PERSON Houston


Florence, South Carolina. 10/10/1934.

Ha studiato il pianoforte con la madre da ragazzo ed ha iniziato ad avere interesse per il sassofono a 17 anni. Ha studiato per tre anni al South Carolina State College d’Orangeburg, di cui ha fatto parte anche dell’orchestra. Durante il servizio militare svolto in Germania ha conosciuto diversi musicisti : Eddie Harris, Lanny Morgan, Leo Wright, Cedar Walton e Lex Humphries. Tornato alla vita civile ha studiato al Hart School of Music di Hartford nel Connecticut. Finiti gli studi è stato ingaggiato da Johnny Hammond Smith per una serie di concerti. Nel 1964 ha messo su un suo gruppo con il quale predilige interpretare i classici del jazz moderno, le composizioni di Dameron, di Monk e di Golson. Nel 1968 ha iniziato a lavorare con Etta Jones e ha registrare per la Prestigi. Ha diretto un trio insieme all’organista Jimmy Watson e al batterista Frankie Jones. Ha registrato per la Muse con Groove Holmes, Bernard Pretty Purdie, Charles Earland, Shirley Scott, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Ponder, Horace Silver, Ran Blake, Johnny Lytle, Warren Vache, Joey DeFrancesco, Junior Mance, in duo con Ran Blake e Ron Carter. Nella sua musica è evidente l’influenza del rhyth-and-blues, anche se con maggiore swing. Particolarmente abile nelle ballads.


Underground Soul.Underground Soul.

Mark Levine (tb) Houston Person (st) Charles Boston (org) Frank Jones (dr)

What Ther World Needs Is Love / Underground Soul / The Pimp / Aleiula / Ballin’/ If You Could See Me Now / Strike Up The Band / Tears.

(Prestige 7491)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 16 Giugno 1966.



Frankie Jones (tp-dr) Houston Person (st) Cedar Walton (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Alan Dawson (dr-vib)

Since I Fell For You / More / Up And Away / Chocomotive / You Are Going To Here From Me / Girl Talk / Close Quartets.

(Prestige 7517)

New York, 14 Giugno 1967.


Trust In Me.Trust In Me.

Houston Person (st) Cedar Walton (p) Paul Chambers (b) Lennie NcBrowne (dr) Ralph Dorsey (conga)

Trust In Me / Something I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Hey There / My Little Suede Shoes / One Mint Julep / That Old Black Magic / The Second Time Around.

(Prestige 7548)

New York, 13 Ottobre 1967.


Blue Odyssey.Blue Odyssey.

Curtis Fuller (tb) Houston Person (st) Pepper Adams (sb) Cedar Walton (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Frankie Jones (dr)

Blue Odyssey / Holy Land / I Love You Yes I Do / Funky London / Please Send Me Someone To Love / Starr Burnst.

(Prestige 7566)

New York, 12 Marzo 1968.


Soul Dance.Soul Dance.

Houston Person (st) Billy Gardner (org) Ivan Jones (g) Frankie Jones (dr)

Groovin’And Groovin’ / Soul Dance / Never Let Me Go / Blue Seven / What A Difference A Day Made / Snake Eyes / Here’s That Rainy Day / Teardrops From My Eyes.

(Prestige 7621)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 18 Novembre 1968.



Houston Person (st) Sonny Phillips (org) Billy Butler (g) Bob Bushnell (b/el) Frankie Jones (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga)

Goodness / Hey Driver / Hard Times / Jamilah / Close Your Eyes / Brother H.

(Prestige 10027)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 25 Agosto 1969.



Houston Person (st) Sonny Phillips (org) Billy Butler (g) Bob Bushnell (b/el) Frankie Jones (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga)

Wadin’ / The Pulpit / Cissy Strut / On The Avenue / If Ruled The World / For Your Love.

(Prestige 10026)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 23 Febbraio 1970.


Person To Person.Person To Person.

Virgil Jones (tp) Houston Person (st) Sonny Phillips (org-p/el) Grant Green (g) Jimmy Lewis (b/el) Idris Muhammad (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga)

Teardrops / The Son Of Man / Cloes To You / Yester-Me Yester –You Yesterday / Drown In My Own Tears / Up At Joe’s My Own Tears.

(Prestige P 10003)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 12 Ottobre 1970.


Houston Express.Houston Express.

Harold Money Johson, Thad Jones, Ernie Royal (tp) Garnett Brown, Jack Jeffers (tb) Houston Person (st) Harold Vick (st-fl) Babe Clark (sb) Jimmy Watson (org) Paul Griffin (p-p/el) Billy Butler (g) Gerry Jemmott (b/el) Bernard Purdie (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga) Horace Ott (arr-dir)

Young Gifted And Black / The Houston Express / Lift Every Voice / Enjoy.

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 8 Aprile 1971.

Cecil Bridgewater (tp) Houston Person (st) Babe Clark (sb) Ernie Hayes (org-p/el) Jimmy Watson (org) Billy Butler (g) Gerry Jemmott (b/el) Bernard Purdie (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga)

Just My Imagination / Give More Power To The People / Chains Of Love.

(Prestige 10017) Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 9 Aprile 1971.

Broken Windows, Empty Hallways.Broken Windows, Empty Hallways.

Victor Paz, Joe Wilder (tp) Jim Buffington (fh) Ronnie Iannelli (fl-cl-sb) Hubert Laws (fl-sb-oboe-picc-cl) Houston Person (st) Ernie Hayes, Jimmy Watson (org) Cedar Walton (p) Grady Tate (dr) Bunny Briggs (tip/tap) Billy Ver Planck (arr-dir)

Mr.Bojangles / Don’t Mess With Bill / I Think It’s Going To Rain Today / Moan Er-Uh Lisa / Everything’s Alright / Imagine / Let’sCall This / Bleecker Street.

(Prestige 10044)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1 Maggio 1972.

Sweet Burn And Barbeque.Sweet Burn And Barbeque.

Houston Person (st) Richard Tee (p-p/el) Joe Beck (g-arr) Hugh McCracken (g) Ron Carter (b) Grady Tate (dr)

A Song for You / Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye / Scared To Be Alone.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 11 Settembre 1972.

Houston Person (st) Joe Beck (g) George Duvivier (b) Grady Tate (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga-perc)

Sweet Burn And Barbecue / This Masquerade / Down Here On The Ground / Put It Were You Want / Groove Thang.

(Prestige 10055) Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 11 Settembre 1972.

Island Episode.Island Episode.

Cecil Bridgewater (tp) Houston Person (st) Babe Clarke (sb) Hank Jones (p) Ernie Haynes (org) Jimmy Ponder, Billy Butler (g) Andy Gonzales (b) Jerry Jemott (b) Bernard”Pretty”Purdie (dr) Jerry Gonzales (perc) Nicky Marrero (timb) Buddy Caldwell (conga)

Nemo / Let Me Be The One / Don’t Misunderstand / St.Thomas / Theme From Baxter / With You / Montuno Merengue / Waking Up Alone / St.THomas.

(Prestige 11007) 9-4-71 & 12-1-73.

The Real Thing.The Real Thing

Houston Person (st) Brother Jack McDuff (org) Grant Green (g) Idris Muhammad (dr)

Angel Eyes / Lester Leaps In.

Marcus Belgrave (tp) Houston Person (st) Sonny Phillips (org) Grant Green, Robert Lowe (g) James Jamieson (b) Idris Muhammad (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga-tamb)

Pain / Could It Be I’m Falling In Love / Crazy Legs.

Houston Person (st) Sonny Phillips (org) Grant Green (g) Idris Muhammad (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga-tamb)

Easy Walker.

Houston Person (st) Jimmy Watson (org) Grant Green (g) Hank Brown (dr)

Since I Fell For You.

(Eastbound 2EB 9010) Watts Club, Dotroit, 14-15 Marzo 1973.

Houston Person ’75.

Houston Person (st) Etta Jones (vc)

I like to live the love / What is it ? / Shotgun / Mayola / Gold in my ear / 500 gin rummy / Funk Sunday afternoon / A touch of bad stuff / All in love is fair / He’ll fight my battles.

(Westbound W205) Detroit, Michigan, 1974.

Get Out’a My Way !.

Houston Person (st) Sonny Phillips (keyb) Jimmy Roach (cond)

Soul samba / Disco sax / For the love of you / Ain’t nothin’ but a funky song / My way / Forever in love / Spread it / How vicious.

(Westbound W213) Detroit, Michigan, 1975.

Stolen Sweets.Stolen Sweets.

Houston Person (st) Sony Phillips (org) Jimmy Ponder (g) Frank Jones (dr) Buddy Caldwell (perc)

If I Ever Would Leave You / At Last / Stolen Sweets / Skylark / T-Bone Steak.

(LP Muse 5110)

New York, 29 Aprile 1976.


The Big Horn.The Big Horn.

HoustonnPerson (st) Cedar Walton (p) Buster Williams (b) Grady Tate (dr) Buddy Caldwell (conga)

Bluesology / This Love Of Mine / Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You / Memories Of You / I Concentrate On You.

(Muse MR 5136)

New York, 20 Maggio 1976.


Pure Pleasure.

Cecil Bridgewater (tr) Houston Person (st) Bruce Nazarian (synt,g) Paul Griffin (keyb) Bob Babbitt (b) Alan Schwartzberg (dr) Lawrence Killian (congas) Patti Austin (vc)

Pure pleasure / Deja vu / Dancing feet / Soul serenade / Inseparable / You’ll never find another love.

(Mercury SRM1-1104)

New York, 14-17 Giugno 1976.


Houston Person (st) Jon Faddis (tr) Arthur Babe Clarke (sb,fl) Paul Griffin (keyb) Horace Ott (keyb) John Tropea, Jerry Friedman (g) Wilbur Dud Bascomb Jr. (b) Lawrence Killian, George Devens, Henry Gibson (perc)

Harmony, perfect harmony / Do it while you can / I write the songs / I now get eyes for back / Love is all we need.

(Mercury SRM1-1151)

New York, Marzo 1977.

Wild Flower.

Bill Hardman (tp) Houston Person (st) Jimmy Ponder (g) Sonny Philips (keyb) Idris Muhammad (dr) Larry Killiam (perc)

Preachin’ And Teachin’ / Dameron / Wild Flower / Ain’t Misbehavin’ / My Romance.

(Muse MR-5161)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 12 Settembre 1977.


The Nearmess Of You.The Nearmess Of You.

Virgil Jones (tp) Houston Person (st) Sonny Philips (p/el) Charles Earland (org) Melvin Sparks (g) Mervin Bronson (b) Grady Tate (dr) Lawrence Killiam (perc) Etta Jones (vc)

Pretty Please / I Hope I Can Love You Again / Freddie The Freeloander / The Nearmess Of You / Mean To Me / Please Mr.Pearson.

(Muse MR-5178)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Novembre 1977.

The Gospel Soul Of Houston Person.The Gospel Soul Of Houston Person.

Houston Person (st) Ogletree Brothers and The Atlanta Philharmonic Chorale: Verolyn Hardwick, Morris Bankston, Leroy Freeman (vc)

Clouds Of Joy / Great Day / He’ll Understand And Say Will Done / Amazing Grace / Precious Lord / Never Gonna Give God Up / Until You Come Again / Enjoi / People Get Ready.

(Savoy 14471)

Atlanta, Georgia, 1978.



Virgil Jones (tp) Houston Person (st) Ernie Hayes, Sonny Phillips, Horace Ott (tast) Jack Cavari, Melvin Sparks Hassan (g) Bad Wilbur Bascomb (b) Idris Muhhammad (dr) Ralph Dorsey (perc)

Suspicions / If Me & Me Brudder / Pieces / Blue Monk / This Bitter Earth / Let’s Love Again.

(Muse MR 5199)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 24 Aprile 1980.


Very Personal.Very Personal.

Curtis Fuller (tb) Houston Person (st) Cedar Walton (p) Buster Williams (b) Vernell Fournier (dr)

Daydream / Peace / Chicago Serenade / Steppin’Into Beauty / I’ll Let You Know / Berkshire Blues / God Bless The Child.

(Muse MR 5231)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 29 Agosto 1980.


Heavy Juice.Heavy Juice.

Houston Person (st) Melvin Sparks (g) Jon Logan (org) David Braham (p) Bad Wilbur Bascomb (b) Bernard Purdie, Billy James (dr) Ralph Dorsey (perc)

Heavy Juice / Summertime / Theme From Loveboat / Never Let Me Go / Let The Feeling Flow / Please Send Me Someone To Love / The Texas Shuffle / Blue Hue.

(Muse MR 5260)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 24 Giugno 1982.

Always On My Mind.

Houston Person (st) David Braham (org,p/el) Ted Brancato (p,p/el) Wilbur Dud Bascomb Jr. (b) Bernard Pretty Purdie (dr) Ralph Dorsey (perc)

I can’t help myself / Always on my mind / Endlessly / How do you keep the music playing ? / Cutie pie / It might be you.

(Muse MR5289)

Brooklyn, NY, 3 Settembre 1985.

The Talk Of The Town.The Talk Of The Town.

Cecil Bridgewater (tp) Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) Buster Williams (b) Grady Tate (dr) Ralph Dorsey (perc)

Only Trust You Heart / Everything Happens To Me / Almost Like Being In Love / It’s The Talk Of The Town / Just For You / I’ll Never Be Free.

(Muse MCD 5331)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 23 Gennaio 1987.


Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) Peter Martin Weiss (b) Cecil Brooks III (dr) Ralph Dorsey (perc)

What A Difference A Day Made / Stormy Weather / St,Thomas / Some Other Spring / Time After Time / Sweet Slumber.

(Muse MCD 5344)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 12 Ottobre 1987.

We Owe It All To Love.

Cecil Bridgewater (tr,flic) Ron Bridgewater (sa) Houston Person (st) Jon Weiss, Horace Ott (keyb) Melvin Sparks (g) Wilbur Dud Bascomb Jr. (b/el) Cecil Brooks III (dr) Sammy Figueroa (congas) Ralph Dorsey (perc)

Butterfat / I’ve got love on my mind / Pain / Jive samba / We owe it all to love / Bee bee.

(Baseline BASLP001)

New York, Settembre 1988.

Something In Common.Something In Common.

Houston Person (st) Ron Carter (b)

Blue Seven / Thought About You / Mack The Knife / Joy Spring / Good Morning Heartache / Anthropology / Once In A While / Blues For Two.

(Muse MCD 5376)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 23 Febbraio 1989.


The Party.The Party.

Houston Person (st) Joey DeFrancesco (p) Randy Johnson (g) Bertell Knox (dr) Sammy Figueroa (perc-conga)

Love Me Tender / Blue Velvet / Blues For H.P. / Ceora / Impossible / The Party’s Over / True Blues.

(Muse MCD 5451)

New York, 14 Novembre 1989.


Now’s The Time.Now’s The Time.

Houston Person (st) Ron Carter (b)

Bemsha Swing / Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most / Einbanstrasse / Memories Of You / Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars / If You Could See Me Now / Now’s The Time / Since I Fell For You / Little Waltz.

(Muse MCD 5421)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 6 Gennaio 1990.


Why Not.Why Not.

Philip Harper (tp) Houston Person (st) Joey De Francesco (org) Randy Johnson (g) Winard Harper (dr) Sammy Fugueroa (perc)

Why Not / As Time Goes By / Namely You / Where Is Love / Joey’s Blues / Blue Gardenia / Deed I Do.

(Muse MCD 5451)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 5 Ottobre 1990.


The Lion And His Pride.Lion And His Pride.

Philip Harper (tp) Houston Person (st) Benny Green (p) Christian McBride (b) Winard Harper (dr) Sammy Figueroa (perc)

Dig / I Remember Clifford / Dear Heart / Sweet Love / You Are Too Beautiful / Like Someone In Love / Our Day Will Come / Captain Hook.

(Muse 5480)

New York, 13 Settembre 1991.


Just Friends.Just Friends.

Houston Person (st) Nat Simkins, Buddy Tate (st) Stan Hope (p) Major Holley (b) Grady Tate (dr)

Broadway / Ellington Medley : Daydream – In A Sentimental Mood – Sophisticated Lady / Lucaya Blue / Ain’t Misbehavin’ / Buffy’s Blues / Just Friends / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Just Friends Back.

(Muse MCD 5418)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 15-2-90.


Christmas With Huston Person And Friends.Christmas With Huston Person And Friends.

Houston Person (st) Benny Green (p) Stan Hope (p) Mike Renzi (p) Melvin Sparks (g-vc) Randy Johnson (g) Peter Weiss (b) Jay Leonhard (b) Grady Tate (dr-vc) Chip White (dr) Winard Harper (dr) Cameron Brown, Della Griffin, Etta Jones.

Santa Baby / Our First Christmas / A Christmas Love Song / Blue Christmas / It’s Christmas Time Baby / Medley : I’ll Be Home For Christmas – You’re All I Want For Christmas / Jungle Bells / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Merry Christmas Baby / What Are You Going To Do New Year’s Eve / Happy Hanukah My Friends.

(Muse 5530) New York, 22 Luglio 1994.

Person Ified.Person Ified.

Houston Person (st) Richard Wyands (p) Ray Drummond (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

Your My Everything / I’ll Never Stop Loving You / There’s A Small Hotel / Stranger Of The Shore / Isn’t Romantic / Detour Ahead / Gentle Rain / In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning / Blue Jug / May The Good Lord Bless And Kee You.

(High Note 7004)

Englewwod Cliffs, NJ, 26 Novembre 1996.

Opening Round Groove Masters Series Vo.1.Opening Round Groove Masters Series Vo.1.

Houston Person (st) Joey DeFrancesco (org) Rodney Jones (g) Tracy Wormworth (b/el) Bernard Pretty Purdie (dr)

Sweet Sucker / Let’s Stay Together / Can’t Help Lovin’That Man / What’s Going On / When A Man Loves A Woman / Blue Spring / Song For A Raimbow / Shenandoah.

(CD Savant 2005)


My Romance.My Romance.

Houston Person (st) Richard Wyands (p) Ray Drummond (b) Kenny Washington (dr)

But Beautiful / Blue Moon / Laura / The Very Thought Of You / Meen To Me / My Romance / Stairway To The Stars / Love Is Here To Stay / Time After Time.

(Highnote HCD 7033)

Englewood Cliffs, 1-6-98.


Soft Lights.Soft Lights.

Houston Person (st) Richard Wyands (p) Ray Drummond (b) Russell Malone (g) Gardy Tate (dr)

Here’s That Rainy Day / I Only Have Eyes For You / It Might As Well Be Spring / Do Nothin’Till You Hear From Me / At Last / The Night We Called It A Day / It Shouldn’t Happen To Dream / I’ll Be Around / Hey There / If.

(High Note 7049)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 27 Aprile 1999.


A Little Houston On The Side.A Little Houston On The Side.

Philip Harper (tp) Cecil Bridgewater (tp) Houston Person (st) Teddy Edwards (st) Ron Bridgewater (st) Charles Brown (p-vc) Richard Wyands (p) Stan Hope (p) Benny Green (p) Joey DeFrancesco (org) Jack McDuff (org) Richard groove Holmes (org) Sonny Phillips (org-keyb) George Devens (vib) Deny Caron (g) Paul Bollenback (g) Jimmy Ponder (g) Gerald Eli Smith (g) Rufus Rweid (b) Red Callender (b) Peter Washington (b) Ron Carter (b) Milt Hinton (b) Kenny Washington (dr) Gaylor Birch (dr) Bobby Ward (dr) Grady Tate (dr) Winard Harper (dr) Idris Muhammad (dr) Vernel Fournier (dr) Byron Landham (dr) Lawrence Killiam (perc) Sammy Figueroa (perc) Ralph Dorsey (perc-conga) Etta Jones (vc)

Walking The Dog / Late Night Lullaby / My Romance / Laughing At Life / Equinox (For John Coltrane) / Broadway / I Remember Clifford / Don’t Misunderstand / Blue Seven / Sweet Slumber / When Sonny Gets Blue.

(CD Savoy Jazz 17301) 12-10-99.

In A Sentimental Mood.In A Sentimental Mood.

Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) George Kaye (b) Chip White (dr)

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore / Tenderly / Skylark / Yoy Don’t Know What Love Is / The Way We Were / My Funny Valentine / All The Things You Are / Good Morning Heartache / Without A Song / In A Sentimental Mood / Embraceable You / ‘Deed I Do.

(High Note 7060)

Engklewood Cliffs, NJ, 19 Gennaio 2000.

Together At Christmas.Together At Christmas.

Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) George Kaye (b) Chip White (dr) Etta Jones (vc)

Frosty The Snowman / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / Jingle Bells / I’ll Be Home For Chrsitmas / Winter Wonderland / Silent Night / Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! / What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / White Christmas Waltz / The Christmas Song.

(High Note 7058) 15-8-2000.



Houston Person (st) Ron Carter (b)

Doxy / I Remember Clifford / Dear Old Stockholm / Mr.Bow Tie / On The Sunny Side Of The Street / I Fall In Love Too Easily / Mack The Knife / I Got It Bad.

(Highnote HCD 7072).

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 18 Agosto 2000.


Blue Velvet.Blue Velvet.

Houston Person (st) Richard Wyands (p) Ray Drummond (b) Grady Tate (dr)

Everything I Have Is Yours / Wonder Why / Blame It On My Youth / Too Late Now / There’s No You / Be My Love / I Want To Talk About You / I Hadn’t Anyone Till You / Blue Velvet.

(High Note 7090)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 10 Luglio 2001.


Sentimental Journey.Sentimental Journey.

Houston Person (st) Richard Wyands (p) Russell Malone (g) Peter Washington (b) Grady Tate (dr)

Sentimental Journey / A Sunday Kind Of Love / It Had To Be You / Fools Rush In / Black Velvet / Sace Your Love For Me / What’ll I Do / I Love You Yes I Do / Canadian Sunset.

(High Note 7101)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 22 Maggio 2002.


Social Call.Social Call.

Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) Paul Bollemback (g) Per-Hola Gadd (b) Chip White (dr)

Social Call / If You Could See Me Now / Juicy Lucy / Evening Star / The End Of A Love Affair / Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered / I’ll Let You Know / Stolen Sweet / Day Dream / Easy Walker/ Some Other Spring.

(High Note 7115)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 8 Maggio 2003.

To Etta With Love.To Etta With Love.

Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) Paul Bollenback (g) Per-Ola Gadd (b) Chip White (dr)

It’s Magic / Love Walked In / Don’t Misunderstand / I Should Care / Don’t Go To Strangers / For All We Know / Since I Fell For You / Ain’t Misbehavin’/ What A Wonderful World / Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You.

(Highnote HCD 7127)

Englewood Cliffs, 21-1-2004.


You Taugh My Heart To Sing.You Thaugh My Heart To Sing.

Houston Person (st) Bill Charlap (p)

You Thaugh My Heart To Sing / Namely You / Where Are You / Sweet Lorraine / If I Ruled The World / ‘S’Wonderful / Where Is The Love / I Was Telling Her About You / Don’t Forget The Blues / I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone.

(High Note 7134)

Engklewood Cliffs, NJ, 4 Agosto 2004.


All Soul.All Soul.

Eddie Allen (tp) Houston Person (st) Stan Hope (p) Randy Johnson (g) Per-Ola Gadd (b) Chip White (dr)

Why Not / All Soul / Bossa For Baby / Wonderland / Let It be Me / So What / Time Stood Still / Two Rb’s / Please Send me Someone To Love / Pu It Right There.

(Highnote HCD 7146)

Englewood Cliffs, 21-6-2005.


Just Between Friends.Just Between Friends.

Houston Person (st) Ron Carter (b)

How Deep Is The Ocean / You’ve Changed / Blueberry Hill / Darn That Dream / Meditation / Lover Man / Lover Come Back To Me / Polka Dots And Moonbeams / Always / Alone Together.

(High Noteb 757188)



Thinking Of You.Thinking Of You.

Eddie Allen (tp) Houston Person (st) John Di Martino (p) James Chirillo (g) Ray Drummond (b) Willie Jones III (dr)

Rock Me To Sleep / People / Thinking Of You / I Didn’t Know What Time It Was / Brazilian Emerald / Why Did I Choose You / Black Coffee / Sing / Avant De Mourir / When October Goes / Medley : That Sunday That Summer – Funny.

(High Note 757177)



Houston Person (st) John Di Martino (p) James Chirillo (g) Ray Drummond (b) Lewis Nach (dr)

Sunny / Too Late Now / In A Mellow Tone / To Each Is Own / What A Difference A Day Made / Two Different Worlds / Blues In The AM / Who Can I Turn To / God Bless The Child / Lester Leaps In.

(High Note HCD7206)



Moment To Moment.Moment To Moment.

Terell Stafford (tp) Houston Person (st) John Di Martino (p) Randy Johnson (g) Ray Drummond (b) Willie Jones III (dr)

Bleeker Street / I Cover The Waterfront / Moment To Moment / Freight Dance / Don’t Take Your Love From me / E Nada Mais / Just The Way You Are / Back In New Orleans / All MY Life / Love Won’t Let Me Wait / Nina Never Knew.

(High Note 7217)




Hassleholm, Svezia.25/2/1932. – Stoccolma, Svezia. 4/2/1975.

Ben presto si è rivelato uno dei trombonisti più interessanti del panorama jazzistico svedese insieme a Albert Mangelsdorff. Ha debuttato con Simon Brehm, suona poi nel 1952 con Arne Domnerus, con Hacke Bjorkstens con il quale ha anche registrato. Ha fatto parte della Harry Arnold’s Radioband dakl 1956 al 1959. Ha fatto parte di molti complessi americani in tournée nel suo paese. Ha guidato un gruppo insieme a Frank Rosolino, con Benny Bailey e con Joe Harris. In un soggiorno americano ha suonato con il gruppo di Clifford Brown, con Art Farmer, con George Wallington e con i Modern Swedes di Roy Hayes. Nel 1958 ha collaborato con Stan Getz, con Quincy Jones, nel 1961 ha fatto parte della orchestra RIAS di Berlino e della Clarke/Boland Big Band. Per breve tempo con l’orchestra di Count Basie, Duke Ellington e Dizzy Gillespie. Purtroppo la sua carriera è terminata in fondo alle acque che bagnano Stoccolma, dove è precipitato con la sua auto. Le sue condizioni di spirito molto precarie hanno fatto pensare ad un suicidio.


Ake Persson And His Combo.

Ake Persson (tb) Arne Domnerus (sa) Bengt Hallberg (p) Gunnar Johnson (b) Jack Noren (dr)

Hershey bar / Softly, as in a morning sunrise / It might as well be spring / My blue heaven.

(Esquire EP7)

Stoccolma, 14 Settembre 1953.


Quincy – Here We Come.

Benny Bailey (tr) Ake Persson (tb) Arne Domnerus (sa) Bjarne Nerem (st) Lennart Jansson (sb) Gunnar Svensson, Gosta Theselius (p) Gunnar Johnson (b) Joe Harris, Anders Burman (dr)

The golden touch / I’m gone / Meet Benny Bailey / Plenty, plenty soul / Count ‘em / The midnight sun never sets.

(Argo LP668)

Stoccolma, 8 Ottobre 1959.




Blekinge, Svezia. 6/9/1947.

E’ stato in musicista più rappresentativo del gruppo svedese dei ”Maggie’s Blue Five”e della ”Kustbanded and Bent’s Blue Rhythm Ban”. Nelle quali egli ha saputo ricreare le atmosfere degli Hot Five di Louis Armstrong. In seguito ha guidato la ”Weatherbird Jazzband” ed ha collaborato con un altro noto revivalista come Tomas Ornberg. Nel 1980 ha registrato un album con Maxine Sullivan. Spesso ha accompagnato degli ospiti illustri come Doc Cheatham, Kenny Davern, Benny Carter e Benny Waters.


Livin’ High In London.

Bent Persson (corn) Humphrey Lyttelton (tr) Jens Lindgren (tb) John R.T. Davies (sb,sa) Mac White (cl) Keith Nichols (p) Paul Sealey (bj) Annie Hawkins (b) Kenny Milne (dr)

Southern stomp / I’m going to wear you off my mind / Room rent blues / Blues grass blues / I’m going to wear you off my mind / Room rent blues.

(Stomp Off SOS1167) Barnes, Londra, 21 Aprile 1987.

Bent Persson (corn,tr) Jens Lindgren (tb) Wally Fawkes (cl,ss,) Keith Nichols (p) Paul Sealey (bj) Annie Hawkins (b) Kenny Milne (dr) Gill Manley (vc)

Irish black bottom / Rock a nova / Shout sister shout / Livin’ high / You can’t sush Katie.

(Stomp Off SOS1167) Barnes, Londra, 23 Aprile 1987.

Swinging Straight.

Bent Persson (tr) Dicken Hedrenius (tb) John Hogman (st) Ulf Johansson (p) Goran Lind (b) Ronnie Gardiner (dr)

Swinging straight / Straight not Bent / Da ar det fest / Bob’s place / Waldemarsudde / 5 of 5 / The one I love belong to somebody else / Cadillac boogie / Chinatown, my Chinatown / Cat couch rag / Wistful / Easel-y / Johnny come lately.

(Sittel SITCD9218)

Uppsala, 19-20 Dicembre 1994.



Gruppo vocale soul e R&B composto da Jerry Lawson, che ne è la voce guida, dal basso profondo di Jimmy ”Bro” Hates, da Jayotis Washington, Joseph Russell e da Herbert ”Toubo” Rhoad. Hanno interpretato ballate, standards, gospel in modo versatile e personale, con forza e ritmo ed una certa dose di umorismo. Gruppo originario di Brooklyn, si sono sempre esibiti senza accompagnamento, sfruttando molto il repertorio degli anni ’50.



Gruppo formatosi nel 1959. All’inizio il loro repertorio era composto dal vecchio jazz classico ed i primi dischi contengono solo questo genere. In seguito hanno interpretato sempre con lo stesso stile anche musica classica, come Mozart ed altri autori classici, sempre però con lo stesso spirito, ma dando più spazio alle improvvisazioni.


Come On And Stomp Stomp Stomp.

Michael Zuschlag, Peter Aller (corn) Niels Westergaard (cl) Arnie Hojberg (tb) Anette Strauss (p) Peter Fauerschou, J.Neess (bj) Lasse Borup (wash) Leo Hechmann (sous)

My Heart / Log Cabin Blues / Alligator Hop / Irish Back Bottom / Mountain City Blues / The Chant / Jazin’Babies’ Blues / Dipper Mouth Blues / Mean Blues / Come On And Stomp Stomp Stomp / Georgia Grind / Eccentric Rag / Dropping Shucks / Sunset Cafe Stomp / Kroked Blues / Weary Blues / Red River Blues / Mandy Make Up Your Mind / Terrible Blues / Big Fat Ma And Skinn Pa / Black Smake Blues / London Cafe Blues / Mandy Lee Blues.

(Stomp Off CD 1003) Copenhagen, 30 Aprile 1980.

Mean Blues.

Mikael Zuschlag, Peter Aller (corn) Arne Hojberg (tb) Niels Westergaard (cl,ss) Anette Strauss (p) Peter Fauerschou (bj) Leo Hechmann (sousa) Lasse Borup (wbd,vc)

Sunset Cafe stomp / Krooked blues / Weary blues / Red River blues / Mandy / Terrible blues / Mandy Lee blues / Black snake blues / London cafe blues / Big fat ma and skinny pa / Mean blues / Froggie Moore / Cake-walking babies from home / Struttin’ with some barbecue / Milenberg joys.

(Stomp Off SOS102)

Copenhagen, 18 Luglio 1980.

Smoke House Blues.

Mikael Zuschlag, Peter Aller (corn) Arne Hojberg (tb) Niels Westergaard, Claus Forchhammer (cl) Anette Strauss (p) John Neess, Michael Boving (bj) Leo Hechmann (sousa) Mik Schack, Lasse Borup (wbd)

Joe Turner blues / Perdido Street blues / I can’t say / Riverside blues / Smokehouse blues / Kansas City stomps / Boogaboo / Oriental man.

(Stomp Off SOS1105)

Copenhagen, 9 Agosto 1984.

The Peruna Jazzmen In San Francisco.

Mikael Zuschlag, Peter Aller (corn) Arne Hojberg (tb) Claus Forchhammer (cl) Anette Strauss (p) John Neess (bj) Leo Hechmann (sousa) Mik Schack (wbd)

I ain’t gonna tell nobody / Snake rag / Sweet baby doll / Tears / Camp meeting blues / Chattanooga stomp / The southern stomps / Where did you stay last night ? / Buddy’s habits / Room rent blues / Shoe shiner’s drag / Close fit blues / Come back sweet papa / Sweet Emmalina / Bozo / You’ll long for me.

(Stomp Off SOS1204)

Berkeley, CA, 30-31 Maggio 1989.




Cagliari, Sardegna, Italia. 3/3/1927. – Roma. 17/1/1995.

Trasferitosi presto a Roma ha iniziato a suonare jazz da autodidatta insieme a Bruno Martino, Nunzio Rotondo ed altri. Ha suonato molto in Turchia ed a Parigi ha collaborato con Don Byas, Diango Reinhardt, Roy Eldridge, Bill Coleman e Rex Stewart. Nel 1950 è in trio con Carlo Loffredo e Umberto Cesari, ha partecipato al Salone del Jazz a Parigi del 1952, ha inciso con il Sestetto dell’Hot Club di Roma. Ha soggiornato per diversi anni in Brasile dove si è esibito nel trio del pianista Robiedo e con Fredrich Gulda. Ha fatto una lunga tournée in Scandinavia con Bruno Martino e qui ha avuto l’occasione di suonare con Stan Getz, Lars Gullin ed altri. Tornato in Italia si è dedicato alla musica leggera ed alla composizioni di musiche per il cinema. Nel 1969 Barney Kessel lo ha voluto al suo fianco e con lui ha inciso è ha fatto dei concerti. In seguito ha lavorato negli studi di registrazione e nei club dove ha accompagnato Bud Freeman e Peanuts Hucko. Torna nelle Americhe ha collaborato con Pete Jolly, Conte Candoli, Harry Edison, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Jim Hall, Stephane Grappelli, Chet Baker e Toots Thielemans. Dalla fine degli anni’70 si è stabilito a Roma. E’ considerato da Barney Kessel uno dei migliori chitarristi europei.



Cagliari,Sardegna, Italia. 19/4/1919.

Fratello di Carlo, ha svolto molta della sua attività in Brasile, dove si è diplomato in contrabasso al Conservatorio di San Paolo. Ha lavorato soprattutto con il”Robledos Quartet”. In Italia è comparso in diverse manifestazioni.



Roma . 24/12/1951. – New York,10/8/1981.

Ha iniziato l’attività con gruppi italiani in tour nel Medio Oriente, a Hong Kong e a Tokyo. Nel 1976 ha frequentato il Berklee College of Music di Boston. Ha suonato con Herb Pomeroy, con Phil Wilson, con Gap Mangione e nella Mark-Almond Band. Ha pubblicato un metodo per batteria ed ha aperto e gestisce una scuola per batteristi. Ha suonato con Dizzy Gillespie, nel 1980 ha fatto una lunga tournée con Maynard Ferguson ed ha collaborato con Pablo Manavello. Ha aperto anche un’altra scuola per batteristi a New York ed ha insegnato sia a Boston che a New York. Ha scritto articoli su riviste specializzate e ha lavorato negli studi di incisione.



Orchestra sorta negli anni’60. Reputata la migliore Big Band Europea sino agli anni’80. Orchestra che anche concedendosi qualche libertà e qualche concessione alla moda, è stata senz’altro la più professionale, dal grande swing e composta man mano dai migliori musicisti europei ed anche qualche americano.



Evaston , Illinois. 20/5/1952.

Il padre musicista lo ha avviato allo studio del clarinetto a nove anni. Poi ha preso lezioni di musica classica ed ha iniziato ad interessarsi di jazz. Dal 1970 al 1974 ha studiato all’Università dell’Illinois ed ha cominciato a suonare in piccoli gruppi. E’ andato a Chicago dove ha completato la sua istruzione ed ha debuttato professionalmente con il quintetto di Art Hoyle con il quale ha suonato dal 1978 al 1994. Ha fatto parte della “Jazz Member Big Band of Chicago”, ha suonato con Frank Mantooth, con Wilbur Campbell ed ha fatto parte dei sostenitori del Chicago Institute of Jazz. Nel 1991 ha registrato con Kurt Elling, ha accompagnato il cantante di rhythm-and-blues Johnny Adams e dal 1987 al 1994 ha diretto i “Green Mill All Stars”. Ha suonato con Eddie Harris, nel 1997 ha diretto il gruppo “Test”. Come freelance ha collaborato con Dizzy Gillespie, Jay Jay Johnson, Von Freeman, Johnny Griffin, Clifford Jordan e Ellis Marsalis. Ha registrato con Guiy Fricano, Don Bennett, Larry Gray e Larry Luchowski. Nel 1994 ha conseguito un master in pedagogia del jazz alla Norwestern University ed ha insegnato musica alla Università di New Orleans.


Upward Spiral.

Edward Petersen (st) Bradley Williams (p) Fareed Haque (g) Rob Amster (b) Jeff Stitely (dr)

Probably / Upward spiral / Elliott Ness / Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear / Poem for tortured spirits / Onus B / Dan’s idea / For Dan / I didn’t know what time it was.

(Delmark DS445)

Chicago, 5 e 29 Giugno 1989.

The Haint.

Odies Williams III (tr) Billy Brimfield (tr) Edward Petersen (st) Willie Pickens (p) Brian Sandstrom (b) Robert Shy (dr)

Be-bop / Jitterbug waltz / Green chimneys / You don’t know what love is / Walking in the sky / The haint / Larry Smith / When I fall in love.

(Delmark DE474)

Chicago, 30-31 Luglio 1994.





Texas State Of Mind.

Ronnie Saucier, Steve Rentschler, Carey Deadman, Rick Baker, David Alexander (tr,flic) Jeff Thomas, Robin Kraft, Tim Kraft, Bill Johnson (tb) Eric Swanson (tb/b) Ashley Alexander, Phil Wilson (tb) Rich Matteson (euph) Tamara Schultz (sa,ss) Phil Chester (sa) Ray Dreske, Warren Sneed (st) Pete Petersen (sb) Mark Ripley (p) Kim Platko (g) Ed Wise (b) Mike Fiala (dr)

It might as well be spring / Texas State of mind / It mostly bees that way, Sigmund Floyd / Just the way you are / Lady with the pretty legs / I’ve got a crush on you / The diver / You’ve got what ?.

(Pausa PR7143) Dallas, Texas, 25-26 Settembre 1982.

Jazz Journey.

Ronnie Saucier, Marc Breithaupt, Frank Reed, Rick Baker, David Alexander (tr,flic) Bill Johnson, Leonard Neidhold, David Bandman, Don Bozman (tb) Eric Swanson (tb/b) Ashley Alexander (tb) Tamara Schultz (sa,ss,fl) Phil Chester (sa) Larry Panella (st,fl) Pete Whitman (st) Pete Petersen (sb) Brian Piper (p) Kim Platko (g) Anthony Brock (b) Warren Hanrahan (dr)

Without a song / How deep is the ocean ? / Time after time / I can’t get started / Passing fancy / As time goes by / My one and only love / First things first.

(Pausa PR7163) Dallas, Texas, 14-15 Aprile 1984.

Playin’ In The Park.

Jay Saunders, Tom Frye, Ronnie Saucier, Mark Prather, David Alexander (tp) Mike Burgess, Mike Bogle, Scott Whitfield, Brian Brink (tb) Eric Swanson (b-tb) Gary Carper (tu) Tamara Schultz (as,fl) Dave Pietro (as) Larry Panella (ts,fl) Pete Whitman (ts) Pete Petersen (bar,ldr) Brian Piper (p,synt) Kim Platko (g) Lou Fischer (b,el-b) Michael John Drake (d) Jim Riggs (dir)

A beautiful friendship / I’m getting sentimental over you / Speak low / I’ll close my eyes / Seems like old times / Take the “A” train / How long has this been going on ? / Down home / After you’ve gone.

(Pausa PR7191) Dallas, Texas, 28-29 Settembre 1985.



Detroit, Michigan. 18/11/1915. – Detroit, Michigan. 21/1/1978.

Ha iniziato a studiare musica ed il trombone a scuola. In seguito ha debuttato alla tromba con Hank Biagini. Ha suonato con Artie Shaw nel 1937, dal 1939 al 1941 ha fatto parte dell’orchestra di Tony Pastor, poi di quella di Tommy Dorsey ed è stato con Woody Herman dal 1942 al 1946. Tornato a Detroit ha partecipato al “Just Jazz” di Gene Norman a Pasadena in California nel 1947. Ha registrato con l’”Herman’s First Herd” a Chicago nel 1946 e con Benny Carter a Los Angeles nel 1949.



Buffalo, New York. 13/12/1964.

Ha soli ventiquattro anni è già un veterano del blues. A sei anni come bambino prodigio è accanto al padre il chitarrista James Peterson, proprietario di un night club ed ha inciso con lui il suo primo album. E’ maturato come tastierista con due grandi del mondo del blues, Little Milton e Bobby Bland. Ha fatto anche parte del gruppo gospel di Mavis Staples. Organista agile e dinamico, molto funky, cantante dalla voce intensa, verace, energica , esuberante, dal notevole piglio descrittivo e dagli inevitabili riferimenti a Robert Cray, ma anche chitarrista preciso ed aggressivo. Attivo oggi nel campo del funky blues, con richiami al soul blues ed al rock blues..



Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Melvin Taylor (g) Titus Williams (b) Ray Allison (dr)

Ridin’ / Don’t Answer The Door / Farther Up The Raod / Kinda Easy Like / Baby, What You Want Me To Do / Green Onions / Little Reed Looster / You Don’t Have To Go.

(Evidence 26033)

Parigi, 21 Marzo 1984.


Lucky Strikes.Lucky Strikes.

Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Bryan Bassett, Ernie Lancaster (g) Bob Greenlee (b/el) Scott Corwin (dr)

Over My Head / Pounding Of My Heart / Can’t Get No Loving On The Telephone / She Spread Her Wings / Lucky Strikes / Dead Cat On The Line / Bad Feeling / Heart Attack / Earlene.

(Alligator AL 4770)

Sanford, Florida, 1989.


Triple Play.Triple Play.

Bruce Staelens, Sylvester Polk (tp) Ray Anderson (tb) Bill”Foot”Samuel (st) Bob Greenlee (sb) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) George Taylor, Ernie Lancaster, Bryan Bassett (g) Dale Harton (b) Jimmy Payne, William Pellpinner (dr) Lester Chambers (vc)

Let The Chips Fall Where They May / Your Lies / Six O’Clock Blues / Repo Man / I Found A Love / Jammin’In The Jungle / Locked Out Of Love / I’m Free / Don’t Cloud Up On Me / Funky Ray.

(Alligator 4789)


I’m Ready.I’m Ready.

Laurence Etkin (tp) Bob Funk (tb) Crispin Cioe (sa) Arno Echt, Illinois Jacquet (st) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Ernie Lancaster, Larry McCray, Danny Draher (g) Wilbur Bascomb Jr., Paul Ossola (b) Crusher Green, Tony Coleman (dr) Jim Saporito (perc)

I’m Ready / It Ain’t Right / You Shook Me / Junkyard / Who’s Been Talking / I Lost Faith Last Night / Tribute To The King / On The Sea Of Love / Nothing But Smoke / Spankin’Leroy / Don’t Cloud Up On Me / Precious Lord, Take MT hand.

(Verve 517513) 26-5 e 24-8-92.

Beyond Cool.Beyond Cool.

Wayne Jackson (tp-tb) Andrew Love (st) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Danny Draher, Jack Holder (g) Willike Weeks (b) Crusher Green (dr) Brent Nance, Arto Tuncboyaciyan (perc)

I’m Talking To You / Count On Me / Compared To What / UP From The Skies / Your Love Is Amazing / That’s The Way It Ought To Be / Pouring Money On A Drowning Love Affair / Beyond Cool / You Haven’t Done Nothin’ / Your Good Thing Is Obout To Run Out / You Can’t Fool Me / Drivin’Wheel.

(Polygram 521147)

Luglio 1993.


Silvester Polk, Dan Fields (tp) Johnny Cotton (tb) Bill Eden (st-sb) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Johnny Davis (p) Butch Bonner, James Bryant, Todd Parsnow (g) Walter Nelson (b) Bootsy Collins (b-dr-g) Dennis Chambers, Tracy C’Vello (dr) Carolin Sanford, Alisa Yarbrough, Calvin Yarbrough, Benita Atterberry (vc/back)

Time / Lifetime / Shining Star / We’ll Be Together / Bad Condition / Ecstasy / The Last Thing I Need / Wash Be Back / I Ain’t Buyin’ / Next In Line / Change Is Gonna Come.

(Verve 531202) 22-1 e 14-11-95.


Lucky Peterson (vc-g-org-p-p/el) Butch Bonner (g) Johnny B.Gayden (b/el) Dennis Charters (dr)

You’re The One For Me / Don’t You Even Care / Let’s Go Get Stoned / It’s Your Thing / Move / Tin Pan Alley / I’m Back Again / Play Dirty / Purple Rain / Move On You / Picjin’ / What Cha Doing Out There.

(Verve 537 897)

Detroit, 10-16 Marzo 1997.


Lucky Peterson.Lucky Peterson.1999 verve

Mark Pender (tp) Richie Rosemberg (tb) Jerry Vivino (st-sb) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Chard Heans, Butch Bonner, Riko McFarland (g) Johnny B.Gaiden (b) Steve Potts (dr) Joe Louis Walker (vc)

Deal With It / The Otherside / Tribute To Luther Allison / Shake / Funny Now Time Slips Away / Whe Can’t We Live Together / Ask Me Nothing ‘Bout The Blues / Seduction / Ta’Ta’You / Don’t Cry No More / Ode To Billie Joe.

(Verve 547433)

16-11-98 & 6-1-99.

Double Dealin’.Double Dealin’.

Darrell Leonard (tp-tb) Joe Sublett (st) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) John Porter, Johnny Lee Shell (g) Jon Cleary (keyb) Reggie McBride (b/el) Tony Braunagel (dr) Tamara Peterson (vc)

Double Dealin’ / It Ain’t Safe / When My Blood Runs Cold/ Smooth Sailing / Don’t Try To Explain / Mercenary Baby / Ain’t Doin’Too Bad / Where Can A Man Go / 3-Handed Woman / Doin’Bad, Feelin’ Good / 4 Little Boys / Remember The Day.

(Universal 1003)


Black Midnight Sun.Black Midnight Sun.

Lucky Peterson (vc-g-p/el-org-sint) Graham Haynes (corn) Alex J.Harding (sb) Henry Threadgill (fl) Bill Laswell (b/el) Jesse Dulman (dr)

Herbert Harper’s Free Press News / Lucky In Love / Is It Because I’m Black / Jody’s Got Your Girl And Gone / Smokestack Lightning / Black Nidnight Sun / She’s A Burglar / Truly Your Friend / Talkin’Loud And Saying Nothing / Changes Your Ways / Thank You For Talkin’To My Africa.

(Dreyfus Jazz FDM 36643)

West Orange, NJ., Marzo-Aprile 2002.

Tete A Tete.Tete A Tete.

Jamie Finegan (tp) Bruce Feiner (p-st) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Burt Teague, Andy Aledort (g) Mike Munno (b) John Pell, Tremor Somerville, Jason Arnold (dr) Mary Taylor (vc)

Til My Dyin Day / No More / Leavin’To Stay / Get Outta My Bed / Not Guilty / Tete A Tete / C’mon / Talk Is Cheap / Tribute To Albert Collins.

(JSP 8805)


Brother Where Are You.Brother Where Are You.

Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) altri da identificare.

Soul Bossa Nova / Cantaloupe Island / Crying TIme / I Herad It Trough The Grapevine / The Jody Grind / Mercy, Mercy, Mercy / Misterioso / Midnight Blue / Don’t Know Why / Unchain My Heart / Brother Where Are You.

(Universal Div.)



Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) altri da identificare.

Mercy / Son On A Preacher Man / Stolen Moments / Tell It Like It Is / I Walk The Line / The Sidewinder / Yellow Moon / Rainy Night In Georgia / Me And Boby McGee / I Am So Lonesome I Could Cry / I Can’t Stand The Rain.

(Universal Div.)



The Music Is The Magic.The Music Is The Magic.

Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) altri da identificare.

Well You Needn’t / Rehab / The Preacher / A Song For You / The Music Is The Magic / Up From The Sky / Ode To Billie / The Mooche / My Cherie Amour / Song For My Father / Will The Circle Be Umbroken.

(Universal Div.)



Darling Forewer.Darling Forewer.

Ira Bassett (tp) Jim Exum (tb) Bill Eden (st) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Walter Nelson (g) Lilly Nance (p-org) Donnel Davis (b) Mark Gulley (dr) Bret Nance (dr-perc) Tamara Peterson (vc)

You Gotta Love Me Baby / Lost The Right / Smile / I Don’t Like You But I Love You / Talkin’’Bout Love / Free / Darling Forever / What You Wanna Do About It / Sometimes / I Believe.

(JSP 8814)


Heart Of Pain.Heart Of Pain.

Ira Bassett, Bill Eden, Jim Exum (horn) Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Jerome Louden (g) Ricky Rigsby (b) Tamara Peterson (vc)

Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire / Heart Of Pain / A Woman Don’t Care / I Will Survive / Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number / Oh Baby / He’s An The Answer / Broan Can’t Be Bad / Lucky’s 88 / Bound The Make You Love Me / I Won’t Be Found.

(JSP 8824)


You Can Always Turn Around.You Can Always Turn Around.

Lucky Peterson (vc-tast-g) Larry Campbell (g-mand) Scott Petito (b-) Gary Burke (dr)

I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom / I’m New Here / Stabesboro Blues / Trouble / Trampled Rose / Atonement / Why Are People Like That / Four Little Boys / Death Don’t Have NO Mercy / I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free / Think.

(Dreyfus Rec.36967)

Marzo 2010.



Smithville, Texas. 11/11/1948.

Ha iniziato a suonare la batteria e la cornetta giovanissimo ed a 14 anni ha messo su il suo primo gruppo, i “Soul Masters” con il quale ha accompagnato i cantanti Jackie Wilson, Etta Janmes e T-Bone Walzer. Ha frequentato dal 1967 al 1969 la North State Texas University ed ha fatto parte dell’orchestra della scuola. Nel 1970 è andato a New York, ha suonato con la Thad Jones/Mel Lewis orchestra, ha fatto un tour nella East Coast con Roland Kirk, poi con Gil Evans. Nel 1971 ha collaborato con Pharoah Sanders, poi con Roy Haynes, nel 1973 con Elvin Jones, ha registrato con Richard Davis, con Eric Kloss, con Frank Foster, con Grachan Moncur III, con Billy Hart, con Don Pullen. Nel 1974 ha messo su una sua orchestra con la quale ha presentato la sua composizione “CHildren of the Fire”. Ha diretto la “Sunrise Orchestra” ed ha guidato un gruppo di free-jazz del quale facevano parte: Enrico Rava, Roswell Rudd, Ken McIntyre e Pat Patrick nel 1976. In seguito ha girato l’Europa e l’Africa. Nel 1983 ha lavorato con John Hicks e nel 1984 ha girato l’Europa con un quintetto di cui è coleader insieme a Don Weller e Bryan Spring. Dall’inizio degli anni ’80 agli anni ’90 ha suonato nelle chiese, nelle prigioni e nelle scuole. Ha presentato la sua composizione “African Portraits” alla Carnegie Hall nel 1990. Ha collaborato con Andrew Cyrille ed è andato in Giappone con il “New York Unit”, ha suonato con Tatsuya Nakamura. Ha composto per il Kronos String Quartet e si è esibito al World Jazz Festival di Washington DC. nel luglio del 1995. Ha presentato altre su opere alla Contemporary Arts Center con la Louisiana Philarmonic Orchestra. Musicista dalla indubbia abilità tecnica, dalla infuocata voce strumentale, per l’irruenza e la drammaticità della sua musica che si allaccia alla tradizione delle trombe negre che hanno avuto in Clifford Brown il loro capostipite. Compositore molto impegnato politicamente.


Marvin Peterson And The Soulmasters In Concert.Marvin Peterson And The Soulmasters In Concert

Cleveland Gay (tb) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr,vc) Eugene Carrier (org,perc) Tim Peterson (st,sa,fl) Mike Campbell (as) Eugene Murray, Richard Thompson (b) Emry Thomas (dr)

Groove For Otis [6:18] / Five Foot Even [6:34] / Conversation [6:36] / Our Groove [8:44] / Summertime [6:33] / I Can’t Stand It [2:48]

(Jazzman JMANCD 037)

Burning Bush, Denton, Texas, Novembre 1968.

Children Of The FIre.Children of the fire

Hannibal M.Peterson (tp) Michael Coltrane (p) Art Weeb (fl) Stanley Hunte, Myung HI Kim, Rynal Rocha, John Blake (viol) Julius Miller, Judith Graves (viola) Diedre Murray (cello) Richard Davis (b) Billy Hart (dr) Barbara Burton (perc) Alphonso Johnson (vc)

Movement 1 : Forest Sunrise / Movement 1 : Rhythm Ritual / Movement 1 : Song Of Life / Movement 2 : The Bombing – Prelude / Movement 3 : Prayer / Movement 4 : Aftermath – The Asending Of The Soul / Movement 5 : Finale.

(Universal 27) 1974.

Hannibal.Hannibal mps

Michael Cochrane (p) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr) Stafford James (b) Chris Hart (perc) Diedre Murray (cello) Thabo Michael Carvin (dr,perc,vc)

El Conejo [2:36] / Revalacion [7:36] / Brumoso [7:54] / El Viaje (The Voyage) [6:34] / Hermano Espiritual (Soul Brother) [13:47]

(MPS Records 20025)

Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germania, 1-2 Luglio 1975.

Live In Lausanne.Live In Lausanne.

Michael Cochrane (p) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr,koto,bells) Stafford James (b) Diedre Murray (cello) Thabo Michael Carvin (dr)

My Favorite Things [13:40] / Grandma Suzie [10:07] / Episode Zero [9:55] / The Light [14:09]

(Baystate RVJ-6011)

Losanna, Svizzera, Febbraio 1976.


Hannibal In Berlin.Hannibal in Berlin.

Steve Neil (b) Diedre Murray (cello) Allen Nelson (dr) Michael Cochrane (p) George Adams (st) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr)

The 23rd Psalm [7:02] / Willow Weep For Me [8:01] / Bessie’s Blues [8:52] / Swing Low Sweet Chariot [7:57] / My Favorite Things [11:16]

(MPS Records 68152)

Philharmonie, Berlin Jazz Festival, Berlino, 3 Novembre 1976.


Hannibal In Antibes.In Antibes.

Hannibal M.Peterson (tp) George Adams (st-fl) Deidre Murray (cello) Steve Neil (b) Makava Ntshoko (dr)

Ro [19:16] / Swing Low Sweet Chariot [20:25].

(ENJA 3011)

Antibes, Francia, 20-7-77.


The Light.The Light

Michael Cochrane (p) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr) Marcella Allen (vc) Cecil McBee (b) Frank Wright (cl/b) Diedre Murray (cello) Roland Love, Stanley Robinson (congas) David Lee (dr,perc)

To Find The Path [3:24] / To Search The Inner World [15:57] / From Blindness Traveling [4:45] / From Strength And Wisdom Enough [11:31] / The Light [14:15]

(Baystate RVJ-6023)

Downtown Sound Studio, New York, 30 Aprile, 2 Maggio 1978.


Marvin Hannibal Peterson (tp) Kenny Barron (p) Cecil McBee (b) Deidree Murray Sidel (cello) Billy Hart (dr)

Naima / In A Sentimental Mood.

(Toshiba/EMI EWFL 98004)

New York, Giugno 1978.


The Tribe.The Tribe

Mensa Wali (perc,tr) Michael Cochrane (p) Diedre Murray (cello) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr,vc) Billy Hart (dr) T.M.Stevens (b/el) Paula Washington, Art Webb (fl) Branice McKenzie, Pat Peterson (vc)

Now Stand [6:25] / A Sacred Multitude [8:05] / Returning To The Ways [5:49] / Of Live And Love And God [9:23] / The Tribe [14:30]

(Kindred Spirits KSFS4LP)

Downtown Studio, 1979.


Errol Walters (b) Diedre Murray (cello) Makaya Ntshoko (dr) Michael Cochrane (p) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr)

Even Steven [10:56] / Dahomey Dance [13:13] / St. Louis Blues [6:10] / Well You Needn’t [8:33] / Misty [8:50]

(Baystate RVJ-6043)

Tokyo, 16 Gennaio 1979.


The Angels Of Atlanta.The Angels Of Atlanta

Marvin Peterson (tp) George Adams (st) Kenny Barron (p) Cecil McBee (b) Diedre Murray (cello) Dannie Richmond (dr) Pat Paterson (vc) The Harlem Boys Choir (vc) diretto da Walter Turnbull.

The Angels Of Atlanta [12:34] / The Story Teller [8:50] / The Inner Voice [6:35] / Mother’s Land [5:04] / Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child [10:17].

(ENJA 3085)

New York, 15 e 19 Febbraio 1981.

Poem Song.Poem Song

Marvin Hannibal Peterson (tp) Don Weller (st) Martin Blackwell (p) Dave Green (b) Bryan Spring (dr)

Poem Song [14:06] / All Blues [13:05] / Misty [12:40] / Africa [19:16].

(Mole Jazz SM 6)

Londra, 2-11-81.


More Sightings.More Sightings

Walter Schmocker (b) Allen Nelson (dr) John Scofield (g) Ron Burton (p) George Adams (st,vc) Marvin Hannibal Peterson (tr)

More Sightings [5:40] / Dont Take Your Love From Me [6:59] / Soul Brothers [7:45] / Do We Know Where We Are Going? [5:43] / Melanie [9:43] / I Could Really Go For You [6:48]

(Enja Records 4084)

club Bazillus, Zurigo, 9 Settembre 1984.

Visions Of A New World.Visions Of A New World

Marcus Miller (b) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr,vc) Omar Hakim (dr) Jean-Paul Bourelly (g) Carl Bourelly, Clyde Criner (keyb) Steve Thornton (perc)

Visions Of A New World / A Song Of Peace / A Mother’s Love / Life Is More Than You Know / Free Mandela / Our Love Will Tell / Diamonds Without Fire / Fire In The Hole

(Atlantic 781973)



Fred Stern (b) Michael Landmesser (dr) Michael Henning (p) Johannes Barthelmes (st,ss) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr)

Soul Brothers [15:09] / Hut Ab [18:57] / In A Sentimental Mood [9:19] / Um Sieben [12:30]

(Ear-Rational Records ECD 1023)

Quasimodo Jazz Club, Berlino, 28 Gennaio 1990.


Kiss On The Bridge.Kiss On The Bridge

Fred Stern (b) Michael Landmesser (dr) Michael Henning (p) Johannes Barthelmes (st,ss) Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tr)

Annabelle Lee [16:15] / Mandelas Dream [26:58] / Welcome [13:41] / Free South Africa [15:41]

(Ear-Rational Records ECD 1020)

Quasimodo Jazz Club, Berlino, 28 Gennaio 1990.


One With The Wind.One With The Wind

Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tp) Joe Ford (sa) Michael Cochrane (p) Lonnie Plaxico (b) Cecil Brooks III (dr) Jeff Haynes (perc)

Nile’s Song / God Bless The Child / One With The Wind / Misty / Change Is Going To Come / Glow / Revelation / Since She Went Away / Ecoes.

(Muse MCD 5523)

New York, 3 Settembre 1993.



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