimental Blue / What’cha Doin’To MY Heart.

Los Angeles, 22-7-40.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

I’m a perfect fool over you / Never mind baby / Lovely little person / Goin’ to town with honey / Syncopated lullaby / Falling in and out of love.

Los Angeles, 22-7-40.

Early Morning Blues / Bedtime / Honey Hush / French Toast / Vine Street Jump / B-Flat / You Send Me / Love Is My Alibi / Pogo Stick Bounce / Gone With The Draft.

Los Angeles, Novembre 1940.

The King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Sweet Lorraine / Honeysuckle Rose / Gone With The Draft / This Side Up.

Los Angeles, 6-12-40.

Jumpin’ With The Mop / Jam Man / Let’s Try Again / Scotchin’ With The Soda / Fudge Wudge / Smokey Joe / Windy City Boogie Woogie / Gone With The Draft (take 2) / This Side Up / Ode To A Clam.

Los Angeles, Febbraio 1941.

Babs / Scothin’ With Soda / Slow Down / Early Morning Blues.

New York, 14-3-41.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc) Lee Young (dr)

This Will Make You Laugh / A Stop ! the red light’s on / A Hit the ramp / I like to riff.

New York, 16-7-41.

Nat King Cole (p-cel-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Wesley Prince (b-vc)

Call The Police / Are You For It / That Ain’t Right / Hit That Jive Jack.

New York, 23-10-41.

Lester Young (st) Nat Cole (p) Red Callender (b)

Indiana / Body And Soul.

New York, 15-7-42.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Oscar Moore (g) Red Callender (b)

Von Vim Veeedie / All For You.

Los Angeles, 11-10-42.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Let’s spring one / Beautiful moons ago / Pitchin’ up a boogie / I’m lost.

Los Angeles, 1-3-43.

Is you is or is you ain’t my baby / I can’t give you anything but love / Shoo sho baby / Solid potato salad / Miss thing / Besame mucho / Please consider me / That’ll just about knock me out / Man I love / This will make you laugh / Do nothin’ till you hear from me / Old music master / After you’ve gone / Just another blues / Wild goose chase / Mexico Joe / Lester leaps.

MacGregor Transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1943-1945.

King Cole At The Piano.

Nat King Cole (p)

Don’t blame me / Three little words / Body and soul / How high the moon / I got rhythm / Sweet Lorraine.

MacGregor Transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1943-1945.

King ColeTrio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

D Day / Don’t blame me / Smooth sailing / You’re so different / Sweet Georgia Brown / Wouldn’t you like to know? / Barcarolle / I thought you ought to know / Bring another drink.

MacGregor Transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1943-1945.

King Cole At The Piano.

Nat King Cole (p)

Poor butterfly / These foolish things / Rosetta / Man I love / Liza / I’m in the mood for love.

MacGregor Transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1943-1945.

King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

It only happens once / Swingin’ the blues /Baby / Baby, won’t you please come home? / Boogie a la King / ‘Tain’t me / Laura / Keep knockin’ on wood / If yesterday could only be tomorrow / Blues and swing / It’s only a paper moon / After I say I’m sorry / After I say I’m sorry / I wanna turn out my light / You call it madness / If I had you / On the sunny side of the street / Have fun / Rhythm Sam / Indiana / Little Joe from Chicago / I may be wrong / Too marvelous for words / You must be blind / I realize now.

MacGregor Transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1943-1945.

F.S.T. (Fine, sweet & tasty) / My lips remember your kisses / Got a penny / Let’s pretend Premier.

Los Angeles, 2-11-43.

Straighten up and fly right / Gee baby, ain’t I good to you? / Jumpin’ at Capitol /If you can’t smile and say yes.

Los Angeles, 30-11-43.

Sweet Lorraine / Embraceable you / Embraceable you (alt.take) / I just can’t see for lookin’.

Los Angeles, 15-12-43.

The man I love / Body and soul / Prelude in C sharp minor / What is this thing called love?.

Los Angeles, 17-1-44.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Shad Collins (tp) Illinois Jacquet (st) Gene Englund (b) J.C. Heard (dr)

Heads / It had to be you / I can’t give you anything but love.

Los Angeles, Febbraio 1944.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

After you get what you want, you don’t want it / Look what you’ve done to me / Easy listening blues / I realize now.

Los Angeles, 6-3-44.

Any Old Time.

Nat King Cole (p) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Little Joe from Chicago / Wouldn’t you like to know? / Besame mucho / Becarolle / On the sunny side of the street / The man I love / Too marvelous for words / Swingin’ the blues / That’ll just about knock me out / Indiana.

(Giants Of Jazz GoJ 1031) Los Angeles, AFRS Downbeat 130, 7-3-44.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

I just can’t see for lookin’ / Fuzzy wuzzy / Hit that jive, Jack / Straighten up and fly right.

(Joyce LP5006) Hollywood, Giugno 1944.

Nat King Cole At JATP.

Shorty Sherock (tp) Jay Jay Johnson (tb) Jack McVea, Illinois Jacquet (st) Nat King -Cole (p) Les Paul (g) Johnny Miller (b) Lee Young (dr)

Blues/ Rosetta/ Tea For Two/ Bugle Call Rag.

(Verve 57005) Los Angeles, Concert JATP , 2-7-44.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Please consider me / Bring another drink / I’d Love To Make Love To You / I’m A Shy Guy / Katusha / It’s Only Happens Once.

Los Angeles, 28-11-44.

The man on the little white keys.

AFRS Mail Call 132, fine 1944.

If you can’t smile and say yes / A pile of cole / Any old time (I love to make love to you) / Bring another drink / Candy / A trio grooves in Brooklyn (This way out)

New York, 27-2-45.

Nat King ColeTrio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore, Johnny Miller (g-vc)

Candy / If you can’t smile and say yes, please don’t cry and say no / It’s only a paper moon / Sweet Lorraine / Sweet Lorraine.

(Storyville 5011003 CD) AFRS, Hollywood, 26-3-45.

Bill Coleman (tp) Buster Bailey (cl) Benny Carter (sa) Coleman Hawkins (st) Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) John Kirby (b) Max Roach (dr)


Los Angeles, Marzo 1945.

Nat King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

It’s only a paper moon.

(Giants Of Jazz LP 1013) Kraft Music Hall Radio Show, Los Angeles, 5-4-45.

I’d Love To Make Love To You / I’m A Shy Guy / Katusha / It Only Happens Once.

Los Angeles, 13-4-45.

Medley : Miss thing – On the sunny side of the street

Hollywood, 16-4-45.

If you can’t smile and say yes / The trouble with me is you / Sweet Georgia Brown / Satchel mouth baby.

Trocadero Room, Los Angeles, 26-4-45.

I’m through with love.

Trocadero Room, Los Angeles, 1945.

If you can’t smile and say yes / Sweet Georgia Brown.

Bing Crosby Kraft MusicHall, Los Angeles, 3-5-45.

You’re Nobody’ Til Somebody Loves You / Don’t Blame Me / I’m In The Mood For Love / After I Say I’m Sorry / I’m Through With Love.

Los Angeles, 19-5-45.

Barcarolle / An eine wilde Rose (To A Wild Rose) / Sweet Georgia Brown / I Thought You Ought To Know / It Only Happens Once.

Los Angeles, 23-5-45.

Anatomy Of A Jam Session.

Charlie Shavers (tp) Herbie Haymer (st) Nat King Cole (p) John Simmons (b) Buddy Rich (dr)

Black Narket Stuff (3 takes) / Laguna Lleaps (3 takes) / I’ll Never Be The Same (2 takes) / Swingin’On Central (2 takes) / Kicks (parte 1-2)

(Black Lion BLP 30103) Hollywood, 9-6-45.

Bing Crosby Kraft Music Hall.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Satchel mouth baby / Solid potato salad.

Los Angeles, 21-6-45.

(I Call It Papa) Fla-Ga-La-Pa / It Is better To Be Yourself.

Los Angeles, 2-8-45.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Johnny Miller (b)

Sweet Lorraine.

AFRS, Hollywood, 13-8-45.

King Cole Trio.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

The Frim Fram Sauce / It Is Better To Be Yourself / Come To Baby Do.

Los Angeles, 11-10-45.

Homeward Bound / I’m An Errand For Rhythm / This Way Out / I Know That You Know.

New York, 18-10-45.

Come to baby, do / I’m an errand boy for rhythm.

Filmcraftstudios, New York, 19-11-45.

King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g-vc) Johnny Miller (b-vc)

Frim fram sauce.

New York, 28-11-45.

But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (take 2) / But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (take 3) / Oh But I Do / How Does It Feel / You Must Be Blind / Loan Me Two Till Tuesday.

New York, 4-12-45.

This Way Out.

Los Angeles, Dicembre 1945.

I’m Through With Love.

Trocadero Room, Los Angeles, 1945.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

F.S.T. (Fine Sweet & Tasty)

Los Angeles, Marzo 1946.

I’m In The Mood For Love / I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) (take 5) / I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) (take 6) / Route 66 / Everyone Is Saying Hello Again.

Los Angeles, 15-3-46.

Just You Just Me (tak 1) / Just You Just Me (take 2) / I Got The World On A String / Rex Rhumba / But She’s My Buddy’s Chick / Chant Of The Blues (Dog-Gone Unlucky Blues) / Rock-a-Bye Basie / Lester Leaps In / I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) / I Want To Be Happy / I Want That You Know.

Los Angeles, 20-3-46.

After I Say I’m Sorry (take 4) / After I Say I’m Sorry (take 5) / An Eine Wilde Rose (To A Wild Rose) (take 1 ) / An Eine Wilde Rose (To A Wild Rose) (take 1 ) / Baby Baby All The Time.

Los Angeles, 5-4-46.

I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) / This Way Out / Baby Baby All The Time / Somebody Loves Me / Too Marvelous For Words/ Honeysuckle Rose / How Does It Feel / Loan Me Two Till Tuesday / After I Say I’m Sorry / You Name It.

Los Angeles, 11-4-46.

Could’Ja (take 2) Could’Ja (take 4) / Baby Baby All The Time (take 3) / Baby Baby All The Time (take 4) / Oh But I Do / Rex Rhumba.

Los Angeles, 17-4-46.

How High The Moon / You Call It Madness / Tiny’s Exercise / After You get What You Want You Don’t Want It / Body And Soul / On The Sunny Side Of The Street / I’d Love To Make Love To You / Homeward Bound.

Los Angeles, 18-4-46.

What Is This Thing Called Love / Mabel Mabel / Swingin’The Blues.

Los Angeles, 24-4-46.

Beautiful Moons Ago / I Got Rhythm / Could’Ja / nOne O’Clock Jump / How Deep Is The Ocean / Route 66 / Cole Slaw.

Los Angeles, 25-4-46.

But She’s My Buddy’s Chick / You Call It Madness / Homeward Bound / Chant Of The Blues.

Los Angeles, 1-5-46.

The Christmas Song / You Should Have Told Me.

New York, 14-6-46.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Jack Parker (dr) Charlie Green (arr) sezione di archi.

The Best Man / The Christmas Song / You Should Have Told Me.

New York, 19-8-46.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

For Sentimental Reason.

New York, 22-8-46.

In The Cool Of The Evening / That’s The Beginning Of The End.

New York, 6-9-46.

If You Don’t Like My Apples.

New York, 17-9-46.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

New York, 30-10-46.

I Want To Thank You Folks / You’re The Cream In My Coffee / Come In Out Of Rain .

New York, 18-12-46.

You Don’t Learn That In School / You Be You (But Let Me Be Me) / Can You Look Me In The Eyes.

New York, 30-12-46.

Come To Baby Do / You Call It Madness / I’m An Errand Boy For Rhythm.

Los Angeles, 1946.

The Instrumental Classics.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Jumpin’At Capitol / The Man I Love / Body And Soul / Prelude In C Sharp Minor / What Is This Thing Called Love / Easy Listening Blues / Sweet Georgia Brown / This Way Out / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / Honeysuckle Rose / Rhumba Azul / Moonlight In Vermont / How High The Moon / I’ll Never Be The Same / These Foolish Things.


Rex Rhumba.


Give Me Twenty Nickels / Meet Me At No Special Place / If You Don’t Like My Apples.

New York, 21-1-47.

Stesso gruppo con Pearl Bailey (vc)

Give Me Twenty Nickels For A Dollar / For Sentimental Reasons / Tired / Crazy Rhythm.

(trasmissione radio) Chicago, 1-3-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Naughty Angeline / I Miss You So / That’s What.

Los Angeles, 13-6-47.

Honeysuckle Rose.

Los Angeles, 25-6-47.

Honeysuckle Rose / Thanks For You / It’s A Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight / For Dance In My Life.

Los Angeles, 2-7-47.

But All I’ve Got Is Me / I Think You Get What It Mean / Now He Tells Me / I Can’t Be Bothered Now.

Los Angeles, 3-7-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Woody Herman (vc)

Naughty Angeline / Ask Anyone Who Knows / Bloop Bleep / Aunt Hetty.

(trasmissione radio) Hollywood, 5-7-47.

When I Take My Sugar To Tea / Rhumba Azul / What’ll I Do / I Never Had A Chance.

Los Angeles, 6-8-47.

This Is My Night To Dream / Makin’Whoopee / There I’ve Said It Again.

Los Angeles, 7-8-47.

I’ll String Along With You / Ooh Kickeroonie / The Trouble With Me Is You / Too Marvellous For Words.

Los Angeles, 8-8-47.

Three Little Words / Moonlight In Vermont / Poor Butterfly / How High The Moon / These Foolish Things / Blues In My Shower.

Los Angeles, 13-8-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Buddy Cole (cel)

I Wanna Be Your Friend / Ke mo ki mo (The Magic Song) / Three Blinc Mice.

Los Angeles, 15-8-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Johnny Mercer (vc)

Save The Bones For Henry Jones / My baby Likes To Bebop / Harmony / You Can’t Make Money Dreamin’.

Los Angeles, 20-8-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Harry Bluestone (viol) Buddy Cole (cel) Orchestra diretta da Frank De Vol (arr)

There’s A Train Out For Dreamland / My Sleepy Head / Nature Boy / Wildroot Charlie.

Los Angeles, 22-8-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Stan Kenton (p)


Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

You’re The Cream In My Coffee / Ain’t Cha Ever Comin’Back / A Variation On Artistry In Rhythm / This Is My Night To Dream / Apple Blossom Wedding / I Knaow That You Know.

The Bocage, Hollywood, 23-8-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) Pinto Colvig (effetti sonori)

Nursery Rhymes: Mary Had A Little Lamb – London Bridge – Go In And Out Of The Wondow – Pop Goes The Weasel / Old McDonald Had A Farm / The Three Trees / Laguna Mood.

Los Angeles, 27-8-47.

I’m A Little Ashamed / Now He Tells Me / That’s A Natural Fact.

Los Angeles, 28-8-47.

Lament In Chords / You’ve Got Another Heart On Your Hands / Baby I need You / Those Things Money Can’t Buy.

Los Angeles, 29-8-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Love Nest / Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Then I’ll be Tired Of You.

New York, 28-10-47.

Money Is Honey / Little Girl / Who’s Tellling You Lies / No Moon At Hall.

New York, 3-11-47.

I Feel So Smoochie / A Boy From Texas A Girl From Tennessee / When You Walked Out With Shoes On / That’s The Kind Of Girl I Dream Of.

New York, 4-11-47.

It’s The Sentimental Thing To Do / I’ve Only Myself To Blame / It’s Like Taking Candy From A Baby / You’ve Changed.

New York, 5-11-47.

The Geek / Confess / If I Had You.

New York, 6-11-47.

Flo And Joe / If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon / I’m Gonna Spank My Heart / I See By The Papers / Return Trip / A Woman Aways Understands.

New York, 7-11-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Johnny Miller (b)

Put’Em In A Bag Tie’Em Up With A Ribbon / Blue And Sentimental / I’ve Got A Way With Women / My Fair Lady.

New York, 24-11-47.

I Wish I Had The Blues Again / Didn’t I Tell You So / Lost April.

New York, 29-11-47.

A Boy From Texas.

New York, Novembre 1947.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b)

Almost Like Being In Love / It’s Only A Paper Moon.

Hollywood, 1945.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Johnny Miller (b) Duke Ellington (p)

Straighten Up And Fly Right / When I Take My Sugar To tea / Let’s be Seetherarts Again / Those Things Money Can’t Buy / For Once In My Life / You’re The Cream In My Coffee / I Know That You Know.

Duke Ellington (piano solo)

Variations On Mood Indigo.

(Armed Forces Radio Service) Cincinnati, Ohio, 6-12-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Johnny Miller (b) Carlyle Hall (arr) sezione di archi.

Last April / Lillette / Monday Again / Lullubelle / It’s So Hard To Laugh.

New York, 20-12-47.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Johnny Miller (b)

If I Had You / If You Stub Toe On The Moon / Three Little Words.

Nat Cole (p-vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Frank de Vol.

Nature Boy.

New York, Dicembre 1947.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b)

That’s A Natural Fact.

New York, Dicembre 1947.

Nat Cole (p-vc) accompagnato dall’orchestra di Carlyle Hall.

Lost April.


Nat Kig Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Johnny Miller (b) Clark Dennis (vc)

Straighten Up And Fly Right (take 1) Sunday / spot pubblicità Wildroot Cream Oil) / Wildroot Charlie / What’ll I Do / I Got A Feeling I’m Falling / Peg O’My Heart / You’re The Cream In My Coffee / Straighten Up And Fly Right (take 2)

Hollywood, 6-3-48.

Stesso gruppo con più The Dinning Sisters (vc)

Your Red Wagon / I’ve Only Myself To Blame / The Dickey Bird Song / Beg Your Pardon / The Greek / Straighten Up And Fly Right.

Chicago, 13-3-48.

Nat Kig Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) orchestra d’archi diretta da Carlyle Hall.

Portrait Of Jenny / It Only Happens Once / My Mother Told Me / Bang Bang Boogie.

New York, 21-12-48.

Portrait Of Jenny / Don’t Cry Baby / An Old Piano Plays The Blues / How Lonely Can You Get.

New York, 14-1-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) Sid Cooper (fl-cl) Al Richmond (corno) Zelly Smirnof, Lou Stone, George Zorning, Frank York, George Kock (viol) Dick Freitag, Rudolph Sims (viola) Pete Makis, Ray Sabinsky (cello) Mel Zelnick (dr) Pete Rugolo (dir-arr)

Land Of Love / Lush Life / Lillian / ‘Tis Autumn / Yes Sir That’s My Baby / I Used To Love You.

New York, 29-3-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc)

Ridi Pagliaccio (Laugh Clown Laugh) / Bop Kick / For All We Know.

New York, 22-3-49.

Nat King Cole Trio : Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irvin Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (bongo-conga) Orchestra : Al Richman (fh) Sid Cooper (cl-fl) Zelly Smirnoff, Lou Stone, George Zorning, Frank York, George Kock (viol) Dick Freitag, Rudy Sims (viola) Pete Makas, Ray Sabinsky (cello) Mel Zelnick (dr) Pete Rugolo (dir) Alice King’s Vokettes (vc)

Land Of Love / Lush Life (1-2) Lillian / ‘Tis Autumn / Yes Sir That’s My Baby / I Used To Love You

New York, 29-3-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irvin Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (bongo-conga)

Peaches / Etymology / Last But Not Least / I Wake Up Screaming Of You.

New York, 30-3-49.

20 Dynamic Fingers.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Comfort (b) Jack Costanzo (dr)

Old piano plays the blues / Yes, sir! That’s my baby / Last but not least / Don’t cry, cry baby / It’s only a paper moon / Body and soul / Cole’s bop blues.

(Alto 709) “Bob City”, New York, 7-5-49.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Comfort (b) Jack Costanzo (dr) June Christy (vc) Milt Jackson (vib) Machito and his Orhestra.

Nat meets June.

(Alto 709) New York, 7-5-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) ed altri, The Alyce King’s Vockettes / Maria Cole (vc) Pete Rugolo (dir-arr)

It Was So Good White It Lasted / I Get Sentimental Over Nothing / Who Do You Know In Heaven / Your Voice / A Little Yellow Ribbon.

New York, 20-5-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc)

My Mother Told Me / Exactly Like You / Part Of Me / What Have You Got In Those Eyes / Top Hat Bop / Go Bongo / Rhumba Blues / Blulevard Of Brokwn Dreams.

Los Angeles, 26-7-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) The Starligheters (vc)

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth / You Can’t Lose A Broken Heart / Bang Bang Boogie.

Los Angeles, 2-8-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) più The Starlighters (vc)

The Horse Told Me / (Here Is My heart)Nalani / Don’t Shove I’m Leavingt / Calypso Blues.

Los Angeles, 9-9-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b)

It’s Only A Paper Moon / I Used To Love You.

(Delta 11 086 CD) New York, Novembre 1949.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) Woody Herman (vc) Gene Orloff (viol)

Mule Train / My Baby Just Cares For Me.

New York, 7-11-49.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Oscar Moore (g) Johnny Miller (b) più The Starlighters (vc)

Baby Won’t You Say You Love Me / Exactly Like You..

Los Angeles, Dicembre 1949.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc)

Laugh Cool Clown / Bop Kick / Peaches.

(Capitol CDP 7 98288) 1949.

Nast King Cole & Nellie Lutcher.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Ernie Royal (tp) Charlie Barnet (st) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Earl Hyde (dr) Nellie Lutcher (vc)

For You My Love / Can I Come In For A Second.

Los Angeles, 5-1-50.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Lee Young (dr) Jack Costanzo (perc) The Starlighters (vc)

Baby Wont You Say You Love Me / I Almost Lost My Mind / A Little Bit Independent / I’ll Never Say Never Again Again / Twisted Stockings.

Los Angeles, 9-2-50.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Comfort (b)

It’s almost like being in love / It’s only a paper moon.

Radio Show non identificato, Hollywood, inizio 1950.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc)

If I Were You baby I’d Love Me / Third Finger Left Hand / After My Laughter Came Tears / Calico Sal / Peaches / Don’t Let Your Eyes Go Shopping / All Aboarde / Ooh Kickeroonie / ‘Deed I Do.

New York, 9-3-50.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Lee Young (dr) Jack Costanzo (perc) Coro Les Baxter (vc)

The Greatest Inventor Of Them All / Who’s Who.

Los Asngeles, 11-3-50.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) bassista, batterista e gruppo vocale non identificato.

The greatest inventor.

(Alto 709) “Ed SullivanShow”, New York, 7-5-50.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) altri non identificati.

Mona Lisa / Too Young.

(WarnerBros56146) “EdSullivanShow”, New York.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Alyce King’s Vokettes (vc) orchestra diretta da Pete Rugolo.

Tunnel Of Love.

New York, 11-5-50.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Sid Cooper (fl-cl) Al Richmond (corno) Zelly Smirnoff, Lou Stone, George Zorning, Stan Karpenia, Frank York, George Kock (viol) Dick Dreitag, Rudolph Sims (viola) Pate Makis, Ray Sabinsky (cello) Mel Zelnik (dr) The Alyce King’s Vockettes (vc) Pete Rugolo (dssir-arr)

Time Out For Tears.

New York, 19-5-50.

With Stan Kenton Orchestra.

Maynard Ferguson, Jim Salco, Buddy Childers, Chico Alvarez, Shorty Rogers (tp) Milt Bernhart, Harry Betts, Bob Fitzpatrick, Johnny Halliburton, Herbie Harper (tb) Bud Shank, Art Pepper (sa) Bob Cooper, Bart Cardarelli (st) Bob Gioga (sb) Nat King Cole (p) Laurindo Almeida, Irving Ashby (g) Don Bagley, Joe Confort (b) Shelly Manne (dr) Jack Costanzo (bongo)

Orange Colored Sky / Jam-Bo.

(Capitol F 1184) Los Angeles, 16-8-50.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (dr) Shelly Manne (dr) Mac Mclean, Jud Conlin, Charlie Parletto, Lily Jean Norman, Gloria Wood (vc) Pete Rugolo (dir-arr) ed altri.

Get To Gettin’

Los Angeles, 25-8-50.

Nat King Cole (vc) con l’orchestra di Lex Baxter e coro.

Mona Lisa / Too Young / A Weaver A Dreams / Here’s To My Lady.


Nat King Cole e Maria Cole (vc) con l’orchestra di Pete Rugolo.

The Tunnel Of Love That’s My Girl..


Nat King Cole (vc) con l’orchestra di Dave Barbour.

Song of Delilah.


Nat King Cole.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (dr)

Too Marvellous For Words / Bop Kick / St.Louis Blues / In The Cool Of The Evening / Go Bongo / Body And Soul / Nothin’To Fret / About / Summertime / Embraceable You / Poor Butterfly / Little Girl / Sweet Lorraine / Route 66.

(Duke D 1014) Zurigo, 19-10-50.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) Neal Hefti (dir-arr) ed altri.

Paint Yourself A Raimbow / Destination Moon.

New York, 11-12-50.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (dr) Pete Rugolo (dir-arr) ed altri.

That’s My Girl.

Los Angeles, 1-2-51.

Wish I Were Somebody Else / You Can’t Make Me Love You / Poor Jenny Is a-Weepin’.

Los Angeles, 12-2-51.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Irving Ashby (g) Joe Confort (b) Jack Costanzo (dr) The Ray Charles Singers (vc) Joe Lipman (arr)

A Robin And A Raimbow And A red Red Rose / The Lighthouse In The Sky / Pigtails And Freckles.

New York, 9-3-51.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) Pete Rugolo (arrrdir) ed altri.

It’s Crazy / You Stepped Out A Dream / Where Were You / Summer Is A Comin’In / Funny.

Los Angeles, 11-1-52.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Bunny Shawker (dr) Jack Costanzo (perc)

Penthouse Serenade / Rose Room / Down By The Old Mill Stream / Laura / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Somebody Loves Me / Once In A Blue Moon / If I Should Lose You.

New York, 18-7-52.

Ray Anthony Orchestra.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Martin White, Chris Griffin, Dean Huncle, Bruce Bruckert / Jack Laibach (tp) Keith Butterfield, Ken Trimble, Dick Reinolds, Walter Shields (tb) Earl Bergman, Buddy Wise (sa) Jim Schneider, Billy Usselton (st) Leo Anthony (sb) Archie Freeman (dr) Nelson Riddle (dir-arr)

Don’t Let Your Eyes Go Shopping (For Your Heart)

Los Angeles, 24-7-52.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Jack Costanzo (perc) Nelson Riddle (dir-arr) ed altri.

Almost Like Being In Love / This Can’t Be Love / Don’t Hurt The Girl.

Los Angeles, 28-1-53.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Nelson Riddle (dir-arr) sezione di archi.

The Christmas Song.

Los Angeles, 24-8-53.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Willie Smith (sa) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr)

Just You Just Me / You’re Looking At Me (2 vers) / Don’t let It Go To Your Head.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Harry Edison (tp) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr)

Sweet Lorraine/ It’s Only A Paper Moon / Don’t Blame Me / It Could Happen To You / I Surrender Dear (take 1) / I Surrender Dear (take 2) / Little Girl.

Los Angeles, 14-7-55.

You Can Depend On me / Candy / Sweet Lorraine / It’s Only A Paper Moon / (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66.

Los Angeles, 15-8-56.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Willie Smith (sa) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr)

Me (alt.take) / Just You Just Me / I Was A Little Too Lonely And You Were A Little Too Late / Don’t Let It Go To You Head / You’re Looking At Me / You’re Looking At.

Los Angeles, 14-9-56.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Juan Tizol (tb) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr)

Caravan / The Lonely One / Blame It On My Youth / What Is There To Say.

Los Angeles, 21-9-56.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Stuff Smith (viol) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr)

Sometimes I’m Happy/ I Know That You Know/ When I Grow Too Old To Dream / Two Loves Have I.

(Capitol CD 38604) Los Angeles, 24-9-56.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) con l’orchestra diretta da Gordon Jenkins.

Somebody loves me / I’ve grown accustomed to her face / Tea for two / Unforgettable.

NBC TV-Show”, Los Angeles, 5-11-56.

This can’t be love / A beautiful friendship / (I’ll see you in) Cuba / Mona Lisa.

(Sunbeam SB222) “NBC TV-Show”, Los Angeles, 12-11-56.

The Nat King Cole Show.

Nat King Cole (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Nelson Riddle.

Darling, je vous aime beaucoup / (It’s crazy) But I’m in love / The sand and the sea / Thou swell / Two different worlds / It’s only a paper moon / Early American / Autumn leaves.

(Sandy Hook 2054) “NBC TV-Show”, Los Angeles, 1957.

Nat King Cole With The JATP.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) Roy Eldridge (tp) Flip Phillips, Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins, Illinois Jacquet (st) Oscar Peterson (p) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b) Jo Jones (dr) orchestra di studio non identificata.

It’s only a paper moon / Sweet Lorraine / C jam blues / I want to be happy / With you in mind / Stompin’ at the Savoy / Tenderly.

(Sunbeam SB222) “NBC TV-Show”, Los Angeles, 15-10-57.

Nat King Cole & Count Basie Orchestra.

Nat King Cole (vc) orchestra di Count Basie.

Beale Street blues / Yellow dog blues / Careless love / Chantez les bas (Sing ‘em low) / Stay / Harlem blues / Joe Turner blues / Memphis blues / Friendless blues.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) con l’orchestra diretta da Nelson Riddle.

Morning star.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) Count Basie e Nelson Riddle orchestre.

Hesitating blues / St. Louis blues.

Hollywood, 29-31 Gennaio 1958.

Let There Be Love.

Nat King Cole (vc) George Shearing (p-arr) con grande orchestra diretta da Ralph Carmichael (arr)

Pick yourself up / I got it bad / Let there be love / Azure te (Paris blues) / Lost April / A beautiful friendship / Fly me to the moon (In other words) / Serenata / I’m lost / There’s a lull in my life / Don’t go.

(Cap CAPS1020) Luogo e data non identificati.

The Very Thought Of You.

Nat King Cole (vc) con Gordon Jenkins’ Orchestra.

The very thought of you / But beautiful / Impossible / I wish I knew (notorious) / I found a million dollar baby / Magnificent obsession / My heart tells me / Paradise / This is all I ask / Cherie, I love you / Making believe you’re here / – Cherchez la femme / For all we know / The more I see you / Don’t blame me / No greater love.

(Cap W-1084) Hollywood, 1958.

Welcome To The Club : Nat King Cole – Count Basie Band.

Nat King Cole (vc) John Anderson, Wendell Culley, Thad Jones, Joe Newman, Snooky Young (tp) Henry Coker, Al Grey, Benny Powell (tb) Marshall Royal, Frank Wess (sa) Frank Foster, Billy Mitchell (st) Charles Fowlkes (sb) Gerald Wilkins (p) Freddie Green (g) Eddie Jones (b) Sonny Payne (dr) Dave Cavanaugh (arr)

She’s Funny That Way / Any Time Any Day Anywhere / I Want A Little Girl / Mood Indigo / The Blues Don’t Care.

Los Angeles, 30-6-58.

Avalon / baby Won’t You Please Come Home / The Late Late Show / Welcome To The Club.

Los Angeles, 1-7-58.

Look Out For Love / Wee Baby Blues / Madrid.

Los Angeles, 2-7-58.

Tell Me All About Yourself.

Nat king Cole (vc) con l’orchestra diretta da Dave Cavanaugh.

Tell me all about yourself / Until the real thing comes along / The best thing for you / When you walked by / Crazy she calls me / You’ve got the indian sign on me / For you / Dedicated to you / You are my always / This is always / My life / (I would do)Anything for you.

(Cap SW1331) Hollywood, 1958.

The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole.

Nat King Cole (p) con l’orchestra di Nelson Riddle.

Love walked in / My heart stood still / Imagination / I never knew / Stella by starlight / After I say I’m sorry / I didn’t know what time it was / Taking a chance on love / April in Paris / I want to be happy / I see your face before me / Just one of those things / I get a kick out of you / If I could be with you one hour tonight / I hear music / Tea for two.

(Capitol W689) 1958.

At The Sands.

Nat King Cole (vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr) Antonio Morelli (dir) Nelson Riddel, Pete Rugolo, Dave Cavanaugh (arr)

In A Mellow Tone / Watcha Gonna Do.

Hollywood, 2-9-59.

Nat King Cole Acc By The Stan Kenton Band.

Bud Brisbois, Frank Huggins, Pete Candoli, Jack Sheldon, Conte Candoli (tp) Bob Fitzpatrick, Kent Larsen, Tom Shepard, Jim Amlotte, Bob Knight (tb) Lennie Niehaus (sa) Ronnie Rubin, Jay Migliori (st) Jack Nimitz, Marvin Holladay (sa) Plas Johnson (st) Jack Marshall, Bill Pittman, John Collins (g) Stan Kenton (p) Don Bagley (b) Charlie Harris (b) Mel Lewis (dr) Lee Young (dr) Mike Pacheco (perc) Coro (vc)

Steady / My Love.

(Capitol CDP 7-96259-2 CD) Los Angeles, 9-3-60.

At The Sands.

Nat King Cole (vc-p) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b) Lee Young (dr) con l’orchestra diretta da Antonio Morelli, Dave Cavanaugh (arr)

Ballerina / Funny / The continental / I wish you love / You leave me breathless / Thou swell / My kind of love / The surrey with the fringe on top / Where or when / Miss Otis regrets / Joe Turner blues.

Live”The Sands”, Las Vegas, Nevada, 14-7-60.

Nat King Cole (p-vc) John Collins (g) Charlie Harris (b)

It’s only a paper moon / Sweet Lorraine.

New York, 22-3-61.

(Get your kicks on)Route 66 / Straighten up and fly right / I love you for sentimental reasons / Embraceable you.

(CDP7-95129-2 CD) New York, 23-3-61.

Stan Kenton Orchestra.

Nat Kign Cole (vc) Dalton Smith, Bud Brisbois, Marvin Stamm, Bob Rolfe, Bob Behrendt (tp) Bob Fitzpatrick, John Spurlok, Bud Parker, Jim Amlotte, Dave Wheeler (tb) Gabe Baltazar (sa) Sam Donahue, Paul Renzi (st) Marvin Holladay, Wayne Dunstan (sb) Paul Smith (p) Al Hendrickson (g/el) Joe Confort (b) Jerry McKenzie (dr) Larry Bunker, George Acevedo (perc)

Orange Colored Day.

Los Angeles, 6-7-61.

Nat King Cole (vc) Warren Chasen (vib) George Shearing (p) Israel Crosby (b) Vernell Fournier (dr) Armando Peraza (cong) sezione di archi.

Pick yourself up / September song / Let there be love / I got it bad / Azure te (Paris blues) / A beautiful friendship / Lost April / Serenata / Fly me to the moon / I’m lost / Don’t go / There’s A Lull In My Life / Everything Happens To Me / The Game Of Love / Guess I’ll Go Back Home.

(Cap W1675 36943) Los Angeles, Dicembre 1961.chiusura


Los Angeles, California. 6/2/1950.

Figlia del grande Nat, ha debuttato nel 1975 con un album di rhythm-and-blues che ottiene il Grammy Award e nello stesso anno vince quello come migliore nuova voce femminile. All’inizio degli anni ’80 la sua brillante carriera viene interrotta per seri problemi di droga. Nel 1985 si riprende e registra un altro album di grande successo. Nel 1991 in un duetto virtuale con il padre registra l’album “Unforgettable” con il quale vince numerosi Grammy e viene conosciuta in tutto il mondo.



Natalie Cole (vc) orchestra.

Needing You / Joey / Inseparable / I Can’t Say No / This Will Be / Something For Nothing / I Love Him So Much / How Come You Won’t Stay Here / Your Face Stay In MY Mind / You.

(Capitol C2-97769) 1975.


Natalie Cole (vc) Tennyson Stephens (keyb) Cash McCall (g) Joseph Scott (b/el) Quinton Joseph (dr) ed altri.

Mr.Melody / Heaven Is With You / Sophisticated Lady / No Plans For The Future / Can We Get Together Again / Keep Smiling / Good Morning Hearthache / Not Like Mine / Touch Me / Hard To Get Along.

(Capitol 19087) 1976.

Natalie Live.

Natalie Cole (vc) Linda Williams (tast) Charles Bynum (g) Bobby Eaton (b) Michael Wycoff (dr) Ted Sparks (perc) Anita Anderson, Wayne Hebersham, Sissi Popoli (vc/back)

Disco 1 : Sophisticated Lady / Que Sera, Sera / Lovers / I’m Catching Hell / Mr.Melody / This Will Be / Party Lights / I’ve Got Love On My Mind.

Disco 2 : Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / Inseparable / Cry Baby / Can We Get Together Again / I Can’t Say No / Something’s Got A Hold On Me / Be Thakful / Introduction – Our Love.

(One Way Rec. 9088) 1978.

I Love You So.

Natalie Cole (vc) Robert O’Bryant, Oscar Brashar (tp) Maurice Spears, George Bohannon (tb) Linda Williams, Marc Davis, Sonny Burke (tast) Richard Fortune, Phil Upchurch, Johnny McGhee, Norman Zeller, Chuck Bybum (g/el) Bobby Eaton, Jeff Eyrich, Keni Burke (b/el) Alvin Taylor (dr) ed altri.

I Love You So / You’re So Good / It’s Been You / Your Lonely Heart / The Winter / Oh Daddy / Saorry / Stand By / Who Will Carry On.

(One Way Rec) 1979.

We’re The Best Of Friends.

Natalie Cole (vc) Jim Bolling (flic) Oscar Brashear, Bobby Bryant (tp) Bill Rickembach, Chris Riddle, George Bahannon (tb) Ernie Watts, Bill Green, Fred Jackson, Ron Daover (reeds) Terry Duchi, Peabo Bryson, Michael Wycoff, Marvin Yancy (tast) Phil Upchurch, Thomas Campbell, Richard Horton (g/el) Dwight Watkins (b/el) James Gadson, Andre Robinson (dr)

Gimme Some Time / This Love Affair / I Wanna Be Where You Are / Your Lonely Heart / What You Won’t Don For Love / We’re The Best Of Friends / Medley : Let’s Fall In Love – You Send Me / Love Will Find You.

(One Way Rec. 19085) 1979.

Don’t Look Back.

Natalie Cole (vc-p) Linda Williams, Marvin Yanci (tast) Chuck Bynum, Steve Hunter (g) Larry Ball (b) James Gadson (dr)

Don’t Look Back / I’ve Seen Paradise / Hold On / Stairway To The Stars / I’m Getting In To You / Someone That I Used To Love / Danger Up Ahead / Beautiful Dreamer / Cole-Blooded.

(One Way Rec. 19083) 1980.

Happy Love.

Natalie Cole (vc) Harry Kim (tp) Joel Peskin (st) Eddie Cole (p-vc) Bill Cuomo (tast) Chuck Bynun (g) Mike PIccirillo (g-atst) Scott Edwards, Keni Burke (b) Ed Greene (dr) Sissy Peoples, Julia Tilman Waters, Maxime Willard Waters, Pat Henderson, Anita Anderson (vc/back)

You Were Right Girl / Only Love / Nothin’But A Fool / The Jokes Is On You / These Eyes / When A Man Loves A Woman / I Can’t Let Go / Love And Kisses / Across The Nation.

(One Way Rec.19082) 1981.


Natalie Cole (vc) Jerry Hey (flic) Ray Brown (tp) Edide Cole (sax) Robbie Buchanan, Paolo Fox, Bill Boydstun (synt) Roland Batista, Michael Boyd (g) Nathan East (b) Johnny”JR”Robinson (dr) Steve Foreman, Paulinho DaCosta (perc) e molti altri.

Dangerous / Billy The Kid Next Door / Secrets / Nobody’s Soldier / Opposites Attract / A Little Bit Of Heaven / You Carr / Love Is On The Way / The Gift.

(Modern Rec.90270) 1985.


Natalie Cole (vc) altri da identificrae.

Everlasting / Jump Start / The Urge To Merge / Split Decision / When I Fall In Love / Pink Cadillac / I Live For Your Love / In MY Reality / I’m The One / More Than The Stars / What I Must Do.

(Elektra 61114) 1987.

Good To Be Back.

Natalie Cole (vc) altri da identificare.

Safe / As A Matter Of Fact / The Rest Of The Night / Miss You Like Crazy / I Do / Good To Be Back / Gonna Make You Mine / Starting Over Again / Don’t Mention My Heartache / I Can’t Cry / Someone Rockin’My Dreamboat.

(Elektra 61115-2) 1989.

Unforgettable : With Love.

Natalie Cole (vc) grande orchestra.

The Very Thought Of You / It’s Only A Paper Moon / Route 66 / Mona Lisa / L-O-V-E / This Can’t Be Love / Smile / Sush Life / That Sunday, That Summer / Orange Colored Sky / Medley : For Sentimental Reasons – Tenderly – Autumn Leaves / Straighten Up And Fly Right / Avalon / Don’t Get Arpound Much Anymore / Too Young / Nature Boy / Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup / Almost Like Being In Love / Thou Swell /Non Dimenticar / Love Is Here To Stay / Unforgettable.

(Elektra 61949) 10-9-91.

Take A Look.

Natalie Cole (vc) Dave TRigg (tp) David Newman, Peter Christlieb (sax) Clare Fisher (p) Michael Melvoin, Alan Broadbent, Herbie Hancock, Roger Kelloway (p) Larry Bunkert (vib) Giovanni Chiodini (g) John Clayton (b) Jeff Hamilton, Harol Jones (dr) Louis Conte (perc) ed altri

I Wish You Love / I?m Beginning To See The Light / Swinging Shepherd Blues / Crazy He Calls Me / Cry Me A River / Undecided / Fiesta In Blue / I’m Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life / Let There Be Love / It’s Dand, Man / Don’t Explain / As TIem Goes By / Too Close For Confort / Calypso Blues / This Will Make You Laugh / Lovers / All About Love / Take A Look.

(Elektra 61496) 1993.

Holly & Ivy.

Natalie Cole (vc) orchestra e coro.

Jingle Bells / Caroling, Caroling / The First Noel / No More Blue Christmas / Christmas Medley : Jingle Bell Rock – Winter… / Merry Christmas, Baby / Joy To The World / The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot / A Song For Christmas / Silent Night / The CHristams Song / The Holly And The Ivy.

(Elektra 61704) 25-10-94.

Natalie Cole & His Friends.

Natalie Cole (vc) Wynton Marsalis (tp) Rob Mounsey (p-tast) John P.Pizzarelli (g) David Finck (b) Chris Parker (dr)

He Was Too Good To Me.

(E 61946) New York, primavera, 1996.


Natalie Cole (vc) Wynton Marsalis (tp) George Bohannon (tb) Dan Higgins, Michael Brecker (sax) Michael Lang (p) Chuck Berghofer (b) Giovanni Chiodini (g) Jon Clarke (oboe) Paul Jackson (g/el) Chuck Donamico, Nathan East (b) Harvey Mason Jr., Harold Johnson (dr) Paulinho DaCosta (perc) ed altri.

There’s A Lull In My Life / Stardust / Let’s Face The Music And Dance / Teach Me Tonight / When I Fall In Love / What A Difference A Day Made / Love Letters / He Was Too Good To Mke / Dindi / Two For The Blues / If I Love Ain’t There / The Whom It May Concern / Where Can I Go Without You / Ahmad’s Blues / Pick Yourself Up / If You Could See Me Now / Like A Lover / Thsi Morning It Was Summer / When I Fall In Love.

(Elektra 61496) 24-9-96.

Christmas With You.

Natalie Cole (vc) Orchestra diretta da Bob Krogstad.

The Christmas Song / O Tannenbaum / Silver Bells / Christmas Waltz / The Twelve Days Of Christmas / Gesu Bambino / Ding Dong Merryl On High / Hark! The Herlald Angels Sing / What Child Is This / Sweet Little Jesus Boy / Rocking / Silent Night.

(Hallamrk Rec.) 1998.

Snowfall Ofn The Sahara.

Natalie Cole (vc) Orchestra, Rob Mounsey (dir-arr)

A Song For You / Reverend Lee / Snowfall On The Sahara / More Than You’ll Ever Know / Corrina / Say You Love Me / Every Day I Have The Blues / With You Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming / His Eyes, Her Eyes / Since You Asked / Gotta Serve Somebody / Stay With Me.

(Elektra 62401) 22-6-99.

The Magic Of Christmas.

Natalie Cole (vc) London Sinphony Orchestra. Bob Krogstad (dir-arr)

The Christmas Song / Hark! The Herlad Angels Sing / O Tannenbaum / Sweet Little Boy Jesus, carol for voice & orchestra / Sleigh Ride, popular song / My Grown-Up Christmas List / The Christmas Waltz / Mary, Did You Know ? song / Carol Of The Bells / The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

(Elektra 62433) 21-9-99.

Ask A Woman Who Knows.

Natalie Cole (vc) Roy Hargrove (flic) Gary Foster (sa) John Pisano, Russell Malone (g) Tollak Ollestad (arm) Christina McBride (b) Lewis Hash, Jeff Hamilton (dr) Luois Quintero (perc)

I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do / Tell Me All About It / Ask A Woman Who Knows / It’s Crazy / You’re Mine You / So Many Stars / I Tould You So / Soon / I’m Glad There Is You / Better Than Anything / The Music That Makes Me Dance / Calling You / My Baby Just Cares For Me.

(Verve 589774) 17-9-2002.


Natalie Cole (vc) Orchestra e Coro.

Criminal / Old Man / Day Dreaming / Leavin’ / The More You Do It / Lovin’Arms / Love Letter / The Man With The Child In His Eyes / 5 Minutes Away / Don’t Say Goodnight / You Gotta Be / If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.

(Verve 0007526) 26-9-2006.

Love Essentials.

Natalie Cole (vc) altri da identificare.

Miss You Like Crazy / Angel On My Shoulder / A Smile Like Yours / I Live For Your Love / Too Young / Starting Over Again / More Than The Stars / The Very Thought Of You / As Time Goes By / Snowfall On The Sahara / Our Love Is Here To Stay / Livin’For Love / This Will Be.

(Rhino) 2007.

Caroling, Caroling Christmas With Natalie Cole.

Natalie Cole (vc) altri da identificare.

The Christmas Song / O Tanenbaum / The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot / Hark The Herald Angels Sing / Caroling, Caroling / The First Noel / Joy To The World / Silent Night.

(Elektra 515960) 2008.

Still Unforgettable.

Natalie Cole (vc) altri da identificare.

Walkin’MY Baby Back Home / Come Rain Or Come Shine / Coffee Time / Somewhere Along The Way / You Go To My Head / Nice ‘N’Easy / Why Don’t You Do Right / Here’s That Rainy Day / But Beautiful / Lollipops And Roses / The Best Is Yet To Come / Something’s Gotta Give / Until The Real Thing Comes Along / It’s All Right With Me.

(DMI/Acto 512315) 9-9-2008.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

Natalie Cole (vc) Orchestra At Temple Square.

Processional : Come O Come / Dance And Sing / It’s The Most Wonderful Timeof The Year / Grown-Up Christmas List / Caroling, Caroling / For Unto Us A Child Is Born / O Holy Night / The Holly And The Ivy / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / The Christmas Song / Good King Wenceslas / Christmas Carols In The Air / In The Bleak Midwinter / Angels, From The Realms Of Glory.

(Mormon Tabernacle 0181) 10-13 Dicembre 2009.chiusura


U. S. A. 1915. – Newark, NJ. 4/2/1975.

Fratello del più famoso Cozy, ha suonato per molto tempo con il fratello al Metropoli di Manhattan. Lo ha accompagnato anche in varie tournée, tra le quali una in Africa, tournée patrocinata dal dipartimento di Stato. Ha suonato anche con George James allo Sheraton di New York. chiusura


Trenton, NJ. 29/2/1948.

Ha costruito la sua formazione musicale in maniera molto varia. Ha organizzato un gruppo i “Jazz Casual” con il quale ha lavorato soprattutto nelle feste e nei matrimoni, in seguito è entrato nella “Bew England Conservatory Orchestra”. Ha ottenuto una borsa di studio dalla rivista Down Beat alla Berkelee Shool of Music dove ha studiato per due anni. Ha suonato con l’orchestra di Buddy Rich nel 1969, con B. Enriquez, con Red Rodney nel 1979, con Bruce Forman nel 1981 e ha accompagnato Mark Murphy. Organizza un suo gruppo gli “Alto Madness”, in seguito ha suonato nell’orchestra di Lionel Hampton e dal 1973 ha accompagnato Eddie Jefferson sino al 1979. Si è stabilito a San Francisco dove ha suonato con Sonny Stitt e Art Pepper, con i Manhattan Transfer e con Ben Sidran. Ottimo solista, che ha tratto ispirazione prima da Parker e poi da Phil Woods. Ha incarnato in modo molto originale l’altosassofonista be-bop. Strumentista dall’approccio caldissimo e spericolato sostenuto da una grandissima tecnica.


Call of the wild – Waiting for waits – Star burst – Red Rodney rides again – It’s the same things everywhere.


Trenton Makes…The World Takes.Trenton Makes

Richie Cole (sa) Gerald Price (p) Steve Gilmore (b) Al Jackson (dr)

Waltz for a rainy be-bop evening / Last tango in Paris / Naima.

Live “Lanzi’s Lounge”,Trenton, N.J., 5-5-75.

Stesso gruppo con Benny Nelson per Steve Gilmore, più Doni Johnson (conga)

Harold’s house of jazz / Trenton makes, the world takes / Tokyo Rose sings the blues / It’s the same thing everywhere.

(Progressive P.R.C.1001) Trenton, N.J., 16-11-75.

Battle Of The Saxes.Battle Of The Saxes

Richie Cole, Eric Kloss (sa) Mickey Tucker (p/el) Rick Laird (b) Eddie Gladden (dr)

Ebony godfather / Robin / Libra  / Last tango in Paris / Waltz for a rainy bebop evening / D.C. farewell / Harold’s house of jazz / It’s the same thing everywhere / ‘Round midnight / Libra.


Live “The Tin Palace”, New York, 26-27 Marzo 1976.


New York Afternoon: Richie Cole Sextet.New York Afternoon

Richie Cole (sa) Mickey Tucker (p/el-p) Vic Juris (g) Rick Laird (b/el-b) Eddie Gladden (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc) Eddie Jefferson (vc)

Dorothy’s den / Waltz for a rainy be-bop evening / Alto madness / New York afternoon / It’s the same thing everywhere / Stormy weather (Trenton style) / You’ll always be my friend.

(Muse MR5119)

New York, 13-10-76.

Alto Madness.Alto Madness.

Richie Cole (sa) Harold Mabern (p) Vic Juris (g) Rick Laird, Steve Gilmore (b) Eddie Gladden (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc) Eddie Jefferson (vc)

Cole’s nocturne / The price is right / The common touch / Last tango in Paris / Island breeze / Big bo’s paradise / Remember your day off / Moody’s mood ’78.

(Muse MR5155)

Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Dicembre 1977.

Keeper Of The Flame.Keeper Of The Flame.

Richie Cole (sa) Harold Mabern (p) Vic Juris (g) Rick Laird (b) Eddie Gladden (dr) Eddie Jefferson (vc)

As Time Goes By / I Can’t Get Started / Keepr Of The Flame / Harold’s House Of Jazz / Holiday For String / New York Afternoon / Strange Groove.

(Muse MR 5192)

Englewood Cliffs, 6-9-78.


Richie Cole Live.Richie Cole Live.

Richie Cole (sa) Bishop Norman Williams (sa) Smith Dobson (p) Bob Maize (b) Jeep Duquesne (dr) Eddie Jefferson (vc)

Tokyo Rose / As time goes by / Island breeze / Donna Lee / Big Bo’s paradise / Summertime / Lester leaps in.

(Just Jazz JJCD-1005)

Douglas Beach House, Half Moon Bay, CA, 1-10-78.


Hollywood Madness.Hollywood Madness.

Richie Cole (sa) Bruce Forman (g) Dick Hindman (p) Marshall Hawkins (b) Les De Merle (dr) Michael Spiro (perc) Bob Magnusson (b)

Hooray For Hollywood.

Stesso gruppo meno Magnusson,

Realxin’To Camarillo.

Stesso gruppo più Eddie Jefferson.

Hi-Fly / The Hollywood Blues.

Stesso gruppo più Manhattan Transfer , Jeep Dusquesne (campanacci)

Malibu Breeze.

Richie Cole (sa) Bruce Forman (g) Dick Hindman (p) Marshall Hawkins (b) Les De Merle (dr) Michael Spiro (perc) Tom Waits (vc) Manhattan Transfer.

Tokyo Rose Sings The Hollywwod Blues / I Love Lucy / Waitin’For Waits / Hooray For Hollywood (Reprise)

(Muse M 5207 VD) California, 25-4-79.

Side By Side.Side By Side.

Richie Cole e Phil Woods (sa) John Hicks (p) Eddie Lockjaw Davis (st)

Save Your Love For Me.

Richie Cole e Phil Woods (sa) John Hicks (p) Walter Booker (b) Jimmy Cobb (dr)

Naugahyde Reality / Scrapple From The Apple / Donna Lee / Polka Dot’s And Moonbeams / Eddie’s Mood-Side By Side.

(Muse M 5237 CD) Live,Denver, Colorado, 25-26 Luglio 1980.

Tokyo Madness.Tokyo Madness.

Richie Cole (sa-st) Smith Dobson (p) Bruce Forman (g) Marshall Hawkins (b) Scott Morris (dr)

Lady bird / I can’t get started / Tokyo Rose sings the Hollywood blues / Irish folk song / Cherokee.

(Seven Seas K28P-6067)

Live “Yomiuri Hall”, Tokyo, 1-2-81.


Cool “C”.Cool “C”.

Richie Cole (sa-st) Himiko Kikuchi (p) Nobuyoshi Ino (b) Motohiko Hino (dr) più sezione di otto ottoni.

Back Top / Willow Weep For Me / Blue Bossa / Someday My Prince Will Come / Autumn Leaves / Cool”C” / On Green Dolphin Street.

(Muse MR 5245)

Tokyo, 7-8 Febbraio 1981.


The Man With The Horn.The Man With The Horn.

Richie Cole (sa) Bobby Henriquez (p) Bruce Forman (g) Marshall Hawkins (b) Scott Morris (dr)

Back to bop / Willow weep for me / Blue bossa / Someday my prince will come / Autumn leaves / Cool”C” / On Green Dolphin Street.

(Seven Seas K28P-6070)

Tokyo, 7-8 Febbraio 1981.


Alive! At The Village Vanguard.Alive! At The Village Vanguard.

Richie Cole (sa) Bobby Henriquez (p) Bruce Forman (g) Marshall Hawkins (b) Scott Morris (dr)

Punishment Blues / Body And Soul / Samba De Orpheus / Yardbird Suite / Alto Acres / Red Top.

(Muse MR 5270)

Live, Village Vanguard, New York, 24-6-81.


Richie Cole And….Return To Alto Acres.And….Return To Alto Acres.

Richie Cole (sa-st-sb) Art Pepper (sa-cl) Roger Kelloway (p) Bob Magnusson (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Return To Alto Acres / Things We Did Last Summer / Art’s Opus N.2 / A & R / Palo Alto Blues / Broadway.

(PAJ PA 8023)

San Francisco, CA.16-2-82.


Alto Annie’s Theme.Alto Annie’s Theme.

Richie Cole (sa-st-sb) Dick Hindman (p) Brian Bromberg (b) Victor Jones (dr)

Jeannine / Boplicity / Sophisticated Lady / Call Of The Wild / Song For Aaron Copland-Alto Annie’s Theme / Tangerine / Sheaf Of Wheat / Easy.

Stesso gruppo, più Bruce Forman (g) Babarunde (perc)

Key Largo / To Love.

(Palo Alto Records PA 8036 N) San Francisco, 31-7-82.

Bossa Nova Eyes. Bossa Nova Eyes.

Richie Cole (sa-sb) Dick Hindman (p) Paul Warburton (b) Colin Bailey (dr) Michael “Babatunde” Olatunji (perc) Janis Siegel (vc)

Dear hearts and gentle people / I remember Sonny Stitt / Makin’ whoopee / Two degrees east, three degrees west / Bossa nova eyes / Serenata / Seems like old times / Anna Maria.

(Palo Alto PA8070)

Menlo Park, CA, 1985.

Pure Imagination.Pure Imagination.

Richie Cole (sa-sb) Dick Hindman (p) Vic Jurusz (g) Ed Howard (b) Victor Jones (dr) Ray Mantilla, Michael “Babatunde” Olatunji (perc) Janis Siegel (vc)

The White Cliffs of Dover / Dreamy / Come fly with me / Concord blues / Tin palace shuffle / Flying down to Rio / Pure imagination / The blue room / Starburst.

(Concord Jazz CJ314)

New York, Novembre 1986.


Richie Cole (sa-st-sb) Mega Universal Saxophone Orchestra, Dick Hindman (p) Ben Sidran, Vic Juris (g) Marshall Hawkins (b) Ed Howard (b) Victor Jones (dr) Kenneth Nash (perc) Tim Hauser (vc) Scumbaca (narr) Mitch Farber (string/ arr) Max Golstein, Max Glickstein, Max Feinstein, Max Schwartz, Max O’Donahue, Max Fuanez, Max Gamaguchi, Max Cohen-Lopez-Okada, Max Gillespie, Max Gordon, Max Factor, Frankie “Little Max” Famoke, Tony “Big Max” Gavone (viol) La Bambadeers : Sal Marquez, Joe Ellis, Bob Yance (tp) Bruce Forman (g) Mark Levine (p) Jorge Pomar (b-vc) Pete Escovedo (bongo-bells-guido) Willie Colon (conga-vc) Bayardo Verlardi (timb-vc)

Overjoyed / Eddie Jefferson / On a misty night / L. Dorado Kaddy / La bamba / When you wish upon a star / Spanish Harlem / Star Trek I / Sonomascope / Saxophobia.

(Milestone M-9512) Berkeley CA, 4-6 Giugno 1987.

Richie Cole (sa-arr) Dick Hindman (p) Marshall Hawkins (b) Victo Jones (dr) Kenneth Nash (perc) Ben Sidran (vc)

Straight No Chaser.

Berkeley, 4-6 Giugno 1987.

Bossa Nova International.Bossa Nova International.

Richie Cole, Hank Crawford (sa) Emily Remler (g) Marshall Hawkins (b) Victor Jones (dr)

Confirmation / Bossa International / I Can’t Get Started / Fantasy Blues / Snowfall / Samba De Orpheus.

(Milestone 9180 CD)

Nimes, Francia,16-7-87.



Richie Cole (sa) Tee Carson (p) Vic Juris (g) Marshall Hawkins (b) Mel Brown (dr)

Peggy’s Blue Sky Light / Sunday In New York.

Stesso gruppo Dick Hindman per Carson.

Take The Cole Train.

Stesso gruppo senza Jurvis, più orchestra d’archi, Jim Boggio (arr)

If Ever I Would Leave You.

Stesso gruppo Ben Sidran per Hindman, torna Purvis, via orchestra d’archi.

Doing The Jungle Walk.

Richie Cole (sa) Dick Hindman (p) Vic Jurvis (g) Keith Jones (b) Mel Brown (dr) Andy Narll (steel/dr) babatunde (eprc)

Raimbow Lady / An Occasional Man.

Stesso gruppo ben Sidran per Hindman, piùTee Carson (maracas)

Trade Winds.

Richie Cole (sa) Dick Hindman (p)

America The Beautiful.

(Milestone 9162 CD) Berkeley, estate, 1988.


Charlie Sayers (flic) Richie Cole (sa-vc) Roy Petersen (p) Johnny Fourie (g) Neill Etridge (b) Trevor Dan-Jeany (dt) Shadrack “Satchmo” Ntshotsho (vc)

The Cape connection / Yardbird suite / Misty / Skin (Heart) / The new South African blues / Skokiaan / Spirit of South Africa / Jeannine / It’s a wonderful world.

(Roots ROTH136)

South Africa, 1989.

Leningrad Alto Madness.Leningrad Alto Madness.

Richie Cole (sa) Andrei Kondakov (p) Andrei Rjabov (g) Vitali Solomonov (b) Oleg Butman (dr)

Leningrad bossa nova / If ever I would leave you / How high the moon / Suday in New York / titolo non identificato / Blues for Leningrad.

(Melodija C60-30069-006)

Leningrado, Russia, autunno 1989.



Richie Cole (sa) Dick Hindman (p) Rich Kuhns (p-synt) Henry Johnson (g) Seward McCain (b) Frank Passantino (b) Scott Morris (dr-perc)

Presidential sax / Paulo / Street of dreams / One for Monterey / Sarah / Volare / We belong together / Festival de samba / A foreign affair / Little darlin’ / Park & ride.

(Heads Up HUCD3022 CD)

San Francisco, CA, 5-7 Aprile 1993.

“Kush” The Music Of Dizzy Gillespie.Richie Cole With Brass.

Roger Ingram, Tony Kadleck, Alan Rubin, Jack Walrath (tp) Sam Burtis (tb) Douglas Purviance, Earl McIntyre (tb/b) John Clark (fh) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Vic Juris (g) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)


Tony Kadleck, Alan Rubin, Jack Walrath (tp) Sam Burtis (tb) Douglas Purviance (tb/b) John Clark (fh) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Peter Washington (b) Earl McIntyre (tuba) Carl Allen (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)

You go to my head.

Jack Walrath (tp) Sam Burtis (tb) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr)

Birks’ works.

Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Vic Juris (g) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr)

I waited for you.

Tony Kadleck, Alan Rubin, Jack Walrath (tp) Sam Burtis (tb) Douglas Purviance (tb/b) John Clark (tb) Richie Cole, Paquito D’Rivera (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Vic Juris (g) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)


Jack Walrath (tp) Paquito D’Rivera (cl) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Vic Juris (g) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr)

Salt peanuts.

Sam Burtis (tb) Douglas Purviance (tb/b) John Clark (fh) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Fareed Haque (g) Peter Washington (b) Earl McIntyre (tuba) Carl Allen (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)

Con alma.

Jack Walrath (tp) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)

A night in Tunisia.

Richie Cole (sa) Fareed Haque, Vic Juris (g)

This is the way.

Roger Ingram, Tony Kadleck, Alan Rubin, Jack Walrath (tp) Sam Burtis (tb) Douglas Purviance, Earl McIntyre (tb/b) John Clark (fh) Richie Cole (sa) Kevin Hays (p) Vic Juris (g) Peter Washington (b) Carl Allen (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)


(Venus TKJV-19072) New York, 9-12-94.

Richie Cole Plays West Side Story.Plays West Side Story.

Richie Cole (sa) Lou Forestieri (p) Vic Juris (g) Ed Howard (b) Tommy Campbell (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)

Something’s coming / America / Maria / I feel pretty / Cool & jet song / Tonight / Somewhere / West side blues.

(Venus TKJV-19012)

New York, 28-29 Marzo 1996.


Come Sunday – My Kind Of Religion.Come Sunday

Richie Cole (sa) Joe VOnner (org-p) Ashley Kirby (g) Artie Moore (b) Charles Ayash (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc) Preacherman Herman Wynter (vc)

I believe / The eye of the sparrow / Amazing Grace / Peace in the valley / Come Sunday / Reverend Gino’s perspective / Come morning / What a wonderful world / You’ll never walk alone / Signature of the Lord.

(Alto Madness 1 CD)

Boulder, CO, 1998.

Richie & Phil & Richie.Richie & Phil & Richie.

Richie Cole (sa-st-vc) Phil Woods (sa) Eddie Davis (st) John Hicks, Smith Dobson, Bobby Enriquez, Mickey Tucker, Harold Mabern (p) Bruce Forman, Vic Juris (g) Eddie Jefferson (vc) Rick Laird, Walter Booker, Steve Gilmore, Marshall Hawkins (b) Ray Mantilla (perc) Jimmy Cobb, Eddie Gladden, Scott Morris (dr)

Save Your Love For Me / Naugahyde Reality / Scrapple From The Apple / Donna Lee / polka Dots And Moonbeams / Eddie’s Mood-Side By Side / Body And Soul / The Common Touch / Lady Bird / Cherokee / I Can’t Get Started / Stormy Weather.

(32 Jazz 32065) 1998.

Trenton Style: Introducing The Alto Madness Orchestra.Trenton Style

Guy Fricano (tp-flic) Dante Luciani (tb) Richie Cole (sa) Billy Ross (st) Lou Forestieri (p) Vic Juris, Andrei Ryabov (g) Chris Berger (b) Victor Jones (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)

Trenton style / Florida Keys / On a misty night / Ooo baby baby / Witchcraft / Sarah (Vaughan) / Midnight at the starlight haunted ballroom / Night and day / The second time around / Somewhere over the rainbow.

(AltoMadness AMR0002CD)

Miami, FL, estate, 1999.

A Tribute To Our Buddies.A Tribute To Our Buddies.

Vince Cutro (tp) Rick Stepton (tb) Richie Cole (sa) Danny Walsh (st) Andrei Ryabov (g) Rick Crane (b) Wayne Dunton (dr) Coleman Richards (perc) Patrick Knowles (vc)

Love for sale / Portrait of Buddy / The lady is a tramp / Here I am in love again / Blue moon / The man in the empty suit / Stars of something big / But not for me / Wild is love / You rotten kid / My buddy.

(Fresh Sound FSRCD802)

Brooklyn, 21-24 Aprile 2003.

Back On Top.Back On Top

Nathan Eklund (tp) Rick Stepton (tb) Richie Cole (sa) Billy Ross (st) Andrei Riabov (g) Rick Crane (b) Wayne Dunton (dr)

Remembering Oliver Nelson / Jazz excursion / A walk in the park / Uncle Freddy / Home town / Don’t misundersland / Back on top / Realxxin’at the candlelight / (Trenton stile) / I love bebop / Portrait of Jenny.

(Jazz Excursion 101 CD)

Brooklyn, NY. 2-3 Giugno 2005.


Rise’s Rose Garden.Rise’s Rose Garden.

Nathan Eklund, Chris Juades, Jack Walrath (tp) Rick Stepton (tb) Richie Cole (sa) Bobby Howell (st) Don Friedman (p) Vic Juris (g) Rick Crane (b) Wayne Dunton (dr) Ray Mantilla (perc)

Rise’s rose garden / There will never be another you / Nightfall / Canadian sunset / Lost Jannuary / First low / A night in Toyama / Speak low / Garden in the moonlight / Town without pity / Three east / Ewing cha cha / Peggy’s blue skylight / Beyond the sea / Mr.Everything / Blueberry hill / Psycho-la-tron / Now I have everything.

(Jazz Excusrsion 103/104) Brooklyn, 24-26 Aprile 2006.chiusura


Trinidad, British West Indies. 8/8/1909.

Ha appreso le prime nozioni di musica dal padre Ronnie suonatore di batteria e vibrafono e si specializza in clarinetto. Nel 1924 è emigrato a New York, dove ha iniziato a suonare anche il sax alto da autodidatta, ha lavorato in vari locali e nel 1929 è arrivato il primo ingaggio con Bill Brown, e poi quello con Horace Henderson, che lo ha fatto conoscere ed apprezzare. Dal 1932 al 1938 ha suonato nella grande e famosa orchestra di Don Redman, con il quale si è affermato come ottimo solista e con la quale ha preso parte a numerose registrazioni. Lasciato Redman è entrato nel gruppo di Louis Armstrong con il quale ha collaborato per molti anni. Nel 1944 dopo una breve parentesi con Redman ha suonato con Cootie Williams. Negli anni ’50 ha suonato con Lucky Millinder, saltuariamente al “Jimmy Ryan’s” di New York con Wilbur DeParis. La sua attività è diventata sempre più saltuaria. Nel 1964 ha fatto parte del trio di George Wettling. chiusura


New York 30/8/1955.

Ha preso lezioni di pianoforte da Jaki Byard dal 1968 al 1973. Nel 1972 ha partecipato ad un seminario tenuto da Duke Ellington nell’Università del Wisconsin. In seguito ha studiato con George Russell al New England Conservatory ed ha frequentato anche la Yale University. Riceve lezioni di composizione da Mauricio Kagel nell’estate del 1981 in Francia ad Aix-en-Provence. Tornato a New York ha suonato e registrato con John Zorn, con Glenn Branca , con Marc Ribot, con David Shea. Ha realizzato insieme al sassofonista Roy Nathanson i “Lobster & Friend”, nel 1991. In seguito ha diretto il trio ”Sephardic Tinge”. Pianista molto espressivo, dal tocco veemente e dalla improvvisazione rapsodica, con accenni al post bop e bellissime sequenze blues. Interprete che naviga nella più completa libertà, permea le sue esibizioni di una profonda nostalgia e nello stesso tempo di ebrezza.


A Confederacy Of Dances, vol.1.A Confederacy Of Dances, vol.1

Don Byron (cl) Anthony Coleman (keyb) Guy Khuceysek (fis) Jim Pugliese (dr-sampier)

Acid Jazz Burnout.

(Einstein 001 CD)

Roulette Experimental, New York, 30-3-90.


Sephardic Tinge.Sephardic Tinge

Anthony Coleman (p) Greg Cohen (b) Joey baron (dr)

Bye-ya / Beiz / Bert Williams / Doina / Una matica de ruda.

New York, 8-12-93.

Quandro el rey nimrod / Ladino passacaglia / Ask Anthony 2

New York, 29-12-93.


(Tzadik TZ 7192 CD) New York, 12-1-94.

What Is Jazz?1996 – Anthony Coleman’s Sephardic Tinge.What Is Jazz 1996

Anthony Coleman (p) Ken Filiano (b) Michael Sarin (dr)

Ladino passacaglia.

(Knittin Factory KFW 195 CD)

Heineken, “What Is Jazz”, Festival, New York, Giugno 1996.



Coleman Anthony (p-aynt) Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) Doug Wieselman (cl) Wichael Attias (cl,sa,sb) James Pugliese (perc)

Idden Language / Bim / Eurotrash Ballade / You Don’t Know / What Love Is / The Dream Factory / The Mooche / Bom / Goodbye And Good Luck.



Our Beautiful Garden Is Open.Our Beautiful Garden Is Open.

Coleman Anthony (p) Ben Street (b) Michael Sarin (dr)

Detritus / Like Trees, Like Leaves…/ El sueno del la hija del rey / Et dosim / Our Beautigul Garden Is Open / There Is Nothing To Be Done / Nani Nani / Youkali / Scalerica de oro / Adon Haslicot.

(Tzadik 7159)

New York, 19-9-2000 & 22-10-2001.

Shmutsige Magnaten.Shmutsige Magnaten.

Anthony Coleman (p-vc)

Mayn Yovl / Mamenyu An Eytse / Kartolf Zup Mit Ahvamen / Avreml Der Marvikher / Oy Briderl,l’Chaim / S’ibrent / Hulyet, Hulyet Kinderlekh / S’Izs Gut / Minuten Fun Bbetochen – MIUnuten Fun Yiesh / Oreme SHnayderlekh.

(Tzadik TZ 8106)

Cracovia, 1-7-2005.chiusura


Centreville o Paris, KY. 4/8/1904. – Tolosa, Francia. 25/8/1981.

Ha studiato a Cincinnati dove si era trasferito con la famiglia. Il primo strumento è il clarinetto, insieme al C melody ed infine ha studiato la tromba con Wingie Carpenter. Ha debuttato con una orchestra amatoriale diretta da J.C.Higgimbotham e subito dopo è entrato nel quintetto diretto dal pianista e compositore Edgar Hayes, continuando però a svolgere le mansioni di fattorino. Il suo vero e proprio ingaggio professionale lo ha ottenuto nella metà degli anni ’20 nell’orchestra di Clarence Paige e nel 1927 è entrato in quella diretta dal clarinettista Lloyd Scott con il quale poi si è trasferito a New York. Qui ha suonato ed inciso con Luis Russell, con Charlie Johnson nel 1930 e con i “Kongo Knights” di Charlie Johnson. Nel 1932 ha fatto una tournée Europea al seguito di Lucky Millinder. Tornato negli Stati Uniti è entrato nell’orchestra diretta da Benny Carter, con il quale si è affermato definitivamente come una delle migliori trombe in circolazione. Ha suonato con Teddy Hill dal 1934 al 1935, ha inciso con Fats Waller diversi dischi per la Victor, ha collaborato con Dickie Wells. Nella seconda metà del 1935 è ritornato in Europea con Freddie Taylor, l’anno dopo qualche mese a Bombai in India al seguito dell’orchestra di Leon Abbey. Dal giugno del 1937 al dicembre del 1938 ha suonato con Willie Lewis a Parigi, quindi con una formazione da lui coodiretta gli “Harem Rhythmmakers Swing Stars” in tournée in Egitto. Nel 1940 è tornato negli States, torna a suonare con Benny Carter e poi con Fats Waller. Si è esibito al Cafè Society di New York con il sestetto di Teddy Wilson ed al Famous Door con Andy Kirk. Ha fatto una tournée negli stati del sud con Noble Sissle e dalla fine del 1942 ha diretto un proprio trio insieme al pianista Ellis Larkins in un concerto alla Carnegie Hall il 10 aprile del 1943. Ha suonato con Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Mary Lou Williams, John Kirby, Sidney Bechet, Sy Oliver ed in varie formazioni da studio. Per qualche mese ha suonato nei gruppi della West Coast e nel 1948 si è trasferito definitivamente in Europa. Ha diretto una sua orchestra che è diventata molto popolare in tutta l’Europa, ha partecipato con vari gruppi a diversi Festival e sedute di incisione, tra le quali con Django Reinhardt, Stephan Grappelli, Alix Combelle, Guy Lafitte. Musicista giramondo per vocazione, non solo in Europa, ma anche in Asia, è stato uno dei primi musicisti americani a stabilirsi in Europa. Musicista sottovalutato sia per essere coetaneo di un folto gruppo di trombe di valore e sia per aver trascorso molto tempo fuori degli Stati Uniti. Trombettista molto elegante e distinto anche come uomo. Cantante disinvolto sia nel blues che nello standard, la sua canzone prediletta è stata Just a Gigolo.


Bill Coleman Trio.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Herman Chittison (p) Eugene d’Hellemmes (b)

What’s the reason? / Georgia on my mind.

Parigi, 24-1-36.

I’m in the mood for love / After you’ve gone.

Parigi, 31-1-36.

Bill Coleman Et Son Orchestre.

Bill Coleman (tp) Edgar Courance (cl-st) Jean Ferrier (p) Oscar Aleman (g) Eugene d’Hellemmes (b) Hurley Diemer (dr)

Joe Louis stomp / Joe Louis stomp / Coquette / Coquette.

Parigi, 31-1-36.

Bill Coleman Et Son Orchestre.Et Son Orchestre.

Bill Coleman (tp) Stephane Grappelli (viol) Joseph Reinhardt (g) Wilsom Myers (b) Ted Fields (dr)

Indiana / Rose Room / The Merry-go-round Broke Down / Bill Street Blues / After You’ve Gone.

Parigi, 12-11-37.

Bill Coleman (tp) Christian Wagner (cl-sa) Frank “Big Boy” Goodie (st-cl) Emile Stern (p) Django Reinhardt (g) Lucien Simoens (b) Jerry Mengo (dr)

I ain’t got nobody 

/ Baby, won’t you please come home? / Baby, won’t you please come home? (inedito) / Big boy blues / Swing guitars / Coleman blues.

(Swing 14) Parigi, 19-11-37.

Bill Coleman (tp) Edgar Courance (cl-st) John Mitchell (g) Ernest Wilson Myers (b-vc) Tommy Benford (dr)

‘Way down yonder in New Orleans / I wish I could shimmy like my Sister Kate.

(Swing 214) Parigi, 28-9-38.

Town Hall Concert.Town Hall Concert.45

Bill Coleman (tp) Charlie Ventura (st) Stuff Smith (viol) Gene Krupa (dr)

Stardust/ Stompin’At The Savoy/ Body And Soul/ Limenhouse Blues/ Perdido/Bugle Call Rag/ Desert Sands.

(London HMC 5002)

Town Hall, New York, 9-6-45.

Bill Coleman/Don Byas Quintet.

Bill Coleman (tp) Don Byas (sa) Bernard Peiffer (p) Jean Bouchety (b) Roger Paraboschi (dr)

Just you, just me / Bill brother’s blues / Idaho / All the things you are / All the things you are / Bill Coleman blues.

(Jazz Selection 10.001) Parigi, 4-1-49.

Bill Coleman/Don Byas Quintet.

Bill Coleman (tp) Don Byas (sa) Bernard Peiffer (p) Jean Bouchety (b) Roger Paraboschi (dr)

What is this thing called love? / Yesterdays / Yesterdays / St. Louis blues / Lover man / Liza / Blues at noon.

(Prestige PR7598) Parigi, 5-1-49.

The Edward’s Jazz Band/The Saratoga Jazz Hounds.The Saratoga Jazz Hounds

Bill Coleman (tp) Michel de Villers (sa) Don Byas (st) Geo Daly (vib) Bernard Peiffer (p) Jean Bouchety (b) Roger Paraboschi (dr)

Idaho / Tit for tat / Body and soul / Just you, just me / After you’ve gone / Laura / The chase / Flying home / St. James infirmary / BC blues / St. Louis blues.

(Clifford CRJCD1002 CD)

Palais des Fetes, Strasbourg, Francia, 14-1-49.

Bill Coleman – Buck Clayton.

Bill Coleman, Buck Clayton, Merril Slepter (tp) Andre Persianny (p) Georges Hadjo (b) Wallace Bishop (dr)

B.C. And B.C.Blues / Sweet Georgia Brown.

Parigi, 23-11-49.

Classics 1940 – 1949.Classics 1940 – 1949.

Bill Coleman (tp) altri da identificare.

Old Fashioned Love / Exactly Like You / Smiles / It Had To Be You / My Melancoly Baby / Indiana / Dolores / Amapola / Oh How I Hate To get Up / There’ll Be Some Changes Made / Bill’s Brother Blues / I Can’t Get Started / Jumpin’In C / The Man I Love / Tea For Two / Blue Skies / Don’t Blame Me.


Bill Coleman And His Orchestra.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Bill Tamper (tb-arr) Jay Cameron (sa) William Boucaya (sb) Art Simmons (p) Jean-Pierre Sasson (g) Guy DeFatto (b) Gerard “Dave” Pochonet (dr)

Jumpin’ at Pleyel (2 takes) / Si jolie (2 takes) / The blues jumped up and got me (2 takes) / I’m comin’, Virginia / Come on-a my house (2 takes) / Tenderly (2 takes)

(Philips 72043H) Parigi, 9-11-51.

Bill Colman And His Swing Stars.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Dicky Wells (tb) Guy Lafitte (cl-st) Randy Downes (p) Buddy Banks (b) Zutty Singleton (dr)

St. Louis blues (I) / St. Louis blues (II) / Tea for two / Drum face / Muskrat ramble / Black and blue / Perdido / The Sheik of Araby / St. James infirmary / Out of nowhere / Royal garden blues / One o’clock jump / Ghost of a chance / Knuckle head / When the saints go marching in / Baby won’t you please come home / Solitude / Red top / Basin Street Blues / Lover Man / Summertime / Jumpin’With Symphony Sid / Trombone Blues / Chinatown / Idaho / Indiana..

(Philips 72131H 2341) Live “Salle Pleyel”, Parigi, 18-10-52.

Bill Coleman And His Swing Stars.

Bill Coleman (tp) Dickie Wells (tb) Guy Lafitte (st) Randy Downes (p) Buddy Banks (b) Zutty Singleton (dr)

Royal Garden Blues.

Parigi 18-10-52.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Bill Tamper (tb) Benny Waters (cl-sa-ss) Jack Starling (p) Eddie de Haas (b) Wallace Bishop (dr)

Summertime (inedito) / Boogie blues / Lover / Alexander’s ragtime band (inedito) / Honeysuckle rose / I surrender dear / Bugle call rag (inedito) / Royal garden blues / Some of these days (inedito) / Mood indigo / Old maid blues / When the saints go marching in (inedito) / St. Louis blues.

(Pathe ST1047) Live “Cluny Palace”, Parigi, 23-10-53.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Michel de Villers (sa) Guy Lafitte (st) Andre Persiany (p) Paul Rovere (b) Teddy Martin (dr)

Them there eyes / I’ve got my love to keep me warm / Wrap your troubles in dreams / Metro jazz.

Parigi, 15-12-55.

If I had you / Yes, sir! That’s my baby / Confessin’ / Confessin’.

(Columbia ESDF1079) Parigi, 21-12-55.

Bill Coleman And His Orchestra With Cecily Forde.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Michel de Villers (sa) Guy Lafitte (st) Andre Persiany (p) Paul Rovere (b) Roger Oaraboschi (dr) Cecily Forde (vc)

St. Louis baby / Basin Street blues / Lullaby of Birdland / Ding dong boogie.

(Columbia ESDF1100) Parigi, 13-3-56.

Bill Coleman Plays The Blues : Bill Coleman And His Four.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Jean-Claude Pelletier (p) George Duvivier (b) Roger Paraboschi (dr)

Tin roof blues / I gotta right to sing the blues / Blues in my heart / Draggie mama blues.

(Columbia ESDF1119) Parigi, 24-5-56.

Singing And Swinging With Bill Coleman And His Seven.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Fernand Verstraete (tp) Jacques Hendrix, Guy Lafitte (st) Armand Migiani (sb) Jean-Claude Pelletier (p) George Duvivier (b-arr) Roger Paraboschi (dr)

All too soon / My ideal / B and G bounce / Reunion in Paris / Just a gigolo / Dinah / Walkin’ my baby back home / Jump for joy.

(Columbia FP1093 5535) Parigi, 12-9-56.

Album Of Cities.

Bill Coleman (tp) Jean-Claude Pelletier (p) George Duvivier (b-arr) Christian Garros (dr) sezione di archi.

Basel in the spring / April in Paris / Foggy day in London / Chicago / The Golden Gate (San Francisco) / Overheard in Stockholm / A night in Rio / Autumn in New York.

(Columbia FP1096) Parigi, 17-9-56.

Swinging In Switzerland : Bill Coleman And The New Orleans Wild Cats.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Francis Bonjour (tp) Fred de Coulon (tb) Jean-Paul Augsburger (cl-sa) Claude Joly (p) Alain Dubois (bj) Arnold Hofmanner (b) Pierre Bouru (dr)

Indiana / Blues in my heart / Basin Street blues / Limehouse blues / I’m confessin’ / N’embrassez pas ma femme / St. Louis blues.

(Black & Blue 33.182) Live “Cinema Bel Air”, Yverdon-les-Bains, 6-11-57.

Bill Coleman With The Tremble Kids.

Bill Coleman, Eduard Jegge (tp) Walter Leibundgut (tb) Werner Keller (cl) Jean-Pierre Bionda (p) Rolf Cizmek (b) Charly Antolini (dr)

Sugar / Sweet Lorraine / Sweet Georgia Brown / Some of these days / Blues for Lily / Pennies from Heaven / Somebody loves me / If I had you.

(Columbia 33ZS102) Zurigo, Svizzeria, 13-11-57.

The Three C’s.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Michel Pilet (st) Henri Chaix (p) Alain Du Bois (g) Max Hediguer (b) Pierre Bouru (dr)

Wrap your troubles in dreams / N’embrassez pas ma femme / Idaho / Blue turning grey over you.

(Sackville SKCD2-2058 CD) Ginevra, 16-12-57.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Claude Bolling (p) Roland Lobligeois (b) Kansas Fields (dr)

Indiana / I’ve got rhythm.

Parigi, 1958.

Stesso gruppo, Bob Jaquillard per Max Hediguer.

Caravan / When my sugar walks down the street / Honeysuckle rose / I’ve found a new baby.

(Sackville SKCD2-2058) Ginevra, 6-9-58.

From Boogie To Funk.From Boogie To Funk.

Bill Coleman (tp) Quentin Jackson (tb) Budd Johnson (st) Patti Bown (p) Les Spann (g) Buddy Catlett (b) Joe Harris (dr)

Have blues, will play ‘em / From Boogie To Funk (part.1:The Boogie)/ From Boogie To Funk (part.2:The Blues)

Parigi, 21-1-60.

Bill, Budd and Butter / Afromotif in blue / Colemanology / From boogie to funk (pt.1) (The blues)

(Brunswick 87.905) Parigi, 22-1-60.

Bill Coleman And His Orchestra.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Maurice Vander (p) Jean Bouchety (b-arr) Roger Paraboschi (dr) altri non identificati.

He vous avec ces beaux yeux / Connais-tu / Ma petite symphonie / Pardonne-moi.

(Polydor 21753) Parigi, 14-10-60.

Bill Coleman And His Orchestra.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Henri Carels (tp) Leo Delsemme (tb-arr) Roger Demael (sa-cl) Fernand Duray (st) Johnny Dover (sb) Jean-Pol Vanderborght (p) Jean Warland (b) Leon “Bodash” Demeuldre (dr)

Petite fleur (inedito) / Alright, okay, you win / Indiana.

Bruxelles, 1960.

Jazz Pour Dieu.Jazz Pour Dieu.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Georges Bence, Louis Laboucarie, Jean Baissat, Tony Russo, Jean Liesse (tp) Andre Feraud, Francois Guin, Andre Siot, Charles Orieux (tb) Claude Lenissois (cl) Hubert Fol (sa) Jef Gilson (org-arr) Gilbert Rovere, Jack Sewing (b) Gaetan Dupenher, Alain Dahan (dr) Tshura, Jacques Degor (vc) coro non identificato.

Jericho / Pax / Sometimes I feel like a motherless child / Agnus dei.

(Unidisc 30.145)

Parigi, 1966.

A Smooth One.A Smooth One.

Bill Coleman (tp-flic) Matt Mathewson (p) Mark MacArthy (b) Johnny Richardson (dr)

Indiana / Caravan / I can’t get started.

Stesso gruppo con anche Tony Milliner (tb)

Don’t be that way.

Stesso gruppo con anche Alan Littlejohn (tp) Lew Hooper (st-cl) Tony Milliner (tb-vib)

Three little words / I want a little girl / A smooth one / Just a-sittin’ and a-rockin’ / Untitled original / Hollering at the Watkins / Hollering at the Watkins (encore)

(Jasmine JASCD 628 CD) Manchester Sports Guild, Manchester, 6-5-67.

Bill Coleman Sings And Play 12 Negro Spirituals.Sings And Play 12 Negro Spirituals

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Eddy Louiss (org) Gilbert Rovere (b) Lionel Magal (dr) con coro e orchestra diretta da Jef Gilson (arr)

Salvation/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ Go Down Moses/ We Praise Thee O God/ Dark Was The Night/ O When The Saints/ Old Time Religion/ Sometimes I feel Like A Motherless Child/ Blow By The Riverside/ Jericho/ Nobody Knows The TroubleI’ve Seen.

(Concert Hall SJS 1269)

Parigi, Marzo 1968.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) George Bence, Louis Laboucarie (tp) Christian Guizien, Francois Guin, Claude Gousset, Charles Orieux (tb) Eddy Louiss (org) Guy Pedersen (b) Lionel Magal (dr) Jeff Gilson (arr-dir)

Let my people go / Blow ye, the trumpet blow / Dark was the night / Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Eddy Louiss (org) Jean-Charles Capon (cello) Gilbert “Bibi” Rovere (b) Lionel Magal (dr) Jeff Gilson (arr-dir) altri e sezione di archi non identificati.

Swing low, sweet chariot / Jericho / Old time religion / Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

Stesso gruppo con Helene Devos, France Laurie, Annie Vassiliu (vc)

Salvation / Down by the riverside / We praise thee, O God / When the saints go marching in.

(Concert Hall SJS1269) Parigi, 8-10 Maggio 1968.

20Th Anniversary Album Golden River City Jazz Festivals Kortrijk.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Eddie Devos (sa) Eddie Lokerse (p) Willi Donni (g) Buddy Heyninck (dr)

Just a gigolo.

(Moss KRM617) Live, JazzFestival, Kortrijk, Belgio, 8-9-68.

Together At Last : Bill Coleman/Buddy Tate.Together At Last

Bill Coleman (tp-flic-vc) Buddy Tate (st) Georges Arvanitas (p-org) Pierre Sim (b) Charles Bellonzi (dr)

L ‘n’ L blues / Impulsive / Isn’t it romantic? / Cute / Together at last / Metro jazz / Memories of you / Stompin’ at the Savoy.

(Pathe CPTX240863)

Parigi, 5-12-68.


Three Generation Jam.Three Generation Jam.

Bill Coleman (tp-flic) Francois Guin (tb) Michael Garrett (p) Jean-Francois Catoire (b) Art Taylor (dr)

For me and my gal / Satin doll / Don’t blame me / How high the moon / If I had you / I’m in the mood for love / Rosetta / Stairway to the stars / I believe in miracles / I ain’t got nobody.

(“77” SEU12/34)

Parigi, 30-31 Gennaio 1969.

Bill And The Boys.Bill And The Boys,

Bill Coleman (tp-flic-vc) Marcel Bornstein (tp) Raymond Fonseque (tb-dir) Jacques Caroff (cl) Patrick Deroide (sax/b) Philippe Baudoin (p) Jean-Paul Muriel (bj) Claude Pou (wash)

Tenderly / Let me dream / I’m tipsy / Travelin’ on a cloud / Tomorrow is Sunday / Bill and the boys / Memories of the old days / Summernight’s dream / Looking back / Feelin’ fine.

(Concert Hall SJS1335)

Parigi, 5 e 29-4-71.

Bill Coleman With The Original Jazz Band Of Raymond Fonseque.Jazz Band Of Raymond Fonseque.

Bill Coleman, Marcel Bornstein (tp) Raymond Fonseque (tb) Jacques Caroff (cl) Patrick Deroide (sax/b) Philippe Baudoin (p) Jean-Paul Muriel, Bernard Grenier (bj) Claude Pou (wash)

When the saints go marching in / Hot Club blues / Royal garden blues / St. James infirmary.

Montmagny, Francia, 4-6-71.

Stesso gruppo con Marc Renard per Jacques Caroff, meno Bernard Grenier.

After you’ve gone / Sweet Georgia Brown.

(National NAT16.169) Taverny,Francia, 26-9-71.

Bill Coleman In Milan With Lino Patruno & His Friends.In Milan With Lino Patruno & His Friends.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Lino Patruno (g-b) Gianni Acocella (tb) Bruno Longhi (cl) Sergio Rigon (st-fl) Paolo Tomelleri (st) Mario Rusca (p) Giancarlo Cinti (b) Giorgio Vanni (dr)

I’ve Found A New Baby / Perdido.

Stesso gruppo senza Tomelleri.

Basin Street Blues/ Honeysuckle Rose/ I Want A Little Girl/ Pennies From Heaven/ Out Of Nowhere.

(Durium MS A 77313) Milano, 1-2 Dicembre 1972.

Mainstream At Montreux.Mainstream At Montreux.

Bill Coleman (tp-flic-vc) Guy Lafitte (st) Marc Hemmeler (p) Jack Sewing (b) Daniel Humair (dr)

Blue Lou / Idaho / Sur les quais du vieux Paris / L ‘n’ L blues / Tour de force / Montreux jump / I want a little girl / I know that you know.

(Black Lion 2460.212)

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, 4-7-73.

Paris 1973.

Bill Coleman (tp-flic-comp) Vincent Casino, Louis Vezant, Georges Gay, Pierre Sellin (tp) Francis Lussier, Emile Vilain, Charles Verstraete, Benny Vasseur (tb) Pierre Gossez, Georges Grenu, Jean Aldegon, Jo Hrasko, Georges Bessieres (reeds) Guy Boyer, Jacques Larue, Alain Fougeret (p-vib) Francis Le Maguer, Pierre Cullaz (g) Alf “Totole” Masselier, Pierre Sim (b) Jean-Marie Hauser, Andre Arpino (dr) Georges Ales, Alain Kouznetzoff, Pierre Couzinier, Jean Gaunet, Didier Saint Aulaire, Lucien Perotin, Roger Berthier, Christian Gentis, Gabriel Beauvais, Pierre Cheval (viol) Pierre Labadie (cello) Jerry Mengo (dir-comp)

Blowing for the cats / One room flat / Twenty turtles on a tree / Eve’s apple / Serenade for two / Saucy Suzy / Gentle storm / Blues is how you feel / Take a trip to the stars / Blow them sound / Sweet Lily of mine / Jumping on the moon.

(Music for Pleasure 2M.056-64822) Parigi, 15-16 Novembre 1973.

Hommage A Hughes Panassie : Bill Coleman & The New Orleans Dippers.

Bill Coleman (flic) Gilbert Rost (tp) Raymond Fonseque (tb) Olivier Frank (ss) Jean Poinsot (cl) Philippe Baudoin (p) Ricardo Galeazzi (b) Claude Alain du Parquet (dr)

Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone / Sugar.

(Flame 1003/1004) Live “Cave de la rue Pavee”, Parigi, 26-1-75.

Meeting The New Ragtime Band.Meeting The New Ragtime Band.

Bill Coleman (tp-vc) Robert Antenen (tp) Pierre Descoeudres (tb) Jacky Milliet (cl) Ervin “Vino” Montavon (p) Bernard Moritz (g-bj) Hans Schlaepfer (b) Rolf Siedler (dr)

Down by the riverside / Blue turning grey over you / Sweet Georgia Brown / That’s a plenty.

(Vogue 406-LDSE5505)

Ginevra, Svizzera, 13-6-76.


Cave’s Blues : Bill Coleman Meets Dany Doriz Au Caveau De La Huchette.Cave's Blues

Bill Coleman (tp-flic-vc) Rolf Buhrer (v/tb) Dany Doriz (vib) Patrice Authier (p) Henry Tischitz (b) Michel Denis (dr)

Goody goody / Cheek to cheek / Lover man.

Live “Caveaude la Huchette”, Parigi, 21-3-79.

Satin Doll / On Green Dolphin Street / Do You Know What I Means To Miss New Orleans / ‘S Wonderful.

Live “Caveaude la Huchette”, Parigi, 21-22 Marzo 1979.

Cave’s blues / Bye bye, blackbird / In a mellow tone.

(Jazzmophere JZ79.03) Live “Caveaude la Huchette”, Parigi, 22-3-79.

Bill Coleman & Raymond Fonseque Jazz Group.

Bill Coleman (tp) Raymond Fonseque (tb) Daniel Huck (sa) Dan Girard (bj) Alain Huguet (b-tuba) Claude Pou (dr)

Whoopee, you’re mine / Don’t worry, Lily (?) / That’s where I left my heart / Sunny side up / Mr. Bill and Doctor Ray / Bla-bla / Dancing close together / That’s all.

Parigi, 7-5-79.

Stesso gruppo con Olivier Frank per Daniel Huck.

Caravan / Petite fleur.

(Milan Jazz 873.121 CD) Parigi, 23-9-79.

Really I Do.Really I Do.

Bill Coleman (tp-flic-vc) Guy Lafitte (st) Red Richards (p) Bill Pemberton (b) Panama Francis (dr)

Crazy rhythm / You’ve changed / Tinto time / On the trail / Hello babe / Really I do / She’s funny that way / I’ve got my love to keep me warm / Montreux jump.

(Black & Blue 33.162, 59.162)

Toulouse, Francia, 15-5-80.chiusura


Gainesville, Alabama. 20/5/1896. – Tuskegee, Alabama. 28/6/1950.

Personaggio leggendario del blues dell’Alabama. Ha iniziato a dodici anni a suonare l’armonica per le strade della sua cittadina e nel 1918 dopo il servizio militare ha assunto il soprannome di “Jaybird” e si è trasferito a Bessemer vicino Birmingham dove lavora. E’ entrato nella “Birmingham Jug Band” con la quale si è esibito nelle feste, nei pic nic e nelle chiese della zona. Nel 1927 ha inciso i suoi primi dischi per la Gennett, che hanno ottenuto molto successo. In seguito ha accompagnato la cognata Lizzie Coleman, che si esibiva lungo le strade dell’Alabama, sino alla fine degli anni ‘40. chiusura


Long Beach, CA. 1962.

Ha iniziato a suonare il pianoforte a cinque anni e a 15 ha iniziato a studiare il pianoforte jazz, dal 1981 al 1986 con il maestro Charlie Shoemake. Dal 1990 alla guida di un suo trio molto stimolante, pianista potente ma nello stesso tempo emozionante. Anche buona compositrice. In seguito nel 1993 ha formato un quintetto, con il quale si è esibita in diversi famosi Festival, ottenendo grande successo. Ha insegnato al CSU di Long Beach, ed ha anche accompagnato balletti moderni.


Words Of Wisdon.Cecilia Coleman Words Of Wisdon.

Oscar Brashear (tp) Benn Clatworthy (st) Cecilia Coleman (p) Eric Van Essen, Jimmy Hoff (b) Kendall Kay (dr)

Alma / Words Of Wisdon / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / I’ll get By.

Los Angeles, Dicembre 1990.

Speak No Evil / Hallucinations / Posie / Nature Boy / Well You Needn’t.

(L.A.P. CD101 CD) Los Angeles, 11-5-92.

Young And Foolish.Cecilia Coleman Young And Foolish

Steve Huffsteter (tp-flic) Andy Suzuki (st) Cecilia Coleman (p) Dean Taba (b) Kendall Kay (dr)

Monstres / Divine / Somalia / The Real Thing / Celia / House Of Cards / Slippin’ / After You / Young And Foolish.

(Resurgent Music RM 103 CD)

Hollywoood, Dicembre 1993.

Home.Cecilia Coleman Home

Steve Huffsteter (tp-flic) Andy Suzuki (st) Cecilia Coleman (p) Dean Taba (b) Kendall Kay (dr) Dee Hufstetter (perc)

Isabella / So You Say / Home / Bleeker St. / Posie / Mama / Fayella / Two Sides Of A Penny / B’s Blues / Hymn For Him.

(Resurgent Music RM109 CD)

Hollywood, 25-26 Luglio 1995.

Higher Standards.Cecilia Coleman Higher Standards.

Cecilia Coleman (p) Christof Luty (b) Thomas White (dr)

Daahoud / But Not For Me / You Don’t Know What Love is / In Love In vain / My Romance / Old Folks / Ana Maria.

(Interplay IP9901 CD)

Burbank, CA. 18-4-98.


The Impostor.Cecilia Coleman The Impostor.

Steve Huffsteter (tp-flic) Jerry Pinters (st) Cecilia Coleman (p) Christopher Luty (b) Thomas White (dr)

Ms Jones / Highest Thought / Ben / But Not For Me / The Imposter / Giant Stepping / I Wanna Be Close To You / Other Places / For All We Know.

Stesso gruppo con Kendall Kay (dr) per White.


(Talon CD) 2002.

Pearl.Cecilia Coleman Pearl.

Cecilia Coleman (p) Tim Givens (b) Jeff Brillinger (dr)

Pearl / The Man In The Brown Hat / Pannonica / What’ll I Do / His Eye Is On The Sparrow / Street Of Ladero / Inner Urge / Lush Life / Al God’s Chillum Got Rhythm / I never Knew / The Man In The Brown Hat (Revisited) / Love You Madly.

(M & I MYCJ-30392 CD)


Images.Cecilia Coleman Images.

David Smith (tp) Adam Kolker (st) Cecilia Coleman (p) Tim Givens (b) Jeff Brillinger (dr)

Medley : You Are My Sunshine – Free Medley : I’ll Close My Eyes – The Man In The Brown Hat – Halloween Song / Medley : What’ll I Do – Blue And Gold – Crazybird – Step Aside / Medley : I Will Wait For You – The Dance / Medely : His Eye Is On Sparrow – Pearl.

(Interplay IP9902 CD) Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 15-4-2006.chiusura


New York. 14/6/1929. – New York. 18/11/2004.

Compositore molto apprezzato e premiato sia negli spettacoli di Broadway che per le musiche dei films a Hollywood. Ha iniziato la carriera come pianista di jazz, ma in seguito quando ha scoperto la sua felicissima vena di compositore ed ai primi successi, si è dedicato quasi del tutto a questa attività. Molte sue composizioni sono risultate particolarmente adatte ad interpretazioni jazzistiche, ricordiamo quelle portate alsuccesso in particolare da Nat King Cole e da Tony Bennett. Bambino prodigio che a sei anni si è esibito alla Carnegie Hall, prima di iniziare la sua fantastica carriera a Broadway.


Best is yet to come (The) – Circle Of Your Arms (The) – I’m gonna laugh you out of my life – It amazes me – Pass me by – When In Rome – Witchcraft.


Keyboard Kings.

Cy Coleman (p) con accomp. strumentale non identificato.

The very thought of you / The nearness of you / You and the night and the music / I only have eyes for you.

(MGM E191) New York, 12-11-52.

Cy Coleman (p) con accomp.strumentale non identificato.

I get a kick out of you / The way you look tonight / You call it madness but I call it love / If I had you.

(MGM E191) New York, 13-11-52.

Piano Patterns.

Cy Coleman (p) Nabil Totah (b) Ray Mosca (dr)

One-two-three / You took advantage of me / Taking a chance on love / Heat wave / Imagination / Get out of town / April in Paris / I’m old fashioned.

(Benida 1023) New York, 1953.

Cy Coleman.

Cy Coleman (p) Nabil Totah (b) Ray Mosca (dr)

Lover come back to me / I’m beginning to see the light / Skylark / They can’t take that away from me / From this moment on / Alexander’s ragtime band.

(Seeco CELP402) New York, 1957.

Cy Coleman (p) Ernie Furtado (b) John Cresci (dr)

Heat wave / You took advantage of me / Taking a chance on love / Get out of town / Wait till you see her / One-two-three.

(Seeco CELP402) New York, 1957.


Romeo Penque (fl) Cy Coleman (p) Barry Galbraith o Dan Perri (g) Aaron Bell (b) Ray Mosca o Osie Johnson (dr)

Cocoanut sweet / Pretty to walk with / Savanna / Take it slow, Joe / What good does it do.

Romeo Penque (fl) Cy Coleman (p-vc) Skeeter Best (g) Ray Mosca o Osie Johnson (dr)

I don’t think I’ll end it all / Napoleon / Little biscuit / Push de button / Monkey in the mango.

(Jubilee JLP1062) New York, 1957.

Cool Coleman.

Cy Coleman (p) Aaron Bell (b) Charlie Smith (dr)

Jazz mambo / Witchcraft / Hooray for love / Isn’t it romantic? / You fascinate me so / Gypsy in my soul / Alley cats / Foggy days / Sing you sinners / Bess, you is my woman / I want to be happy.

(Westminster WST15001)

New York, 1958.

Why Try To Change Me Now.

Cy Coleman (p) Aaron Bell (b) Ed Thigpen (dr)

This time the dreams on me / Little darlin’ / Smile / Gypsy love song / Why try to change me now? / Let there be love / Tangerine / Just imagine / Day in, day out / Crazy rhythm.

(Westminster WST15037)

New York, 1959.

Flower Drum Song.

Cy Coleman (p) Aaron Bell (b) Granville T. Hogan (dr)

The other generation / I am going to like it here / You are beautiful / Chop suey / Grant Avenue / A hundred million miracles / Love look away / Sunday.

(Westminster WP6106)

New York, 1960.

Playboy’s Penthouse.

Cy Coleman (p) Bill Takas (b) Dave Bailey (dr) con Ernie Royal (tp) Wayne Andre (tb) Quincy Jones, Ernie Wilkins (arr)

Playboy’s theme / Kiss and run / Lulu’s back in town / ‘Round midnight / Top hat, white tie and tails / Steppin’ out with my baby / Something I dreamed last night / Dorothy’s dilemma / Just in time / Tennis bums blues.

(Everest LPBR5092) New York, Giugno 1960.

Cy Coleman Plays His Own Compositions From Wildcat.

Cy Coleman (p) Bill Takas (b) Dave Bailey (dr) Ralph Dorsey (conga)

Hey look me over / Give a little whistle / Why takes my fancy / Tall hopes / One day we dance / You’re a liar / You’ve come home / Corduroy Road / Danie / Angelina / Tippy toes.

(Indigo 502) New York, 1961.

Broadway Panorama.

Cy Coleman (p)

Old devil moon / Lost in loveliness / Night of my nights / I got lost in his arms / Here I’ll stay / We open in Venice / The best thing for you / Come rain or come shine / Luck be a lady / Tall hope / Lonely town / The gentleman is a dope.

(Capitol T1740)

New York, 1962.

The Piano Witchcraft Of Cy Coleman.

Cy Coleman (p) con orchestra diretta da Billy May (arr)

Brassmen’s holiday / Witchcraft / Misty / I’m gonna laugh you out of my life / It amazes me / Hey look me over / The Riviera / Autumn nocturne / Leave it to love / I thought about you / You fascinate me so / The best is yet to come.

(Capitol T1952)

New York, 1962.

Comin’ Home.

Cy Coleman (p) Ben Tucker (b) Grady Tate (dr)

But not for me / On Green Dolphin Street / Fly me to the moon / Time after time / Blue grass groove / Robin Hood / Mean to me / For heaven’s sake / Comin’ home baby / There will never be another you / I’ve got your number / Sweet Georgia Brown / It’s a wonderful world.

(DRG SL5205)

Hollywood, CA, 20 Marzo, 16 Aprile 1963.

The Art Of Love.

Cy Coleman (p)

So long baby / Kick off your shoes / The art of love / Nikki (love theme) / Halfway blues / I wish I knew her name / Blues for Laurie / Parisian woman / The inspector revisited / The chase / Main title (The art of love)

(Capitol T2355 53605) Los Angeles, 1965.chiusura


Los Angeles, California. Aprile, 1956.

Figlio di Ornette Coleman. All’età di sei anni ha iniziato lo studio della batteria e ha dieci anni nel 1965 ha debuttato in California nel gruppo del padre e l’anno dopo ha partecipato ad una registrazione. Ha inciso con il padre e con Charlie Haden il suo primo disco “The Empty Foxole”. Nel 1969 ha inciso ancora con il padre due importanti album “Ornette 12” e “Crisis”. Per un periodo ha cambiato genere musicale e alla metà degli anni ’70 è tornato con il padre, che nel contempo aveva deciso la sua svolta e lo ha accompagnato in una tournée europea che ha toccato anche l’Italia. In seguito si è cimentato anche al basso elettrico. Ai suoi esordi aveva ben impressionato, con una stile influenzato da Ed Blackwell, ma con una sua sonorità. In seguito però ha deluso, per il suo modo di esprimersi senza alcuna particolare raffinatezza e dalla tecnica molto povera.chiusura


Port Huron, MI. 12/8/1925. – Palm Desert, CA. 14/8/1995.

Cantante che ha avuto successo nella metà degli anni ’40. Ha debuttato con l’orchestra di Ernie Fields e nel 1943 è entrato in quella di Jay McShann. La sua carriera é proseguita nelle orchestre di Earl Hines ed in quella di King Colax. Nel 1947 ha registrato il suo primo disco con il gruppo di Charlie Parker. In questa registrazione il brano “Yardbird Suite”, è stato il primo esempio in assoluto di interpretazione nella quale è stato esposto un testo lirico sulla note del tema strumentale. Ha interpretato altri temi al fianco di Dexter Gordon nel 1948, con Gene Ammons nel 1955 e con Erroll Garner. Ha registrato il primo disco come leader per la Prestige. In seguito ha fatto varie tournée anche in Europa dove si è esibito nel gruppo di Don Byas nel 1962. Ha lavorato al Birdland ed al Village Gate di New York. Ha avuto anche collaborazioni con Art Farmer, Fats Navarro, Max Roach, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins. Cantante dalla voce da baritono considerato inizialmente solo un pedissequo imitatore di Billy Eckstine, è stato invece in seguito considerato come uno dei migliori crooner americani legato al jazz. Possiamo dire che raccoglie le migliori doti dei suoi colleghi: la passione di Eckstine e Hardman e nei bassi profondi il calore di Al Hibbler.


Bopping The Blues.

Miles Davis (tp) Gene Ammons (st) Linton Garner (p) Connie Wainwright (g) Tommy Potter (b) Art Blakey (dr) Earl Coleman (vc)

Don’t sing me the blues / Don’t sing me the blues / Don’t explain to me baby / Don’t explain to me baby / Don’t explain to me baby / Don’t explain to me baby.

(Black Lion BLP60102) Hollywood, CA, 18-10-46.

Fats Navarro (tp) Don Lamphere (st) Linton Garner (p) Jimmy Johnson (b) Max Roach (dr) Earl Coleman (vc)

Move / Move.

New York, Dicembre 1947.

Earl Coleman.

Earl Coleman (vc) Al Casey (g) piano e basso non identificati.

It’s A Crying Shame / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Please / Pennies From Heaven / My Old Flame.

(Savoy 672) New York, 23-6-48.

Earl Coleman Acc By Linton Garner’sAll Stars.

Earl Coleman (vc) Allen Eager (st) Linton Garner (p) Kenny Clarke (dr) altri non identificati.

You’re the one for me (inedito) / I won’t tell a soul I love you / Don’t bring your troubles to me / I hadn’t anyone till you / I don’t need you now (inedito) / I give you my word.

New York, 25-10-48.

Earl Coleman (vc) Fats Navarro (tp) Don Lanphere (st) Linton Garner (p-cel) Al Casey (g) Jimmy Johnson (b) Max Roach (dr)

I wished on the moon / Guilty / Yardbird suite / A Stranger in town / As time goes by.

New York, 29-11-48.

Earl Coleman (vc) Billy Taylor (p) John Collins (g) Gene Ramey (b) Kelly Martin (dr)

Searching blues / Nightingale / You’re all that matters now (inedito) / When you smile.

(Jade 704) New York, 1948.

Earl Coleman Returns.

Earl Coleman (vc) Art Farmer (tp) Gigi Gryce (sa) Hank Jones (p)  Oscar Pettiford (b) Shadow Wilson (dr)

It’s You Or No One / Come Rain Or Come Shine / No Love No Nothin’.

New York, 2 Marzo 1956.

Earl Coleman (vc) Art Farmer (tp) Hank Jones (p)  Wendell Marshall (b) Wilbert Hogan (dr)

Say It Isn’t So / Reminiscing / Social Call.

(Prestige 7045) New York, 8 Giugno 1956.

Love Songs.

Earl Coleman (vc) Jerome Richardson (fl) Billy Taylor (p) big band Frank Foster, Tom McIntosh (arr)

People / The song is you / Work song / I’ve got you under my skin.

(Atlantic SD8172) New York, 16-8-66.

Earl Coleman (vc) Eddie Williams (tp) Billy Taylor (p) Gene Bertoncini (g) Reggie Workman (b) Bobby Thomas (dr)

Manhattan serenade / When did you leave heaven / A day in the life of a fool / Charade / There’s no you / I won’t tell a soul (I love you) / I wish I knew.

(Atlantic SD8172) New York, 26-2-67.

A Song For You.

Earl Coleman (vc) Al Cohn (st) Hank Jones (p) George Duvivier (b) Leroy Williams (dr)

A song for you / What are you doing the rest of your life? / Two different worlds / My funny valentine / All in love is fair / The very thought of you / Wave / Dark shadows.

(Xanadu 147)

New York, 9 Settembre 1977.

There’s Something Aboput An Old Love.

Earl Coleman (vc) Ted Dumbar (g) Harris Simon (p) George Duvivier (b) Leroy Williams (dr)

It’s A Crying Shame / I Love You / I need A Shoulder To Cry On / Lover / Embraceable You / You Don’t Know What Love Is / I Gto It Bad / I Guess It’s The Mood That I’m In / Moonlight In Vermont / There’s Something About An Old Love.

(Xanadu 175) New York, 12 Dicembre 1979.


Earl Coleman (vc) Tom Harrell (tp) Jerry Dodgion (sa-ss-fl) Mike Abene (p) George Duvivier (b) Walter Bolden (dr)

I hear a rhapsody / Serenade in blue / Star eyes / Star eyes / Star dust / Goodbye / I surrender dear / The gypsy / This time the dream’s on me / The things we did last summer / Flamingo.

(Stash ST 243) New York, Settembre 1984.chiusura


Menphis, Tennessee. 8/3/1935.

Da giovane è stato attirato dal rhythm-and-blues di Louis Jordan e Earl Bostic. Ma la sua vera vocazione la trova quando, mentre frequentava la scuola, ha avuto come compagni di studi Frank Strozier, Booker Little, Harold Mabern, Hank Crawford, Phineas Newborn, Charles Lloyd e Louis Smith e l’ascolto dei dischi di Charlie Parker hanno fatto il resto. Nel 1950 ha iniziato a studiare il contralto e nel 1952 ha esordito con il bluesman B.B.King, con il quale ha registrato anche il suo primo disco. Ha iniziato a studiare il sax tenore mentre lavorava con piccoli gruppi di rhythm-and-blues. Nel 1956 si è trasferito a Chicago dove ha incontrato Johnny Griffin e Gene Ammons e ha messo su un gruppo con Max Roach. Nel 1959 ha iniziato a lavorare freelance, ha registrato con Lee Morgan, ha suonato con Slide Hampton nel 1960, poi ha suonato con Jimmy Smith, con Kenny Burrell, con Ira Sullivan, con John Gilmore, con Bill Lee. Si è trasferito a New York dove ha suonato con Booker Little, con Chet Baker, con Horace Silver, con Elvin Jones, con Herbie Hancock. Ha codiretto un gruppo con Slide Hampton, e nel 1963 è entrato nel gruppo di Miles Davis. Nel 1965 è entrato nella grande orchestra di Lionel Hampton, ha lavorato con Shirley Scott e con Tete Montoliu. Sempre alla ricerca di nuove esperienze ha cambiato continuamente gruppi. Ha suonato anche con Charlie McPherson, e nel 1974 lo ritroviamo in Europa alla testa di un suo gruppo insieme a Slide Hampton. Nel 1975 ha diretto un quartetto con Cedar Walton. Sassofonista che, nel modo di suonare, si è ispirato all’inizio ai grandi sassofonisti moderni, senza però esserne dipendente e trovando presto una sua personalità piena di aggressività e di feeling. E’ considerato uno dei sassofonisti più dotati della sua generazione.


Jazz Contemporaries – Reason In Tonality.Jazz Contemporaries - Reason In Tonality.

Julius Watkins (fh) George Coleman (st) Clifford Jordan (st) Harold Mabern (p) Larru Ridley (b) Keno Duke (dr)

Reason In Tonality / 2-M B.

(Strata East Rec.SES 1972-2)

Village Vanguard, N.Y.13-2-72.


Dinamic Duo.Dinamic Duo.

George Coleman (st) Tete Montoliu (p)

Lisa / Dynamic Duo / First Time Down / Walzing At Rose’s Place / Meditation / Sophisticated Lady.

(Timeless SJP 110 CD)

Weps, Olanda, 20-2-1977.


Big George.Big George

Danny Moore (tp-flic) Frank Strozier (sa) George Coleman, Junior Cook (st) Mario Rivera (sb) Harold Mabern (p) Lisle Atkinson (b) Idris Muhammad (dr) Azzedin “Niles” Weston (perc)

On Green Dolphin Street / Frank’s tune / Big George / Joggin / Body and soul / Revival.

(Catalyst KUX-73)

New York, 2-3 Novembre 1977.


Amsterdam After Dark.Amsterdam After Dark.

George Coleman/st) Hilton Ruiz (p) Sam Jones (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Amsterdam After Dark / New Arrival / Lo-Joe / Autumn In New York / Apache Dance / Blondie’s Waltz.

(Timeless SJP 129)

New York, 29-12-78.



George Coleman (st) Hilton Ruiz (p) Ray Drummond (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Blues inside out / Walking / Stella by starlight.

(Pye N121)

Live “Ronnie Scott’s Club”, Londra, 19-20 Aprile 1979.


Playing Changes.Playing Changes.

George Coleman (st) Hilton Ruiz (p) Ray Drummond (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Laura / Siorra / Moment’s Motice / Oleo.

(JHCD 002 CD)

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz House, 19-20 Aprile 1979.


Manhattan Panorama.Manhattan Panorama.

George Coleman (st-st-vc) Harold Mabern (p) Jamil Nasser (b) Idris Muhammad (dr)

Mayor Koch / New York Suite: I Love New York – Manhattan / Subway Ride / El Barrio / New York Housing Blues / Ray Of Light.

(Evidence ECD 22019-2)

Village Vanguard, New York, 1985.


At Yoshi’s.At Yoshi's.

George Coleman (st) Harold Mabern (p) Ray Drummond (b) Alvin Queen (dr)

They Say It’s Wonderful / Laig Gobblin’Blues / Io / Good Morning Heartache / Up Jumpede Spring / Father / Soul Eyes.

(Evidence ECD 22021 CSD)

Yoshy’s, Oakland, Agosto 1987.


My Horns Of Plenty.My Horns Of Plenty.

George Coloeman (st) Harold Mabern (p) Ray Drummond (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Lush Life / Conrad / My Romance / The Sheik Of Araby / You Mean So Much To Me / Old Folks.

(Verve 314511922)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 4-5 Marzo 1991.


Blues Inside Out.Blues Inside Out.

Peter King (sa) George Coleman (st) Julian Joseph (p) Dave Green (b) Mark Taylor (dr)

Tune up / Venus fly trap / Nancy / Blues inside out / Never let me go / Oleo.

(Ronnie Scott’s Jazz House JHDE205)

Londra, 13-1-95.


Danger High Voltage.Danger High Voltage.

Jim Rotondi (tp) George Coleman (st) Ned Otter (st-arr) Gary Smulyan (sb) Harold Mabern (p) Ray Drummond (b) Da niel Sadownick (perc)

It’s She Lovely / Conservation / Portrait Of Jennie / Simone / Tenderly / Follow Me / Pretty Blues.

(CD Two & Four Recording 3)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 15-3-96.


I Could Write A Book (The Music of Richard Rogers).I Could Write A Book

George Coleman (st) Harold Mabern (p) Jamil Nasser (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

Falling In Love With Love / My Funny valentine / Laver / Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered / I Didn’t Know What Time It Was / My Favorite Things / Have You met Miss Jones / People Will ay We’re In Love / I Could Write A Book / Medley : There’s A Small Hotel – Where on…. / Thou Swell.

(Telarc 83439)

New York, 8-9 Gennaio 1998.

Four Generation Of Miles.Four Generation Of Miles.

George Coleman (st) Ron Carter (b) Jimmy Cobb (dr) Mike Stern (g)

There Is No Greater Love / All Blues / On Green Dolphin Street / Blue In Green / 81 / Freddie Freeloander / My Funny Valentine / If I Were Bell / Oleo.

(Chesky CD238)

New York, 12-5-2002.chiusura


New York,.

Ha studiato violino, pianoforte e contrabbasso ed ha iniziato la carriera nel 1952 come bassista suonando con Lou Donaldson, Willis Jackson, Etta Jones, Jack McDuff, Jimmy Scott, Sonny Stitt, Matthew Ghee e Cecil Payne. Inizia a suonare l’organo hammond seguendo le orme di Will”Bill”Davis. Nei primi anni ’60 accompagna come pianista e come organista Tiny Grimes allo “Sherry’s”di Atlantic City e con Sonny Stitt al Village Gate di New York. Suo marito George Coleman ha avuto un ruolo importante sulla sua carriera. Ha scritto anche molte canzoni che sono state interpretate da Bobby Humphrey e da Ernestine Anderson. Ha partecipato a diversi festival per il mondo, nel Festival a Brooklyn in memoria di Billie Holiday ha partecipato con il quartetto del figlio George Coleman Jr.


Soul Sisters.

Gloria Coleman (org) Leo Wright (sa) Grant Green (g) Pola Roberts (dr)

Que Baby / Sadie Green / Hey Sonny Redd / Melba S Minor / Funky Bob / My Ladie’s Waltz.

(Impulse LP A-47)

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 21 Maggio 1963.


Sings And Swings Organ.

Ray Copeland (flic) Dick Griffin (tb) James Anderson (st) Gloria Coleman (org,vc) Earl Dunbar (g) Charlie Davis (dr)

Bugaloo for Ernie / Sunday, Monday or always / Fungi mama / You better go now / Blues for youse / Blue bossa / Love nest / Fly me to the moon.

(Mainstream MRL322) New York, 1965.chiusura


Stoccolma, Svezia. 29/4/1956.

Figlio di un americano e di una francese è cresciuto a Biot in Francia sino al 1968 e, dal 1968 al 1982, nella Germania dell’Ovest. Ha iniziato a studiare musica al Musikhochshcule di Colonia dal 1979 al 1981 e nel 1982 ha frequentato il Berklee College of Music di Boston. Si è diplomato nel 1985 e quindi si è trasferito a New York e qui ha debuttato con Archie Shepp. Ha fatto una tournée con il gruppo di Bobby Hutcherson e nel 1985 ha suonato con Freddie Hubbard. Per diverso tempo è stato legato a Laurent de Wilde. Tra il 1986 ed il 1989 ha suonato con Art Farmer, James Williams, John Faddis e nella Duke Ellington Orchestra. Ha collaborato con Benny Carter nel 1989, con Monty Alexander nel 1990, con Tony Williams, con Bill Cobham nel 1993, con Joanne Brakeen nel 1995. Nello stesso anno è stato direttore musicale del gruppo di Ernest Ranglin. Ha lavorato anche freelance con Milt Jackson, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Art Farmer, Joe Henderson ed altri. Ha registrato con Eddie Henderson, con Renee Rosnes nel 1991, con John Swana, nel 1991, con Franco Ambrosetti nel 1992, con Uli Beckerhoff e Barney Willen nel 1994.

Partecipazioni quale Sideman:
Scott Wendholt, Through The Shadows. (Criss Cross) 1994.
Laurent de Wilde, The Back Burner. (Columbia) 1995.
Michael Rabinowitz, Gabrielle’s Balloon. (Jazz Focus) 1995.
Dee Dee Bridgewater, Prelude To A Kiss. (Philips) 1996.
Monty Alexander, To The Ends Of The Earth. (Concord) 1996.
Tony Williams, Young At Heart. (Columbia) 1996.
Laurent de Wilde, Spoon-a-Rhythm. (Columbia) 1996.
Georges Arvanitas, Rencontre. (Sony) 1997.
Joe Chambers, Mirrors. (Bluenote) 1998.
Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, Thank You, Joe !. (Arkadia) 1999.
Antonio Farao, Black Inside. (Enja) 1999.
Denise Jannah, The Madness Of Our Love. (Bluenote) 1999.
Bob Belden, Black Dahlia. (Bluenote) 2000.
Uli Lenz, Rainmaker’s Dance. (Arkadia) 2000.
Byron Stripling, Byron, Get One Free. (Nagel Heyer) 2000.
David Klein, My Marilyn. (Enja) 2001.
Dee Dee Bridgewater, This Is New. (Verve) 2001.
Grady Tate, All Love Grady Tate Sings. (441 Records) 2002.
Jeff Marx, Treading Air Breathing Fire. (Soluma) 2002.
Pharoah Sanders, The Creator Has A Master Plan. (Venus) 2003.
Larry Franco, Introducing … Larry Franco, Jazz Singer. (Philology) 2003.
John Di Martino, So In Love. (Venus) 2004.
Joe Beck, Brazilian Dreamin’. (Venus) 2005.chiusura


Gainesville, Alabama. 20/5/1896. – Tuskegee, Alabama. 28/1/1950.

Si è procurato il soprannome di “Jardbyrd”, per la sua indipendenza. Cantante di blues dalla voce generosa, dal vibrato teso e dai toni alti. Molto originale nei duetti serrati che proponeva con il canto e con l’armonica a bocca. Nei primi anni ’20 ha collaborato con Big Joe Williams ed ha fatto una tournée anche in Sud America con la Birmingham Jug Band. Ha registrato per la prima volta come solista nel 1927. Dal 1930 proprio per il suo spirito indipendente ha preferito esibirsi per le strade in tutta l’Alabama. chiusura


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