Londra, Inghilterra. 5/2/1942.

Ha frequentato l’Università di Oxford laureandosi in cinese classico. Ha iniziato a suonare nella metà degli anni’60 nei migliori gruppi maistream inglesi, come quelli di Sandy Brown, Bruce Turner, Dick Sudhalter, Lennie Hastings e Ron Russell. Nel 1970 ha collaborato anche con la cantante Susannah McCorkle, sia come accompagnatore che come arrangiatore, con la quale ha effettuato anche una tournè negli U.S.A. ed ha inciso dei buoni album per la EMI. Ha collaborato con diversi musicisti americani di passaggio come Red Allen, Pee Wee Russell, Charlie Shavers e Ben Webster. Nel 1978 si è stabilito negli States dove ha lavorato con Ed Polcer, con Benny Goodman e nella World’s Greatest Jazz Band. Ha preso parte a vari Festival e si è esibito in vari club. Nel 1980 ha fatto una tournèe in Inghilterra con la “Memorial Eddie Condon Band” di Ed Polcer. Nel 1984 ha preso parte al Festival Jazz di Allegheny. Ha effettuato una tournee con Maxime Sullivan, Bob Reitmeier, Lynn Seaton e John Von Ohlen. Ha continuato a soggiornare negli U.S.A. anche se sporadicamente è tornato in patria. Ha inciso con la cantante Maxine Sullivan ed in Europa con Marty Grosz. Keith Ingham continua a produrre una varietà di progetti affascinanti all’interno di quello che potrebbe essere chiamato il “jazz classico”. Pianista maturo, molto duttile, attivo in una serie larga di stili. Le sue interpretazioni sono funzionali, molto vicine allo spirito dei motivi originali, ma sempre con qualcosa di nuovo e di fresco.


The Music Of Richard Rogers.keith-ingham-the-music-of-richard-rogers

Keith Ingham (p)

Thou swell / Atlantic blues / You have cast your shadow on the sea / Glad to be unhappy / Everything I’ve got / Here in my arms / Yours sincerely / Bewitched, bothered and bewildered / Spring is here / Have you met Miss Jones ? / My heart stood still / My man is on the make / Oh ! what a beautiful morning / Out of my dreams.

Londra, 27 Maggio 1976.

Keith Ingham (p) Susannah McCorkle (vc)

A lady must live / This funny world.

(World Records SH236) Londra, 10 Giugno 1976.

Plays The Music Of Jerome Kern.keith-ingham-plays-the-music-of-jerome-kern

Keith Ingham (p)

Very good Eddie medley / Goodnight boat / Left all alone again blues / Babes in the wood / I’ve got to dance / Go little boat / Medley: The siren’s song, Who ? / Who ? / Whip-poor-will / Why do I love you ? / I’ve told every little star / Bojangles of Harlem / Never gonna dance / Medley: The folks who live on the hill, All in fun / All in fun / Medley: The way you look tonight, Up with the lark / Long ago and far away / Sure thing / All through the day.

Keith Ingham (p) Susannah McCorkle (vc)

Why was I born ? / Nobody else but me.

(World Records WRS1003) Londra, 1977.

A Collection Of Fred Astaire.Fred Astaire Collection.

Bob Reitmeier (cl) Keith Ingham (p) Frank Tate (b) Vernel Fournier (dr).

Top Hat, With Tie And Tails / It Only Happens When I Dance With You / I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Baket / I’m Building Up To An Awful Letdown / Let Yourswelf Go / I Used To Be Color Blind / Isn’t This A Lovely Day / Puttin’On The Ritz / Things Are Lookinmg Up / A Shine On Your Shoes / Not My Girl / Change Partners / Shall We Dance / I Can’t be Bothered Now / My Myself / New Sun In The Sky.

(Jump Records 1215)

New York, 21-23 Marzo 1989.

Plays The Music Of Victor Young.keith-ingham-plays-the-music-of-victor-young

Bob Reitmeier (cl) Keith Ingham (p) Frank Tate (b) Vernel Fournier (dr).

Love letters / Street of dreams / Love me / My foolish heart / A hundred years from today / Sweet Sue, just you / Golden earrings / Ghost of a chance / Love me tonight / Weaver of dreams / I love you so / Got the south in my soul / Stella by starlight / A love like this / Around the world / A woman’s intuition / Can’t we talk it over ? / When I fall in love.

(Jump JCD12-16) 

New York, 21-23 Marzo 1989.

Out Of The Past.keith-ingham-out-of-the-past

Keith Ingham (p)

Jazzin’ babies blues / Out of the past / Bittersweet / South side strut / Moon and sand / Love dance / Sphere / At the window / Truckin’ / Just like a butterfly / Drop me off in Harlem / A beautiful friendship / Oh, lady be good / Love you madly / Birmingham breakdown.

Toronto, 30 Novembre, 2 Dicembre 1990.

Just squeeze me / Skating in Central Park / London in July.

(Sackville SKCD2-3047) New York, 17 Dicembre 1990.

Unsaturated Fats.Unsaturated Fats.

Peter Ecklund (tr-corn) Joe Muranyi (cl-st) Dan Barrett (tb) Keith Ingham (p) Marty Grosz (g-bj-vc) Greg Cohen (b-tuba) Arnie Kinsella (dr).

St.Louis Shuffle / Prisoner Of Love / Gweorgia Bo Bo / Breezin’ / That Rhythm Man / Dixie Cinderella / Say It With Your Feet / Asbestos / Keep A Song In Your Soul / If It Ain’t Love / Old Folks Shuffle / Say Yes / Lookin’Good But Feelin’Bad / MY heart’s At Ease.

(Stomp Off Rec.1214).


Donaldson Redux.Donaldson Redux.

Peter Ecklund (tr-corn) Bobby Gordon, Billy Novick (cl) Loren Schoeberg (tr-sax) Dan Barrett (tb) Keith Ingham (p) Marty Grosz (g-bj-vc) Vince Giordano, Greg Cohen (b-tuba) Hall Smith, Arnie Kinsella (dr).

There’s A Wah-Wah Gal In Agua Calienta / An Evening In Caroline / My Blue Heaven / When My Ship Comes In / At Sundown / Because My baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now / Riptide / Changes / Romance / How’Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree) / I’ve Had My Moments / My Baby Just Cares For Me / Swanee Butterfly / Okay Toots / A Girlfriend Of A Boyfriend Of Mine / Love Or Leave Me / ‘Tain No Sin / Without That Gal / Reaching For Someone (And Not Finding Anyone There) / Mary What Are You Waiting For.

(Stomp Off 1237). 1991.

My Little Brown Book, A Celebration Of Billy Strayhorn’s Music.keith-ingham-my-little-brown-book

Harry Allen (st) Keith Ingham (p,arr) Chris Flory (g) Dennis Irwin (b) Chuck Riggs (dr)

The kissing bug / I don’t mind / Raincheck / Chelsea bridge / Satin doll / Violet blue / Johnny come lately / Smada / Isphahan / Take the “A” train / Noir bleu / Day dream / My little brown book / Lotus blossom / Newport up.

(Progressive PCD-7101)

New York, 12-14 Marzo 1993.

The Keith Ingham New York 9.New York 9 Vol.1.

Randy Reinhard (corn) Dan Barrett (tb) Phil Bodner (cl-st) Keith Ingham (p) Greg Cohen (b) Jiackie Williams (dr).

Let Yourself Go / I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody / Shoe Shine Boy / Madame Dynamite / Shake Down The Stars / I’m Gonna Stomp Mr.Henry Lee / In The Of A Kiss Sleghride In July Seems Like Old Times / Too Busy / Improvisation For The March Of Time / Too Good To Be True / Save You Sorrow / It’s Love I’m After / Leam To Croon / Mood Hollywood / For You For Me For Evermore How Am I To Know / Here’s Love In Your Eyes / I never Knew / Improvisation For The March Of Time.

(Jump Rec.18) New York, 9-17 Maggio 1994.

Just Imagine.Just Imagine.

Peter Ecklund (tr-corn) Dan Levinson (cl-st) Scott Robinson (cl-st) Andy Stein (viol) Dan Barrett (tb) Keith Ingham (p) Marty Grosz (g-bj-vc) Joe Hanchrow, Greg Cohen (b) Arnie Kinsella (dr).

The Varsity Drag / (I’m A Dreamer) Aren’t We All / Magnolia / Tweet Tweet / Together / Birth Of The Blues / Never Swat A Fly / Just Imagine / You’re The Cream In My Coffee / There I Go Dreaming Again / Southwind / One More Time / Button Up Your Overcoat / Let’s Call It A Day / Turn On The Heat / This Is The Missus / The Thrill Is Gone / If I Had A Talking Picture Of You / Red Hot Chicago / I’m In Seventh Heaven.

(Stomp Off Rec.1285). New York, 20-22 Aprile 1994.

A Star Dust Melody.A Star Dust Melody.

Rand Reinhart (tr) Scott Robinson (cl) Keith Ingham (p) James Chirillo (g) Greg Cohen (b) Jiackie Williams (dr).

Roll’Em / Don’d Explain / Down In The Dumps / I Just Couldn’t Take It Baby / I’m Pulling Through / Perdido Street Blues / A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm / This Will Make You Laugh / Twilight / Walkin’And Swingin’/ Just For A Thrill / Little Joe From Chicago / Walking By The River / Preaching The Blues / Yesterdays Kisses / Some Other Spring – God Bless The Child / Struttin’With Some Barbecue.

(Sackville Recordings 3063). New York, 25 Agosto 1997.

A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm.A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm.

Bob Barnard (corn) Scott Robinson (ss-tp-sb-cl) Keith Ingham (p) James Chirillo (g) Greg Cohen (b) Jackie Williams (dr).

Ole Buttermik Sky / Heart And Soul / Georgia In My Mind / Moonbum / Stardust / The Nearmess Of You / Judy / Winter Moon / In The Cool Cool Cool In The Evening / Jubilee / Can’t Get Indiana Off My Mind / Hong Kong Blues / Baltimore Oriole / April In My heart / Lazibones / Snowball / Sing Me A Swing Song / Daybreak / Two Sleepy People.

(Sackville Recordings 2051)


Going Hollywood.Going Hollywood.

Peter Ecklund (tr-corn) Dan Block (cl-sa) Scott Robinson (cl-ss-sa-st-sb-sax/b) Andy Stein (viol) / Joel Hellenyi (tb) Keith Ingham (p-arr) Marty Groz (g-bj-vc) Brioan Nalepka o Greg Cohen (b) o Vince Giordano (tuba) Arnie Kinsella (dr).

The Wedding Of The Painted Doll / Little By Little / Swanee Shuffle / The Call Of The Freaks / You’re Simply Delish / Pagan Love Song / Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time / I Like To Do Things For You / Three On A Match / Should I / Navy Blues / The Woman In The Shoe / Keepin’Myself For You / Like Ordinary People Do / Gotta Feelin’For You / How Am I To Know / Glad Rag Doll / Louise.

(Stomp Off 1323). 1997.

The Song Of Noel Coward.he Song Of Noel Coward.

Keith Ingham (p-arr) Murray Wall (b) Steve Little (dr) Barbara Lea (vc).

Something Very Strange / Sail Away / Never Again / Come The Wild Wild Weather / Play Orchestra Play / Mad About The Boy / Sigh No More / World Weary / There Will Always Be / If Love Were All.

Brooklyn, New York, 8-3-99.

Stesso gruppo con Greg Cohen per Wall.

Zigeuner / Chase Me Charlie / 20 th Century Blues / Poor Little Rich Girl / Someday I’ll Find You / I’ll See You Again / I’ll Follow My Secret Heart / Nina / When You Want Me / A Room With A View / You Were There / The Party’s Over Now.

Challenge, CD CHR 70043).Brooklyn, New York, 9-3-99.

We’re In The Money.We’re In The Money.

Peter Ecklund (tr) Bobby Gordon (cl) Keith Ingham (p-arr) Chris Flory (g) Murray Wall (b) Steve Little (dr).

We’re In The Money / Where Have You Been / The Image Of You / Mighty Like The Blues / Every Now And Them / Lulu’s Back In Town / Pastel Blue / She Didn’t Say Yes / Celestial Boogie / Comes Love / I Must Be Dreaming / Gee But You’re Swell / A Room With A View / Solid Old man / Let’s Get Lost / Indian Summer Peggy.

(Sackville Recordings 2055).


New York 9 Vol.3.New York 9 Vol.3.

Dan Barrett (tb) Randy Reinhard (corn) Ken Peplowsky (cl) Scott Robinson (sa) Keith Ingham (p-arr) James Cyrillo (g) Greg Cohen (b) Arnie Kinsella (dr).

South / Don’t Let That Moon Get Away / Waitin’For Kate / Love Is The Thing / Oh.Baby / My Last Affair / It’s De-Lovely / On A Little Street In Singapore / Oh, By Ingo / You Thaugh Me To Love Again / Sally / Pete Kelly’s Blues / Cole Porter Medley: How Could We Be Wrong – Goodbye Little Dream / Eccentric / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / Hors D’Oeuvres.

(Jump Records 1213). 6-7 Febbraio 2001.

Great Songs From Great Britain.keith-ingham-great-songs-from-great-britain

Bob Reitmeier (cl) Keith Ingham (p) John Von Ohlen (dr)

A room with a view / A garden in the rain / Got a date with an angel / She’s my lovely / Red sails in the sunset / A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square / The gypsy / I’ll close my eyes / The lambeth walk / Room 504 / The very thought of you / Moonlight on the Ganges / You’re blase / Cherokee / We’ll gather lilacs / Poor little rich girl / Love is the sweetest thing / Roses of Picardy / Limehouse blues / These foolish things / We’ll meet again.

(Jump JCD12-26) Pittsburgh, PA, 6-7 Novembre 2002.

Music, Music Everywhere.keith-ingham-music-music-everywhere

Keith Ingham (p) Jim Richardson (b) Bobby Worth (dr)

Odd number / Thinking of you / Music, music everywhere / Dearly beloved / Afternoon in Paris / For Lena and Lennie / You go to my head / Did I remember ? / This is always / Monk’s mood / Summer rain / Will you still be mine ? / Born to be blue / It’s a wonderful world / Wonder why / Moon and sand.

(Spotlite 577) Middlesex, 13-14 Maggio 2003.



Islanda. 11/7/1935.

Uno dei pochi musicisti di jazz islandesi. Ha iniziato a suonare la fisarmonica a dodici anni, poi il clarinetto ed il sassofono. Ha debuttato a venti anni nel “Orion Quintet” e nel 1956 ha avuto il suo primo gruppo. Nel 1959 ha fatto parte del K. K. Sextet e nel 1959 si è recato negli Stati Uniti per frequentare la Berklee School of Music.




Ken Ingram’s Society Syncopators.

Ken Ingram (corn) Rob Gribble (tb) Norman Field (cl,st) Terry McGrath (sa) Jonathan Penn (p) George Linden (bj) Gordon Bradford (tuba) Mike Haslum (dr)

It don’t mean a thing / Zulu wail / Doodle doo doo / Grandpa’s spells / Mindin’ my business / Deep Henderson / San / Just my type / It belongs to you / I’ve lost my heart in Dixieland / Nothing yet / There’s a rainbow ‘round my shoulder / Changes / I can’t stop loving you.

(Stomp ROBB006) Burnham, Bucks, 20 Giugno 1971.



Tunisi. 1934.

Ha studiato a Parigi negli anni’50, dove ha frequentato e suonato nelle cave. E’ entrato nel trio di Jack Denjean, ha suonato poi con Henri Renaud. Ha continuatom a suonare free lance in diversi locali accompagnando anche vari musicisti americani tra i quali Lester Young.



Gruppo vocale molto influenzato dai più famosi Mills Brothers. Diversamente dai Mills però gli Ink trovano una originale anche se alla lunga stucchevole formula per avere successo, il loro repertorio è fatto quasi esclusivamente di canzoni sentimentali e di vivaci bozzetti bluesy. La voce conduttrice è quella di Bill Kenny, voce affettata, che enuncia con passione i testi in contrasto con le voci brunite dei colleghi, nei quali figura il basso profondo di Hoppy Jones



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